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Does New York get any more NEW YORK than Hell’s Kitchen? This new arrival from Chelsea doesn’t think so

Patrick Shae

Profession I’m a manager at an internet holding company. Moving from West Chelsea. To W47th St - 9th/10th Ave Why? I was living in a big, cookie cutter apartment building along the High Line, which I shared with my partner at the time. After we went our separate ways, I realized the apartment was just too big for me, and the area was growing way too fast. When I moved there, it still felt a bit untouched and off-the-beaten-path but, with Hudson Yards opening and the mass of new high rises going up seemingly every day, it started to feel too artificial; it lost its authenticity. The warehouses and studios had all been demolished for buildings I was guilty of living in. Budget I really wasn’t looking to spend more than $3k a month. The broker experience Thankfully, the same real estate company (Citi Habitats) represents my entire building, and they

Above: Patrick has learned a lot about real estate in his 12 years in the city – and that is mainly to BE PREPARED!

made the whole experience seamless and so easy. I couldn’t recommend (and appreciate) them enough. On the tick list Closet space! My vice is clothes and shoes. Other than that, I really wanted a true one-bedroom, and a workable kitchen. What I learned along the way I’ve lived in New York for 12 years, and have been through too many apartments in those years, so I’ve learned to be prepared – always. The day I found my new apartment, I was walking into another broker’s office to sign a different lease I’d already been approved for, when the broker called and told me not to come. Apparently, another tenant had their eye on the apartment, and since they already lived there, they were able to circumvent my application and swooped it out of my grasp. I was crushed – standing on the streets of SoHo, with $500 in cash in my pocket and a shopping cart online of furniture I had curated the night before. Then I realized I had set up a viewing for a different apartment days before. I


called the realtor and he was still on board for meeting me in 20 minutes. I jumped on a Citi Bike, walked into what is now my new apartment, and my jaw dropped. Usually in NYC the pictures online are wide angle and never, ever, look like the apartment in real life. I thought it was some trick. It was actually better than the pictures. Within 24 hours, the lease was signed. What sealed the deal My deck. I’ve always preferred to have my rent go to year-round livable space than some balcony I’d never use. But my priorities have changed, and I was longing for more of a life/nature balance. The deck overlooks a community garden so it’s a double nature whammy. It’s a true anomaly for Manhattan, let alone Hell’s Kitchen. I’m so in love. My new favorite thing about living in Hell’s Kitchen It’s the feeling of a real neighborhood. When I went to look at my apartment, I was walking up the block and there were people – young and old and everywhere in between – sitting on their stoops, like in the movies. I watched my neighbors greet each other by name (I couldn’t tell you the first names of any of my neighbors in my giant West Chelsea buildings). I missed the grit of Hell’s Kitchen. Sure, my old Chelsea apartment had an elevator and in-unit washer and dryer, views of the Empire State Building, and in any other city, it would be a nobrainer. But I want to know I live in New York when I am home. New Yorkers’ creature comforts are piping hot radiators, knowing your upstairs neighbor is awake because you can hear every step they take, the timeless crown moldings and creaky wooden floors. That is the New York I know and fell in love with.

VITAL STATS W47th St - 9th/10th Ave # of floors Five # of units Seven When built 1920 Amenities None, but a very friendly super!


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