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Artist Statement Vytis Uža If my performance could make Buddha dharma more accessible to people and much easier to be appreciated, this would be beautifully enough.Rather, often times when I looked at spiritual people in the world that surpassed even the angels and at the techniques that brought to life even the finest details of the subjects spirituality,I felt as if the followers and the preachers belonged to two separate worlds. They seemed to present an air of cold magnificence and a look of aloof pride constantly shown I the gaze of an aristocrat. I was humbled and only wished to stay away at a respectful distance. The Buddhist cultivation, however, has brought to me astonishing changes, if not wonders.Since the time when the time when I drew the first symbol-the fundamental image of all the phenomena and all the energies of the universe-on a piece of paper seven years ago, I have tranformed quite dramatically.Starting from July of 2007 not only did I received first reiki degree in Italy Brescia, daringly enough and truly honored, I was in the company of amazing woman and reiki teacher -Chiara Grandi. It

was 2013 june 29 when I received teachers degree and began to literally make performance art. My original intention was pure and simple:I just wish that through the manifestation of performance art , the Buddha dharma that I have come to realize and been enlightened with can be easily comprehended by people. The performance for me in the first place was merely a “medium” for transmitting the Buddhist doctrines! Being the master of Buddhist pure land school, it is my calling to exhaust all means through which the thousands of people which I meet could better understand and realize their own Buddha nature. Incidentally, one of the means that came to my mind happened to be “live mandala as embodiment of Buddha dharma.” Beyond expectation, my “live mandala as embodiment of Buddha dharma” has attracted great attention ever since, from Italy to all over the world. To me, it is more of inspiration than pride. I am deeply moved and grateful. “If my performance could make Buddha dharma more accessible to people and much easier to be appreciated, this would be beautifully enough – a beautiful way to glorify the Buddha.” And this is what I have been telling myself everyday; it is also the ultimate momentum that keeps me working!

this is the answer from me how to reach your native planet.  for example  I found my love rugile daujotaite   and   and   my   native   is   everything;)   victorious   happiness   or   vytis   uza   . daikomyo or bright white light

draw astrosymbol un in the air with right hand and then drink medicine with waterand you will be healthy (c) by vytis uza 2017. medicine package should be with this symbol and with instructions for drawing   (c)   by   vytis   uza   2017.astrosymbol   un   by   vytis   uza   (c)   2017.its   astrojourney   only   for victorious happiness future friends

Artist statement by vytis uza (c) 2046  
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