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The church in North Korea was the birthplace of Korean revival – Pyongyang was known as the “Jerusalem of the East”. However, during the Korean war, most Christians fled to the south or were martyred, and churches in North Korea were destroyed. Due to the country being almost completely closed to communication with the rest of the world, it is difficult to know the state of the underground church today; only that it has survived under incredibly severe persecution. More than a thousand Christians are interned in “re-education” camps, where they face unrelenting physical labour, physical and emotional torture, forced abortion and execution.

Most people in North Korea have never heard the name of Jesus. The nation’s former president, Kim Il Sung (deceased, but still revered at the “eternal president”) is worshipped as deity, and total dedication to him and his philosophies are demanded. Proselytizing of another faith is completely illegal and seen as treasonous. Life for the average North Korean is very difficult. As many as 3 million people are reported to have died of starvation since the mid 1990s, yet the government stockpiles internationally donated rations for use by the military. Reports of cannibalism are not uncommon.

Christians in South Korea and China stand poised to rush into North Korea to both share the gospel and offer aid as soon as the tightly controlled borders give any indication of weakening; pray that God would work miracles in this nation.

Pray also for Christians in prison camps, that they would be able to endure suffering, and forgive those who have hurt them.

Pray that Kim Jong Il (the son of Kim Il Sung, and leader of the nation) would have a change of heart, and turn to Praise God that the North Korean the Lord (it happened to Nebuchadnsoccer team was even allowed to come ezzar!). There have been concerns for to South Africa! Team members will be his health in recent years; pray that he exposed to a world outside their home would seek help not from his father, soil which will completely undermine the who he claims never died, but the God image they have always been taught who rose from the dead. of North Korea being the most developed, successful and happy nation in Pray for Christians in China and South the world. Pray that there would be Korea who strategically find ways of seeds of doubt planted in hearts that smuggling the gospel into North Korea, have been taught never to question as well as helping North Korean Christhose in authority. Pray for divine aptians to escape oppression. pointments between players and South African Christians, and that this would be an opportunity for the gospel to be taken back to this closed land. Pray for the safety of North Korean Christians, and that they would remain faithful to the Lord under immense pressure. Pray for boldness to share their faith.

North Koreans are subject to daily “self-criticism� sessions in which they must describe all of the ways that they have failed in their duty to Kim Jong-Il.