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Exiot Exotic Chocolates

Le Rouge by AARTI from

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Sissela Johansson’s Photography Why You Need a New Headshot


Exotic Desserts from Le Rouge Chocolates by Aarti


TACO, the grey African parrot, adventures by Siliva Rodriquez


Mixed Media Artist Cabell Molina’s Female Empowerment focused artwork. Cover Art by Cabell Molina

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THE POWER OF HER “Molina reclaims classic femininity as multi-faceted, giving voice and texture to lost imagery. Molina’s large scale pieces tug in a way only the past can, while also pushing for colorful expansion of a “woman’s place”. Her work is as layered thematically as it is physically, both celebrating the bygone glamour of mid-century fashion and deconstructing its patriarchal underpinnings. Her works read as meditations on feminism, full of colorful clutter and layered sense of time, space, and memory. This body of work is also influenced by her background as an advertising art director using her skills in branding and photo manipulation––but now her goal now is to sell perspective rather than product.”

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Her technique is to “deconstruct and reconstruct.” The process begins with collecting clippings of vintage magazines and books, ribbon, old photographs, coins, handmade papers, wallpaper, beads and buttons, just to name a few of the elements. She then hand paints background collage with acrylics, spray paint, and oil pastels and adds gold and silver leaf. When all of the elements are complete, Cabell assembles everything onto canvases and or wood panels then after adding more layers she finishes the pieces with several coats of varnish.

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