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Corporate Interiors, Purchasing and Branding Integration Update



Kimmerle Group and Kimmerle Newman Architects are pleased to present this overview of recent corporate interiors work for your review.

We also value our role as our clients’ advocate, and we strive to make our clients’ needs and interests our own in every undertaking.

We are a New York and New Jersey based practice with a twenty-five year history servicing the needs of corporations based in the tri-state region. Our work for these clients is national in scope and we extend our offerings to include full project management, procurement and facilities management on an as needed basis.

Stylistically, we have been successful in fashioning supportive and refreshing work environments at all budgets and in all aesthetics. From traditional and transitional office environments to the most cutting edge, our work quality is a point of pride to which our long list of satisfied and continuing clients can attest.

Our most successful projects are those in which we engage on a turnkey basis and provide work from inception through post occupancy. Many times we are engaged early in the real estate process with brokers and landlords to help fashion the best terms and conditions in lease documents and work letters. Our attention to detail continues as we design a bestfit layout that addresses many leasing issues, including growth options and even downsize possibilities in each plan offered.

Organizationally, we operate a medium-sized firm that maintains a boutique posture with our clients. Involvement of our principles in each project underlines our attitude towards our work, and in every undertaking our lead professionals have a direct and constant presence. As a firm of 20 members with six licensed and senior architects, our staff’s talent pool includes architecture, space planning, interior design, procurement, bidding and pricing programs, on-site representation, and a long list of allied expertise in urban and regional planning.

Kimmerle’s expertise also extends into design and planning, where the user’s needs are incorporated into office and workstation layouts and configurations, many times utilizing the expertise of our affiliated procurement arm Workspace, Inc. Detailed budgeting is always a component of our work, including full-scope reviews of contracted work and purchases to provide a complete projection of the new space in a seamless approach. Our undertakings range from the largest to the smallest requirements occurring in the tri-state market today. Our attention to detail does not vary given the size of the assignment and our record for the quality and skill that we employ in these undertakings is well established in the industry.

Our diverse range of work and the expansive scope of our undertakings, from large scale planning, architecture, corporate interiors, and work in the medical industry, means that our staff is invigorated for every assignment and ready to perform the most complex tasks while providing services that are price-conscious and driven towards meeting the client’s overall parameters and budget.

Corporate Interiors - Fashion

Aeropostale, Lyndhurst, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Real Estate Franchise

Realogy, Madison, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Reinsurance

Torus Insurance, Jersey City, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Capital Holding

Alterra, Summit, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Banking

Everbank, Parsippany, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Attorney

Clyde & Co, Florham Park, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Technology

Matheson Tri-Gas, Basking Ridge, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Logistic

Panalpina, Morristown, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Real Estate

Burgdorff, Morristown, NJ

Corporate Interiors - Private Offices

Private Offices

Medical Office Interiors

Freehold Radiology Group, Freehold, NJ

Medical Office Interiors

Atlantic NeuroSurgical Specialists, Morristown, NJ


Furniture and Product Specification


Furniture and Product Specification

Branding Integration & Displays

Display Designs

1/2” thick Clear Acrylic Glass panel

Stainless Steel Bars 3/4ӯ S.S. Dot with Company Logo

Black Acrylic Letters

Company History Plaque

Branding Integration & Displays

Company Branding Integration

Chemistry Wall

Grass Benches

Atrium Beyound

Lighted Capsule Wall

Breakroom Signage

w w w. k i m m e r l e . c o m

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Corporate Interiors, Purchasing & Branding Integration  

Corporate Interiors, Purchasing & Branding Integration