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Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012


The Club is a multifunctional organization whose purpose is to meet the social, educational, and personal needs of its members. The Club is designed to encourage international friendship, support, and sharing.

Women’s Activity Club Winterthurerstrasse 18 8610 Uster 043 305 9250

Volume 17, Issue 2 WAC Board of Directors Good communication between the board members and the membership of the WAC is important for the continued growth and improvement of the club. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us. President Carol Conzelmann 044 940 02 93 Vice President Stephanie Weber Secretary Susan Junod susan Treasurer Leong See Wong-Fischer Activities Chairperson Heike Adler Marketing Chairperson Angie Menendez 079 258 53 18 Membership Chairperson Susan Mailley-Smith


May 2012 Editor’s Note

Stacy Streuli

After a very wet month of April, I am looking forward to welcoming May! I’m hoping for a bit more sunshine and warmth! It can still be a bit tough for me, having most of my friends and family living in the sunny states of California and Texas, to not be in shorts and t-shirts come March. Perhaps one day I’ll get used to it! My daughter certainly loves “stomping in muddy puddles” so I guess there is some fun to be had in all that wetness! In May we welcome a new playgroup for our little ones, called ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM, hosted by Jana Parkin, who also runs our Girl’s Club! A woman with endless energy! Thank you Jana, I’m sure all the Moms and carers out there will appreciate this new addition to our playgroups. We are also continuing the search for a Special Events chairperson. Having worked on both Halloween and Christmas decorations, I can tell you that being involved in WAC events can be very fun! It requires someone with dedication and creativity, but the parties are certainly worth it. And lastly, why not make some lovely sun-catchers to hang in the windows in anticipation of all those sunny days I’m sure we’ll be having in May?? This project uses old water bottles and colorful tissue paper, which can be bought in the gift wrap section of larger Coop & Migros stores. Instructions at: Have a lovely May everyone. Stacy

WAC Office MWF 9:15-12:15

Club Office Manager Jennifer Langkjaer 043 305 9250 Learning Tree School Hours: Mon.- Thurs. 9:00-12:00 School Director Ida Imbach 043 305 9250

Front cover  photo   “Säntis”  by  Oliver  Streuli

Advertising Rates Full page ad: Half page ad: Quarter page ad: Inserts: Classifieds:

150 Sfr. 80 Sfr. 50 Sfr. 150 Sfr. Members: 10 Sfr. Non Members 30 Sfr. WAC Notice board : (one month / max. size A5 / members: free. Please contact office for further information.) “WAC on Track” Deadlines and Contributions If you have a story to share, a fun experience, a recommendation, or anything else you’d like to share with other members, please email it to: DEADLINE FOR JUNE 2012 ISSUE: 20 MAY

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

President’s Note

Carol Conzelmann

April has been a transition time at the WAC, with some of our previous Board & Chairpersons moving on from their jobs, and new people getting settled into their new roles. Once again we have a fine group of ladies running this wonderful club and I’m looking forward to another busy year, keeping the members’ interests as our top priority, and hopefully having some fun along the way. We’re busy planning the annual WAC BBQ which will once again be at the Maur Schützenhaus, on June 30th from 2pm – 7pm. Whilst the format will be similar to the last two (very successful) events, we hope to add in a few surprises this year in honor of our 15th anniversary. The BBQ is organized by the WAC board, but we need extra help to make this huge event a success. We’ll have a short meeting on Thursday, May 10th at 9am in the WAC Clubroom and would like to invite anyone interested in getting involved to come along and share their ideas or offer their expertise to please come along. Happy Mothers’ Day! Carol

You Know  You've  Tur-ed  Into  a  Mom  When... You  automatically  double-­‐knot  ever>?hing  you  tie.   You  find  yourself  humming  the  Bar-ey  song  as  you  do  the  dishes.   You  hear  a  baby  cr>  in  the  gEocer>  store,  and  you  star?  to  gently  sway  back  and  for?h,  back  and  for?h.  However,  your  children  are   at  school!   You  actIally  star?  to  like  the  smell  of  stEained  carEots  mixed  with  applesauce.   You  weep  through  the  scene  in  Dumbo  when  his  mom  is  taken  away,  not  to  mention  what  Bambi  does  to  you.   You  get  soooo  into  craſts  you  contemplate  writing  a  book  called  101  Fun  Craſts  to  do  with  Dr>er  Lint  and  Eggshells.   You  spend  a  half  hour  searching  for  your  sunglasses  only  to  have  your  teenager  say,  "Mom,  why  don't  you  wear  the  ones  you   pushed  up  on  your  head?"   You  are  out  for  a  nice  romantic  meal  with  your  husband,  enjoying  some  real  adult  conversation,  when  suddenly  you  realize  that   you've  reached  over  and  star?ed  to  cut  up  his  steak!

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

save the date!! saturday, june 30 , 2012 annual wac bbq th

The BBQ will be bigger and better than ever this year as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary! Current and former members are invited, so please mark you calendars now. You don’t want to miss it!

BBQ Location: Maur SchĂźtzenhaus Additional details coming soon

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

WAC BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT The following WAC members were unanimously appointed into their positions at the April Board meeting: Interior/Exterior'


Pamela Stankay

IT Support'



Stephane Junod




Stacy Streuli




Yael Bermano




Judy Buckhardt




Danna Levy-Hoffmann

Congratulations to all our new Chairpersons, and good luck! The Special Events position remains vacant – please contact Heike Adler at if you would like to learn more about what the job involves, we can offer lots of support!

Pamela Stankay -- Interior/Exterior I just took over the Interior/Exterior position, and I think it is the perfect job for me. I love bringing order from chaos and fixing things. I have two very active little girls who will, no doubt, love to help me out.My husband is also American and can easily be talked into jumping in with both feet. -Pamela

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

FAREWELL TO APRIL KOLLER At the end of May, we have to say goodbye to April and her family, a dear friend and wonderful WAC colleague. April's time in Switzerland has been (at least for us!) far too short, but she has done so much for the WAC.   We will miss her kindness, generosity, positive attitude and of course her baking talents.  Aside from serving as VP, April made our upcoming raffle happen, she helped out with the clubroom renovation, and played a major role filling the Board & Chairperson jobs for 2012/2013.  April, Andy, Jonas and Sara are returning to the US and their hometown of Charlotte, but she tells me they'll be back once a year when visiting family in Germany.  We hope to see you again soon April, in the meantime thank you so much, and good luck for the future.  You leave behind many friends who will miss you very much. -Carol and all your many WAC friends


Friday, May 25th Saturday, June 30th

Movie Night WAC BBQ

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

LTC School News

Ida Imbach

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a nice Spring Holiday! As I write this, the Spring holiday Program is going on and I am sure everyone is having fun! Before the break, we had our Parent Teacher conferences. If anyone has missed them, please contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment if you’d like to know how your child is doing. In May, the enrollments for next school year are scheduled to begin. The forms will be distributed to the families whose children are presently enrolled. As you all know by now, the placements are on a first come, first served basis. So, please send in your enrollments as soon as possible. The school year 2011/12 is a successful one and we hope to increase, if not maintain, the enrollment numbers. We will be adding a higher ESL class and RW 6. The other classes will remain as they were scheduled this year. Our classes supplement the Swiss school system and we know that there may be scheduling problems. If you have any problems with enrolling your child or questions, please let us know and we will try and see if there is any way we can help you. On another note, I would like to remind you that if you are leaving on vacation outside of the scheduled school holidays, please inform your child’s teacher or me about this. Thank you! And now, let us enjoy our last 10 weeks of school before the summer holidays!


Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012


WAC Swimmin Parent-T ot lesso ns

Tuesda ys 2.30 pm, for For tots 1 30m m (Each pa onth to 2.99yrs old. ins rent

is in the w ater with

his/her ch ild

The instructor, Sandy Frey is from the USA, and has more than 25 years of experience. She has been WSI, (Water Safety Instructor) CPR, FIRST AID and LIFEGUARD certified.

Sharon’s Tips


. s ons ! 5 les only for 1 s r . e 0 b Fr.28 AC mem y to W ing@ Open acswimm w Info:

Kids Swim

ming less Sandy offe ons rs classes Tuesdays for childre 3.00—6p n m. Classes 3+, on kids depe nd have 4– 6 is 30mins ing on proficiency. long. . A lesson

Are you tired of paying an entrance fee, with sometimes ridiculously exorbitant prices, for just about everything and anything enjoyable in and around Switzerland? Well, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

In Grünigen, just 15 minutes from Uster, there is a botanical garden that is not only stunningly beautiful, it is free!! Yes, gratis! So now you must be asking, “where’s the catch?”, because generally nothing in Switzerland is free, right? Truly this is a well-kept secret. A spectacular bijoux in the Zürcher Oberland definitely worth seeing, and it is free of charge with no strings attached!! Opening times are 1st April – 31st October, open every day from 10 – 17h. Parking is available, or you can go with public transport. Enjoy! Sharon Warthmann is !om South Africa. Her tips and advice have come by trial and error over the last 20 years of living in Switzerland!

Volume 17, Issue 2

A famous Zurich landmark turns 40!

Celebrate the Hotel’s anniversary with us on

1st – 3rd June 2012 from 11am - 4 pm at the Zürich Marriott Hotel. Experience the unique view over Zurich’s roof tops from the exclusive Panorama suites, take a look behind the scenes and learn interesting facts about the hotel’s history. Along with numerous culinary delicacies, a raffle with many attractive prizes awaits you!

ZÜRICH MARRIOTT HOTEL Neumühlequai 42, 8006 Zürich

May 2012

Op en

Da y!

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

URGENT Help needed! We are urgently looking for our new “Manager of Special Events”. If you would like to define and create all WAC events, if you don’t panic but grace under pre s s u re, if managing event logistics means fun to you, if you can work in and motivate a team, if you are flexible and hands-on… …then you are the one and only to make the future WAC events happen and successful. Interested? Then please send an e-mail to

learn german at the WAC Cost: CHF 15 per class for members Childcare: CHF 10 for one child, CHF 15 for two

A1 (childcare  available)  Mondays  10:00-­‐11:30  in  the   conference  room   February  6,  13 March  5,  12,  19,  26 April  2  (Also  April  16  if  a  subsBtute  is  available). May  7,  14,  21 June  4,  11,  18,  25 Jul  2,  9 B1  (childcare  available)  Mondays  10:00-­‐11:30  in  the   library March  5,  12,  19,  26 April  2,  16 May  7,  14,  21   June  4,  11,  18,  25 July  2,  9

NEW A2 (childcare  available)  on  Tuesday  mornings   10:00-­‐11:30  in  the  conference   May  8,  15,  22,  29 June  5,  15,  19,  26 July  3,  10

For more information, please e-mail A minimum number of participants needed to run the class. If numbers are too low, class may be cancelled or price increase suggested to participants.

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

“Girls Club  in  April  was  very  cool!”  according   to  one  little  Fruit  Loop  Fairy  fluttering  about   the  flower  pillows.    The  girls  loved  making   Jana Parkin cereal  necklaces  (along  with  crowns,  rings,   and  bracelets)  as  they  sat  around  the  table   visiting  this  past  month.    Also  tons  of  fun:  playing  Rock-­‐Rock  and  learning  our  new   Girls  Club  anthem  along  with  the  clapping  game  and  song  “Miss  Suzie”.    After  a   delicious  snack  we  followed  the  afternoon  off  with  some  hilarious  partner  yoga!     The  day  was  huge  success  with  the  girls  forming  closer  friendships  with  one   another.    A  special  thanks  to  Judy  Burckhardt  who  introduced  the  girls  to  pH  fun   and  coloring  mixing.  Next  meeting  will  be  Saturday,  May  12th  at  9:30.

Girl’s Club


For more details see the WAC Special Events Board When : Friday, May 25th 2012 Where : WAC Club Room

Time : 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Cost : S.Fr. 7.00 each child (max 20 kids)

(Each ticket includes a hotdog, juice & popcorn)

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

Graham Crackers The graham cracker was originally developed as a health food snack in the 1830s by the Rev. Sylvester Graham, a US cleric and dietary reformer. It is essentially a wholewheat cracker that has been sweetened, usually with honey. The flour that is used, graham flour, is a whole wheat flour that is slightly coarser than regular grind. It is available in some health food stores. Graham-cracker crust is made from a mixture of finely crushed graham crackers, sugar and butter that is pressed into a pie pan. It is usually baked, but it can simply be chilled before being filled. List of ingredients needed: 150 gr. all-purpose flour 50 gr. whole wheat graham flour (available in most Reformhaus locations) 30 gr. dark brown sugar (see below) 2 gr. baking soda 2 gr. salt 45 gr. butter 85 gr. honey 40 ml water Combine the flours, sugar, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. Mix together the butter, honey, and water, then add it to the flour. Mix until the dough is smooth and pliable, but be careful to avoid over-mixing. Cover the dough with plastic and let it rest for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough to a thickness of ½-cm, dusting with flour to prevent sticking. Mark the dough with a fork, then cut into 5-cm squares or rounds. Place the crackers on a parchment paper-lined baking tray, and bake in a 160°C oven (no fan) for 15 minutes. The crackers should be slightly soft with just a touch of browning around the edges. Storage You can keep freshly made graham crackers for up to one week in an airtight container. Ingredient substitutions If you can't find graham flour, feel free to replace it in equal quantities with whole wheat flour. Instead of honey, you can also use *Birnel Syrup* – available in most large markets. If you can't find brown sugar, simply make your own: mix 100 gr. of extra fine (not powdered) sugar with 15 gr. of good quality molasses. Making crumbs If you want to just make crumbs, then roll out the dough a bit thinner, cut into small pieces (it's not necessary to be exact), transfer the pieces to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake at 160° C until dark golden brown (about 5-7 minutes longer than the crackers). When the pieces are cold, process them in a food processor to make fine crumbs. Store in an airtight container for several weeks. Recipe courtesy of Jack McNulty, Laughing Lemon Food and Wine,

Volume 17, Issue 2

Library News

May 2012

Judy Burckhardt

Dear WAC Members, Welcome back from the Holidays. I’ve added lots more new books on the New Books Shelf. Check them out: Lotsa de Casha, James & the Giant Peach, Magic School Bus (teaches about science to kids), etc. ' As for new movies this month, there is the Help, Moneyball, Hugo, Limitless, Breaking Dawn (part 1), Puss in Boots, Chipwrecked, three more new Land Before Time (dinosaur cartoon musicals), another Go Diego Go, and many more. See movie flyers for full listing. '

Thank you always for your continued support of the WAC Library!

Warm Regards, J Judy

Business News

Yael Bermano

Dear WAC members, First let me introduce myself – my name is Yael Bermano. I am the proud wife of Amit, a PHD student in ETH and the even prouder mother of Maya, a super sweet, super cute one year old girl. We are from Israel and we arrived in Uster in august 2011. I am an industrial engineer by profession, at present a stay at home mom and the new business chair. What does that mean? I am in charge of all the long and short term courses in the WAC. I hope to have a successful year with all the great courses there are now and a lot new ones. Here is a little update on new and existing activities: 1.

The German classes are doing great and there is still room available for a late signup. We have A1, A2 and B1 levels all with child care. So if your German needs some work, please contact Jennifer ( More information in this issue, page 12.


We hope to start a Yoga class for adults, we are still working on the details but it would be great to know if there is a demand for it - so if you are interested please let me know.


Another course we would like to begin is a fitness class for children 4-7 years old. We intend on starting this course only after the beginning of the next school year. The details are not certain but if your kid is in that age group and fitness sounds like something you would like – please let me know.

I am looking for any new or old ideas you might have for activities that you think will interest others – it can be a weekly or monthly course or a onetime get together. Please write me any idea – big or small and I will try to make it happen. Hope we all have a great year filled with activities, Yael Bermano (

Volume 17, Issue 2 The Readers Gone WACky discussed Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand at the March 2012 meeting. Members loved this epic nonfiction book about Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic runner and World War II hero. His story of survival and resilience unfolds at a breathless pace, which mesmerized the readers and provided many themes for discussion.

May 2012

Readers Gone WACky Alice Knöpfel

Growing up in a Los Angeles suburb, Zamperini was a delinquent teenager, fighting and breaking into houses, and just generally causing trouble. His loving family stood by him, however, and he focused his reckless energy into running, becoming a dedicated track star and participant in the 1936 Olympics. The impending war cut short his running career and in 1942 he enlisted in the Air force. When his plane went down in the Pacific, the story becomes one of endurance and courage. After surviving at sea for 47 days on a raft, Zamperini was rescued, only to become a Japanese prisoner of war. Unbelievably, things got even worse; but he survived humiliation and torture, and returned to the U.S. as a hero. Re-entry into civic life was not easy, but he was resuscitated by Billy Graham and a devoted wife. In the end, the reader is uplifted and inspired by Zamperini’s “unbroken” life. The book club discussion touched on issues such as an individual’s predestination to greatness, and the personal qualities which contributed to Zamperini’s amazing life. Members also discussed Zamperini’s turn around later in life through religion and forgiveness. Most members found the book difficult to put down and commented on the fluid writing and the well-researched background. However, some felt that Zamperini’s psyche was not fully explored. Members were surprised that the author was a woman, and felt that the book was a really good “man’s book” and could be read for a number of different reasons. All in all, the Readers Gone WACky found Unbroken spellbinding and unforgettable and highly recommend the book to women, men and teenagers. The Readers Gone WACky will meet on May 23 to discuss The Nemesis by Philip Roth and on June 20 to discuss The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. All meetings are at 20:00 in the WAC Lounge. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! Please call Alice Knöpfel 044 912 2326 for more information.

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

soccer & Multi sports camps summer holidays GReat FUN!

zURich F

aMiL t a e Y D R i G M s P c 5 o ! s U e N h ts! ! coac FiNish


A great fun intro for Boys & Girls in a stimulating & safe environment. Mornings only.


Great fun with more brilliant challenges the older the child. Split into age & ability. Multi Sports in afternoons.

ACADEMY CAMPS (10 TO 13 YRS) challenge. Multi Sports in afternoons.


Great chance for Girls of ALL abilities to have fun & learn new


High intensity fun courses for beginners to experienced



Multi sports every afternoon Boys-Girls of aLL abilities welcome‌ 5 Day camps Monday till Friday until 1700 each day! 0845 drop off possible! hot Lunch provided!

For more information in your region & to book online visit

Volume 17, Issue 2

English children’s books at very affordable prices. See the brochures in the clubroom. Orders are processed on the 10th of every month. All orders help us get free books and learning material for our School. All enquires to Helen Mylius 044 915 4962

May 2012

Mothering Matters is a non-profit, bi-monthly journal for English- speaking parents living in Switzerland with articles and information on child-rearing topics, suggestions and practical tips for child-related activities. A year’s subscription costs SFr. 33. For more information, or to subscribe, go to

THE WAC DAY EXCURSIONS BOOK For all those excursions around Zurich and beyond, don’t forget the revised WAC Excursion Book, listing great days out in and around the Zurich area. Available from the office or library for just 15 SFr.

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

Playgroups for   more   information   contact   Danny   Levy   Hoffmann:

little feet MONDAYS 2-4 pm Little Feet welcomes children 0-2 years old Mums, Dads, Carers and kids, please come along for free play, fun, and songs. New members always welcome. Little Feet is hosted by Laura Wigley and Anna Maree Smith. 6CHF per family, or 10CHF for non-WAC members.

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! *BEGINS MAY 15* A New Tuesday Morning Playgroup is about to Blast Off! For kids aged 1-3 and their Caregivers Lots of singing, dancing, and moving Story time Bilingual English-German Tuesdays 9:30-11:15 Hosted by Jana Parkin

Disclaimer: Members, their families and guests are reminded that participation in WAC activities is entirely on their own discretion and/or risk. Neither the Women’s Activity Club nor its representatives shall be held responsible for damage, injury or loss incurred by the use of Club property or participation in club events.

Volume 17, Issue 2


May 2012

Danna Levy Hoffmann

Hi everyone, I'm glad to say that all running playgroups are big hits. We have many regulars who we all love, and at least one new family a week which is great. I'd like to thank Yael for joining our Thursday team. She will be helping us run the Thursday playgroup from now on since Stacy had to leave us (and spend her time editing the WOT, awesome job Stacy, thank you!!). But wait, there are even more good news. Jana Parkin has decided to give running a playgroup a chance, and from the 15th of May on we will have a new playgroup called Zoom Zoom Zoom. Jana is committed to bringing new ideas and setup to the playgroup, so we're all looking forward to see what's in store! Good luck Jana and thank you. Please look for the ad for this new playgroup in here or on our bulletin board for further information. We hope you are all enjoying our playgroups and please don't hesitate to give us some feedback, either face to face or by email. See you all soon.

Volume 17, Issue 2

May 2012

May Sunday























10-11:30 A1/B1 German Class with childcare 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 2-4pm Playgroup 6:30-7:30 Belly Dancing

11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club

7-8pm Zumba Fitness

9:30-11:30am Playgroup 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 7-8pm German A2 class

4:00pm Ballet

10-11:30 Ballet and Tap







0-11:30 A1/B1 German Class with childcare 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 2-4pm Playgroup 6:30-7:30 Belly Dancing

9:30-11:15 Playgroup 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club

7-8pm Zumba Fitness







0-11:30 A1/B1 German Class with childcare 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 2-4pm Playgroup 6:30-7:30 Belly Dancing

9:30-11:15 Playgrouo 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club

7-8pm Zumba Fitness

9:30-11:30am Playgroup 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 7-8pm German A2 class

4:00pm Ballet Movie Night

10-11:30 Ballet and Tap





9:30-11:15 Playgroup 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club

7-8pm Zumba Fitness

9:30-11:30am Playgroup 11:45-1:45pm Lunch Club 7-8pm German A2 class



MAY 2012 WOT FINAL[1]  
MAY 2012 WOT FINAL[1]