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Tyler Bush and Jason Bridges

photos by Steve Charles

Steve Pavlick

Nantucket Bike Tours and Social Bridge Consulting Founder Jason Bridges ’98 talks with Rusted Blue founder Tyler Bush while Steve Pavlick takes careful notes during their presentation at the Second Annual Entrepreneurial Summit at Wabash in February. The day-long event brought One CEO Cory Levy, journalist Kelsey Timmerman, and nine Wabash alumni entrepreneurs to campus to speak to students from Wabash and nearby colleges about what it takes to start your own business.

photo by John Zimmerman

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Leslie Day


“Moral clarity— this is the gift of Africa to the world.” —Duke Divinity School Center of Reconciliation co-founder Emmanuel Katongole, speaking to participants in the Wabash Pastoral Leadership Program

Emmanuel Katongole photo by Steve Charles

Professor of Classics Emeritus Leslie Day was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1983, just prior to her second trip to excavate the ruins at Kavousi in Crete. Realizing that hiking the steep trails to the site several times a day would be painful, yet determined not to let the disease stand in the way, Day devised a solution. “I believe it’s the only time that faculty development funds were used to rent a mule,” she says. “Faculty rented cars all the time to get to their work— so I thought, Why not?” To reassure the funding committee that the money was being well used, Day sent postcards of donkeys and mules in Greece throughout her stay there.

EIGHTY PERCENT OF —Professor Day looks back F O L KS O N W E L FA R E on her vocation and years H AV E N O ACC E S S TO at Wabash on page 86. C I V I L J U ST I C E . T H E J U D I C I A RY I S B E I N G STA RV E D W I T H J U D G E S L A I D O F F A N D CO U RT S C LO S E D.


William Neukom

—William Neukom, founder of Microsoft’s legal department, former president of the American Bar Association, and founder of the World Justice Project. He was awarded the Peck Medal by the College’s Pre-Law Society in April. Also honored were Jane Ann Himsel and Steve Creason ’97 (Richard O. Ristine Law Award) and Tim Markey ’12 (Peck Junior Medal, presented here by Professor Scott Himsel ’85).

Tim Markey ’12 and Scott Himsel ’85 photo by Drew Casey ’12

photo by Howard Hewitt

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