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UNITY MARCH ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2013 This Saturday, the Community of Gesgapegiag is inviting all of our neighbors to come out and participate in a friendly and peaceful demonstration against the Harper Governments Omnibus bills C38 and C45 that will have a negative impact on both Native and Non-Native People in the Gaspesie. These bills are being passed without the consultation of the Canadian People or the First Nations Peoples of Canada. This is a violation of the Canadian constitution and it is an infringement on First Nation Treaty Rights. The laws that the Harper Government is passing are going to change all of our lives forever. Seasonal workers will no longer be able to provide for their families as they always have and our water sources will no longer have the environmental protections that regulate industries that want to exploit the oil, gas and mining resources on our territory. For Gaspesians, this is devastating because almost all of our jobs are seasonal and most of those jobs are related to the water! We must stand together to protect OUR future and our environment. This is an opportunity to show the Federal Government that both Natives and NonNatives are united to protect our rights. And above all, that we will not accept the Harper Governments attacks on our constitutionally protected rights as Canadian Citizens and First Nations People. Everyone is welcome to join us at the Gesgapegiag Band Office. We will begin our march in solidarity from the Band building at 1 pm, down to the Pow Wow grounds located near the beach (next to the Rte 132). All traffic circulation will be stopped during this event and there will be traditional songs and drumming as we march together. There will be speakers who will address the importance of our unity against these omnibus bills. These laws will have a negative impact on us all if we do not stand together and tell the Harper Government that we have had enough of his dictatorship!!! In Peace and Friendship, The People of Gesgapegiag

Unity March Gesgapegiag