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MAYOR MILLS FILES FOR RE-ELECTION IN MULMUR MULMUR TOWNSHIP: On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Paul Mills filed nomination papers to officially announce his re-election candidacy for Mayor of Mulmur Township in the upcoming municipal election scheduled for October 27, 2014. “After careful consideration and much discussion with family, friends and supporters, I have decided to run for re-election as Mayor of Mulmur,” Mills said. “I have been humbled and encouraged by the number of people urging me to run again for another four years. I am very proud of my record but I know that there is still more work to do. I am excited to build on our progress with energy, vision and determination.” Mulmur Council has had its share of issues over this past term and was often sidelined by internal dysfunction. Despite that, a number of important achievements have been made thanks to Paul’s leadership and the help of a devoted staff and an engaged citizenry. Paul points to four chief accomplishments of which he is particularly proud:    

A Code of Conduct for members of Council; A Strategic Plan for the Township; A 10-Year, Long-term Financial Plan; and A sustained effort to engage ratepayers and involve them in the decision-making process.

“It’s no secret that it has been a challenging first term given certain personality issues that exist around the council table. Fortunately though, a few of us have been able to rise above that and accomplish much of what we were elected to do,” Mills said. “If re-elected, I hope to work with a more cohesive group of individuals who are there for the right reasons.”

After spending the past 20 years serving his Mulmur community in a number of capacities including the last four years as Mayor, Paul outlines his main priorities for another term as follows:        

Implementation of the new Strategic Plan; Keeping the new 10-year, long-term financial plan on track; Work with business leaders to develop the Primrose business park; Create a more user-friendly municipal website; Provide a strong voice at Dufferin County Council; Continue to improve Mulmur’s road systems and infrastructure in a fiscally responsible way; Continue to listen to ratepayers and encourage their engagement; and Work even harder to bring Mulmur together with a greater sense of community.

“We have laid a great foundation over the past four years but now it’s time to build on that progress. We will have to be innovative in our approach and actively seek out opportunities and efficiencies to make Mulmur an even better place to live,” said Paul. “I am excited and optimistic about Mulmur’s future and I am ready and willing to lead again starting on day one of the next term.” To date, no other candidates have come forward to file nomination papers for any of the available council positions. “I wanted to declare now so that there was no question as to my intentions or my continued commitment to Mulmur Township,” Mills said. “I have talked to a number of highly qualified ratepayers who plan to declare for council positions, including a couple of incumbent members. If others decide to run for the mayor’s seat, I welcome a vigorous debate on ideas and visions and will be happy to accept the ultimate will of the ratepayers.“

Paul Mills has received a number of public endorsements for his re-election effort so far including the following: “Paul: Thank you for leading our council during the 2010 through 2014 term. Under your leadership of a dysfunctional council, much has been accomplished. By attending many council meetings and taking a keen interest in council matters, I realize that your task has been a difficult one. I am pleased that you plan on being a mayoral candidate in this October’s election. You have my full support.” -John Thomson

“I have attended a majority of Mulmur Council meetings over the past three-plus years and what I have seen in Paul Mills is a man with integrity. He displays no self-aggrandizement; he is there to serve the people and best interests of Mulmur rather than to promote himself. He treats staff with respect and listens to their input before he makes his decisions; decisions that are well thought out. I will be voting for Paul on October 27, 2014 because I trust him to do what is best for Mulmur.” -Cheryl Russel

“Paul Mills has core values when it comes to being Mayor: he believes in positive sustainability, and logical economic growth. I have enjoyed working with Paul, and appreciate his devotion towards our community.” -Trevor Downey

“With downloading from all levels of government it is imperative that we have mature leadership at Mulmur Council. Paul Mills is capable of supplying vision and leadership needed over the next four years.” -Brian Horner

“Leadership can be difficult. Making easy decisions about straightforward problems is not a challenge. True leadership is making difficult decisions that might be unpopular in the short-term but are popular and benefit all in the long-term. I am interested in true leadership, in someone who has absolute integrity, someone who will tell me exactly how it is, even if they know I might not agree with them; someone who will hear me out and listen to my concerns. I admire and respect such people. I hold Paul Mills in the highest regard because he is the best kind of leader, persevering day after day, making himself available to all residents and fighting for the interests of those of us lucky enough to live in Mulmur. I am very happy to have the opportunity this year to give him my vote, my first as a Canadian citizen, for Mayor of Mulmur!” -Sarah Hallett

Paul Mills can be reached for further comment at: 598702 2nd Line West Mulmur, ON L9V 0B7 Tel./Fax: (705) 466-3429 Email:


Press release announcing Paul Mills' mayoral re-election bid in Mulmur Township.