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Welcome Welcome to our first edition of our twice-yearly property investment publication. We are living in what could turn out to be one of the most exciting and changeable periods of our history. The global marketplace continues to present an abundance of investment opportunities to the astute investor who has the foresight to grasp them.

With work well underway on the exciting Dubai Expo 2020 project, it seems only fitting that we should explore its predicted effects on the state’s real estate market and our in-depth article does exactly that. After learning about our outlook for the future of Dubai’s economy you may even be tempted to take a look at our UAE collection of properties too.

In this issue, we have highlighted several key markets and provided some outline as to why they are likely to make solid investment opportunities. I have further taken the opportunity to highlight our concierge service that has become a key feature of our offering and an industry recognised hallmark of the Sherwoods brand.

Looking further afield, things are afoot in the USA or Miami to be more precise and this edition of our publication reveals some interesting developments that are certain to affect real estate in that particular part of the world. Our international collection of properties provides several thought provoking investment opportunities that are well worth reviewing in the light of this interesting and informative article.

Brexit is something on the minds of every investor who already owns residential property or is considering investing in the UK, so in this issue, we have looked at this situation in some detail. Following on from this and the positives that the article reveals, readers are certain to find listings in our UK collection of notable interest.

For investors seeking to purchase for EU residency, we have rounded off our offering with some useful pointers on the most cost-effective options for residency through investment programs within the EU.

Happy Investing! Iseeb Rehman

CEO of Sherwood International Property, Iseeb Rehman has 30 years of real estate experience in the UAE, UK, and other international locations. Iseeb studied in London before taking an ISVO there and qualifying as a legal surveyor. Iseeb has combined both his wealth of academic knowledge and extensive real estate experience to bring to you one of the most well respected property companies in the industry. Iseeb offers sound property investment advice through his company Sherwood International Property and its various client resources, which include the addition of this engaging and informative property magazine designed with the astute investor in mind.

Our Concierge Services Sherwoods International Properties are offering both property and related lifestyle services to both private and corporate clients. From finding the perfect home, investment or office through to managing a pied a terre, rental property or building we offer the services and advice required to extract the maximum value out of our client’s property investment.



At Sherwoods we will bring our expertise to source real estate opportunities depending on your specific requirements. We have access to developers offering the latest branded buildings and exclusive homes across Europe and worldwide. We have access to some of the world’s most exclusive and prime real estates, from bespoke London townhouses, country equestrian estates to opulent Dubai apartments, we will endeavour to meet your specific needs.



Sherwoods can assist you from the start to finish through a complete relocation service that will allow you to have peace of mind during the stressful time of moving. We offer bespoke property search to find your ideal home, manage the logistics of moving home, home security, chandelier and art installations and provide education consultancy to find the best public school for your children.



We can assist homeowners with the management and maintenance of their properties whether they live here full time or just for a few weeks a year. Our services enable our clients to concentrate on important matters such as family or work, whilst we devote our attention to ensuring the home runs smoothly. We attend to alarms, trim the wisteria, service the boiler, make sure the property is secure and much more.



When renting out your property, it is important that you not only ensure that the new tenants look after the property, but that the tenants' needs are looked after too. From fast, reactive management of problems to regular checks on the property here at Sherwoods we ensure that our clients' tenants are kept happy and that their properties are being well maintained.



Regular checks of our managed properties are a key part of our service. We want our clients to be able to relax safe in the knowledge that we are regularly looking over their home to ensure it is safe and secure.



Furnishing or interior designing a home can be a challenging and time-consuming job. Sherwoods can provide both a comprehensive interior design service for private clients as well as furnishings suitable for either the private home or investment property.

Buy To Let: Investing in UK Property from overseas It is no secret that since the 2007-8 financial crisis it has become markedly more difficult to obtain a mortgage for private property purchases in the UK. The knock-on effect for many potential homeowners has been a need to turn to renting homes from landlords in the private sector. The current five million rental homes in the UK represent a combined investment of over one trillion pounds and none of them remains unoccupied for very long. This suggests that the current economic climate has created the ideal investment market for overseas buy-to-let investors.

WHY INVEST IN THE UK BUY TO LET MARKET FROM OVERSEAS? With reported returns of 4% and above against investment in rental homes, it is hardly surprising that buy-to-let forms a major component in many investments and fund management portfolios. New developments and regeneration programs continue to create modern and easily maintained properties for a sector that has already demonstrated its ability to yield excellent returns. THE MILLENNIALS ARE COMING For the first time since Margaret Thatcher’s UK government of the heady eighties created the opportunity for millions of council house tenants to purchase their own homes, renting is once again on the increase. Over half of the UK’s Millennials who already own property are

advising their contemporaries to rent according to a recent poll. With complaints from a staggering 37% of those polled concerning falling values during the first year to over half of the Millennial owners admitting that they underestimated the cost of ownership incorporating utilities, maintenance and mortgage repayments. In conclusion, the Millennials are giving property ownership a definite thumbs down and demand for rental property is predicted to continue to grow dramatically over the next 10 years. A GENERATION THAT IS DOING THE MATH While many Millennials are expressing confidence that their incomes are likely to double within 5 years by an anticipated 90%, they also expressed the opinion that their wealth could be better invested

tenants looking for a home as close to their work as they are realistically able to afford. Housing associations and local authorities (councils) are always seeking to work with owners of realistically priced properties and they also virtually guarantee a never-ending supply of tenants. Many of the tenants provided from such sources benefit from rent allowances which also means that landlords are in effect assured of a rental income. The suburbs of major cities and towns that are homes to universities provide buy-to-let landlords with huge rental potential via students. Many student accommodations operate on a per-person basis rather than one rental figure and these often produce returns well in excess of conventional rental fees. BUY-TO-LET AND PAYMENT OF UK TAXES The great news for overseas property investors with an eye on the UK is that the country’s tax system is pretty transparent and easy to navigate. In simple terms, anyone who rents out property in the UK is liable to tax whether they reside in the country or not. The HMRC (her Majesty's revenue and taxes) use something called the “none resident landlords scheme” to ensure that tax is paid. This stipulates that either an appointed agent of the landlord or the tenant must deduct 20% of the total rental income and forward it to HMRC. Deductible expenses such as maintenance, repairs, and administration fees are, of course, deducted from the total amount of tax and this is accounted on a quarterly (3 monthly) basis to HMRC. None resident landlords can apply to HMRC to receive their rent without any tax being deducted under specific circumstances including: • An absence of any outstanding tax and up-to-date tax affairs • No existing UK tax obligations prior to the application • There will be no taxable income (below the tax threshold) during the tax year they apply • Tax immunity through status such as foreign government heads • None resident landlords may be subject to certain tax exemptions including reciprocal treaties elsewhere than the current property market. Limitations and inflexibility on affordable locations due to the soaring cost of commuting were also high on their reasons for renting. The average annual cost of commuting for homeowners is already around 40% more expensive than that of renters. Property developers and astute investors have not been slow to catch on to the demand either and whole developments of affordable properties are being created with renters in mind as the end users. GREAT NEWS FOR POTENTIAL OVERSEAS BUY-TO-LET LANDLORDS The lower property prices in the north of the country also provide excellent returns and offer a level of diversity that isn’t found in and around the capital. Many new

developments and extensive rejuvenation projects are creating thousands of modern homes that are being snapped up by a hungry rental market. If any prospective overseas investor needs an indication concerning the huge potential of this market it is worth bearing in mind that 46% of the UK’s 21-35-year-olds (Millennials) are already living in rented homes. MAKING THE BEST INFORMED BUY-TO-LET INVESTMENT CHOICES The so-called “commuter belt” is popular among those who work in the city but either can’t afford to live there or simply prefer not to. It stands to reason that the further someone lives from the city, the lower the rent of comparable properties is likely to be. Buying houses and apartments within commuter belts ensures a ready supply of

From Aril 2020, mortgage repayments against buy-to-let properties owned by private landlords will no longer be tax deductible. In fact, starting back in 2017, tax relief on such payments began reducing by 25% annually which means the final deductible allowance vanishes in April 2020. A POPULAR INVESTMENT OPTION From Russia and Europe to the Middle East, UAE, and more recently the Asian continent, buy-to-let investment in the UK by overseas nationals has developed into one of the most popular investment options. Thanks to the UK’s straightforward tax system and welcoming attitude towards foreign investment, the countries property market remains accessible to astute investors from all around the globe.

The Process of Purchasing Property in the UK: The Impact of Brexit Thanks to the weakening pound against the Euro, levels of UK property investment by foreign buyers remains healthy. Some industry pundits are, however, predicting a slump in the face of continuing uncertainties concerning how Brexit is likely to affect UK property values and ownership rules. While EU investors are highly likely to be subject to what has been loosely termed as “reciprocal agreements” with other EU states, buyers from outside of the Union should expect little to change. In the following article, we will take a look at those aspects of the UK property purchasing process that is likely to be most relevant to foreign buyers, both from within and outside of the EU. Further to which, we will investigate whether there is any likelihood that purchasing UK property as a foreign investor will be any different post Brexit. THE CURRENT PURCHASING PROCESS IN BRIEF Not unlike UK nationals, anyone wishing to proceed with a property purchase will first need to instruct a registered conveyance practice (solicitor). A verbal offer is then made and once accepted, the conveyance solicitor is instructed to proceed with the purchase. It is at this time that a “holding”, or reservation fee is usually required and the seller’s agent would also remove the property from sale deeming it sold “subject to contract”. Searches are then made to ensure that there are no restrictions or covenants attached to the title. After an inventory has been agreed upon concerning the fixtures and fittings that are agreed to form a part of the sale, a date is set to exchange the contract. It is at this point that a deposit is likely to be required and a date of completion would be set. Once the contracts have been exchanged, the buyer may risk losing their deposit

should they chose to withdraw from the purchase for any reason before the completion date. PRE-EMPTING BREXIT: SOFT OR HARD? While the final details of the UK’s exit from the EU still remain sketchy, the proposed deal currently falls into 2 distinct options; hard or soft Brexit. What the “hard” Brexit entails is arriving in a situation where the UK effectively cuts all ties with the European Union. This would mean everything from legislation and benefits of membership to non-inclusion within the single market and the customs union. The “softer option” has been fuelled by among other issues, the existing border between Northern and Southern Ireland, as the latter is independent of the UK and will remain in the Union. This option would see the UK having continued access to the single market and the customs union. Apart from the uncertainty that surrounds the final decision and the finer details of either option, such “posturing” continues to hold down the strength of sterling against the Euro and further affect financial confidence. SUPPLY AND DEMAND Although some areas of the UK continue to experience a slow recovery in property values, the market still operates pretty much on a “supply and demand” basis. There is a certain school of thought that suggests sales may actually catch up with demand as some owners find it necessary to sell their properties post-Brexit. This would, of course, further push down values making UK property an even more attractive investment option for foreign buyers. SIGNS OF A SLOWING MARKET While this article addresses possible future impacts on the UK property market that coulresult from the nation’s exit from the EU, there have already been some early indications of a slowdown. According to a newspaper report by the Guardian in February of this year, leading financial commentators predict only 0 – 1% growth in the property market during 2018. Although this isn’t the best news for UK homeowners it does, however, present an attractive investment opportunity for foreign investors,

especially those who have access to some Euros. WHO WILL BENEFIT? Along with traditional foreign buying markets such as Russia and the Middle East, the expanding Asian economy has also created an increasing number of investment-hungry portfolio holders eager to snap up UK property. While London and the South East remain the main areas of choice, savvy foreign investors are now beginning to recognise the potential of developments in other major UK towns and cities. Long recognised by foreign buyers as a “safe investment haven”, London is always likely to represent a solid proposition long after Brexit has been forgotten. Rather than viewing the UK’s exit from the European Union in a negative light, foreign buyers may be realising that they are perfectly positioned. Healthy gains on both UK property investments and returns in the ever-rising rental market look set to follow the long-established pattern they always have whichever flavour of Brexit the country ends up with. CONTINUED ACCESS There doesn’t appear to be any obvious legislation looming that might restrict the process of purchasing UK property by foreign investors from EU or anywhere else for that matter. While residency and visa issues post Brexit may remain unclear in the short-term, the property market looks set to continue to be accessible to investors across the globe. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! With the pound struggling against most other major currencies and performing less than spectacularly against the US dollar, investors are likely to achieve some of the best deals that have been seen in a while. While Brexit continues to create high levels of uncertainty, this situation is unlikely to continue as the fateful day draws near. Uncertainty almost always provides opportunities for those who are prepared to act and now could well be the time for action. A healthy mix of diligence and foresight are therefore likely to secure investments that will follow the long-established patterns of UK property performance. Put simply, current values only have one logical path to travel and that is upwards.



Battersea Power Station - London 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price on application


The iconic Grade II* listed building and surrounding area is being brought back to life as one of the most exciting and innovative mixed use neighbourhoods in the world – a place for locals, tourists and residents to enjoy a unique blend of restaurants, shops, parks and cultural spaces.


Acton Gardens - London 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £450,000

Acton Gardens is a large scale development in West London, Zone 3. When complete, it will comprise of over 2,800 new homes, parks and shops all located a short walk from Chiswick High Street and with five stations nearby.



Mackenzie House - Fulham

3 Merchant Square, London

Providence Tower, London

Mackenzie House is brand new development, ready to move into in the heart of Fulham. A selection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with park views.

3 Merchant Square is a 21-storey residential building providing flexible living space in 201 beautifully finished apartments, a short walk from Hyde Park and the shops and theatres of the West End.

Providence Tower is the result of radically new thinking in residential tower design, both inside and out.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £650,000


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £950,000


1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £460,000


Bodiam Court, London

Magna Vita - Frimley

Wavelenght - Manchester

A stunning collection of luxury residences in West London’s most innovative new neighbourhood, royal waterside offers you an exhilarating setting – and one without compromise.

An exclusive, stunning collection of 91 modern and apartments set in the heart of West Surrey. Located in the quiet town of Frimley combines luxury, contemporary architecture, with highend, elegant living spaces,

Positioned in the ever evolving area of Salford Quays, Wavelength consists of over 400 luxury homes. The scheme sits at the doorstep of Media City – a world-class location for the creative industries.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £385,000

Studios, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Price from £206,000

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from £170,000

Dubai 2020 Vision The Effects On Real Estate If any government body or corporation needs inspiration on how to deal with a downturn and make good from past difficulties, they need look no further than the Arab Emirate state of Dubai. The country’s response to a challenging future has been and continues to be adopting a positive and proactive response. The latest and most dramatic manifestation of this approach is the Emirate’s much-heralded hosting of the international Expo 2020.

A FIRST FOR THE ARAB WORLD Apart from being the first time that the global event has been hosted in the Arab world and by a predominantly Moslem country, it is going to be one of the largest events ever of its kind. 16 programmes constitute a total of 82 projects that are aimed at making it “the happiest city”. More notably the IMF is predicting a rise in the states GDP in spite of the recent downturn. Even the most casual observers are already recognising that this event will have positive ramifications for Dubai’s real estate industry. A PREDICTED PROPERTY BUBBLE Reports by leading analysts lend credence to the positive expectation that the World Expo 2020 in Dubai is highly likely to “kick start” a property bubble in the country. The

effects of such a phenomenon would be far reaching not just for Dubai, as the Expo planning and construction phases are already illustrating. 47 construction projects to the tune of 11 billion AED have already been awarded in addition to a further 1,200 contracts that were agreed in 2016. With billions of dollars flooding in, the creation of 300,000 jobs, and a golden opportunity for Dubai to showcase itself to the world, it is virtually a given that there will be a real estate boom. INCREASED FOREIGN INVESTMENT Dubai’s global reputation as a business, retail, and tourism hub is certain to be enhanced in both the run-up to and the duration of Expo 2020. Foreign investors are therefore likely to make further gains in both personal and portfolio real estate investments. Property development is also

likely to expand as skills are attracted from outside the country for Dubai’s rapidly developing financial and hospitality sectors. With tourism firmly on the map, both of these industries will see continued growth well into the future and many pundits appreciate that the Expo is one of the predominant catalysts in this growth. A HUGE OVERSEAS POTENTIAL By the time that expo 2020 is up and running over 25 million visitors will have visited Dubai and somewhere in the region of 70% of those will have come from overseas. The event itself runs for 6 months and during that time the country’s real estate industry will have an opportunity to reach a staggering number of potential clients and investors.

AN INCREASED DEMAND FOR RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENTS With the huge influx of skills needed for the Expo project itself and to fuel the anticipated expansion of the hospitality industry, there is certain to be a need for residential housing. From affordable dwellings to luxury investment properties, the potential for real estate expansion certainly stacks up both before and after Expo 2020. CHOOSING THE RIGHT TIME TO INVEST It would be both churlish and naïve to suggest that potential investors have not been keeping something of a “weather eye” on the real estate market in Dubai following the challenging circumstances of recent years. The Expo 2020 and its ripple effects are, however, creating the kind of interest that many astute investors

have recognised as the beginnings of a new wave. Predicting a rising market and entering early could well provide some potentially lucrative “off plan” investments and long-term gains. investment, the countries property market remains accessible to astute investors from all around the globe. Dubai is located strategically between the Far East and Europe on the East-West axis and between the central Americas and Africa on the north-south axis. It is adequately connected with developed countries in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa by airways and waterways. This gives it advantage in terms of connectivity and foreign trade.




Mirdif Hills

Studios, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from AED450,000 Aesthetically, Mirdif Hills is in a league of its own. The modernised designs and cutting-edge architecture make for an idealistic way of living for anyone who aspires to live the contemporary lifestyle.

3 Seven Residences

Al Furjan

3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses & Villas Price from AED2,999,000 Al Furjan exceptional homes are designed to satisfy every practical need with all modern comforts, offering spaces that are both functional and inspired.

4 Jumeirah Island Townhouses

5 Muraba Residences

Studios, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from AED752,000

3 & 4 Bedroom Townhouses Price from AED4,154,000

2, 3, 4 & 5 Bed Apartments and Townhouses Price from AED4,865,000

This development has spectacular beachfront views over the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Marina Skyline and Burj Al Arab. It provides residents a desirable all-in-one way of life; luxury, convenience and harmony.

This unique development of four-bedroom townhouses is set in a gated community among lush gardens with a large communal swimming pool.

An architectural gem on the Eastern Crescent of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. Designed by RCR Arquitectes, winners of the 2017 Pritzker Prize.




3, 4 & 5 Bed Townhouses & Villas Price from AED1,422,000

2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from AED1,015,000

Wilton Terraces


Offering a range of luxury homes for sale in Dubai, including 3 bedroom townhouses, 3 & 4 bedroom semi-detached townhouses, and 5-bedroom independent villas, Arabella 3 has a variety of contemporary living solutions for you and your family.

Apart from being the first time that the global event has been hosted in the Arab world and by a predominantly Moslem country, it is going to be one of the largest events ever of its kind.

Riverside at Marasi Business Bay is an exciting new luxury residential and retail development by Dubai Properties, in the heart of Business Bay.

Arabella 3

1, 2 & 3 bed apartments Price from AED1,038,000




Sohba Hartland

Apartments, Townhouses and Villas Price from AED1,235,000 Sobha Hartland is an eight million square feet freehold community of lavish villas, Quad homes and apartments in Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum City.

11 The Palm Tower

Blue Waters

Apartments, Townhouses & Villas Price from AED2,000,000 Bluewaters is a modern, family-oriented island destination with a pioneering spirit that blends waterfront living with the exhilaration of urban city life.

12 Villanova

13 Bulgari Resort & Residences

Studios, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Price from AED1,447,000

Townhouses & Villas Price from AED2,193,000

Apartments & Villas Price from AED4,508,000

The Palm Tower is an impressive 52-storey hotel and residential complex on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah.

Situated within the most serene settings. Villanova offers spacious 3, 4, and 5 bedroom villas and townhouses enriched with the flair of modern Spanish architecture.

The resort and residences are one of only six places in the world where people can enjoy the richness and exclusivity of the Bulgari lifestyle.

14 Dubai Hills



Apartments & Villas Price from AED700,000

2 & 3 Townhouses Price from AED1,385,000


District One Residences

Dubai Hills is a highly exclusive villa community, which offers its residents the most attractive setting for their home on prime land plots within Dubai Hills Estate.

Apart from being the first time that the global event has been hosted in the Arab world and by a predominantly Moslem country, it is going to be one of the largest events ever of its kind.

District One Residences is a gated community of one, two and three bedroom apartments nestled amidst picturesque surroundings with world-class family-friendly amenities right at your doorsteps.

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from AED1,100,000

Miami – A Real Estate Window Of Opportunity While Miami has always been a popular real estate investment option among UK investors, the climate is now looking favourable for those seeking to make gains and returns on their investment. With luxury properties leading the way, US real estate experts reported a staggering 62% increase in foreign investment in the country’s property markets from 2016 to 2017.

In Miami specifically, 80% of the property is owned by foreigners according to statistics supplied by the National Association of Realtors and the US Company, WealthX. With 26% of foreign investors buying property in Miami, the figures tend to speak volumes about the validity of the location and buyer confidence in the region’s property economy.

COULD THE BEST OF MIAMI BE YET TO COME? In a real estate market that was worth around $7.5 billion back in 2017, Miami continues to attract a favourably disproportionate amount of the country’s foreign and local investment. Fortunate investors in holiday property and residential homes have enjoyed some overall healthy market rises despite the financial crisis of 2007 – 8. Recent developments and a renewed confidence are opening a new window of opportunity for investors in the UK in particular. Currency differences and the lingering uncertainty concerning the impending Brexit are actually bringing some positives to the table for investors that are prepared to make a move.

HAS BECKHAM BENT IT FOR MIAMI REAL ESTATE INVESTORS? At the end of what can only be described as a bureaucratic nightmare lasting almost a decade, David Beckham and his consortium of American financial muscle have finally received their soccer team go-ahead. David has slain his own personal Goliath through his “never giving up” philosophy, enabling Miami to have its very own soccer team and purpose-built stadium. The ex-Manchester United star and former England soccer captain intends to encourage “home-grown” talent through an in-house training academy. The move can only add to Miami’s appeal for UK buyers and it has massive potential for increasing the profile of the region too.

COULD THE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRAIN BE COMING IN? It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to realise what would happen to real estate values in Miami if Orlando was only 26 minutes away. Well, potential investors should think again because it could well be a reality by 2023 which is when the proposed ‘bullet train” is predicted to be in service. Carried inside a 257-mile long metal tube and suspended by magnetic power, the virtually frictionless train is anticipated to travel at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. Testing has already reached the stage where speeds of 240 miles per hour were reached and these were only restricted by the length of the test tunnel itself. The high-speed train is planned to operate between the Orlando and Miami International Airports.

MAKING THE RIGHT MOVE With buyer’s pounds sterling still netting an average of a little shy of 1.5 US dollars, buyers of property in Miami are still getting great value-for-money. Although it may not happen overnight, there is every indication that Miami is likely to be one of the next real estate hot spots. Astute property owners and investors are, therefore, likely to appreciate gains in entering the market as early as is feasibly possible. As with many rising markets, opportunities for short-term gains may come from buying “off plan”. Renting while values increase in pace with the evolving market is also an option favoured by many private and portfolio based real estate investors.



Aston Martin Residence - Miami, USA Apartments from $778,900 Penthouses from $16,000,000

The first Aston Martin Residential building in the world, where beauty and great design are at the forefront of Aston Martin’s brand philosophy. The DNA of Aston Martin is to create things that have longevity and that are an understated luxury working with function in an exceptional way.



Element - Switzerland 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments Price on application

Element is an ideal residence to invest in a dynamic rental market while enjoying the benefits of the Pinel law. Ideally located on the Swiss border, only a few minutes from Meyrin and the Geneva conurbation, Saint-Genis-Pouilly perfectly combines soft living and easy everyday life.



Les Terrasses de Lavaux, Switzerland

VIP 211 Park - Turkey

Royal Banus - Málaga, Spain

Located in the heart of Europe and in the UNESCO protected vineyards of the Lavaux, in an exceptional setting, it offers the owners both ease of access and privacy.

Located in the center of Beylikdüzü district, and only 600 meters away from the main E-5 highway VIP 211 Park project is offering astonishingly beautiful, high-quality 2+1+1, 3+1+1 family apartments.

The apartments will be finished off to a high standard, with large marble tiles and high sliding doors to the spacious terraces: allowing plenty of natural light from the south-facing orientation.

2, 3, 4 & 5 Bedroom Apartments Price from SFr. 1,300,000


Studios, 1, 2 & 3 bed apartments Price on application


2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Price from €510,000,00


Chateau d’Oex - Switzerland

Beylikduzu Towers - Turkey 1, 2 & 3 bed apartments Price on application

4 Bedroomed Chalet Price from SFr. 2,980,000

In both summer and winter, Château-d'Oex and Rougemont present a diverse range of holiday experiences and sportingactivities. Wonderful mountainscapes and old decorated chalets are typical for the villages of the Pays-d'Enhaut.

Beylikduzu Towers was prepared especially for those whodoesn’t want to break off from the city life while yearning for a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle.

Grindelwald is a picture perfect village and the ideal place for someone who adores the un-spoilt beauty and calmness of the mountains, is a lover of skiing and other Winter sports and appreciates the stunning and dramatic summertime scenery.

1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments Price from SFr. 450,000

Grindelwald - Swizerland

EU Residency by Investment As the gap in the UK’s door to EU residency slowly starts to close, those facing the loss of their former freedom of movement rights and individuals seeking residency through investment are looking elsewhere. In today’s changing and often uncertain world people are increasingly seeking the flexibility that a second passport or residency provides. In the following article, we will be taking a look at exactly how none EU residents are able to benefit from free movement and other European citizenship rights by purchasing real estate. GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR If you have been labouring under the impression that all residency through investment schemes are created equal you are likely to be surprised. One of the most expensive locations to offer the facility is the UK and even though it is a rapidly closing option, it will still cost those seeking to live there anywhere from 2 to 10 million pounds. This is based on a “tiered” system and is likely to appeal to more wealthy individuals who are seeking the benefits of the UK’s private education system. This comparatively costly option is, of course, offset to some degree by the country’s free healthcare and welfare system. That said anyone in a position to pay the fee is likely to be happy to also pay for the best private healthcare that money can buy. Countries such as Greece, Cyprus, and Malta, on the other hand, offer a very attractive and far more affordable residency through an investment scheme. While full citizenship and a Cypriot passport will still set applicants back millions, the country’s residency via investment in real estate programme is (by comparison) a highly cost-effective option.

CYPRUS RESIDENCY THROUGH INVESTMENT One of the most attractive options for anyone seeking to gain movement within the EU is Cyprus’s residency through property investment scheme. For an investment of 300,000 Euros plus VAT in a new residential property, a single applicant is able to gain a lifetime residency permit for themselves, their spouse, children up to 19 years of age, and even the applicant’s parents. It doesn’t need renewing and it is automatically inherited by the applicant’s children. The residency allows “visa-free” travel within the EU and the right to reside permanently in Cyprus. CHOOSING YOUR BEST RESIDENCY THROUGH INVESTMENT OPTION Malta offers permanent residency for a property investment as little as 275,000 Euros and Greece comes in close behind at 250,000. Many of the other EU member states offer schemes but they are either tied to the purchase of government investment bonds or require an annual fee. Again, it seems to be a case of getting what you pay for especially with places such as Jersey that stipulates a yearly fee of 125,000 Euros and an annual income of over 625,000 Euros! A cool half million Euros invested in a property will get you into Spain and Portugal while many other countries prefer that residents have solid incomes and carry out work within the country of residence. Austria has more complex systems of residency with no less than 10 different options available to applicants. WORKING WITH THE PROFESSIONALS Companies such as Sherwoods International Property, have a wealth of experience in helping applicants to obtain citizenship or residency in many EU states. Through using a team of specialists that have acquired a proven track record for getting timely and positive outcomes, residency through investment is liable to run much smoother and be far more cost-effective for all concerned.




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