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“Then as I was leaving, I turned around to talk with Phil Mikesell, stumbled over a tree trunk, and almost broke my neck. So when I say I’m lucky to have gotten the job, I mean it, and in many ways.” The final event of David Hadley Month brought more than 150 alumni, faculty, family, and friends to Detchon International Hall to a reception hosted by Hadley’s wife, Sheridan, and longtime faculty colleague Professor of Political Science Melissa Butler. “I’m fortunate to have such wonderful colleagues, faculty and staff over these 43 years, lucky to teach interesting and challenging students,” Hadley said. “Thank you all for coming; I’ll miss you all.”

“MODELI NG RESPONSIBLE, ENGAGED CITIZENSHIP” For David, politics was never a theoretical pursuit only—never merely a spectator sport. He embodied the classic Aristotelian ideal of a citizen as one “able and willing to rule and be ruled well.” He blended theory and practice and modeled responsible, engaged citizenship. He developed a reputation for fairness, thoughtfulness, and probity, as well as an insistence on going where the evidence took him. As a result, Wabash presidents called on him to do tough jobs. President Lewis Salter appointed him to chair the so-called “Hadley Committee,” which resulted in the appointment of Owen Dustin Scholars and the creation of the Wabash/ Washington Bridge program for minority and disadvantaged high-school students. His colleagues have appreciated his logical approach, good humor, and endless patience. In all of these many difficult tasks he has undertaken, David has followed the classic command of his Presbyterian faith that “all things be done decently and in order.” David did not just teach about good, orderly process he lived it.

Read more about Professor Hadley’s career at WM Online.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Ray Jagielski ’75 reads a citation honoring Hadley from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Congressman Todd Rokita ’92 offered his congratulations, and the Indiana State Senate passed a resolution honoring Hadley.

(right) Professor Emeritus Phil Mikesell ’63 returned to campus and brought this surprise guest to celebrate his longtime colleague’s retirement.

—edited from a resolution submitted by Professor Melissa Butler H’85 to the Board of Trustees

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