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Desserts @ Wabi Kuro Mori £6.50

Black Rice Pudding £6.50

Green Tea Cheese Cake £6.50

Layers of Mint Sorbet, Yuzu Jam, Vanilla Cream & Dark Chocolate Foam with a homemade Matcha Macaroon.

A Warm Coconut Rice Pudding with fresh Passion Fruit and Crunchy Pomegranate.

Egg free Cheese Cake with Honeycomb Crumble, Umeshu Jelly & Nostalgia Inducing Popping Candy.

(Contains Squid Ink)

Mochi (餅)Selection £5.50

Ichi Ni San £6.50

A Selection of Sumptuous and Sticky Traditional Japanese Rice Cakes

A Trio of Seasonal Sorbet and Fruit, Homemade Sponge and Chocolate Foam

A Scoop of Today’s Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet Ask your server for the choices available today £2.50 Why not combine your favourite £6.50 dessert and digestif cocktail for £10? Choose from: Mini Matcha Latte, Warm Sake or a Jaded Lady.

Dessert Cocktails Matcha Latte £8.00

Japanese Coffee £8.00

Espresso Martini £8.00

Chilled Green Tea Latte with White Chocolate Liquor

Rich Roast Coffee with Japanese Whiskey, Vanilla Syrup and Cream

Vanilla infused Vodka shaken with Kahlua and a Shot of Espresso

Digestifs Premium Umeshu Sake £25.00 for 150ml A refreshing plum wine best served warm to complement a great meal

Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel £9.75 for 25ml

Disaronno Amaretto £3.85 per 25ml

With notes of Vanilla, Marzipan and Ginger this Mature Japanese Whisky can be Served how you want it.

A sweet, embracing liquor, perfect on the rocks for an all round feeling of warmth

Japanese Green Tea and Coffee are also available from £2.00. Ask your server for more information


Wabi Dessert Menu

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