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401 Early Victorian Mahogany Sewing Caddy, mid 19th century of stepped design with drawer over spool compartment, the hinged lid with stuffed pin cushion 8.7 ins x 6.3 ins; 22.2 cms x 15.9 cms

402 Two Victorian Strawberry Form ‘Make Do’ Pin Cushions, 19th century

403 Three Victorian Strawberry Form ‘Make Do’ Pin Cushions, 19th century

404 Two Victorian “Make Do’ Pin Cushions, 19th century

each made with Sandwich milk glass kerosene lamp base

each with pressed glass pedestal base

each made with pressed glass kerosene lamp base

9.5 ins 24.1 cms

8.0 ins 20.3 cms



407 Six Victorian and Later Pin Cushions, 19th early 20th century

408 Collection of 18 Turned and Painted Wood Darning Eggs, 19th/early 20th century

2.0 ins 5.1 cms $200—300


405 Victorian Hot Air Balloon Form ‘Make Do’ Pin Cushion, 19th century made with marble and spun brass kerosene lamp base

406 Three Victorian ‘Make Do’ Pin Cushions, 19th century on mercury, pressed and blown glass bases, respectively 5.2 ins 13.3 cms

5.7 ins 14.6 cms $200—300

including ‘Crazy’ pattern boot, a heart on wooden base, a strawberry basket, a seedwork anchor suspended heart, a floral beaded block, and a porcelain dog mounted pillow

$150—250 8.3 ins 21.0 cms $100—200


409 Group of Three Victorian Pin Cushions, mid 19th century the first of bullnose moulded mahogany with drawer, the second weighted, with birds-eye-maple and rosewood marquetry inlay, the third of moulded mahogany

410 Seven Strawberry Form Pin Cushions and Emerys, 19th/early 20th centuries

411 Three Victorian Stuffed Velvet Pin Cushions, 19th century

412 Three Stuffed Velvet Carrot Pin Cushions, 19th century

including a multi-coloured ball and two hearts

including a pair and a larger example

6.0 ins 15.2 cms $200—300

$200—300 $100—200

8.3 ins 21.0 cms $200—300

413 Victorian Pin Cushion Clamp and Two Sewing Birds, 19th/20th centuries

414 Three Victorian Sewing Spool Stands, 19th century

415 Mennonite Wallpaper Bandbox, 19th century

416 Victorian Wallpapered Sewing Box, mid 19th century

each with three tiers, two with stuffed velvet pin cushion tops

4.8 ins 12.1 cms

with stuffed, pieced velvet pin cushion lid opening to related accessories

9.3 ins 23.5 cms


5.5 ins 14.0 cms $200—300

5.0 ins x 9.0 ins; 12.7 cms x 22.9 cms

$200—300 $100—200

417 Three Victorian Shoe Form Pin Cushions, 19th/early 20th century

418 Pair of Iroquois Miniature Shoe Form Pin Cushion Whimsies, 19th century

one leather and two carved wooden examples

each with white bugle bead trim 3.0 ins 7.6 cms

419 Ohio Sewer Tile Pottery Miniature Shoe, 19th century


3.6 ins 9.1 cms $75—150

420 Victorian Scottish Silver Orange Order Medal, 1857 the Orangemen’s roundel engraved recto with King William III of Orange on horseback and 1690 in exergue and ‘Presented by 251 to M. Townsend, 1857’ verso, with suspension bar

$150—250 2.8 ins 7.2 cms $200—300

421 Collection of 21 Mainly American Coin Silver Spoons, 19th century

422 34 Pieces Townsend Bone Handled Sheffield Flatware, 19th century

423 Assembled Group of Bakelite Handled Flatware, mid 20th century

424 Victorian Octagonal Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

consisting of six table and 15 tea spoons, most named or monogrammed

comprising 15 knives and 19 forks with green dyed handles

mainly ‘Washington Forge’ comprising 20 knives, 4 forks, 10 tablespoons and 11 teaspoons

a floral still life against a black field in giltwood frame



$200—300 $75—150

425 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

426 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

427 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

428 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

with flowers in classical urn against black ground, in contemporary giltwood frame

with flowers in classical urn against blue ground, in contemporary bullnose giltwood frame

depicting a parrot amongst flowers against white ground, in contemporary green painted frame

with floral arrangement in pressed glass vase against black ground, in contemporary frame

16.5 ins x 14.5 ins; 41.9 cms x 36.8 cms

14.6 ins x 12.6 ins; 37.1 cms x 32.0 cms

14.5 ins x 12.4 ins; 36.8 cms x 31.5 cms

21.7 ins x 17.3 ins; 55.0 cms x 44.0 cms





429 Large Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

430 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

431 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

432 Victorian Tinsel Back Reverse Painting on Glass, mid 19th century

with elaborate floral arrangement in footed pressed glass bowl against black ground, in contemporary giltwood frame

with birds amongst flowers in basket against white ground, in modern trompe l’oeil painted frame

with exotic birds in tree against a white ground, in faux grained frame with gilt slip

with footed bowl of grapes against white ground, in contemporary mahogany veneered frame

17.0 ins x 19.0 ins; 43.2 cms x 48.3 cms

16.5 ins x 14.3 ins; 42.0 cms x 36.2 cms



20.2 ins x 24.2 ins; 51.2 cms x 61.4 cms $300—400


433 Pair of Painted Wire Hanging Planter Baskets, 19th/early 20th century

434 American Painted Tin Anniversary Stovepipe or Top Hat, 19th century

435 Two Mirrored Lamp Reflectors, 19th century

436 Pair of Mirrored Lamp Reflectors, 19th century



439 Pressed Zinc Automobile Form Weathervane, early 20th century

440 Two English Enamelled Iron Tall Case Clock Dials, early 19th century

with corrugated ribbon and bow 27.0 ins 68.6 cms 4.8 ins 12.1 cms $75—150 $200—300

437 Victorian Cast Iron Hollow Back Bull Form Finial, 19th century

438 Canadian Pressed Copper Full Body Beaver Weather Vane, 19th century

signed BG 91 in the mould, verso

modelled as a roadster, on iron pipe now mounted on painted newel post ball stand


15.7 ins 40.0 cms $150—250

18.5 ins 47.0 cms $150—250


441 FIve Pieces Victorian Wrought Iron, 19th century

442 Three Pottery Coin Banks, 19th century

including three boot scrapers and a pair of hinges

including a bank building, a pig and a pumpkin

443 Mary Millner’s Tin Bank, 1879

444 Three American Cast Iron Building Form Still Banks, 19th century

of domed casket form with brass mounts 5.1 ins 13.0 cms

6.5 ins 16.5 cms



447 Mother-Bear Doll with Baby Bear, and a Velveteen Rabbit, early 20th century

448 Pair of American Cast Iron Flower Basket Form Door Stops, c.1890

14.0 ins 35.6 cms

9.5 ins 24.1 cms



3.7 ins 9.5 cms $75—150


445 Three 19th century Still Banks

446 German Sheep Form Pull Toy, 19th/early 20th century

including a painted cast iron sheep, a painted tin church and a polychromed wood church inscribed “Congress Fund”

possibly Steiff, on cast iron wheels 6.5 ins x 10.5 ins; 16.5 cms x 26.7 cms

3.3 ins x 5.5 ins; 8.3 cms x 14.0 cms $200—300 $100—200

449 Porcelain Mounted Wire Centerpiece Basket, c.1870

450 Tin May Basket, New York State, late 19th century

451 Four Cast Iron Animal Form Carnival Shooting Gallery Targets, 19th century

452 Collection of Six Painted Cast Iron Carnival Shooting Gallery Targets, 19th/early 20th century

12.6 ins; 32.0 cms

6.0 ins x 7.5 ins; 15.2 cms x 19.1 cms

includiing three deer and a bird

including rabbit, two birds, a duck a turkey and a heart


$100—200 $100—200 $200—300

453 Collection of 14 Sheep, Goat and Cow Bells, 19th century

454 Art Deco Heavy Cast Copper Bowl, c.1925

455 Victorian Seaside Souvenir Shellwork Letter Holder, 19th century

456 ‘Memory Ware’ Teacup and Saucer, early 20th century

6.9 ins 17.5 cms

2.8 ins x 11.7 ins; 7.0 cms x 29.8 cms

on faux tortoiseshell decorated base

covered in a mosaic of coloured and lacquered seashells set in putty



7.8 ins 19.7 cms

3.0 ins 7.6 cms



457 Four ‘Memory Ware’ Pots, early 20th century

458 Large ‘Memory Ware’ Double Handled Vase, early 20th century

each covered in mosaic of pottery and mirror shards, buttons, jewellery fragments, etc., set in putty

the tapering tin bucket form covered in mosaic of pottery and mirror shards set in putty

5.5 ins 14.0 cms

12.3 ins 31.2 cms



459 Collection of Six Earthenware Jugs and Creamers with ‘Make Do’ Repairs, 19th century comprising an 18th century pearlware jug, a Mason’s type jug, Sunderland luster jug and creamer, a French Imari creamer and a blue and white Chinese export creamer

460 American Pressed Glass Kerosene Lamp with Painted Wood Block ‘Make Do’ Repair Base, mid 19th century

8.7 ins 22.2 cms $75—150


461 American Pressed Glass Gothic Arch Pattern Celery Vase With Tin Collar ‘Make Do’ Repair, 19th century

462 Miscellaneous Lot of English Glass Including Three With Tin Collar ‘Make Do’ Repairs, 18th century

9.8 ins 24.8 cms

comprising two air twist and two opaque twist wine glasses, and an engraved rummer


463 ‘Two Pounder’ Sunburst Flask, Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks, Keene, New Hampshire, 1815-1830

464 Two Jenny Lind Portrait Calabash Flasks, Whitney Glass Works, c.1850 each with applied conical lip and pontil scar

8.3 ins 21.0 cms 10.5 ins 26.7 cms $500—700

7.0 ins 17.8 cms $100—200


465 Washington/Taylor Portrait Flask, Dyottville Glass Works, Philadelphia, Penn., and a Sheaf of Wheat Flask, 19th century

8.0 ins 20.3 cms

466 Canadian ‘Royal Italian Bitters’ Amethyst Glass Bottle, Montreal, 1870-1885 embossed with shield and flag armorial, ‘Registered Trade Mark A.M.F. Gianelli, Geneva, with smooth base and applied flat mouth

467 Amethyst Glass Bitters Bottle, 2nd half, 19th century

468 Four Glass Bottles, 19th century

14.1 ins 35.8 cms

each with applied lip, including two green champagne style, a green port, and a brown export ale example


12.1 ins 30.7 cms


$150—250 13.5 ins 34.3 cms $500—700

469 Four Glass Bottles with Labels, 19th century including a William Dow & Co, Montreal, India Pale Ale bottle, a Franco-Canadien Medoc Bordeaux, a French Medoc Bordeaux bottle and an 1899 “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” whiskey bottle

470 Collection of Seven American Pressed Clear Glass Candlesticks, 19th century

471 Six Boston & Sandwich Glass Type Opalescent Glass Curtain Tiebacks, mid 19th century

472 Pair of Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. Cable Pattern Celery Vases, mid 19th century

including a large pair and five singles 9.8 ins 24.9 cms $50—100 $200—300

Notes: This pattern was introduced to commemorate the 1869 laying of the French Atlantic transatlantic cable.

11.8 ins 30.0 cms

8.5 ins 21.6 cms



473 Pair of Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. Canary Yellow Petal and Loop Candlesticks, c.1850

474 Pair of Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. Clambroth and Blue Glass Hexagonal Candlesticks, c.1850

6.9 ins 17.5 cms

8.3 ins 21.0 cms



475 Pair of Boston & Sandwich Glass co. Clambroth Glass Candlesticks, c.1850

476 Pair of Green Uranium Glass Candlesticks, c.1930


8.7 ins 22.2 cms

8.5 ins 21.6 cms



477 Three Millefirori Paperweights, 19th century

478 Chinese Export Glass Clipper Ship Paperweight, c.1900

479 Four Victorian Glass Paperweights/Doorstops, 19th century

480 Four Victorian Floral Glass Paperweights/Doorstops, 19th century

including a ‘Forget me Not’ example

including a Ravenna Glass Co. (Ohio) style white lily

possibly Venetian

$75—150 $75—150

4.3 ins 10.8 cms $100—200 $100—200

481 Two Toronto Glass Paperweights, early 20th century including ‘City Hall’ and ‘Robert Darling & Co.’

482 Two Canadian Glass Paperweights, 19th/early 20th century

483 Pair of Canadian Napanee Glass House Mercury Glass Candlesticks, 19th century

including an 1899 memorial to Alexandre Turner by Patrick Wickham, and ‘Messenger of Love by Diamond Flint Glass Co. (1902-1912)

each with Greek key bordered scalloped edged bobeche

484 Eleven Pieces Victorian Mercury Glass, 19th century

8.3 ins 21.0 cms

comprising a vase painted with leopard, a comport, three goblets (one pair) a spherical vase, a tankard, a candlestick, two curtain tie backs and a lightening rod ball


10.1 ins 25.7 cms




485 Pair of Victorian Opalescent Blown Glass Cornucopia Vases, c.1870

486 Pair of Victorian Parcel Gilt Apple Green Satin Glass Lustres, c.1860

487 Pair of Victorian Free Blown Bubble Glass Lustres, late 19th century

488 Pair of Tall Murano Glass Candlesticks, early-mid 20th century

9.5 ins 24.1 cms

9.5 ins 24.1 cms

10.5 ins 26.7 cms

blue and clear glass with aventurine inclusions




15.3 ins 38.8 cms $150—250

489 Art Deco Opaque Glass Comport, early-mid 20th century

490 Three ‘End-of-Day’ Hollow Glass Parade Canes, 19th century

491 Three ‘End-of-Day’ Glass Parade Canes, 19th century

492 Victorian Turtle Form Glass Dump Doorstop, 19th century

the red bowl with panelled interior and applied black foot

including two walking sticks, (one with opaque twist) and a twist cane with crook

including a clear model with twist end, an aqua example, and a pale green example with blue and red twist latticino work


5.5 ins 14.0 cms $75—150 $100—150


493 Silhouette Portrait of Fances E. Knowles in Her 16th Year, 1820

494 Pair of Regency Silhouette Portrait Ovals, early 19th century

velvet backed paper cutout in ebonized moulded frame with quill inscription verso

each black backed paper cutout in gilt metal frame 4.3 ins x 3.6 ins; 11.0 cms x 9.1 cms

6.0 ins x 4.5 ins; 15.2 cms x 11.4 cms

495 Linen Backed Paper Cutout Silhouettes of a Family Group, mid 19th century in tiger maple frame 12.4 ins x 10.0 ins; 31.5 cms x 25.4 cms

for family of William S. Clark (17871859) and Myra Baldwin (17901856), the coloured lithograph published by Nathaniel Currier, in modern frame

$100—200 $75—150


496 Vermont Family Register, mid 19th century

13.0 ins x 17.4 ins; 33.0 cms x 44.2 cms $75—150

497 The Apotheosis of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Toile Textile Fragment, England, c.1790 copper plate printed in madder red on cotton-linen, depicting Washington driving a chariot drawn by leopards, with allegorical figure of America in plumed headdress and with caduceus, in modern giltwood frame

498 Victorian Miniature Glass Beadwork Picture of a Bird, earlymid 19th century

499 Canadian School Portrait of a Young Gentleman, 2nd quarter, 19th century

500 Canadian School Portrait of a Gentleman, 2nd quarter, 19th century

in rosewood frame with gilt slip

watercolour on card, the sitter in black jacket and waist coat, seated on empire style open arm chair, in birds eye maple frame with gilt slip

watercolour on card, the sitter on Empire style open armchair in black jacket and waistcoat holding foliage, with candle stand, in period dovetailed block corner varnished frame

6.5 ins x 5.7 ins; 16.5 cms x 14.6 cms $150—300

18.5 ins x 30.5 ins; 47.0 cms x 77.5 cms

Notes: An indecipherable quill inscription verso may identify the sitter and date. 11.0 ins x 8.0 ins; 27.9 cms x 20.2 cms



Provenance: Note verso: ‘bought at house auction, Cobourg, Ontario, $17.00, early 1970’s 14.3 ins x 11.7 ins; 36.2 cms x 29.8 cms $200—300

501 Portrait Miniature of a Lady, early-mid 19th century ink and watercolour on card,rosewood frame with gilt slip 6.5 ins x 5.7 ins; 16.5 cms x 14.6 cms

502 Canadian School Portrait Miniature of Charlotte Blore, mid 19th century watercolour on card with inscribed verso: ‘a relative of Evelyn Graham Pixley’, in gilt metal frame

503 English School Portrait Miniature of a Lady, c.1820 pencil and watercolour on paper, in giltwood frame 5.9 ins x 4.9 ins; 15.0 cms x 12.5 cms

4.5 ins x 3.3 ins; 11.4 cms x 8.5 cms $75—150

504 American School Watercolour Still Life with Vase of Flowers, mid 19th century on Bristol board (impressed mark) in associated period frame 21.5 ins x 17.5 ins; 54.6 cms x 44.5 cms

$75—150 $75—150


505 Naive School Fantastic Landscape, early 20th century oil on canvas depicting treed islands in lake amongst mountains against stormy sky in contemporary giltwood frame 28.0 ins x 21.5 ins; 71.1 cms x 54.6 cms

506 English Carved Elm Figural Character Snuff Box, late 18th/early 19th century

507 Milliner’s Green Lacquered Hat Block on Stand, 19th century

508 Primitive Varnished Wooden Hanging Pocket Watch Holder, 19th century

with inset ivory buttons

12.5 ins 31.8 cms

2.5 ins 6.4 cms


with side door and circular glazed aperture exposing Wittnauer & Co.. Swiss alarm watch


7.5 ins x 6.0 ins; 19.1 cms x 15.2 cms $100—200


509 Carved and Painted Heart Form Architectural Element, 19th century

510 Pair of Turned and Painted Corbel Brackets, 19th century

511 Carved and Polychromed Group of a Jockey on Horseback, mid 20th century

512 Three Splint Baskets, 19th century including a two handled painted bassinet , two gathering baskets

13.6 ins 34.5 cms 8.6 ins 21.8 cms $100—200 $75—150

21.5 ins; 54.6 cms $75—150 $100—200

513 Victorian Shell Bound Sea Plant Life Collector’s Specimen Album, 19th/early 20th century

5.0 ins x 5.5 ins; 12.7 cms x 14.0 cms

514 Lepidopterological (Butterfly) Collector’s Specimen Case, 1918

515 Victorian Wax Fruit Basket Shadowbox c.1860

516 Toleware Spice Box, mid 19th century

varnished and glazed with note verso: ‘Collected by Harold Nicholson, age 19 in 1918, owned a service station at Islandview near Fredericton, N.B., [in] 1928

with glazed hinged mahogany veneered door

opening to interior with six stencil labeled canisters

20.2 ins x 16.0 ins; 51.4 cms x 40.6 cms

3.5 ins x 9.5 ins; 8.9 cms x 24.1 cms

12.5 ins x 10.7 ins; 31.8 cms x 27.3 cms





517 Whieldon Type Staffordshire Cream Coloured Earthenware Chinoiserie Teapot, 19th century

518 Whieldon Type Staffordshire Cream Coloured Earthenware Plate 19th century

with tortoiseshell or spinach and egg decoration under the lead glaze

with mottled brown decoration under the lead glaze


520 Ralph Wood ‘Sailor’ or ‘Planter’ Type Toby Jug, c.1780

11.7 ins 29.8 cms 8.5 ins x 9.5 ins; 21.6 cms x 24.1 cms

7.8 ins 19.7 cms $200—300

519 Two Sunderland Luster Wall Plaques: HMS Duke of Wellington and Thou God See’st Me, 19th century



521 Two Davenport Pearlware Green Featheredge Plates, mid 19th century one with impressed maker’s mark Dawson

522 Two Davenport Pearlware Green Featheredge Platters and a Mazarine, mid 19th century

523 Three Davenport Pearlware Green Featheredge Platters, mid 19th century

8.5 ins x 13.1 ins; 21.7 cms x 33.2 cms

11.3 ins x 15.2 ins; 28.6 cms x 38.7 cms



two with impressed marks


525 Pair of Mason’s Chinoiserie Blue and White Transfer Printed Plates and a ’Flow Blue’ Cup and Saucer, c.1825 plates with single line impressed and blue transfer maker’s marks

524 Three Large Davenport Pearlware Green Featheredge Platters, mid 19th century

18.7 ins x 14.9 ins; 47.6 cms x 37.8 cms $200—300

526 Miscellaneous Group of Ten Staffordshire Pottery Figures and Animals, 19th century

527 Collection of Twelve English Earthenware Sugar Boxes, 19th century

comprising two figural casters, a small toby jug marked J. Bull, a watch pocket, three sheep, a quill holder and two bird form whistles

comprising pearlware, Sunderland luster, Castleford, Staffordshire, Imari, strawberry, and willow patterns, and other examples, three with ‘make do’ repairs

8.7 ins 22.2 cms $50—75

5.5 ins 14.0 cms $50—100 $200—300

528 Collection of Five English Leeds Creamware Pottery Sugar Casters, late 18th century

5.7 ins 14.6 cms $75—150

529 Pair of Grimwades Byzanta Ware Spider Web Pattern Candlesticks, early 20th century

530 Caneware Eggs in Nest Form Covered Dish, 19th century

531 Four Hen on Nest Covered Dishes, 19th century

5.5 ins 14.0 cms

including an opalescent glass, a s small bisque porcelain and two Staffordshire pottery examples

532 Staffordshire Gourd Form Cream Coloured Earthenware Teapot, 19th century

$75—150 $30—50

6.3 ins 15.9 cms



533 Seven Chalkware Animal Figures, 19th and 20th centuries

534 Pair of Recumbent Staffordshire Lions, 19th century

535 Large Czechoslovakian ‘Erphila’ Pottery Vase, mid 20th century

comprising a poodle, a lamb, an eagle, a collie, a squirrel, and two parakeet groups

with glass eyes

of foliate form with lily centre

7.5 ins 19.1 cms


536 Japanese Arita Blue and White Glazed Porcelain Cat Form Lantern, Meiji/Taisho Period

31.5 ins x 39.5 ins; 80.0 cms x 100.3 cms

the recumbent cat with pierced eyes, mouth and back opening on conforming hardwood stand


6.5 ins 16.5 cms

$40—60 $500—700

537 Japanese Spinach and Egg Glazed Pottery Monkey, mid 20th century

4.9 ins 12.5 cms $50—100

538 Chinese Blue and White Export Porcelain Ginger Jar, 19th early 20th century

539 Pair of Chinese Blue and White Export Porcelain Ginger Jars, 19th/early 20th century

with four double happiness characters amongst flowering vines, with geometric borders, raised on later carved rosewood stand

each decorated with birds amongst flowering branches and raised on turned ebonized base

540 Chinese Bamboo Birdcage, 20th century ivory mounted and with porcelain water and feed bowls and bronze carrying handle 10.2 ins 26.0 cms

16.3 ins 41.3 cms 18.3 ins 46.4 cms

$75—150 $300—400


541 Chinese Boxwood (Huang Yang Mu) Root Scholar’s Stand, 19th/early 20th century

542 Five Pieces Chinese Cloisonné, 20th century including four boxes (one double) a matchbox case and a desk tray

4.5 ins 11.4 cms $150—250

543 Seven Pieces Asian Blue and White Porcelain, 19th/20th century comprising a Japanese Arita plate, four Chinese koi bowls, a Chinese willow or Canton plate and a hanging oval bowl

544 Chinese Bronze Hand Warmer, 19th century of cushion form with chrysanthemum pattern pierced lid and double swing handles 4.0 ins 10.2 cms

$150—250 10.0 ins; 25.4 cms $200—300


545 African Akan Stool, Ghana, early 20th century

546 Five Iroquois Beaded Heart Shaped Pin Cushion Whimsies, early 20th century

547 Six Iroquois Heart Shaped Pin Cushion Whimsies, early 20th century

11.2 ins x 18.0 ins; 28.5 cms x 45.7 cms

one dated 1933

two dated 1906 and 1927 respectively

548 Four Iroquois Beadwork Purse Form Whimsies, late 19th/early 20th century

6.0 ins 15.2 cms $75—150

5.0 ins 12.7 cms


$150—250 $150—250

549 Six Iroquois Beaded Boot Form Pin Cushion Whimsies, late 19th/early 20th century

550 Four Iroquois Beadwork Pin Cushion Whimsies, early 20th century

11.0 ins 27.9 cms

with place names: Port Carling, Niagara Falls, Canada, Toronto, 1929 and Montreal

551 Six Iroquois Beaded Whimsies, late 19th/early 20th century including three wall pockets and three pin cushions 6.0 ins 15.2 cms

552 Three Large Iroquois Beaded Pin Cushion Whimsies, late 19th/early 20th century two with birds, one with horse, each in foliated border on velvet ground and with glazed cotton backing

$200—300 8.0 ins 20.3 cms


8.0 ins x 9.5 ins; 20.3 cms x 24.1 cms

$100—200 $200—300

553 Four Iroquois Beaded Whimsies, late 19th/early 20th century

554 Two Iroquois Beaded Frames, early 20th century

555 Metis Beaded Velvet Drawstring Bag, mid 20th century

including two large pin cushions, a hanging bird form pin cushion dated 1915, and a leaf shaped trivet

one with beavers and bird decoration, second with place name ‘Caughnawaga’ (Quebec)

11.0 ins 27.9 cms

11.0 ins 27.9 cms

9.0 ins 22.9 cms




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Past Imperfect: The Collection of Helen Quinn Online Auction | Sept. 14 - 17, 2015  

Past Imperfect: The Collection of Helen Quinn Online Auction | Sept. 14 - 17, 2015  

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