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Hey! August has been a blast. Of course, Key Club was the reason (for the season? Maybe a slogan for Key Club Week). The month started with the Leadership Conference in Indianapolis, where I spent a weekend with the Governors, and where I found I had a district visit in a WEEK! Eeks! I traveled to Michigan to attend the Summer Board Meeting. It was fun in many different ways! It involved meal teams and various games at Taco Bell. Later that month, Nick, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Governor invited me to join him at the District Kiwanis Convention. Needless to say, I had a great time!

People to Call Your Trustee Cell: 414-412-3358 Email: Trustee XinLei Wang

Club Information and Resources Phone: 1-800-KIWANIS ext. 411  Brochures  Videos  Handbook  And much more are available

1-800-KIWANIS ext. 411


Lily Schmidt

Natalie Sitter

Allen Yu


Minnesota – Dakotas

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My Website

Thank you…  Immediate Past Kiwanis Governor Patricia Brinkman for a great year of service and your support of Key Club  Lt. Governor Anna Sedler for your hard work and dedication.  Laura Zabel for being part of Key Club International and we wish you the best in your new job.

Website continued Use the website for…. Updates 1. My weekly updates 2. Interesting videos from my travels as a Trustee

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Committee Updates Contact Me XinLei Wang Email: Mobile: 414-412-3358 Address: 1317 Carlin Court, Burlington, WI 53105

Voice Committee Last meeting was on August 13, 2009 Discussions  New Member Handbook  International Convention promotional video  Providing more and better resources regarding Service Partners and Projects Next meeting is on September 8, 2009

How could the Website Be improved? What are thoughts about Key Club as an organization? Let me know! I will ensure that your voice is heard.

Some to Think About Our local Key Club will be trying something new this year with weekly meetings. Here is the plan: Week 1: Our whole club will brainstorm for Ideas and review current projects

Week 2: Our members will split into committees for project planning.

Week 3: Committee will present their progress. If time allows, a guest speaker will be the next option

Week 4: We will review the month and thinking about projects for next month

Important Dates October 1st – 4th – International Board Meeting in Indianapolis October 4th – 10th - Fire Prevention Week October 15th – YOF Deadline (The application must be received by this date) October – Trick or Treat for UNCIEF (Order a giant box by calling 1-800-Kiwanis) November 2nd – 6th – Key Club Week

Information about Building Tomorrow will be included in the next issue. Thank you for taking your time to read this newsletter. – Trustee XinLei Wang

September Trustee Newsletter