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Register has partnered up with hospitality and service driven industries to provide individuals with career and lifestyle benefits. This revolutionary platform will soon unveil practical and value added dimensions to earning long and short term compensation. - VIRTUAL JOB FAIR

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People are always moving from one job to the other and even switching careers. identifies candidates and matches their interest with the job or career path that best fits the individual. Individual members also enjoy complete control over their earning potential, benefits, and resources that W2 Classifieds members obtain. W2 Classifieds has developed a system that is geared to propelling its network members toward higher levels of success on a business as well as a personal level. With multiple plans for enhancing and further developing the concepts there will be plenty of opportunities to go around for years to come.

1. Provide for more than 30% of the economy’s workforce. 2. Consist of largely unrepresented employees who are unable to become majority stakeholders with the working capital that they represent. 3. Often have difficulties training and retaining employees. 4. Temporarily place a limitation of time factor on career path candidates. This factor limits the time that candidates may have available to pursue other goals and career aspirations. Next Page

Provides clear direction for professionals in an ultra accelerated and competitive global environment.



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Virtual classified job and career website. helps match employers with valuable employees.