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Delta Tau Delta – Epsilon Mu ALUMNI newsletter Ball State University

February 8th, 2008 – Volume #1

RECENT NEWS INVOLVING THE CHAPTER Membership Review of Epsilon Mu Chapter Epsilon Mu recently experienced a membership review for the enrichment of the Chapter and Delta Tau Delta. National Headquarters and some of our alumni conducted the review. It is our belief that with new leadership and strong new member recruitment, Epsilon Mu will once again thrive as the top fraternity at Ball State University. We have a golden opportunity for new members, current brothers, and alumni to step into leadership roles that will bring this chapter to the level of excellence all of us expect. Despite the slanted and irrelevant comments to articles you may have read in the BSU Daily News online, the atmosphere in the shelter and within the brotherhood is optimistic and enthusiastic. The active membership believes that the Brotherhood will prevail through these trying times. We appreciate your support as Alumni of Epsilon Mu. We encourage you to participate in the growth of our chapter and help spread the word that the new Epsilon Mu chapter is striving to keep our Fraternity at the top.

Causes for Membership Review For three successive semesters, the chapter had grades below the GPA required from Ball State, putting us on third level academic probation. After the fall 2007 semester, the chapter’s GPA was once again below the required GPA of 2.6 overall. After the review, we had our grades re-calculated. The end result was a chapter GPA of 2.788 which ranks us fourth among other fraternities and puts us above the all men’s average at Ball State. Although Delt Nationals is satisfied with the results of the membership review, the Office of Student Life at BSU determined it appropriate we remain on third level academic probation. We are confident our academic future is going to improve, as the membership review process eliminated the majority of our academic weakness. The fraternity who holds the top position has a current overall GPA of 2.9, well within our grasp. With our revised academic plan, we feel it is very possible to overtake the number one academic fraternity position on campus. For many of you, you have heard that two members of Delta Tau Delta were arrested for theft and possession of stolen property from the Theta Chi fraternity. Due to the severity of this incident and an incident which occurred last year, National concluded that a membership review was in order. As a result, both members were among 19 expelled from the fraternity. Another six were put on suspension for not maintaining a GPA over the chapter minimum 2.25. After a semester, if their grades have sufficiently improved, they are encouraged to have their status as a Delt reinstated. The spring 2008 Executive Leaders had a meeting with Theta Chi Fraternity immediately following the membership review. Both parties agreed that incidents between the two houses have no place in contemporary Greek life and agreed to terms of a “cease fire.” The houses realize the past is not going to affect our future on this campus. It also emphasizes to our entire chapter that these incidents are not indicative of our character as Men of Excellence.

New Executive Board to Lead Epsilon Mu in 2008 The 2008 Spring Semester started off with a newly elected Executive Board. Following the recent membership review, the Executive Board is focusing on getting Epsilon Mu back on track to become the best Fraternity on Ball State’s campus. With strong support from our alumni, National, and Housing Corporation, the brothers of Epsilon Mu have the drive to thrive with our current opportunity. The following is a list of our 2008 Executive Committee: •

PRESIDENT o Kyle Pfeifer – Franklin, IN – Major in Accounting o Email address: o Phone: 317-340-1734

EXTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT o Conrad Jacobs – Carmel, IN – Major in Business Administration – Minor in Residential Property Management o Email Address: o Phone: 317-414-7873

INTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT o Matt Jaenicke – Kokomo, IN – Major in Business Finance – Minor in Residential Property Management o Email Address: o Phone: 765-210-8282

TREASURER o Daniel Sontag – Valparaiso, IN – Major in Actuarial Science – Minor in Finance o Email Address: o Phone: 219-241-6559

RECORDING SECRETARY o Josh Shipe – Zionsville, IN – Major in Sports Administration – Minor in Business Management and Marketing o Email Address: o Phone: 317-455-5344

RITUALIST o Jordan Knox – Yorktown, IN – Major in Sports Administration – Minor in Marketing o Email Address: o Phone: 765-744-9748

ACADEMIC CHAIR o Zak Shobe – Fishers, IN – Major in Construction Management o Email Address: o Phone: 765-716-2588

SERGEANT AT ARMS o Kyle Zoller – Fishers, IN – Major in Dietetics o Email Address: o Phone: 317-502-6897

RISK MANAGER o Hank Mortensen – Evansville, IN – Major in Accounting – Minor in Political Science o Email Address: o Phone: 812-483-1433

We invite you to contact any of the executive members should you have any questions or suggestions. We strongly encourage active alumni participation.

A Note from the President Dear Alumnus: On December 7, 2007, I became the newly elected President of Epsilon Mu. I was initiated as a brother the fall semester of 2005. My experience as a member of this chapter and a Ball State University student are IFC Vice-President of Risk Reduction, Risk Manager and Membership Committee Chairman of Epsilon Mu and various positions on other committees. Goals I have established as President are to restructure the Executive Council as a more effective administrative body, continue to improve our chapter academically to become number one on campus, and to maintain our efforts to recruit quality men that are capable of Delt standards. I appreciate your support as an alumnus of Epsilon Mu and invite you to become involved. Please visit our new website at and watch us grow. Feel free to contact our membership or the members of our Housing Corporation and Alumni Advising Team if you want to make suggestions or offer assistance.

CHAPTER ACTIVITY TOWARDS EXCELLENCE Spring 2008 Rush Due to the membership review, our fall 2007 rush class was reduced by about ten members, a number of which are eligible for reinstatement dependent upon academic improvement. We were able to retain some very talented and goal-oriented members that can help our chapter improve. The spring rush resulted in the successful recruitment of three new members, all of whom have a GPA of 3.2 or above. These new members were initiated on February 10th. We have plans to have a second rush in the spring in order to double our intake from the previous spring rush. It is our belief that doubling our spring initiatives will benefit us for obvious reasons. For the fall 08’ rush we will continue with our current movement toward recruiting men worthy of being a Delt. This will be accomplished by a total restructuring of our recruitment process which includes the development of a more dynamic system rather than the standard flyers and rush events implemented in the past. Our new members include the following: FALL 2007 – Wade Baertschi, Phil Glasser, Josh Shipe, Taylor Orf, Justin Bruce, Andrew Lentz, Chaz Burgess, Jake Martz, Kreigh Sloggett, Derrick Wells, and recently reinstated Alex Bradshaw. SPRING 2008 – Kevin Butler, Dustin Vauters, and Ian Smith

Philanthropic and Charitable Projects Philanthropy continues to be a huge part of our chapter. We strive to help the community in any way possible. We feel that giving back to the community is one of the greatest qualities a person can possess. We have, and are, working very hard at maintaining our strong desire to put the community first rather than ourselves. Our plan is to have one philanthropic event per month furthering our success in this area.

Here is a list of past events held and future events that are in the planning and implementation process:

For the Fall 2007 Semester: 

Our annual Watermelon Bust with Alpha Chi Omega

o This is always a big hit around the campus. Our organizations were able to raise approximately $10,908 for charity. We are going to be working overtime this spring and summer to improve the efficiency and performance from the previous one. Our goal is to bring the Watermelon Bust back to Delta Tau Delta grounds which last occurred in 1978. 

Angel Fest We had a list of children from the Boys and Girls Club in which each brother was responsible for buying at least $20 total in gifts for each. Gifts included basketballs, footballs, Mp3 players, posters, and much more.

Boys and Girls Club Pumpkin Carving Over 50 children came to our house to carve pumpkins. Each was allowed to take their pumpkin with them. This event is always a huge hit for both us and the kids. They really appreciate the valuable time we spend with them. See photos of these events on our website!

For the Spring 2008 Semester: 

Walk a Mile with the Homeless – February 9th, 2008

This event was not mandatory but involved giving $10 – $20 to charity and walking a mile to get a feel for the homeless. 

Easter Egg Hunt with the Boys and Girls Club of Muncie – March 20th, 2008 This is our second annual event with the Boys and Girls Club. We are building on the success of last year’s inaugural the event which was very successful with over 50 children attending. During the event we hide Easter eggs all over the Shelter’s front yard in which some have candy and others have larger door prizes.


Greek Day – April 19th, 2008 (12pm – 5pm) Greek Day was created out of our original paired event with Chi Omega. During our administrative meeting, we all brainstormed ideas to make this a much bigger event. We decided to incorporate Sigma Chi and Alpha Gamma Delta to make this a four-way paired event. The overall goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Boys and Girls Police Athletic League located in Muncie. We have personally invited every fraternity and sorority on campus. We feel this event will be a great stepping stone to getting positive press and feedback from our entire campus.

Below is a list of activities taking place: 

5 on 5 Volleyball Tournament o The “home” volleyball sand court in our yard will be used along with two other man-made grass courts. The championship game will be played on the “home” court. o The price for a team is $25

Corn Hole or Bags Tournament o The price for a team is $10

We have predicted that this will be a remarkable event at Ball State University. We understand that we have a lot of hard work and responsibility to make this event as reachable as possible. We currently have teams working hard to find sponsors to raise money for security, food and beverages, restroom accommodations, volleyball nets and balls, T-shirts, and the other expenses we foresee.

Intramural Accomplishments Intramural athletics are something in which Delta Tau Delta takes great pride. Currently we are 3rd overall in the points standing for the All Fraternity Sports Award. We have an incredible group of leaders who show an extraordinary effort in athletics. The points system is based on participation in athletic events, the number of teams participating, and how well you do in each event (league or tournament). Due to our lack of numbers, we lose some points in “the number of teams participating” category. Thunder continues to dominate a majority of the sporting events held at the recreation center. Below is a list of the events, team(s), participants, and/or results from Fall 2007 to Spring 2008:

Fall 2007 Semester 

First place finishes o Fraternity Flag Football – Delt Lightning Members included: Cody Long, Dexter Hinkley, Andy Blanton, Jack Finn, David Bernas, Kyle Zoller, Phil Glasser, Stas Shapiro, and Brandon Justice o Fraternity Sand Volleyball – Delt Thunder Members included: Matt Jaenicke, Bob Rutherford, Joel Sheets, Brandon Beck, and Jordan Knox o Fraternity Singles Tennis – Will Armstrong

o Men’s 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament – Delt Thunder Members included: Cody Long, Joel Sheets, Kyle Zoller, and James Gibson 

Second place finishes o Men’s Duo Wallyball Tournament – Joel Sheets and Matt Jaenicke

Third place finishes o Fraternity Softball – Delt Thunder Members included: Matt Jaenicke, Bob Rutherford, Joel Sheets, Josh Parrent, Bryce McDonald, Cody Long, Brandon Hess, Scott Charleston, Brandon Hess, and Taylor Orf o Men’s Singles Bowling – Danny Sontag

Currently (Spring 2008): 

Fraternity Arena Flag Football Tournament – Delt Thunder o We have a very strong team this semester, especially after acquiring Taylor Orf, Phil Glasser, and Kyle Zoller. We defeated Theta Chi the first game of the tournament 46 – 0. Our second game was a defensive battle. We were upset by Sigma Alpha Epsilon 7 – 6. We have a vengeance to take the title for the Fraternity 7 on 7 Outdoor League which starts April 6th. 

Fraternity 6 on 6 Volleyball (Tuesdays @ 10pm) - Delt Thunder o We finished off season play going undefeated (3-0). Tournament play has begun. We are confident we will win, because of our team’s yearlong success. Members include: Matt Jaenicke, Joel Sheets, Bob Rutherford, Ronald Wasson, Jordan Knox, Brandon Beck, Zak Shobe, and Austin Gerber.

Fraternity 5 on 5 Basketball (Sundays @ 11pm) – Delt Thunder o We finished off season play going 2-1. Our only loss was to Sigma Chi’s first team. We took the lead into the half by five points and, to finish, we lost by four points. Tournament play begins the following week at times to be announced. We were confident at making the championship, because of our tenacious defense, our solid rebounding, and our ability to shoot well from all areas of the court. We fell just short in our rematch with Sigma Chi for the championship. Members include: Matt Jaenicke, Joel Sheets, Bob Rutherford, Ronald Wasson, Kyle Zoller, Kreigh Sloggett, Danny Sontag, Phil Keene, and Jordan Knox.

Fraternity 4 on 4 Indoor Soccer (Mondays @ 9pm) – Delt Thunder o Tournament play has begun (1-0). Members include: Zak Shobe, Hank Mortensen, Conrad Jacobs, Jordan Knox, Danny Sontag, Blake Fogelsong, Austin Gerber, and Matt Jaenicke.

Fraternity Softball – begins March 30th

Fraternity Quad Wallyball – began February 24th

Fraternity 7 on 7 Outdoor Flag Football – begins April 6th

Fraternity 6 on 6 Outdoor Soccer – begins April 6th

Fraternity 4 on 4 Dodgeball – begins March 23rd

Men’s Doubles Golf – begins March 25th

Men’s Doubles Racquetball – begins March 30th

Men’s Doubles Tennis – begins April 13th

Cornhole Tournament – begins April 20th

AROUND THE HOUSE Housing Corporation Our chapter’s Housing Corporation recently received an award at Northern Division for best Housing Corporation in the nation. This is a very prestigious reward for which to be acknowledged. This is also a huge benefit to our chapter, because they offer us so much. We want to thank Jeff Hern, and all other current members of our Housing Corporation, for everything they do for us. They are constantly in contact with our Executive Board and continuously help at providing us the best living conditions on campus. We also want to thank Handyman Matters (alumni Al Cross) for always being there for us. It is unbelievable how much work they put into this house. The communication we have with both Housing Corp. and Handyman Matters has made it possible for us to maintain the best fraternity house on campus.

Academic Room One of our chapter’s main goals for this year was to establish an academic room where the old Ritual room was previously located. We were awarded $500 from the Interfraternity Council as a result of meeting certain academic requirements. We purchased a laser color ink jet printer and a wireless router that enables everyone in the house to print to it. Zak Shobe, academic chairman, and Jeff Hern have already calculated estimates for additional construction

and expansion of the room. We have already run electrical outlets to accommodate lighting, computers, and printers. Our only drawback from this project to get underway is our lack of members living in the house and the ability to bring in the money to support the construction. We are looking forward to our second spring rush and our fall 2008 rush to help get this project on track.

Basketball Court Our basketball court has always been a place for improvement in our minds. It serves as a location for us to compete during warm weather, and a place for us to gather every Sunday after chapter to sing our Delt Shelter. Our House and Grounds manager, Kyle Zoller, has put together a plan to fix the cracks and repaint the entire surface area. When the weather permits, we will begin. Our goal is to have it finished by April 19th.

Hand – Me – Downs We are always looking to improve our house in any way that we can whether it is fresh paint to the walls, new carpet and flooring, used furniture, and any other household items that can be put to good use. Currently we are looking for some furniture for our academic room and for our formal. We are also looking for a dining room table to be used for monthly brotherhood dinners.

IN CLOSING We hope this newsletter has been both informative and interesting. One of our goals for future editions of The Iris is to dedicate a section of information that you, the alumni, provide us. This section would include acknowledgements of major accomplishments or developments in alumni’s lives such as new jobs, marriages, newborn babies, and location changes. We also hope to include feature articles on specific alumni classes along with pictures. Just as there is a difference between a Delt active and an active Delt, the same holds true with alumni. The more participation Epsilon Mu gets from its alumni the better! We would like to invite you to use the Alumni Forum at the new website;, as well as email, as a means of communicating with each other and offering suggestions for The Iris. Thank you for your time and interest! Sincerely, The Men of Delta Tau Delta – Epsilon Mu Ball State University

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