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WE HAVE MANY REASONS TO BE PROUD • Delta Mu Cumulative G.P.A. Raised to 3.10 • Grades second among fraternities • Remember to send in a recommend a man form • Encourage the undergraduates


ast semester the men of Delta Mu earned a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.10. This placed the chapter second among fraternities, just a whisker shy of first place. Over the past couple of years, I’ve heard from alumni how the chapter is different than when we were there. Without question, there are differences. For example, I don’t remember the chapter ever achieving a 3.10 G.P.A. when I lived in the Shelter. For that matter, I don’t remember my own G.P.A. hitting that mark very often. The undergraduates are consistently in the top five, hovering around the 3.0 mark or higher. And it’s not grade inflation. This is, after all, the University of Idaho.

I am incredibly proud of the men of Delta Mu. They love the Shelter and the brotherhood we share. They work hard at their studies and strive to improve their internal organization each semester. In the past, they have been saddled, fair or not, with a reputation as a party house. Working to correct their image and improve the brotherhood, they stuck to their recruitment philosophy last August and pledged 18 quality men, passing on another half dozen who were clearly not interested in our new goals. In the short term, this left the house a few men shy of being full, which as you know can impact house bills. In the long term it is a home run, as the 3.10 G.P.A. proves. You can be proud of your Delta Mu Chapter. Each of us has the opportunity— particularly at this time of year—to recommend the University of Idaho to young men from our communities entering college. The numbers for men’s recruitment have been declining over the past several years and there is no good reason for this. Greeks still out-perform independents in G.P.A., campus involvement, graduation rates, retention, and nearly every category imaginable. Greek life is still as awesome as it was when we were Delts. So talk it up! Convince the young men you know to sign up for recruitment. Tell them about the great Shelter you lived in and send their contact information to Delta Tau Delta as soon as you can. Go to the National Web site, the Delta Mu Web site, use a recommend a man card, or contact me. Any of these routes will work and the Delta Mu recruitment team will take it from there. Your help can make us stronger. My advice to the actives at Delta Mu the next time an alumnus approaches talking about the Hugh Shields flags he won back in his day is to calmly reply: “That’s fantastic. You guys rocked and so do we!” Fraternally, Rick Lierz ’80 President Beta Chi House Corporation (208) 724-4959

Delta Tau Delta laser-cut tile placed at the base of the old side stairwell.

Undergraduates Focus on Charitable Causes CHAPTER GAINS 18 QUALITY NEW MEMBERS A Concert for Cancer Research Recently we have been in the process of planning a spring concert to raise money for the fight against cancer. The tentative date for Concert Against Cancer is mid-April. We will host a concert on the Delt Hill and donate all proceeds to Bleed Purple, the National Fraternity’s charity that raises money to find a cure for cancer. Tickets will be available for the Greek and residence hall communities, as well as the general public. A Web site is being developed to help gain support for this event. Delta Mu Gains 18 New Members We initiated 18 new members in November 2008. Pledge Educator Bill Myers ’10 is working on the new pledge education manual for 2009. It will focus on the local chapter and the National Fraternity. It will be complete with Delt songs and a tentative schedule of events that will be held throughout the year. Campus Involvement In October Delta Tau Delta paired up with Delta Gamma for the Homecoming contest and parade. We participated in Make a Difference Day where members cleaned up school playgrounds around Moscow. We also helped clean up after the Gritman Medical Center annual Christmas and wine tasting party. (Continued on page 2)


Undergraduates Focus on Charitable Causes (Continued from page 1)



his is my last chance to speak to you in the infamous Otis Kyechee Report, so I want to reemphasize my thanks to all of you who participated in the Continuing the Tradition Campaign and helped renew the Shelter at the University of Idaho. It’s already paying dividends as the Delts placed second among the Greek community last semester in grades. They pledged some top men and are well on their way to restoring Delta Mu to what we all remember. We received help at the right time from almost every brother as the project progressed, and it was appreciated. Some brothers stand out in making this happen. Please give the grip to all that you see and keep in touch with those you have renewed friendships. These are special people and special memories.

Bob Otander ’12 and Blake Kerbs ’12 play the guitar.

Fraternally, John A. Rosholt ’59

Welcome, New Initiates Blake Kerbs Kuna, Idaho Environmental Science

Mitch Gottschalk Seattle, Wash. Recreational Management

Jeff McCullough Boise, Idaho Biochemistry

Maxwell Head Boise, Idaho Spanish

Kevin Meyers Seattle, Wash. Communications

Tyler Hill Bothel, Wash. Graphic Design

Robert Otander Boise, Idaho General Studies

Colin Hughes Eagle, Idaho Business and Economics Elliott Kalin Seattle, Wash. Criminal Justice Caleb Kemerey Challis, Idaho Fire Management

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Samuel Pape* Corvallis, Ore. Business (Brother Andrew Pape ’10) Samuel Robinson Boise, Idaho Wildlife Biology

Broderick Sellman Bothel, Wash. Business Trevor Simkins Seattle, Wash. Business Brandon Thompson* Idaho Falls, Idaho Microbiology (Father Stevan Thompson ’78, Brother Jason Thompson ’08) Zach Tolmie* Homedale, Idaho Civil Engineering (Father Dirk Tolmie ’85) James Toy Boise, Idaho Business *Indicates legacy; relative in parentheses

2009 Chapter Officers

Jeff Butler Eagle, Idaho Physics

Jeff Cowan ’11, Bob Otander ’12, Chris Martin ’11, Mitch Gottschalk ’12, Eliot Kalin ’12 play a game of Foosball.

Intramural Success We participate in as many sports as possible but really excel in basketball and soccer, while football is improving. The Delt flag football team made it to the intramural playoffs this fall for the first time in three years. The basketball team has already placed first in the three-onthree tournament and the preseason five-onfive tournament. Currently, both the recreation and competitive soccer teams are undefeated in the indoor soccer season and are poised for strong playoff runs. The brothers of Delta Mu are excited about the present and the future. This semester has been busy, challenging, and fun. We hope the Concert Against Cancer will be a hit and turn out to be an event that we can hold annually. We continue to stress the importance of academic success and the benefits of positive support of one another. We would like to thank the generous alumni who helped us achieve this good situation. Our front door is always open and you are more than welcome to stop by. Fraternally, Andrew Pape ’10 Chapter President (541) 990-0847

President Andrew Pape ’10 Corvallis, Ore. (541) 990-0847

Recruitment Chairman Colin Hughes ’12 Eagle, Idaho (208) 447-9049

First Vice President Bill Myers ’10 Boise, Idaho

Sergeant at Arms Sean Harrington ’11 Hillsboro, Ore.

Second Vice President Sean Erickson ’11 Issaquah, Wash.

Corresponding Secretary Jeff Cowen ’11 Issaquah, Wash.

Treasurer Conor Sheehy ’11 Boise, Idaho

Recording Secretary Justin Mendonca ’11 San Jose, Calif.

Academics Chairman/ Recruitment Chairman Shane Myers ’12 Boise, Idaho (208) 863-5730

Risk Manager Brad Rogers ’11 Eagle, Idaho







Spotlight on Bob Mecham ’59


hen Robert Mecham ’59 began his college career at the University of Idaho in the fall of 1956, little did he know he would join a fraternity and that it would change his life. Being from Nampa, Idaho, Bob knew an older member of Delta Tau Delta, Charlie Saulls ’60. Charlie convinced Bob and two others from Nampa to join Delt. The experience proved to be very worthwhile and a great choice for Bob. “My experience at Delt was one of the most important periods of my life because of the guidance I received. I observed older members and learned what I needed to do to grow up. Without their help I wouldn’t have made grades or gained the discipline I needed,” Bob says. He reminds undergraduates that grades are first, parties are second.

2008 Delta Mu Alumnus of the Year. Congratulations, Bob!

He forged incredible friendships with brothers in Delt and one helped him land a job as a smoke-jumper that paid his way through school. He attended Idaho for three years before transferring to Northwestern for dental school. Bob practiced dentistry in Spokane, Washington, and has been retired now for 10 years. Bob recalls Bunn Snow ’36 was treasurer of Beta Chi House Corporation in 1965 and did a lot of the work himself. That year Bob was asked to join and has served in different capacities until resigning earlier this year.

Bob and his wife, Rita, ski on Schweitzer Mountain in the 1970s.

Bob says, “In the early years of Beta Chi we lacked membership. Now, the board is great, different parts of Idaho are well represented, we have good officers, and it’s very well run. It’s been a landlord/tenant relationship for years, but now it’s more of an advisory relationship with the undergraduate members.” Not only does Bob volunteer his time to Delt, he has offered his time to many organizations. He says, “Hard work, sincerity, being a good listener, getting good advice, and having a sense of humor plays a role in all leadership.” Bob and his wife, Rita, Kappa Kappa Gamma, live in Spokane, Washington. They have four sons: Mike, Mark ’86, Dave, and Dan ’92. In Bob’s spare time, he enjoys golfing and salmon fishing on Vancouver Island. He can be e-mailed at

Bob in 1960, just a few years after becoming a Delta Mu alumnus.

Past, Present, and Future Delta Mus Share Special Thoughts on Delta Tau Delta Past Jerry Shively ’61 “Delt to me is about friendship and camaraderie. There was always a lot of encouragement to do well and try hard. My favorite part was going up to the Shelter before recruitment began. After graduating I kept in contact with my brothers, and when we get together today it’s like we have never been separated; we pick up right where we left off.” Jerry is retired and lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, with his wife, Ann. They have two children, Scott and Todd. John Fitzgerald ’65 “The four years I spent in Delt was a tremendous learning experience! It taught me how to be around other people and how to get along with a group who were initially strangers. My freshman year we were required to do housework; at the time I thought it was the biggest pain, but when I look back it was

absolutely the best experience. They should still have undergraduates do housework in my opinion the Shelter would be a lot cleaner!” John lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, June. They have two sons, John and Brenden. Jack Cole ’58 Jack had initially planned on pledging a different fraternity. But after meeting the brothers at Delta Tau Delta, he knew where he wanted to be. Jack says the biggest lesson Delt taught him was responsibility. “When I graduated I left [as] a significantly stronger person. I was more focused and could divide my time between work and play; I could set demanding standards for myself.” Jack and his wife, Margaret, a Kappa Alpha Theta, met at the University of Idaho, an experience which Jack will never forget. “I can remember the tradition then; the guys would give you an unexpected mattress ride to the sorority after she had been pinned. I was up on the

sleeping porch; they grabbed me, put me on a mattress, put lipstick all over my face, and carried me to the sorority house.” Today, Margaret and Jack live in Arlington, Washington, and have three daughters: Terri, Christy, and Kate. Jack is retired from the University of Washington but still involved in his company, Advanced Renal Technology.

Present Bryce England ’95 “My Delt experience was the single most important thing to make me successful in college. Without the discipline I was taught and the relationships I developed I would never have made it through my freshman year.” Bryce lives in Meridian, Idaho, and works at North Junior High School as an earth science teacher and athletic director. He and his wife, Melissa, have two children, 8-year-old Claire and 6-year-old Jack. (Continued on back page)

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Buzz Brown ’95 “When I was growing up I did not see myself as someone who would enjoy the Greek system, but I was wrong. I made lifelong friendships and memories others are envious of.” Out of all his Delt memories, Buzz counts the Russian Ball among the best. He returned home to Boise after graduation and lives there with his wife and two children. He says he is in the commercial real estate and “kid shuttling” business.

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Beta Chi House Corporation P.O. Box 30699 Spokane, WA 99223-3011 Address Service Requested

Future Troy Gregory ’09 “Delta Tau Delta means more than just Greek letters; it is a powerful, positive, and meaningful way of life. My experience has been what I consider out of the ordinary, from moving into the Shelter the year before the remodel to becoming president. Delta Mu is truly a group of extraordinary men, from its alumni to its undergraduates, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to be involved in such a prestigious organization.” The 75th anniversary was the highlight of Troy’s Delt experience. “It was staggering to see alumni take time out of their busy lives to come visit the Shelter and celebrate such a milestone event. Being surrounded by so many brothers that are still passionate about Delta Mu gave me a new perspective on what being a Delt truly means.” Troy graduates this spring and is interviewing for jobs that offer management development programs. He says he is excited to begin his life in the real world. Ben Eby ’11 “My Delt experience has taught me to be hard working and how to work with large groups of people.” Ben’s favorite memory is from his freshman year. “My class and the senior class had a brotherhood retreat to Canada. It was the best weekend of my life and was a great learning experience.” Ben is a sophomore majoring in history and political science. Colin Hughes ’12 “The Delt experience to me is the way in which we live our lives. I have only recently committed myself to the Delt experience, but I believe I have made the right choice. The experience is our mission: committed to lives of excellence. While all the men of this Fraternity have different personalities, interests, majors, and career paths, one thing brings us together and that is our experiences with one another living as Delts.” Colin is a freshman from Eagle, Idaho, majoring in business and economics.

ATTENTION: This newsletter is intended for alumni, undergraduates, and parents. If your son is still attending the University of Idaho, he will receive a copy at the Shelter. If he has graduated, please send us his permanent address to update our records. Thank you.

Recommend a Man


elta Mu Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at the University of Idaho is a great place for men to live, learn, and experience the full college life. If you know a young man heading to the University of Idaho this fall, let our recruitment chairmen know as soon as possible so they can begin the process of introducing Delta Mu right now. Contact Recruitment Chairmen Shane Myers ’12 and Colin Hughes ’12 at or You can also log on to the chapter Web site for more information about the chapter and the recruitment process at

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Alumnus Spotlight ~ p. 3 Thank You, Contributors ~ p. 2 • Delta Mu Cumulative G.P.A. Raised to 3.10 • Grades second among fraternities • Rem...