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1 Ivory Carved Ornamental Vase, Circa 1940’s

2 Export Ivory Chess Set with Puzzle Balls, Early 20th Century

Of cylindrical form, the well hollowed sides carved in high relief with a continuous scene of flora and fauna including cranes and pine. Affixed to wood stand

Each standing figure carved in the round atop a small puzzle ball, one set stained, the other natural 4.9 ins 12.5 cms

Each panel inset with bone and mother-of-pearl to depict entertainers, one with a fan, the other with a monkey on his back

9.3 ins 23.5 cms


41.5 ins 105.5 cms


2a Pair of Bone and Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Panels of Entertainers, Japan, Circa 1900

3 Set of Ivory Carved Animals Each carved in the round, including: two goats/rams, boar, tiger, horse, hatchling, seated dog, snake, rat, two monkeys 1.8 ins 4.5 cms $200—300


4 Japanese Carved Ivory and Bone House God Treasure Boat, circa 1900

5 Group of Five Japanese Carved Ivory Netsukes, Late 19th Century

6 Japanese Carved Bone and Ivory Shrine, Circa 1900

7 After Kitagawa Utamaro (17531806)

Playfully rendered with several removable portions including a large sail, flag, small fish, and group of five seated Japanese deities

Individually rendered in the round, the figures each carved in a seated position

Watercolour on paper

1.4 ins 3.5 cms

Carved in the round and supported on a multi-tiered pedestal, the structure densely decorated with patterns of lotus, dragons, and phoenix with a pair of hinged doors opening to reveal a seated Buddha


10.6 ins 27.0 cms

9.3 ins 23.5 cms $500—700 $300—400

16.7 ins 42.5 cms $100—200

8 After Genhan Rozan

9 After Kitagawa Utamaro (17531806)

10 After Kitagawa Utamaro (17531806)

11 After Kitagawa Utamaro (17531806)

Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

Watercolour on paper

16.5 ins 42.0 cms

16.5 ins 42.0 cms

16.5 ins 42.0 cms




13 Japanese Woodblock Print framed

14 Japanese Woodblock Print Framed

15 Framed Japanese Woodblock Print Triptych, Samurai Scene

Ink and colour on paper

Ink and colour on paper

Ink and colour on paper

14.4 ins x 9.8 ins; 36.5 cms x 25.0 cms

14.4 ins x 9.8 ins; 36.5 cms x 25.0 cms

13.4 ins x 27.4 ins; 34.0 cms x 69.5 cms




Ink and colour on paper 16.1 ins 41.0 cms $100—200

12 Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) REPRODUCTION Print on paper 16.1 ins x 22.0 ins; 41.0 cms x 56.0 cms $50—100

16 Framed Japanese Woodblock Print, Temple Gate, Yoshida

17 Naoko Matsubara (1937- ) WATER - IN PRAISE OF HANDS, 1974

Ink and colour on paper

Sosaku woodblock print, titled, signed, numbered A/P 1974 in pencil TOGETHER WITH 4 Views of the Tokaido Road, After Hiroshige. All framed

15.4 ins x 10.0 ins; 39.0 cms x 25.5 cms

18 Japanese Scroll Painting

19 Pair of Japanese Dolls

Ink and colour on paper

Seated figures of an emperor and empress, adorned with layered silks and each with a headpiece

50.0 ins x 16.1 ins; 127.0 cms x 41.0 cms $100—200


Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

22.0 ins x 17.7 ins; 56.0 cms x 45.0 cms

14.6 ins 37.0 cms



20 Group of Eight Imari Wares, Meiji Period, Circa 1900

21 Large Porcelain Charger, Meiji Period, Circa 1900

Including three graduating foliate rimmed bowls; two rectangular form trays; two dishes; larger jar

With a wide rim and shallow cavetto decorated with three female musicians reserved alongside bursting chrysanthemum blooms

22 6-Piece Kutani Service

11.6 ins 29.5 cms

Comprised of a pot with a lid, a pitcher and four mugs, all decorated with two windows, one showing a figural scene and the other a landscape. Handles evocative of Art Nouveau style.


9.4 ins 24.0 cms

23 Group of Chinese and Japanese Ceramics Including two censers, a decorative crackle glazed vase, a small crackle glazed vase with a figure, a waterpot and a Japanese bowl 5.3 ins 13.5 cms


$150—200 $100—200

24 White Glazed Box, South East Asia

25 South Asian Miniature

26 South Asian Miniature

27 South Asian Miniature

Tempera on card

Tempera on card

Tempera on card

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

10.2 ins x 14.2 ins; 26.0 cms x 36.0 cms

9.4 ins x 11.4 ins; 24.0 cms x 29.0 cms

10.2 ins x 14.2 ins; 26.0 cms x 36.0 cms




28 Amber School

29 Kangra School

30 Persian Miniature

31 Kangra School

Tempera and ink on paper, calligraphy to its back

Tempera on paper

Tempera on card

Tempera and ink on card

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

6.9 ins x 9.1 ins; 17.5 cms x 23.0 cms

6.7 ins x 10.0 ins; 17.0 cms x 25.5 cms

8.0 ins x 10.0 ins; 20.2 cms x 25.5 cms




With a molded lid featuring a peony and butterfly Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch


Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007 5.9 ins x 8.7 ins; 15.0 cms x 22.0 cms $50—100

32 Mewar School

33 Late Mewar School

34 Mughal School

35 Persian Miniature

Tempera on card

Ink and tempera on paper, calligraphy to the back

Tempera and ink on paper, calligraphy to its back

Tempera and ink on paper

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007

4.9 ins x 14.0 ins; 12.5 cms x 35.5 cms

6.1 ins x 10.4 ins; 15.5 cms x 26.5 cms



36 Persian Miniature

37 Indian Silk Quilt

38 Silvered Indian Tankard

Tempera and ink on paper

British-made Indian silk quilt completed in 1824. Containing over 3000 pieces and over 1500 varieties of silk and velvet, including the Royal Purple which is now unobtainable and silk from the Royal family of George IV.

Molded with Indian fauna and flora.

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007 11.2 ins x 8.1 ins; 28.5 cms x 20.5 cms $50—100

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007 6.5 ins x 11.0 ins; 16.5 cms x 28.0 cms $100—200

Provenance: Toronto collection, acquired from northern France in 2007 7.9 ins x 13.2 ins; 20.0 cms x 33.5 cms $100—200

62.6 ins x 61.6 ins; 159.0 cms x 156.5 cms $150—200

3.5 ins 9.0 cms $100—150

39 Brass Koran Album, Probably Indo-Persia, First Half 20th Century Ten pages with impressed text and rounded corners, the edge with two large ring handles 7.7 ins x 5.5 ins; 19.5 cms x 14.0 cms $200—300

40 Ivory Carved Elephant and Rider, India, First-Half 20th Century

41 Cloisonne Enamel and Brass Pipe, Early 20th Century

Carved in the round as a striding elephant with a mahout seated a top the majestic animal TOGETHER WITH an ivory round box and cover with elephant finial

With garden scenes reserved along both sides of the rounded body and bordered by prunus flowers

42 Two Yellowstone ‘Lion’ Seals

43 Group of Five Dzi Beads

Each carved in the round with a ferocious lion seated atop of the square-form base TOGETHER WITH a carving of three immortals with a dragon. Wood stand

Each of slender proportion with a slightly bulging waist

11.4 ins 29.0 cms

$100—150 5.5 ins 14.0 cms

$80—120 $150—200 $150—250

44 Bronze Tea Pot; Ming Dynasty (Xuande mark)

45 Chinese Soapstone Carving of Shoulao

Intricately engraved with base featuring a repeating lotus pattern and two smiling figures. Two scrolling handles are affixed to base. Lid also adorned with repeating lotus pattern; carved lion affixed as lid’s handle.

The smiling, bearded immortal holding staff to his right hand, longevity peach to his left, wearing Han-Chinese robe. Boy servant on the side

46 Hardstone Peach Tree Peaches and plethora of leaves in various hardstones with knotted string accents, vividly modelled trunk raised from a circular hardstone planter.​ 16.1 ins 41.0 cms

13.4 ins 34.0 cms 5.1 ins x 7.5 ins; 13.0 cms x 19.0 cms $200—400

47 Chinese Silk Robe together with Pair of Women’s Shoes with Black Cape Delicately embroidered in rich hues of cobalt blue, sky blue, purple, green, brown and rust with peonies, butterflies and lotus TOGETHER WITH embroidered shoes and a black cape, adorned with glass beads.

$200—300 $150—200 $200—300

48 Archaic Jade Bangle with Chilong Carving Finely carved with two ‘chilong’ chasing each other Provenance: Distinguished private collection from Marseille, France

49 Tixi Lacquer Box Carved in alternating layers of red and black, both the cover and box feature a cloud pattern throughout. Interior black lacquered. 2.8 ins 7.0 cms

49a Pair of Large Cinnabar Lacquer Vases Supported on wide spreading feet, each with a pear shaped body and carved in high reilef with four landscape scenes reserved along the exterior and surrounded by dense scrolling floral vines

50 Carved Cane, Figural Scene Carved lacquer cane with figural scenes and wooden handle 38.0 ins 96.5 cms $50—80

$50—100 15.4 ins 39.0 cms $150—250

51 Bone Inlaid Zodiac Compass


52 Scholar Fluorite Stone on Rosewood Stand

53 Double Layer Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

54 Large Taiwanese Mei-Nung Umbrella, mid-20th Century

With two immortals on the cover and painted zodiac signs surrounding the compass dial on the interior

Greenish fluorite stone with fitted painted hardwood reticulated stand

Decorated on both sides with a ferocious lion and clouds

Of calligraphy and a seated budai

3.3 ins 8.5 cms


Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

28.7 ins 73.0 cms

13.4 ins x 12.2 ins; 34.0 cms x 31.0 cms $100—200

$100—200 $50—100

55 Two Taiwanese Mei-Nung Umbrellas, mid-20th Century

56 Pair of Tang Style Figures of Servants Mounted as Lamps

57 Purple Quartz Carving Mounted as Lamp

58 Chinese Pottery Architectural Fragment Mounted as Lamp

Both painted with crane and pine tree

Jovial figures in dynamic stances with outstretched arms, mounted on a wooden base

Carving of a lady and boy mounted on a brass base

Architectural fragment of a man riding a deer, mounted on a lucite base

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

5.1 ins 13.0 cms

9.8 ins 25.0 cms



23.2 ins 59.0 cms $50—100

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 21.5 ins 54.5 cms $200—300

59 Flambe Vase Mounted as Lamp, 19th/20th C.

60 Chinese Soapstone Pagoda, 19th/20th C.

61 Agate Carving Mounted as a Lamp, 20th C.

62 Jadite Carving Mounted as a Lamp, 20th C.

Of rich strawberry hues with streaks of green, mounted on a carved wooden base

Of seven tiers, with carved flora and an eagle finial

Delicately rendered carving of a songbird feeding its offspring, perched atop branches and a bed of flowers, mounted on a wooden base

Carving of a kingfisher with lotus blooms and a carp rising from waves, mounted on a wood base

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 17.1 ins 43.5 cms

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch


7.9 ins 20.0 cms

11.8 ins 30.0 cms

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 8.3 ins 21.0 cms


$200—300 $200—300

63 Archaistic Hardstone Cong With bands of horizontal flanges throughout the column Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 28.5 ins 72.5 cms

64 Green Jade Mountain Grotto Guanyin and Elephant

64a Green Jadeite Carved Mountain Grotto Buddha

65 Pair of Spinach Green Jade Peach-Form Trays

Carved in high relief with Guanyin holding a vase while seated on an elephant, the whole scene set in a rocky landscape

Rendered with seated Buddha in a cavernous space surrounded by bamboo, lotus, and pine, the stone with hues ranging from pale celadon to dark green

Each with deep rounded sides and bordered by twisting branches of prunus flowers and peaches

Provenance: Chinese Hardstone Carvings from a Vancouver Collection


Provenance: Chinese Hardstone Carvings from a Vancouver Collection

Provenance: Chinese Hardstone Carvings from a Vancouver Collection 8.3 ins; 21.0 cms

7.5 ins 19.0 cms 6.1 ins 15.5 cms


$200—300 $300—400

65a Spinach Green Jade Double Dragon Head Brushwasher

66 Spinach Green Jade Mountain Grotto Guanyin

67 Three Hardstone Vases, Mid20th Century

68 Large Elmwood Altar Table, First Half 20th Century

The rounded body flanked by a pair of dragon heads carved in high relief. Fitted wood stand

Surrounded by an elaborate canopy and crashing waves, the serene and smiling figure of Guanyin seated in the centre holding a beaded necklace and bowl in hand, the large carving rendered from dark green spinach stone. Fitted wood stand

A pale celadon miniature vase and cover with ring handles and longevity scene; a celadon vase with longevity deer and lingzhi fungus, the cover with cranes; and a rose quartz vase with archaistic design and dragons, the cover with a large bixie

Large elmwood altar table with carved openwork apron

Provenance: Chinese Hardstone Carvings from a Vancouver Collection

8.7 ins 22.0 cms

Provenance: Chinese Hardstone Carvings from a Vancouver Collection 5.9 ins; 15.0 cms $200—300

10.2 ins 26.0 cms $200—300


33.1 ins x 78.7 ins; 84.0 cms x 200.0 cms $300—500

69 Wool Peking Carpet, First-Half 20th Century

70 Group of Thirteen Carved Wood Stands

71 Famille Rose Scallop Form Shallow Dish, 19th Century

72 Two Export Blue and White Platters, 18th/19th Century

Decorated with central floral clusters flanked by precious antiques, all on a blue and yellow ground

Thirteen carved wood stands of varying sizes

With central longevity character and ‘ji yang’ roundels

The first a rare hexagonal platter depicting hunters chasing their prey; the second foliate-form with landscape and lakeside houses



Provenance: Art Dialogue, Toronto. 90.6 ins x 59.1 ins; 230.0 cms x 150.0 cms



73 Small Famille Rose Brush Pot, 19th Century

74 Chinese Export Famille Rose Dish, 19th Century

Of slender cylindrical form with four plump songbirds in a rocky garden brightly enamled along the exterior

With a wide rim and shallow interior, the cavetto brightly enameled with a basket of peonies, the central scene bordered by designs of prunus flowers

75 Famille Rose Plate

76 Famille Rose Vase

Divided into scenic quadrants, each ornately decorated. Two feature lush flora with birds and insects, while two depict figural scenes of ladies and scholars.

Of globular body, rising to a long neck, featuring two windowed figural scenes of scholars and ladies. Body is adorned with blooming flora and butterflies.​

9.4 ins; 24.0 cms

14.6 ins 37.0 cms



$100—150 $200—300

77 Famille Rose Cylindrical Vase Decorated on one side with a collage of scroll fragments of varying pastel shades. 11.2 ins 28.5 cms $100—200

78 Matched Pair of Chinoiserie Porcelain Jar with Lid and Pitcher, 19th C. Jar decorated over body and lid with repeating floral motifs; pitcher decorated on one side with black and gilt floral spray and crosshatch pattern around the rim Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

79 Canton Famille Rose Oval Plate With a gilt rim and a shallow interior, decorated with four reserves of flora & fauna and figural scenes of scholars & ladies Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 12.4 ins; 31.5 cms

80 Pair of Canton Famille Rose Vases, late 19th C. A matched pair of meiping body tapering towards a narrow foot, each adorned with reserves of flora & fauna and figural scenes with scholars & ladies. A pair of gilt dragons circle the rim Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch


81 Canton Famille Rose Teapot with Two Cups in Original Basket, 19th C. Decorated with windows of flora and fauna and figural scenes, in original basket Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch

5.9 ins 15.0 cms

9.4 ins 24.0 cms



82 White Crackle Glazed Vase, 19th/20th C.

83 Small Scholar Jar with Lid and Lion Finial 17th C.

With a cylindrical neck rising from a globular body and a crackle glaze throughout

Decorated in vibrant tones of cobalt blue with panels of flowers and geometric borders along the rim and lid, surmounted by a lion

Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 10.6 ins 27.0 cms

Provenance: Christie’s Amsterdam, 7 April 1992, Lot 657 (part): The Vung Tau Cargo, Chinese Export Porcelain

4.9 ins 12.5 cms $300—400 $400—500

Notes: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 6.3 ins 16.0 cms $300—500

84 Imperial plate fragment from shipwreck, Wanli Period (15631620) 萬曆青花盤殘片 Decorated with five Buddhist emblems within floating clouds


85 Red-Glazed Bowl, Xuande Mark, Qing Dynasty Heavily potted with everted rim.

86 Group of Chinese Porcelain

87 Three Blue & White Plates

88 Cizhou Style Ewer and Bowl

Including: a crackle-glazed ewer and warmer ; an unusual corn cob water dropper and a crackle glazed bowl

Including: blue & white Korean plate with abstract flower decoration and a matched pair of blue & white plates with lotus

Ewer decorated throughout with flowers and bowl with a repeating peony pattern

6.1 ins 15.5 cms $50—100

9.3 ins 23.5 cms 8.5 ins; 21.6 cms


$100—200 $100—200

89 Group of Chinese Wares Including: a flambe Meiping vase; a cobalt blue glazed vase with blue & white decorations on the interior; a flambe hoop vase and a turquoiseglazed dish with purple burst

90 Group of Four Green-Glazed Ceramics

91 Famille Rose Vase

92 Longquan-Glazed Ewer Of a bulbous body, decorated with a phoenix on both sides and a repeating foliage pattern around the base. Base unglazed.

11.6 ins 29.5 cms

Decorated on two sides with prunus flowers extending from archaic bronze, repeating geometric pattern at the base and ruyi pattern around the mouth. Calligraphy on two sides and the neck with lion handles


13.8 ins 35.0 cms


Including: a double gourd vase, a Meiping vase, a turquoise crackle glazed water jug and a wine pitcher

8.1 ins 20.5 cms

12.4 ins 31.5 cms $200—300 $50—100

93 Cizhou Style Vase, Meiping

94 Miniature Long Neck Flambe Vase

95 Cizhou Style Figure of Cat, 18th/19th Century

Of rich strawberry hues with a burst of green on one side of the body

Body of white glaze and overglazed black vividly depicting a sitting cat

With a bulbous body tapering to a narrow neck, decorated throughout with lush peonies

6.5 ins 16.5 cms

7.1 ins 18.0 cms

8.3 ins 21.0 cms




97 Group of Chinese Wares

98 Cizhou Style Cat Pillow

99 Toad-Shaped Water Dropper

100 Sky Blue Vase and Censer, Qianlong Mark

Including: a Longquan pot with lid, a blue and white pot with lid and a pair of figural oil lamps

Depicting a recumbent cat, body covered with dark-brown glaze, base unglazed.

Light-brown glazed decorated with beaded pattern

4.1 ins 10.5 cms

11.4 ins; 29.0 cms

4.3 ins x 7.5 ins; 11.0 cms x 19.0 cms




Decorated with cursive flower and foliage

96 Yaozhou-Glazed Long Neck Vase

7.5 ins 19.1 cms $100—200

The vase decorated with ‘shou’ characters, bats, and clouds; censer with ‘chilong’ pattern 12.0 ins 30.5 cms $80—150

101 Famille Rose Stacking Box

102 Group of Chinese Porcelain

A set of three stacking boxes with a lid, each mounted with handles and decorated with intricate pastel floral decoration

Including: a hexagonal bowl with turqoise-glazed interior and figrual decoration on one side; an unusal bowl decorated with cabbage and butterflies and a yellow-glazed vase with globular body tapering to a long narrow neck

5.9 ins 15.0 cms

103 Blue and White Porcelain Small Jar Decorated in cobalt blue with prunus flowers over the body and lid, with a key-fret border surrounding the rim and base. 3.1 ins 8.0 cms

104 Ru-Glazed Three Ram Vase, Zun Of archaic bronze ritual vessel form, the body finely composed of three standing ram, with ru-glazed surface 8.3 ins 21.0 cms $100—200

$100—200 9.6 ins 24.5 cms



105 Pair of Ding Style Lotus Bowl

106 Three Monochrome Vases

107 Imitation Realgar Vase

108 Pair of Flambe Glazed Vases

Finely molded in lotus shape with white glaze

Imitating realgar, with smooth, undecorated sides

2.5 ins 6.3 cms

Including: the largest of celadon crackle glaze, one of imitation realgar and a ge-type bottle vase. Some firing flaws noted.

Of gourd-form, with rich and varying shades of red. Each is streaked with milky green at its centre, surrounded by shades of magenta stippling. Bases unglazed.


7.5 ins 19.0 cms


7.5 ins 19.0 cms

9.8 ins 25.0 cms $100—300 $100—200

109 Group of Three Chinese Ceramics Including: a circular box and cover, a small circular censer, and an ewer


110 Celadon-Glazed Crackleware Vase, Qing Dynasty

111 Ru-Glazed Hexagonal Tripod Brushwasher

With a large bulbous body surmounted by a tall cylindrical neck and a flat circular rim, the celadonglazed body with crackle patterning throughout

Finely potted with hexagonal form, supported by three short pots, surface with crackled ru glaze

7.1 ins 18.0 cms


112 Baluster-Form Crackleware Vase Raised on a tall foot with fluted sides, the bulging waist rising towards a narrowed neck and foliate form rim and covered in an all-over crackle pattern 5.5 ins 14.0 cms $200—300


113 Flambe Floriform Tripod Bowl

114 Large Longquan Brushpot

115 Group of Four Asian Items

116 Famille Rose Faceted ‘Daoist’ Vase, 19th Century

Raised on three curving feet, the shallow bowl rendered in the shape of a lotus with a red-purple glaze along the exterior and moulded rim surrounding the cavetto covered in a pale powder blue glaze

Thickly potted sides rising from a narrow base towards a wide rim and rendered with subtle bamboo patterns along the exterior TOGETHER WITH a small longquan dish with a pair of moulded carp along the cavetto

Including three bowls: one export blue and white with floral designs, one famille rose ‘erotic scene,’ one foliate-form and of Imari design TOGETHER WITH bronze cover depicting a rider surrounded by four bulls

Of tapering rectangular form with a pair of moulded monster head handles to either side of the neck rising towards a flat rim, the exterior with a continuous figural scene set in an outdoor pavilion

9.4 ins 24.0 cms

12.6 ins 32.0 cms


$300—500 $100—150


117 Group of Chinese Wares Including: three canton rose export dishes, 12 later Chinese Imari dishes, carved hardstone bowl, carved rose quartz censer and cover


118 Blue Ground ‘Deer and Monkey’ Vase, Guangxu Mark Thickly potted with a tall funnel neck rising from the globular body and gilt decorations of deer and monkeys in a forest scene against a rich dark blue ground, the whole supported on a tall foot with scrolling Greek key-fret pattern 15.0 ins 38.0 cms $1,000—1,500

121 Group of Approximately 50 American Auction House Catalogues, Mostly with Asian Subjects

122 Group of Approximately 45 European Auction House Catalogues, Mostly on Chinese Art and From France

119 Group of Approximately 40 Chinese Auction Catalogues, Mostly Poly and Xiling

120 Group of 30 Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonham’s Chinese Art Catalogues

POLY, BEIJING ‘Joyful Contemplation: Imperially Inscribed Scholarly Works of Art’ Dec 5, 2012; Oct 7, 2013; Dec 4, 2013; Dec 5, 2013; Jun 4, 2014; Zisha Teapots, Jun 4, 2014; Gilt Bronze Buddhist Status, Jun 5, 2014; Bronze Censers of the Ming and Qing, Jun 5, 2014; Delights from Connoisseurship, Jun 5, 2014; The New Moon Gathering, Jun 5, 2014; Exquisute Chinese Cloisonne Enamels, Jun 5, 2014; Art of the Great Ming, Jun 7, 2015; Oct 25, 2014; Oct 26/27, 2014; The Perfection of Confucius Perspective, Dec 3, 2014; Spirits of Excellence, Dec 3, 2014; Dec 3, 2014; Eternalize the Splendor Ambilight, Dec 4, 2014; Important Gilt-Bronze Buddhist Status,

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123 Pair of Chinese Export Pith Paintings - Framed

124 Style of Zhao Yong (1289-?) Ink and color on paper

Paired scenes of an emperor and empress with their servants DOYLE, NEW YORK Mar 17, 2014; Sept 15, 2014 (2 copies) SKINNER, BOSTON Apr 27/28, 2014; ‘Hasui and His Contemporaries’, Nov 22, 2014; Feb 26, 2015; May 16, 2015 JAMES D JULIA, FAIRFIELD Aug 19, 2014; ‘The Personal Collection of Dr Helga Wall-Apelt: formerly the Museum of Asia Art, Sarasota, Florida, Mar 23, 2015 FREEMAN’S Sept 13, 2014; Mar 14, 2015 LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS, CHICAGO Mar 25, 2014; Aug 6, 2014; Sept 22, 2014 ROBERT C ELDRED CO, CAPE COD May 1, 2014; Dec 4, 2014; May 1, 2015 DU MOUCHELLES, DETROIT Oct 2014;

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Provenance: Estates of James Bisback & Jonny Kalisch 7.2 ins x 7.1 ins; 18.4 cms x 18.0 cms $300—400

48.8 ins x 15.7 ins; 124.0 cms x 40.0 cms $100—200

Dec 2014; Jan 2015; Feb 2015; Mar

2014 (2 copies) RIEUNIER Apr 7,


126 Attributed to Yan Yifeng (1961- )

127 Style of Huang Binhong (18651955) '(?)

In and color on paper Ink and color on paper 21.3 ins x 40.9 ins; 54.0 cms x 104.0 cms

Ink and colour on paper​' Ink and colour on paper​'

25.6 ins x 51.6 ins; 65.0 cms x 131.0 cms

53.9 ins x 33.9 ins; 137.0 cms x 86.0 cms

$200—300 $100—200

129 Style of Dong Qichang (15551636) '(?)


130 Style of Kang Youwei (1851-1927) '(?)

131 Style of Zhang Shanzhi (18821940) '(?)

In and colour on paper​'

132 After Hu Mei (Qing dynasty) TWO LARGE EAGLES Ink and colour on paper

Ink and colour on paper​' 52.0 ins x 19.7 ins; 132.0 cms x 50.0 cms $100—200


36.2 ins x 17.5 ins; 92.0 cms x 44.5 cms


Ink and colour on paper​' 49.2 ins x 25.2 ins; 125.0 cms x 64.0 cms

128 Style of Xu Beihong (1895-1953) '(?)

Notes: Zhang Shanzhi is brother of Zhang Daqian, specializing in tiger paintings.​"',' 53.5 ins x 26.6 ins; 136.0 cms x 67.5 cms $100—200

64.6 ins x 36.2 ins; 164.0 cms x 92.0 cms $400—600

133 Lin Shu (1852-1924) LANDSCAPE Ink and colour on paper, cyclically dated 1922. Framed Provenance: Private Toronto Collection, purchased by the father of the current owner during the 1930’s in China. Notes: This painting was originally from a set of four. 53.1 ins x 25.6 ins; 135.0 cms x 65.0 cms $2,000—3,000