Pueblo Edition

Paris, FR

Wadé is a fictional character, a super-hero in the French comic book series created by William Lafarge. He first came to the attention of the public via a first short series of three volumes published by Pueblo (a creative studio already known for the LOL PROJECT). Comic Artist : Thibault Guevel. June 11, 2011, a WW1 infantryman’s lifeless body resurfaces on the seine. Wadé is alive, albeit utterly transformed. The Kieper family rescues him. At the same time, in downtown Paris, the army cordons off the riverbanks. The remains of giant tentacles were found. The police start their investigation. Defné kieper, while visiting the Quai Branly Museum, is hit by a lighting bolt fired by a strange little statue. Possessed by an evil force, she attacks and kills another visitor, and flees. Wadé comes back, and his secret will change mankind forever.