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Capture the Moment A photo can capture the essence of a person, sometimes in just one frame. This is the goal for us, an enormous challenge. But when it is achieved, it’s an incredible thing. Sometimes it takes a series of photos to express the nuances of that person, but either way photography has a way of showing those subtleties that can be hard to describe in words. Life is filled with “big moments”. Births, graduations, weddings, and first steps— these are all moments that should be documented for family history. And a lot of the big moments aren’t times when you’d hire a professional photographer. Imagine you’re sitting around a big box of photos with friends and family. There would be a lot of talking, laughs, stories, jokes, and maybe even a tear or two. It’s an amazing way to connect. My work with models is fueled by my interactions with them and my ability to help them to relax and be themselves. I work with professional and amateur models but no matter whom I work with, my goal is the same, I want to remove the veil, I want to see the true person in front of my lens With our images you can also make people stop and think. Just a glance at a powerful image can stop people in their tracks. Some images can change the way you view the world for the rest of your life. Strong stuff. My goal is to create fine art photography of landscapes and the world around us. As a long-time experienced outdoors type, I’m lucky to witness all the beauty of landscapes, right at the heart of them. Since the beginning of my photographer’s journey, I felt the strong need to express what I’m allowed to experience " Art of Seeing". Supported by my early photographic background, I chose photography as the medium of my expression, almost at the same time as I started my Journey.

A photo can capture the essence of the moment  

Creativity and Art of Seeing

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