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E-book • Author • Malinowska Wiesława

Volunteer Volunteer make a job without salary. Â The biginnigs of volunteering were in Greek antiquity as brotherly love towards a stranger man, not family. Myth about Ptolemaeus show a posture of philanphropy, which is a symbol defence of human, despite of danger.

Volunteering in Poland • In XIX of century in  Poland philantrophy  used to as sympathy  for poor people. • After war in Poland  volunteering created  scouts and people  from church.

Helping for people

Through helping we integrate with people.

2011 European year of vounteering In our schools we make project „Let’s give the world a good angel”

My volunteering-

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In 2007 of year I helped poor children with learning in math in primary school without salary. In 2004 I take care about children for small money.


Volunteering is good