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focus on what’s really important There are many things competing for your attention within and outside work. Understanding what’s important will reduce stress and guilt and improve your performance It would be difficult enough if all you did was work; but you are probably also a parent, in a relationship or with responsibilities to other people outside of the office. How do you juggle all the various responsibilities and deadlines and still make sense of your life?

turning tasks to achievements. For instance instead of meet XYZ client, say Help XYZ client see why they need to revise their portfolio. Be specific about what you want to achieve. Your boss might be giving you tasks but he has definite results in mind.

The key, to borrow a phrase from Dr Stephen Covey, is to “have the end in mind”. You need to first see what a successful life means to you. Next you need to draw up a list of goals that work towards your desired end state; work goals, relational goals, spiritual goals, financial goals

Achievements must align with your life goals and you must make sure that in every week you are progressing on work, spiritual and relational goals. This way failure in one area won’t transfer tension into other areas – a common form of stress and burn out. Avoid things that drain your energy and direction. You have resources only for one day. Don’t waste them.

Next you need to sharpen your focus by

Up coming Portfolio management course 6-7 Accra Ghana. The course will help portfolio and fund managers select assets using a wide variety of measures to create generic and customized portfolios to produce fixed and floating returns, secure the downside and meet the need of clients or the in-house investment function for total return and capital preservation. The course is taught by Daniel Tetteh Snr Vice President Asset management, Databank Ghana. For more information contact WACMS on 07036363602-3 or

Blackboard: Creating a Zero Risk Portfolio with Two Risky Securities Whose Returns are Perfectly Negatively Correlated

The expected return on security A is 9% (=.5*16%+.5*2%), with substantial variance around that mean. Security B has an expected return of 5%, also with substantial variance around the mean. Since there are only two outcomes for each security that vary in opposite directions, the correlation between the 2 securities is –1. Thus it is possible to combine the 2 securities to produce a riskless portfolio

An allocation of X1=.5 and X2=.5 will do the job. These weights are derived by solving the following equation for X1 (the equation sets the return in the good year equal to the return in the bad year) and recalling that

No matter what happens you earn $14/$200 = .07 or 7%. The reason is that the outcomes of the two Here is the numerical example securities move in opposite of zero risk (no variability in directions and you have return between good and bad allocated the funds in your portfolio so that the dollar years). amounts offset each other Portfolio Mgt Course 6-7 October Accra Ghana. Contact bookings on 07036363602-3 , 01-8940378

Lifestyle balance Personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang, author of NOW WHAT? 90 Days to a New Life Direction says getting your priorities clear is the first and most essential step toward achieving a wellbalanced life. The important point here is to figure out what you want your priorities to be, not what you think they should be. 2. Drop Unnecessary Activities By making a concrete list of what really matters to you, you may discover you're devoting too much time to activities that aren't a priority, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Since having a baby, Al-Ramahi says he and his wife have

SHIP Should I or shouldn’t I?

Suppose your wealth equaled $200 and you put $100 in security A and $100 in security B. Then you will earn the following: Good Year: .16*$100 + (.02)*$100 = $14 Bad Year: .02*$100 + .12* $100=$14

X1+X2=1: X1*(16%)+ (1-X1)*(2%)=X1*( 2%)+ (1X1)*(12%)

1. Figure Out What Really Matters to You in Life


become much more efficient in managing their time -cutting back on television, for example. If at all possible, Fortgang recommends dropping any commitments and pursuits that don't make your top-five list, because "unnecessary activities keep you away from the things that matter to you."

When is the best time to leave your current employment? Is there ever a good time or should I just take the next best opportunity that comes along? There are many reasons why you should think of leaving; maybe you aren’t getting the exposure and experience promised, maybe too many promises are being broken. Understand however that leaving does not solve all your problems. You might get better pay but do you have better value. Calculating next job value requires you to answer two questions: •

Why do I want to leave? getting a better salary is not enough, current responsibilities, experience and future prospects are good reasons to stay

What special qualities can I offer in the new job? Here you need to be very honest with yourself. If you haven’t achieved much in your current job it is unlikely you are bringing anything new to the table.

3. Protect Your Private Time You would probably think twice before skipping out on work, your private time deserves the same respect. "Carve out hours that contribute to yourself and your relationship," says Stevan Hobfoll, PhD, professor of psychology at Kent State University, Guard this personal time fervently and don't let work or other distractions intrude."


Travel It’s getting harder to get away while on holiday. Here are some tips and two locations to beat the copy cat tourists

You want to escape from the hurly burly of your work environment and find time to think and relax. But how do you do that when you keep bumping into clients, friends and even enemies on your travels? Many people complain that their favorite resorts are full of their country men and women and the very attitudes and atmosphere they seek to escape seem to follow they everywhere. What to do? Well to get real rest you are going to have to do some work first.

Most copy cat travelers are And head for the Mandina And quite lazy and most are Lodges at Makasutu Forest. insecure and so they It’s a perfect location – generally hang around well perched on stilts along a advertised hotels and resorts; scenic lagoon. Here you can to beat the crush travel a engage with nature and still little further inland from the the drum beats of deadlines capital. For instance if you and office crisis. are in Ghana take the journey to the Volta region and spend Getting away isn’t time at the Volta hotel on impossible. It just needs a the dam. You can even enjoy little more work than the leisurely once a week previous. Alumni looking slow boat cruise with music for a perfect get away can and totally unwind. contact the Alumni Travel office on 01-8940378 If you are in Gambia Head out of the Senegambia bustle

Work relationships clinic

Help, I have been working in my current company now for about four years. When I first came in the Managing Director instantly took to me and told me that he got the feeling he could really trust me. As I am female and single I was a little bit scared that he was trying to hit on me. Over the next few months I discovered however he meant every word. He sent me out on his personal errands; I helped him organize his rather chaotic desk and generally did all his travel arrangements. In all this he did not as much as touch my hand.

I was employed as an investment analyst and I have a deep desire to succeed at this function; I have read books and even attended training at my own expense. I started the company’s first daily market newsletter and eventually started doing one page reports on companies. I can’t say they were very deep but they were appreciated by all the clients.

To make things worse for me, we recently recruited a new staff who is female like myself but she has a CFA (level 2 something) and she is now doing all the jobs I wanted to do. I admit she is much better than I am but I would have been good too if I had been given a chance.

I find my boss is now taking me for granted and the last time I mentioned my job specs he What am I trying to say? I want literally threatened me with the to be an analyst but it seems I am sack. I have a younger brother to take care of and can’t afford to getting all the jobs that a PA should be doing. I feel slightly leave this job. Please tell me disillusioned and yes even bored. what to do. I am so tired and angry. I feel betrayed and used. I really don’t know what to do because all my friends and family tell me I am lucky to still have a job at this time. Can you help Flora? (Not real name) Have you experienced something like this before? Send your suggestions and solutions to We will print extracts of the best ones. If you have a work challenge let us hear about it. Please use fictional names for yourself and none for your company

RELATIONS Caring vs. Objectives

What’s the best approach to getting results; focus on the happiness of team members or be focus on the results? The hardball answer of course is focus on the results. We are paid to get results right? Well it’s true that your success in the short term will be determined by just how good your results are. It’s also true though, that team members can undermine and take the steam out of the best run project, stifle implementation and generally make your best efforts look foolish. The answer is to align the desired goal with team member’s goals; team members will have one of several goals; to be safe, to be significant or to improve the quality of their life. In driving towards the end result you need to first reduce or eliminate the unseen threat level posed by the assignment, next you need to give each team member a sense of importance and finally you need to show how these results will improve the quality of their life The skill is to do all this without compromising the end result. If caring does not raise the performance bar be wary of doing it at all.

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