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The Peter J. Landry Collection of Inuit Art Lots 43–79

In the late 1980's, Landry lent a number of pieces from his collection to the Art Gallery of Windsor for their travelling exhibition Sugluk: Sculpture in Stone, 1953-1959. The exhibition was focused on the development of the regional style and themes of Salluit (formerly Sugluk). Landry’s collection was comprised of a great number of works that featured the grey stone native to Salluit. This light-weight stone was well suited to receive the artist's detailed incising and served to create intimate scenes of daily life.

In the catalogue introduction, Michael Neill instructs that one must approach the works without “all the baggage – the mythology of the solitary genius, the rich inventory of theory and art historical fact – that is conveniently brought up to the experience of western art.” Neill continues, “Instead it is the work of a traditional familycentred people who used their hands to look backwards at the very moment they began to be absorbed by the modern world. Homey, often awkward and always modest in scale, it is a simple and direct art of little statement about daily life. A genre art firmly rooted in the last days of a way of life that has now vanished, it is also an important chapter in the birth of contemporary Inuit art.”

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Inuit Art | Nov. 22, 2016  

Inuit Art | Nov. 22, 2016