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Jayoon Choi Jayoon explores a various spectrum of our mind, sub-consciousness and ultimately questioning what forms a self. She turns these intangible phenomena into an immersive audiovisual experience using moving image, space projection and drawing. Jayoon often uses herself as a tool to represent both female and androgynous beings in her narratives. Her audience are invited into a place filled with confined colours, symbolic and surreal metaphors, to reflect back ourselves.

An interview by Francis L. Quettier and Dora S. Tennant womencinemaker@berlin.com Hello Jayoon and welcome to : before starting to elaborate about your artistic production, we would like to invite our readers to visit and we would like to introduce you to our readers with a couple of questions about your background. You have a solid formal training and after having earned your BA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts, you nurtured your education with an MA in Information Experience Design, that you received from the prestigious Royal College of Art: how

did these experiences influence your artistic evolution? The experience I had in RCA have exploded my practice into the next level. The whole two years course was designed to break whatever limit I had as a creative. It was a rare experience to be surrounded by super talented, proactive and inspiring people in one place. There was a total freedom in collaborating or getting help from whichever department as you like. I presume it'll differ in each year, however, there was a strong community between students who were there for you when you fall into pieces, to support each other. Oh- we

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Women CineMakers, Special Edition  

Women CineMakers, Special Edition