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PHPmysql Course Details:-

What you will learn ?  

What is PHP and why its so popular. Install wamp sever.

Learn Basic of PHP.

Learn how to create form and post data.

What is an array? get in-depth knowledge of array.

What is Get and POST? Learn with example.

Learn HTML and CSS.

Create databse, tables.

Learn about index and primary key and auto increment.

Install phpMyadmin.

Learn how to use PHPMyadmin.

Learn how to create a CMS website.

Learn how to develope a shopping website.

Create a real life project.

Develope complete website on local computer.

Learn how to use ftp.

Connect database in server and upload your website.

Make the Two website live.

Know About server and Domain.

we will provide php interview tips,php theory documents,php video

PHP Programming Concepts?  

PHP Data Types Variables in PHP

Conditional Statements

Loops (For, While, Do While, Foreach)

Using Functions in PHP

String Functions


Sessions & Cookies

Mail Function

Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP

Understanding Errors in PHP

Payment System Integration.

HTML and Dreamweaver?  

Introduction to Websites / Domains. Server Client Environment

HTML Basics

Working with HTML Forms

CSS Concepts

Working with Dreamweaver

Web Hosting  Web Hosting Basics

 Using Control Panel

 Types of Hosting Packages

 Creating Emails in Cpanel

 Registering domains

 Using FTP Client

 Defining Name Servers

 Maintaining a Website

PHP Introduction and Installation 

Introduction PHP and MySQL

Server Side Technologies

Installation of XAMPP

Configuration of Apache / PHP

Common Errors in Installation

Using the Dreamweaver for PHP

HTML / XHTML /CSS  Introduction to HTML  HTML Structure Tags  Text Tags  Multimedia Tags  HTML Form Tags  Creating Forms with HTML

PHP Programming Concepts 

First PHP Program

PHP Variables

Using Variables in PHP

PHP SuperGlobal Variables

Understanding Data Types

Writing Statements and Comments

Conditional Statements in PHP

Switch() Statement

Loops (for, while, do while, foreach)

Working with Arrays

 Introduction to CSS  Types of CSS  Basic CSS Properties

Processing Arrays with Loops

Grouping Form Selections with Arrays

Practical Programs in PHP  Working with Forms  File Uploads using PHP  Creating Mails  Working with Files  Working with Sessions  Working with PHP Cookies  User Authentication Program in PHP  Working with Date and Time

 Understanding an Databases  Relational Database (RDBMS)  Tables, Records, and Fields  Primary and Foreign Keys  SQL  MySQL Command-Line Client

 Creating a Simple Gallery Page using PHP

Using SQL to Perform Queries  SQL Concepts

 MySQL Functions

 Inserting, Editing and Deleting Records

 Managing Database Connections

 Performing Queries

 Performing Queries

 Retrieving Specific Columns

 Processing Result Sets

 Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause

 Pagination Program

 Using Operators

 Queries Which Return Data

 Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates

 Queries That Alter Data

 Limiting Results

 Delete Records

 Using Built-In Functions

 Handling Errors

 Grouping Records  Union / Join Tables  Using Subqueries  Using Table and Column Aliases

 User Priveleges

Working with Databases and Tables  

Using PHPMyAdmin Creating Databases / Tables

Specifying Data Types

Adding Keys

Altering Tables

Altering Table and Field Names

Altering Field Properties

Adding and Removing Fields and Keys

Altering Table Types

Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables

Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup

Dropping Databases and Tables

Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

Javascript  

Introduction to Java Script Types of Java Scripts

Variables, operators, loops

JS Event Handler

Common Javascript programs

Using JavaScript in Dreamweaver

Java Script form Validations

How to create slider in javascript

Extra Knowledge  1.what is server  2.what is domain  3.what is cpanel  to add domain in server  5.what is DNS  to add domain name email.

Course Duration: 3 Months Course Fees : Rs 12,000 installment : Rs. 6,000 x 2= Rs. 12,000 Course Schedule: Weekly 3 Days (2 hrs.) Thanks and Regards, W3 webschool. Office number: 033-64506754, 7890149401, 8820737566

Kolkata Office Address W3webSchool, 140/40B, N.S.C Bose Road,Near Malancha Cinema Hall, Tollygunge, Kolkata-40 West Bengal. (Walking Distance From Tallygunge Metro - 15 minutes, Auto - 5 minutes) Email :, Website:

Php mysqltraining course details  
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