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Roller shutter profiles

Chocolate brown

Light wood

Dark wood





Cream white

Dark green

The "actual" roller shutter used to be made with wood profiles, later plastic was used, and today they are mainly manufactured with aluminium. Aluminium profiles are extremely durable and very easy to clean. Moreover, they provide an

increased protection against break-ins. The foam makes the profiles robust and provide thermal insulation. The stove-enamelled surface is weather-proof and will never need to be repainted.

Plastic profiles

ALUMINO Double-walled aluminium

Light grey

Steel blue

Anthracite grey

Pastel blue

Pale green

Golden Oak

Metal silver (RAL 9007)




Lemon *

Light wood *

Chocolate brown *

Green *

* without warranty

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Built-on shutters

They are available in various shapes and configurations. The base material is always highquality aluminium. Built-on shutters, as the name suggests, are mounted in front of the window. Thermal bridges are thus avoided, as the building

envelope is not interrupted. Built-on shutters also allow for very easy and neat repair when required: It is performed from the outside, without any damages to the actual room.

Easy service due to service cover on the outer side.

Design bottom rail as optional equipment. It provides an elegant look to the roller shutter in raised position.

Built-on elements are also suitable for diagonal shading.

The box, guide rails and bottom rail are available in more than 330 attractive shades of colour.

Integrable insect screen

4 5



Built-in shutters

Built-in shutters are mounted onto the window and installed in the opening together with the window. A distinction is made between plastic elements with Styropor insulation on the inside and elements made of polyurethane

foam. Both kinds of roller shutters excel when it comes to thermal insulation values. Moreover, an optional insect screen can also be integrated (except RA.2).

Integrable insect screen

Built-in shutters can also be conveniently operated by a motor and remote control.

RA.2 and KARO are also available with aluminium external cover board in all colours of the ROLTEK ColorCollection or plastic foil wrapping

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Only up and down? „I want more!“

Now you can also expect this from ever more intelligent structural elements. Demand more from ROLTEK roller shutters and venetian blinds today! How about an integrated insect screen for instance? The perfect protection against mosquitoes, flies and the like. When not used, the screen disappears and is protected in the shutter box. Simply brilliant!

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Automatic aluminium garage roller doors


Chocolate brown

Light wood

Dark wood

ROLTEK roofline doors truly make wonders with limited space, since they barely need any space for the lateral guides and glide along the garage ceiling thus saving space and hardly limiting the height clearance. The completely enclosed aluminium components fit snugly to the structure and convey an entirely new "garage look and feel".

High-quality enclosed aluminium construction, paired with the most modern drive technology as well as a noble and sophisticated appearance. There are no spring assemblies or any other obtrusive and fragile extra parts.




Dark green

Athracite grey

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