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The Dancing Floor is set in the Black mountains of Wales in autumn and winter, changeable, mysterious, numinous, where nothing is exactly as it seems and the boundaries between self and landscape melt. It is a rite of passage drama, a love story, a riddle and metaphysical quest, suffused with music from some of the best traditional musicians in Wales, threading elements from the oldest myths with the newest insights from neuroscience. The film sets a riddle: how do we find 'what is lost'? How do we restore our connection with the creative, with the infinite possibilities of a human life? How do we find the path with heart in a world which drags us in the opposite direction? Sita is half-Welsh and half Indian and has grown up in mid-Wales under the wing of her Uncle Mal, a kind of wizard, speaking the language, absorbing the culture, at home in the landscape. But aged nine she is carted off to London by her high-flying doctor father, and gradually follows his path into psychiatric medicine and keen ambition. Years later, when she comes back, after Uncle Mal has died, she has forgotten her Welsh self and the uncanny magic of her early days. The Dancing Floor follows her struggle to solve the riddle which Mal has set: ‘to find what is lost’ and to make sense of the mysterious tradition of the Children of Don, the race who, he said, 'brought magic to these islands'. Along the way she meets Heulwen, a carrier of the dark side of the

old tradition, and Gethin a frustrated local man who feels he is Mal’s true inheritor. Sita is pulled over the edge of her known world, into a whirlpool of sexual love, shifting perceptions and treacherous allegiances and finally washes up on a very different shore, where she and Gethin decide to bring to life a forgotten ancient dance which was created to ‘bring back what is lost’ to all who perform it or see it. So far Lyn has made a 15 minute pilot of the film (you can see it here) and is now raising finance for the feature-length version. For more information, visit

Assembled with visionary editing and featuring outstanding performances, The Dancing Floor is an emotionally captivating film. Lyn Webster Wilde uses specific locations as inspiration for larger emotional inquires, leading audiences into a kaleidoscope of dreams and memories. We are pleased to present Lyn Webster Wilde for this year's CinéWomen Edition. Lyn, tell us about your trajectory as a filmmaker. What inspired you to express yourself in this medium? I fell in love with cinema on holiday as a child: it was El Cid, where he tells them to prop him (dead) on his horse

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Cin wom 15 16 art cinema docu