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Types of Camping Camping has different meaning for different people. For some, camping is just not a form of an outdoor expedition; it is a means to spend quality time with your dear ones away from the hectic daily life. For most of the camping means packing your gear into a car, driving to a camp site, pitching a tent and lying on your back watching the stars and enjoying every single moment. But are you aware of the fact that this is just one of the many types of camping? After reading this article, you will be aware about the different types of camping that are enjoyed and how every camping type is different from each other. For some of you worried about being new to camping and don’t know from where you can buy the camping equipment check out this article on camping and outdoor store Australia.

What are the different types of camping? Camping has different meaning for all of us. Every one of us has our comfort zone when we hear the word camping. Some people who are athletic and adventurous prefer backpacking or hiking and some people might opt for camping with family in an official campsite. Let’s now take a look at the different types of camping, every type of camping falls in any one of these types, 

Country camping.



RV camping.

Country camping This is the most chosen type of camping when we talk about camping. Most families opt for this type of camping. In this type pf camping, you go to a designated campsite, pitch your tent and

get started. In this type of camping there is no restriction as such on the camping gear, as we all know there are many camping and outdoor store Australia that can help you with your camping equipment. It all depends on what you can bring along either packed in your vehicle or on your person. These campsites act as a playground for the families who come here, set up their tents and every single second of it. Most of the campsites also provide the basic amenities like running water and washrooms. These places are for families. These types of camping are favorite with families. Sitting around a campfire and eating something, telling stories is a favorite camping pastime. These little things help in creating a lifetime bond. Most of the families collaborate with other families in these campsites and engage in some group activities and games. There are people that chose sites which are established campsites within state and national parks. Not only the basic amenities, these established campsites also have tables for family meals, sleeping areas, and cottages. Generally, they are not free but are available for a small amount. For the people, who don’t want to be indulged in setting up the tents and don’t want to be in crowded sites can opt for these types of camping. A subcategory of conventional site camping is cottage camping. People pack the necessities like food, toiletries etc and can rent a cottage where they can stay This sought of camping allows people to get away from their hectic routines and spend some quality time.

Glamping This is a new trend that has emerged in the past couple of years. Glamping is a word derived from glamour and camping. Glamping type pf camping is widely accepted and is pursued by rich who want to have the adventure but do not want to miss on the everyday luxury that they are used to. It is widely accepted, and it has become a business and several sites cater to people looking for Glamping camping. In simple words, Glamping is camping bit in more of a controlled environment. The trend of glamping is said to have developed from safari tours where people can go in the outdoors, enjoy the local wildlife and still not be far from day to day luxuries.

Backpacking Backpacking is an extreme type of camping, where you just pack all your essential camping gears in a backpack and set out. You must opt for the Best Site to Buy Outdoor

equipment.Backpacking camping is also known as primitive camping where the focus is on hiking and enjoying nature. Backpacking is about being adventurous when required and wherever possible. In backpacking, it’s you who decide about the aspects such as, how much you want to hike, when to stop, where to stop and then pitch your tent. Backpacking requires you to be physically active to a certain level, so it is not for everyone. There are specified gears targeted at backpackers which are lighter than the usual camping gear. Backpackers bring along only what is crucial for survival. Families can also opt for backpacking only if they are physically fit and there and no small children who will find the entire experience quite challenging. One extreme type of backpacking is known as survivalist camping. It involves carrying bare minimum necessities and using bush craft and survival skills to virtually live off the land. Survivalist campingis not for lighthearted, and one should opt only after training and preparation.

RV camping In this type of camping, people stay in a Recreational vehicle. People after buying all the essentials from the Best Site to Buy Outdoor equipment can drive to different places. They can stop anytime and anywhere. In RV camping the biggest investment that the campers make is in the RV. This camping is for everyone. It’s for the people who love traveling, visiting new places and at the same time enjoying the camping experience. You can travel as per your own wish, park yourself in any of the camping sites you visit and get started. This camping is more comfortable than traditional camping as you have the luxury of using the amenities in the RV. Most of the RVs have the amenities within them. Some RV also allow you to use a refrigerator and watch TV. You are not required to buy an RV to enjoy this type of camping. RVs can be rented and RV rental is a blooming business.

Final Thoughts Camping is a great way for families to get together and have fun being away from the regular life and enjoying nature. In this article, we have thrown light on the different types of camping and how each is different from one another. So go ahead and pick the type of camping that suits you the best but do not stop yourself from going out on a camping trip and enjoying some quality alone or with family in the lap of nature. Happy camping!

types of camping  

Camping has different meaning for different people. For some, camping is just not a form of an outdoor expedition, it is a means to spend qu...

types of camping  

Camping has different meaning for different people. For some, camping is just not a form of an outdoor expedition, it is a means to spend qu...