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WACC 2010 INTERNATIONAL FORUM PROGRAM February 17, 2010: WOMEN AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER, A Global Community 13:00 to 15:30 Educational Session ES1 Assessing programs implementation & health education Advocacy - societal and ethical issues

Chair: D. Harper (USA), A. Szarewski (United Kingdom)

Van Dongen Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• Reporting women’s attitudes to preventive gynaecological healthcare: survey of more than 6000 in three European countries

J. Cortes Spain

p. 11

• Quality of life lost following an abnormal cervical cytology result: a prospective 3-month study

M. Brisson Canada

p. 11

• Psychological impact of HPV–related diseases in the United Kingdom: the PasQuaL study

A. Fiander United Kingdom

p. 12

• Sexual practice and HPV knowledge and risk: what can we learn from the Australian experience about who will benefit?

M. Pitts Australia

p. 12

• HPV infection and vaccination: levels of knowledge and attitudes among primary care physicians

L. Sharp Ireland

p. 13

• Knowledge, attitudes and practices among health care providers regarding cervical cancer and prevention in Laos

K. Phongsavan Sweden

p. 13

• What teens know about HPV infection and vaccination

F. Sopracordevole Italy

p. 14

• Knowledge of HPV among Swedish upper secondary school students

M. Gottvall Sweden

p. 14

• Change in knowledge of women about cervix cancer, human papilloma virus (HPV) and HPV vaccination due to introduction of HPV vaccines

G. Donders Belgium

p. 15

• Knowledge and attitudes toward the prophylactic HPV vaccine among doctors and patients in Meurthe & Moselle (France)

J. Muhlstein France

p. 15

• Drivers and barriers to acceptance of human-papillomavirus vaccination among young women

G. Lee Mortensen Denmark

p. 16

• Incidence rates of genital warts in Germany


Coffee Break

E. Garbe Germany

p. 16

16:00 to 17:30 Educational Session ES2 Assessing programs implementation & health education Advocacy – societal and ethical issues Chair: P. Sparen (Sweden), M. Pitts (Australia), F. Borruto (Italy) Van Dongen Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco • The role of the civil society in advocacy of HPV vaccination

V. Laurent-Ledru France

p. 17

• A population-based study investigating the awareness and knowledge of HPV among parents of children aged 12-15 years.

L. Arnheim Dahlström Sweden

p. 17

• HPV vaccine introduction in Europe: lessons learned

L. Mosina Denmark

p. 17

• Coverage and compliance of HPV vaccines in Paris: analysis of reimbursements by the social security

R. Rouzier France

p. 18

• Eligibility and willingness of first-year students entering university to participate in a HPV vaccination catch-up program

O. Parant France

p. 18

• Acceptability of HPV vaccination among women of Rhône-Alpes. HPV-fem study – REMPAR project

H. Borne France

p. 19

• “Why it’s not for us”: the views of parents and girls in the United Kingdom who declined the HPV vaccination – a qualitative study

A. Clements United Kingdom

p. 19

• Acceptability of human papillomavirus vaccine among midadult women

P. Luna Philippines

p. 20

• CervicalScreen Singapore – gearing up for the next lap

C. Fock Singapore

p. 20

• Implementing HPV test in public health hospital

M. Beldi Brazil

p. 21

• HPV vaccine acceptability in university-aged men

Z. Rosberger Canada

p. 21

• Loss of quality of life associated with genital warts: a prospective 6-month study

M. Drolet Canada

p. 22

• The quality of life of patients with genital warts: a qualitative study

G. Lee Mortensen Denmark

p. 23

17:30 to 19:00 Women Associations Welcome Van Dongen Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• •

Presentation of the 2010 Forum program WACC Network members’ presentations

19:00 Opening ceremony •

19:00: Prince Pierre auditorium Grimaldi Forum Welcome and keynote Lecture Nobel Prize of Medicine Pr Harald zur Hausen

20.15: Hall Entrance Grimaldi Forum Welcome cocktail

February 18, 2010: DOCTORS AND WOMEN AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER 08:00 to 11:00 Plenary Session The Art and Science of Cervical Cancer Education Chair: S. Pecorelli (Italy), K. Elfgren (Sweden)

Camille Blanc Auditorium - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• Welcome: Promoting excellence in cervical cancer education

J. Monsonego France

• Inauguration lecture: Challenge for cervical cancer prevention

H. zur Hausen Germany

• Why are cervical cancer & HPV diseases still running today? Panelists: A. Jumaan (USA), S. Kjaer (Denmark), P. Sparen (Sweden)

K. Irwin USA

• The impact of public education – Needs and solutions P. Morton Panelists: A. Szarewski (United Kingdom), M. Pitts (Australia), H. Sancho-Garnier Ireland (France), J. Smith (USA) • What women want: results from recent surveys Panelists: P. Klein (France), J. Cortes (Spain), M. Brisson (Canada)

A. Szarewski United Kingdom

• What health professionals can do: helping patient make the best use of science Panelists: M. Steben (Canada), D. Harper (USA)

T. Cox USA

• What public health officials can do: the position of WHO Regional Office for Europe G. Lazdane Panelists: H. Lawson (USA) Denmark • Launch of Doctors Against Cervical Cancer (DACC) and Award

A. Singer United Kingdom

• WACC International Award: women’s initiatives around the world

J. Cortes Spain


Coffee Break

11:30 to 12:00 WACC International Network Meeting Moderator: Carole Schaal-Cornillet Apollinaire 1 Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• Presentation of new WACC educational tools: objectives, uses, languages available • Questions & Answers

12:00 to 13:00 WACC International Network Meeting WACC international exchange of best practices Moderator: Carole Schaal-Cornillet

Apollinaire 1 Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco • Africa ............... - Morocco - Association Marocaine de Lutte Contre le Cancer (AMLCC), Professor Omar Amraoui and Siham Mezzour • America............ - Canada - HPV Awareness, Teresa Norris - United States of America - Women in Government, Mary Brooks Beatty • Asia................... - Japan - People’s Campaign Against Female Cancer (PCAF), Professor Noriaki Sakuragi and KikUnited Kingdomo Sakuragi • Europe.............. - Germany - LAGO Brandenburg, Dr Gudrun Thielking-Wagner - Portugal - Instituto Portugues de Oncologia, Isabel Santana • Scandinavia .... - Norway - Gynkreftforeningen, Erna Hogrenning


Lunch / Q&A: Ask the WACC Taskforce and the WACC associations

Apollinaire 1 Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

14:00 to 15:15 WACC International Network Meeting Presentation of the 2010 WACC Award proposals Moderator: Carole Schaal-Cornillet

Genevoix Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• Agaliazo (Society of Volunteers Against Cancer) - Greece • Basic Health International - United States of America • Bethesda Mission - India • Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund/DAB - Germany • Donne in Rete - Italy • Generation Hope - Zambia • Joe’s Trust - United Kingdom

• Naised Emakakaelavähi Vastu (Women Against Cervical Cancer) - Estonia • New York Physicians Against Cancer (NYPAC) - USA • Osservatorio Nazionale Sulla Salute Della Donna (ONDA) - Italy • Russian Organization on Genital Infections and Neoplasia (ROGIN) - Russia

15:15 to 16:00 Campaigns and Images of the world • Films and videos from all around the world • Discussion

16:00 to 18:00 Closed Meeting - WACC Workshops Moderator: Jon Duschinsky, Be the Change

Genevoix Room - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

• Impacting policy making for women’s health improvement • Fundraising and moving forward

20:30 to 23:00 Official Women Against Cervical Cancer / EUROGIN Dinner Fairmont Hotel - Salle d’Or Joseph Monsonego, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Eduardo Franco and Chris Meijer, Congress Presidents and the Organizing Committee are delighted to invite you to the Official Dinner.

• The WACC Award winners will be announced during the dinner.

WACC 2010 International Forum Program  

WACC 2010 International Forum Program: Women Against Cervical Cancer, A Global Community

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