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FALL 2009

Brothers Build Strong Bond, Brick by Brick, In Light of Student Tragedy Chapter Confident Shane Meyer ’10 Will Recover


full spectrum of emotions has enveloped Delta Mu with the start of another school year. On one hand, we had a wildly successful recruitment season, culminating in a great pledge class and a full house. Unfortunately, we had a quick swing to extreme shock and grief when one of our recruitment chairmen, Shane Meyer ’10, was seriously injured in a fall from the third floor.

write this, the good news is he is alive and, with hard work and many blessings, he will recover. The rest of the good news is that the University and the national Fraternity have been totally supportive and helpful. They recognize this was just an unfortunate accident and not related to any activities he participated in with his brothers. They are concerned only with helping the men of the chapter in any way they can.

As terrible as Shane’s accident and lifethreatening injuries have been, the men still take pride and comfort in the fact that they have worked hard to build a strong chapter and the results are visible. It has been a lot like rebuilding the Shelter itself; brick by brick they have added the skills, capabilities, and people that make the whole stronger and better.

As alumni advisors we share an aspiration with the leaders of the chapter to create an environment which nurtures the education of youth and inspiration of maturity so that all members may better learn and live the truth. As with any human endeavor, we move on the continuum toward that worthy goal. We’ve seen great progress in the past Meet Delta Mu’s 2009 Pledge Class! few years, so much visible, tangible progress that I am confident the recent tragedy will not be a setback Legacies Take Pride in Delta Mu The pledge class from this year are young men of character and but rather a platform for more growth and achievement. purpose from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. We welcomed several more legacies who solidify the fact that Delts of my When you are in Moscow for Vandal football this fall, stop by the generation are proud to recommend Delta Mu to their sons; a Shelter and introduce yourself to the men of Delta Mu. This is your testament to the time we spend together at Delta Mu is an important Fraternity and we want you to always be proud to say you are a Delt. and valuable part of our growth in life. Fraternally, Rick Lierz ’80 University and National Fraternity Support Brothers President Beta Chi House Corporation The tragedy of Shane’s accident is simply that, a tragedy. Shane is a (208) 724-4959 wonderful young man dearly loved by his friends. He is also an important part of the chapter, serving as recruitment chairman and academics committee chairman at the time of his accident. As I

DeLTA MU SUCCeSSFUL IN PHILANTHROPIC WORk, ReCRUITMeNT, AND ACADeMICS Alumni Invited to Homecoming Brunch, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., October 31

T Recruitment Chairmen Shane Meyer ’10 and Bill Myers ’10

he Delta Mu Chapter of Delta Tau Delta is going strong. Last semester we were named the winner of Greek Week 2009 for the second year in a row. We also took part in a community clean-up and collected garbage along Paradise Creek for the Natural Resource Group.

Homecoming Alumni Brunch, October 31 We are paired with Gamma Phi Beta for Homecoming and are very excited for activities to begin. All alumni are invited to stop by the Shelter for an alumni brunch before we take on Louisiana Tech. We would love to see you there! (Continued on page 2)


DeLTA MU SUCCeSSFUL (Continued from page 1)

Hopeful for Another Successful intramural year We are looking forward to another great intramural season. Last year we finished strong, making it to the semifinals in flag football and the finals in soccer. Both our competitive and recreational ultimate Frisbee teams did great, finishing with a .65 winning percentage. Our freshman class is athletic so we hope to have another promising year in intramurals.

Philanthropic and Academic Success Last spring we hosted Concert Against Cancer on the Hill and sold T-shirts and concessions. The money raised was donated to Bleed Purple, a foundation that benefits college students with cancer. We are also doing well academically. We achieved an average G.P.A. of 3.0 in the spring, placing us third among fraternities on campus.

Recruitment Nets 22 New Members In August, we welcomed 22 pledges to the Shelter, a class that includes four legacies. We raised money for recruitment during Mom’s Weekend with active members and their mothers participating in game tournaments. Big thanks to Sole Farr, Rob Duran ’10, Brad Rogers ’11, and Nate Moore ’11 for their effort in restoring the recreation room and repainting the interior of the Shelter. Also, thank you to Beta Chi for their support of the chapter and our wish to revamp the Shelter after last year’s flood damage occurred. Lastly, thank you to Marshall Mah ’70 for donating the dining room cabinets.

The brothers sat down for a family-style dinner on the first day of the fall term.

Delta Mu Welcomes Sole Farr Delta Mu’s new cook, Sole Farr, has brought a new taste to the Shelter. His personality has allowed him to easily fit in with all the brothers. With the increase of members and pledges this year, we are able to eat three filling meals a day. Late last month Sole brought home a new puppy. Having a dog around has increased the morale of the Delts to an all-time high. We enjoyed seeing Delt alumni at the Boise State football game. We enjoyed hearing their stories and it gave us a glimpse of how it was when they lived in the Shelter. We welcome all of you to stop by the Shelter any time. Fraternally, Andrew Pape ’10 Chapter President

Delta Mu G.P.A. Ranks Second among Idaho Fraternities


uring the 2008 school year the men of Delta Mu were scholars indeed. Last fall the cumulative chapter G.P.A. was 3.1 and the chapter ranked second among all fraternities. In the spring, the G.P.A. slipped to 3.0 and a third-place ranking. The member’s emphasis on academic success is evident in their recruitment this year, as they sought young men with proven abilities and attitudes toward academic achievement.


WELCOME, NEW FRESHMEN Morgan Daniel Boise, Idaho Business

Kade Hubbard Nampa, Idaho Chemistry

Brennan Miller Issaquah, Wash. Business

Kyle Sutton Boise, Idaho Business

Michael Dehoney Eden, Idaho education

colin Hughes* Cambridge, Idaho ecology (Cousin Ryan Honsinger ’05)

Jeff Myers* Boise, Idaho Undecided (Brother Bill Myers ’10)

Brandon Taylor Boise, Idaho Architecture

Riley Jones* Boise, Idaho Political Science (Father Rory Jones ’77)

Blake Noble San Diego, Calif. Business

Benjamin Demarest Boise, Idaho Undecided Dominic Fatigati Bothell, Wash. Accounting charles Guthrie Boise, Idaho Civil engineering connor Holden Seattle, Wash. Business

p. 2

John Kalousek Boise, Idaho Business

Miles Perkins Seattle, Wash. Business

Scott Lembke Corvallis, Ore. International Studies

Brennet Rodseth* Auburn, Wash. Chemical engineering (Father Kent Rodseth ’82)

Andy Mcclain Boise, Idaho Business

Weston Rogers Coeur D’Alene, Idaho Physics/American Studies

James Telford Idaho Falls, Idaho Undecided Brendan Thomas Portland, Ore. Business *Legacy; relative in parentheses


Delta Mu Celebrates Rich Tradition of Delt Legacies


influenced by how close I have stayed with many of my fraternity brothers over the years and is looking forward to the same kind of lasting friendships. We have a Delt tradition of getting together every winter for a snowmobiling trip and gathering in the summer with Pat Durland ’73, Mike Bayless ’73, and Jim Westberg ’74.  Hopefully, Brian will be able to continue the tradition.”

ver the past few years, we have been blessed to have many members follow in their grandfather, father, uncle, or brother’s footsteps by joining Delt Mu. The bond that legacies share with their Delta Tau Delta relatives is a special experience rich with memories and tradition. We asked four Delta Mu fathers and sons to tell us what their shared Delt experience means to them. Steve Thompson ’78, Brandon ’12, and Jason ’08 and recruitment chairman with the same enthusiasm I experienced in 1974.”

Steve Watanabe ’72 and Blake ’09 Blake graduated from Idaho in the spring. His father, Steve, reflected on the last four years. “The experience of Blake going to the U of I and living in the Shelter was an emotional reconnection to the Delt house that I did not anticipate. Watching Blake bond with the brotherhood and having a great college experience was a rewarding feeling and stirred memories of my own days at Idaho and Delta Mu. It is not often that you get a second time around to enjoy one of the best periods of your life. The only thing better than hanging out on the Delt Hill enjoying my favorite beverage, is doing it with my son.”

Steve Thompson ’78, Jason ’08, and Brandon ’12 Steve Thompson ’78 recalls, “I walked Jason into the front doors of the Shelter almost 30 years to the day from my own arrival. Although the property was in dire need of updating and repair, we were greeted by the chapter president

“My sons both had to endure the stories about their dad and how he got the nickname Rocket. I’m glad they have their own tales to tell. And, like mine, I’m sure there are some I don’t want to know about,” says Steve.

Dirk Tolmie’85 and Zach ’12 “My time at Delta Mu Chapter provided me with immeasurable benefits. It is so rewarding to see Zach making lifelong bonds with brothers and learning many lessons in life, including responsibility to self and to others through philanthropic activities. To see him grow from his experience is rewarding for me and one I hope to see my son, Jake (currently a senior in high school), have as well!” In addition to these men, there are several recent legacies to come through the Delta Mu Shelter:  

Keith Hanson ’71 and Brian ’10

Keith Hanson ’71 and Brian ’10 Keith Hanson ’71 notes, “It has been fun having Brian follow me as a Delt. I didn’t pressure him to go Delt, and he made the choice on his own based on the guys in the house and the feel of the place. I think he may have been

Recommend a Man It is never too early to start recruitment. The University of Idaho is a great school for the next step in life’s success. There are many sons, nephews, grandsons, stepsons, friends, and neighbors of Delt alumni who are high school seniors filling out college applications

Dirk Tolmie ’85 and Zach ’12

and making decisions. If you know of any young men considering the University of Idaho, send us their contact information. Please send recommendations to Bill Myers ’10 at .

Rob Bush ’06, Father Robert Bush ’70 Pete Black ’08, Father Doug Black ’78 Greg South ’08, Father Tom South ’79 Steve vandenburg ’09, Father Larry vandenburg ’76 Brennet Rodseth ’13, Father Kent Rodseth ’82 Riley Jones ’13, Father Rory Jones ’77 Jeff Myers ’13, Brother Bill Myers ’10 colin Hughes ’13, Cousin Ryan Honsinger ’05


Blake Watanabe ’09 and Steve ’72

Brandon joined the chapter in 2008. Both Jason and Brandon have developed friendships and experiences to last a lifetime and have excelled academically, due to the pride and discipline that comes with being a Delt.

Delta Mu chapter Delta Mu Alumni National Delta Tau Delta University of idaho

p. 3



Alumni News carlyle Briggs ’43 says he restores cars and does occasional engineering work for B & A engineers in Boise, Idaho. He and his wife, Maxine, have three grown children: Carlyle, Paul, and Molly. e-mail: elmer v. Peterson ’52 is a retired engineer with Cenex and resides in Meridian, Idaho. He and his wife, Marie, have three children: Rick, Greg, and LeAnne.

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity Beta chi House corporation P.O. Box 30699 Spokane, WA 99223-3011 Address Service Requested

Russell Baum ’51 is as a classic car buff in Mesa, Ariz. He and his wife, Veronica, have four children and spend their summers in Ashton, Idaho. e-mail: James W. Price ’53 and his wife, Marlene, have been married for 57 years and have four children, 16 grandchildren, and four greatgrandchildren. James and Marlene live in Teton Valley in Driggs, Idaho. They also have a home in St. George, Utah, where they spend part of their winters. They love sports and follow the Vandals. e-mail: Joe corless ’55 and his wife, Judy, have three children: Jeffrey, Ruth, and Phillip. He is the medical director at Careways Children’s Foundation in Corona, Calif. e-mail: Jack Flack ’60 retired as a wheat farmer in 2005. He and his wife, Susan, have four grown children: Christine, Lorna, Todd, and Andrew. They live in Pullman, Wash. e-mail: John R. Rowe ’64 says rather than retire or work part time, he accepted a promotion to manage his companies; Preterred Counsel Program manages more than 350 law firms nationwide and Scottsdale Insurance is a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance. John Fitgerald ’65 and his wife, June, have two children, John and Brenden, and live in Boise,

ATTeNTION: This newsletter is intended for alumni, undergraduates, and parents. If your son is still attending the University of Idaho, he will receive a copy at the Shelter. If he has graduated, please send us his permanent address to update our records. Thank you.

Idaho. John retired in 1988 after a career in law. e-mail: Steven T. Watanabe ’72 retired from Idaho Power Company in 2008. He and his wife, kathy, have two children, Blake ’09 and Stephanie, and reside in Boise, Idaho. e-mail: Larry Larson ’73 has worked all over Idaho in banking and as a stockbroker. He has been employed with Quest Aircraft since June 2008 and is building a bush plane called the kodiak. e-mail:

Robert Park ’81 has been happily married to his wife, Carolyn, for 10 years. They live in Boise, Idaho, where they are raising two sons, Geoffrey and Charlie. Bob is commander of the 124th maintenance group with the Idaho Air National Guard and has been deployed many times. In his free time he does remodeling projects on his home in Boise’s historic north end. He also enjoys skiing, bicycling (road and mountain), rafting, and kayaking. e-mail: christopher P. Williams ’87 is a CPA in Hailey, Idaho. He skis a lot and is raising his two kids. He says life is good!

2009 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Andrew Pape ’10 Corvallis, Ore. (541) 990-0847 Vice President/ Recruitment Chairman Bill Myers ’10 Boise, Idaho

Treasurer connor Sheehy ’11 Boise, Idaho Academics/ Recruitment Chairman Shane Meyer ’10 Boise, Idaho (208) 863-5730

Sergeant at Arms Sean Harrington ’11 Portland, Ore.

Recording Secretary Justin Mendonca ’11 Catheys Valley, Calif.

Corresponding Secretary Jeff cowen ’11 Issaquah, Wash.

Ritualist Joey Lusardi ’11 San Diego, Calif.


Fraternally, Rick Lierz ’80 President Beta Chi House Corporation (208) 724-4959 Alumni Invited to Homecoming...

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