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starters technology

STARTERS Technology


Revolutionarily Intelligent The Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters have been specifically developed to put an end to annoying, flickering TL lights for good.

More comfort The Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters detect both defective tubes and tubes that have reached the end of their lifetime and switch them off automatically. The result? Never again flickering lights.

starters technology

Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters guarantee more than 120,000 safe switching operations. In normal use that is as good as a lifetime!

Invisible safety Thanks to the Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters, components of your lighting system cannot overheat, hence preventing the risk of fire.

Why wait when it can happen faster? The Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters ignite your lights almost twice as fast as conventional neon tube starters.

Immediate light

More comfort

Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters guarantee much faster ignition than conventional neon tube starters.

Because the lights are switched on simultaneously, your room is fully lit straight away.

Replace your starters with Illuxtron速 Electronic Starters and replace them for good

Revolutionarily Fast & Sustainable

starters technology

Conventional neon tube starters come up for replacement at different times - a task no-one looks forward to. With the IlluxtronÂŽ Electronic Starters that is a thing of the past!

Save time and money Because lights don’t flicker any more, they no longer need to be replaced immediately.

Product range

Conveniently packaged in quantities of 10

Electronic Starter E2

Electronic Starter E10

Color: Blue

Color: Blue System type: Single

System type: Series Input voltage: 220-240V~


Input voltage: 220-240V~ 50Hz

Wattage: 18-22W

Wattage: 18-75W

Package: 10 pieces

Package: 10 pieces

Article number: 906003BU1004

Article number: 906103BU1004

starters technology

Conventional starter

Conventional starter with mechanical switch

Illuxtron® Electronic Starter

Flicker-free ignition


Detection of end of tube life


✔ (extra safety)

✔ (extra safety)

Flicker-free at end of life


✔ (but needs to be reset)


Lifetime of starter

>15,000 safe switching operations

>10.000 safe switching operations

>120.000 safe switching operations

Nominal tube rating




Tube ignition time

4-5 sec.

2,5 sec.

2,3 sec.

450 €

LCT technology



starters technology



The vision of Illuxtron®

The Illuxtron® team of professionals is working hard on trendsetting innovations: remote control, wireless operating panels, integration of other functionalities needed etc.

ECO solution

ECO solution

This vignette shows that you have chosen an environmentally friendly lighting product.

How can I order Illuxtron® products? Nieuwe Diep 40 4465 AB Goes, The Netherlands +31 (0) 113 769037

Illuxtron® products are available from accredited electrical wholesalers and/or lighting wholesalers. Stocks are held centrally in the Netherlands, so wholesalers are assured of quick delivery.

How can I register as a wholesaler?

You can register via Our enthusiastic team will then contact you as soon as possible.

61-9002-03 281111

Brochure Illuxtron - Electronic Starters (ENG)  

Brochure Illuxtron - Electronic Starters (ENG)

Brochure Illuxtron - Electronic Starters (ENG)  

Brochure Illuxtron - Electronic Starters (ENG)