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April 26, 2014

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Jess &Kyle APRIL 26, 2014




SEATING OF FAMILIES Original Poem Written and Performed by Tommy Williams OPENING Greeting Opening Prayer

CEREMONY Wedding Party Enters Bride Enters The Father’s Blessing Thigpen’s Wedding - Performed by Tommy Williams Pastoral Message Exchange of Vows The Blessing Tree You Raise Me Up - Performed by Tommy Williams Exchange of Rings The Final Blessing 2

Jess &Kyle APRIL 26, 2014



WEDDING PARTY Officiant - Cy Finnerty

Abby Gilbertson Matron of Honor Tiffany Pressler Maid of Honor Ashley Rittenmeyer Bridesmaid Sara Bjorkman Bridesmaid Sarah Evans Bridesmaid Andrea Black Bridesmaid Lexie Timpson Bridesmaid Megan Freas Bridesmaid Brennan Robertson Bridesmaid Emmeri Grooms Minimaid Andee Grooms Minimaid Rylnn Grooms Flowergirl Colette Grooms Flowergirl


George Turner Anne Turner

Father of the Bride Mother of the Bride

Ron Grooms Brett Grooms Todd Grooms Corey Heinz David Johnson Payton Turner Joseph Murdy Justin Morsey Tyler Carlton Bobby Barczyk Zachary Bigelow Wade Whitlow Joey Kieval Brady Walz

Best Man Best Man Best Man Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Groomsman Usher Usher Usher


Ron Grooms The Late Barbara Grooms

Father of the Groom Mother of the Groom


Sam Herlin - Cello Crystal Lee - Violin


Sara Leibee - Violin Kasey Rhodes - Viola (Jess’ cousin)







Kyle’s Story Jess is the answered prayer that I asked God for when I was a teenager. I remember laying in bed one night praying for the right woman to come into my life and flip my world upside down. I was blessed to meet this woman shortly after that prayer, but for whatever reason I wasn’t cognizant enough to realize it.   It all started with visiting a buddy on a holiday break from school. As fate would have it, my buddy had a longtime friend that was doing the same.  When I first met Jess, I knew there was something special about her. Not only being gorgeous, she was bright and had a magnificent personality. I figured a girl that great must have had all the boys on a hook. I tried flirting as best as I could, but wasn’t sure my efforts were noticed. The vacation ended, we exchanged numbers, and went back to school.   During the course of our college careers, we would talk for a few weeks, somehow fizzle out (probably mostly my fault) and for a while it would be quiet between us. Inevitably, I would get up the nerve to contact Jess again and we would start our tumultuous cycle over again  I’ll never forget during one of the times we were actually talking Jess was going to be in Memphis visiting family and coincidentally we were playing at The University of Memphis. I invited her to the game and was more nervous for that game than any other. I didn’t know if she’d actually show, but I turned around during the middle of the game and noticed her in the stands behind our bench. I had to point her out to a couple of my teammates that knew about her and show Jess off. I remember letting my parents know that Jess would be at the game and

couldn’t wait to introduce her to them, but alas we never connected after the game and once again we went back to our lives apart and once again quiet. It seemed that the distance would always be our downfall.      For whatever reason my mind always wandered back to Jess. When I had the opportunity to move back to Denver for a job, the first thing I wanted to do was reconnect with Jess.  I let her know that I was moving back and would love to reconnect. She didn’t feel the same way, telling me to leave her alone and not contact her again.  A few months went by and in that same bed I prayed when I was a teenager, prayed again for the right woman and it suddenly hit me that I already had met her and was given multiple chances. Fearing that I lost my opportunity I felt that I needed one more shot. I was persistent about getting in touch with Jess and finally wore her down to consider going out with me.  She wanted to get coffee, but I knew what “getting coffee” really meant, so I insisted on dinner. She agreed. Then another date, and another and all of a sudden things picked up and it finally seemed that this was going to happen.   Then I got an opportunity to pursue my dream working in collegiate athletics and once again there would be distance between us.  Bound and determined not to let this opportunity pass us by again we made the effort to be together no matter what.   I know for absolute certainty that Jess is the woman for me. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with her and share everything with her.  “I thank God each night and twice on Sunday” for the woman God has placed in my life.

Jess’ Story Timing has always seemed to get in our way. Throughout our lives we have passed each other at different points in our lives. For a short time, we went to the same middle school. Or in high school, I walked through several of his football meetings on my way to swim practice. However in college, I went to visit a close friend over Thanksgiving break and I was finally introduced to this carefree, charismatic guy with chocolate brown eyes named Kyle. At the time, I had a feeling there was something special about this guy, but once again the timing wasn’t right. I was going to school in Dallas, and he was in Tulsa and dating someone else. Over the following years, we hung out from time to time when we were both in Denver, and created lengthy texting bills. We struggled to make anything happen between us, but regardless, I always found myself thinking of those chocolate brown eyes and big smile. No guy could ever get to me like Kyle

could and he never escaped my thoughts… All of my bridesmaids can attest to this :) After 5 years, I thought “girl, you have got to get over this guy!” In an attempt to move on, I told Kyle to stop contacting me so we could find our separate paths. Of course, this seemed to  last only a few months. Until one day, Kyle finally got me to agree to go to dinner with him...then a date...and a 2nd... then a 3rd.  Next thing I knew we had FINALLY gotten our timing in sync and two days later he got the call to take him back to Tulsa…again.  There was no way I was going to let anything get in the way this time.  The next thing I know I am packing up my apartment and driving out to Tulsa, and the rest is history! Regardless of the ups and downs, I know for a fact that I am marrying the man that the Lord has created for me.  Kyle is my first love, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

Barbara Jean Grooms

Barbara Ann Johnson

Bride’s Babes “A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.” It is safe to say that I would not be the person I am today, or be where I am today if it weren’t for the amazing women that have chosen to walk through this life with me. I am forever grateful for the many memories (many of which we will take to the grave), words of wisdom and love, shoulders to cry on, and the endless moments of laughter.

Abby Gilbertson Matron of Honor I met Abby in swim lanes of the Littleton High School Lady Lionfish Swim team. We spent many hours soaking up the chlorine, enduring 2-a-day practices, and quoting Dumb and Dumber. After college, we spent a lot of time together at Rockies games, hiking, or goofing off. Abby has witnessed my and Kyle’s relationship from the beginning.  I don’t know what I would do without the many nights of talking over wine and her incredible friendship! 

Tiffany Pressler Maid of Honor I met Tiff Freshman year of college in the halls of our dorm; however, it wasn’t until Delta Gamma pledge ship that their friendship blossomed. Somehow, Tiff has the innate ability to keep me organized and always knowing the location of my purse. :) Whether we were cramming for French class, painting pink basketball for DG philanthropy or photo montaging, Tiff has been my sister from another mother.   I am so blessed that she has put up with me all these years, and is willing to walk by my side through this process.

Andrea Black Bridesmaid I first met Andrea during our Freshmen year in high school, and in the pool while swimming for the Lady Lionfish. Together, we have experienced everything from our most awkward years in high school to inside jokes from the early morning hours of our twenties to the misery of late night paper writing of finishing our Masters. If it weren’t for the encouragement from Andrea, I would not have been brave enough to take the giant leap of faith to move to Tulsa. I am so thankful for the love and support from this amazing lady!


Bride’s Ashley Rittenmeyer Bridesmaid

Ashley met Jess while unfortunately listening to Jess babble on and on during RUSH many years ago at the Delta Gamma house. I must have done something right because she pledged DG and soon became my Little Sis. We bonded over our love for Britney Spears and teenage television shows aka One Tree Hill. One of my fondest memories of Ashley was when she came to Denver to cheer me up after having surgery, and we travelled all over CO--one of my most memorable weekends. My life would be very different without her friendship. I am so excited that we get to now share the wedding process together!

Brennan Robertson Bridesmaid I first met Brennan while sharing a wall Freshmen year in the dorm rooms of SMU. Throughout the years, Bren and I were roommates in Dallas, and then in Denver after college. Somehow, we have always managed to live within a mile of each other until I moved to Tulsa. We have experienced so much of life together that it would be hard to name it all. When I first met Kyle, Brennan was the first one that I shared it with. We have experienced so much of life together that it would be hard to name it all. I have grown so much as a person thanks to our long, heart to heart chats and life adventures.

Lexie Jackson Bridesmaid I bonded with Lexie during Delta Gamma pledge ship at SMU. Most of my fondest college memories include Lexie and townhouse D on Normandy Street-my secondary residence in college. Whether we were participating in prank wars, spending late nights in her garage or going to Frisbee class on Thursday nights, Lexie has been such an amazing person in my life. We have shared many shenanigan-filled adventures from Austin to Colorado to Hawaii to Nashville. I am so blessed for her amazing friendship, and to have her by my side.


Babes Megan Freas Bridesmaid

I met Megan one night at the Cowboy Lounge over a cold beer. We instantly connected over what can only be described as non-sensical conversation. Since the moment I met Megan, she has taught me how to laugh at pretty much anything in life. Whether we are joking around about how she will protect me from a life with cats, participating in the most intense family Easter egg hunt, or witnessing her amazing dance moves, we are laughing the whole time. I miss this girl so much since she ran off to Melbourne. However, I am so blessed for her friendship and that she is willing to come home from Australia to be a part of my big day.

Sara Bjorkman Bridesmaid I met Sara through my dear friend Abby. Since I was looking for a roommate at the time, she recommended that I talk to Sara. The first day we met it felt like we had known each other for years. She is one of those people that no matter the distance, we have a way of knowing when we are thinking about the other. Though we only lived together for a year, it was one of the best years of my life filled with laughter, love and memories that I will never forget. I believe that Sara was brought into my life to help prepare my heart for Kyle. Sara’s unique perspective on life helped me to grow and discover who I want to be in life.

Sarah Evans Bridesmaid I met Sarah many moons ago in freshman geometry in high school as well as through swimming. We spent many Friday nights eating Panda Express after swim practice and watching movies—which she would fall asleep during the previews. Most of the time, we were jamming out to Shania Twain on our way to Regis High School for STARS practice, or being patient with me as I left her post it note telling her I wouldn’t be making it to morning practice. Even though Sarah has lived on the east coast since high school, we have remained close. Whenever I needed to hear the truth about a certain life situation, Sarah was always a phone call away, regardless of the time of night. I am so lucky to have this lady by my side. 11

Growing Up






Grooms’ Ron Grooms Best Man My dad is the best man I know. He’s not only a great father he’s my best friend. Pops is a great role model and a man that I want to be like when I grow up. Over the years, there have been so many fantastic memories from coaching my little teams to an incredible trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel, but the best memory I have is the routine my dad would start every season off with: Pops would say to the team, “gentlemen, this is a baseball.” I would respond, “whoa whoa whoa coach you’re going too fast.” My dad would always get such a kick out of that routine.

Brett Grooms Best Man My oldest brother Brett is a man that I have so much respect and admiration for. Brett was always the most responsible of the three.  Brett was very much like another father looking out for me growing up.  Brett is a man that is kind, compassionate, and has always done his best to protect his little brothers.  He is a man that can fix anything (he might break it first).  He could be one of the corniest people I’ve ever known, but I wouldn’t trade him for any other person in the world.  Brett is an amazing son, brother, husband, uncle and father and I hope to have that much success in my future.   

Todd Grooms Best Man Todd has always been the coolest guy I know. Growing up, I always wanted to tag along with Todd and his friends. Todd has always had so much passion and would do anything to protect the ones he loves. He has taught me so much about life and I have some of the best memories of when I’ve got to go to Vegas, golf, or go to any of his shows. I really got serious about football because of Todd. Todd had a lot of success in high school and got a chance to play in college, and growing up seeing that in my early teenage years really motivated me to strive to work hard and be persistent. Todd is such a great friend and brother and is an awesome husband and father. 16

Mantourage Payton Turner Groomsman Payton is Jessica’s favorite little brother, and soon to be my favorite little brother. I have really come to admire Payton, and have really been impressed with his vast movie quote knowledge. But the best part about Payton is his ability to make fun of Jess (and we make a pretty good team ganging up on her). All kidding aside, Payton is a good man that I can’t wait to get to know further.

Corey Heinz Groomsman Corey has been like a brother to me. Since we met at TU in 2005, there haven’t been many memorable events that haven’t involved Corey in some form or fashion.  Many people often thought that he was one of my roommates, but that’s never been the case.  I can see why though in college; Heinz spent a lot of time over at our house and was often responsible for organizing “small get-togethers with a FEW friends.” All kidding aside, there’s no other person I know that has as much loyalty to his friends and family than Corey Heinz.  I’ve been lucky to have a person that is a lifelong friend, that’s been there for all the ups and downs, and all the secrets and inside jokes.  

David Johnson Groomsman Dave is one of my very best friends in the world and have had some amazing memories with Dave. It all started with sharing an apartment one summer where neither of us had anything but a couple air mattresses and a Tiger Woods video game.  We spent most of the day after morning workouts trying to one up each other with fictional birdies and eagles.  Dave has been there for all the ups and downs and has played a strong role in my development as a Christian.  I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate, friend and teammate than old #5. 17

Grooms’ Bobby Barczyk Groomsman

I can thank (or blame) Corey Heinz for introducing me to Bobby. Bobby and Corey have been close friends ever since high school, and when I got to hang with Heinz back home, I got the chance to meet Bobby. We clicked instantly and I knew Bobby was as genuine as they come.  When I moved back to Colorado in 2010, that’s when Bobby and I started getting into trouble together.  Every time I would hang out with Bobby, I would have the time of my life.  Bobby has an innate ability to make people feel comfortable and have a good time.  No matter if we were going out downtown or playing flag football, I was always cracking up because of Bobby.  Our friendship was really solidified during the course of one amazing road trip back to Tulsa.  We decided to drive out on a whim over a weekend and there’s nothing like getting to know someone like spending 20 hours in a car with someone over the course of 4 days.  

Joe Murdy Groomsman Joe is my oldest friend and the man responsible for setting Jessica and me up. I have known Joe ever since little league football and even more in high school.  Joe was always there for a good time or someone to have a serious conversation with.  Joe is a man I have the so much respect for and someone that I am proud to call my friend.

Justin Morsey Groomsman If anyone can quote a movie or reenact ‘Super Troopers’ better than Justin, I’d love to meet that person. Justin is one of the funniest people I know and a person that is as honest and fun-loving as I know.  Justin and I were roommates in college and developed our relationship over watching various classics such as ‘Super Troopers’ and ‘Grandma’s Boy.’  We would even discuss the latest updates on “whatever happened to Michael Keaton?”  Justin is the only person I know that can have a conversation using only movie quotes and understand each other completely.   18

Mantourage Tyler Carlton Groomsman Brother TC is a person that I can always count on for a good laugh or some motivation. TC is truly a genuine and caring guy that I have been fortunate enough to get to know throughout college and remain close with during our careers.  Tyler is one of those guys that can talk about anything, from football to golf to politics to making fun of our buddies.  He’s also a guy that i respect for his ability to take a joke and am astonished by his diet of pizza rolls and corn dogs w/ mayo.  

Zak Bigelow Groomsman I have only known Biggs for a short time, but has become a very close and loyal friend. I met Biggs when I came back to Tulsa and he was a GA.  Biggs is not only the smartest guy in the room, but he is also the hardest worker there is.  I really admire his passion for everything he does and his commitment to excelling at everything.  I know that he will be a longtime friend and someone that will be a great success. 


Grooms’ Gals These special little girls are Kyle’s nieces. They have both Jess and Kyle wrapped around their precious little fingers.

Emmeri Grooms - Mini-maid

Andee Grooms - Mini-maid

Rylnn Grooms - Flower girl

Colette Grooms - Flower girl


Ushers Wade Whitlow Usher The big guy is another former roommate that I will have a lasting friendship with. Wade is the type of guy everybody who meets him feels comfortable around. I have so many great memories with Wade; as former roommates we constantly harrassed Dave talking about fronts and coverages, playing guitar hero, bothering the other roommates before their mat drills, tough classes, and Mexico adventures. I know there will be many more with my bud. He is also a phenominal dancer; Wade is certainly someone who won’t let the music stop.

Joey Kieval Usher

Some know him as Joey, I know him as Sgt. Slaughter. Joey is the kind of guy that you just can’t help but have a good time around. He has the ability to turn any situation into a fun and lively party. Joey was part of the crew at TU and was one of those guys that you always had to keep an eye on.

Brady Walz Usher Brady is another guy that has become a lifelong friend. I have only known Brady for a short time, but he is as honest as they come. I really admire Brady’s ability to be comfortable in any situation and the confidence he has in himself.




Glory Days


Growing Up




Fun Facts • The number 4 is important to Jess and Kyle: both birthdays are on the 4th of the month, their anniversary is on the 4th of July, the wedding is in the 4th month • Kyle is wearing the “spectator” style shoe in honor of Jess’ grandfather, who wore that style at his wedding • The first college football game Kyle played in was at SMU, where Jess was going to school • Jess is an accomplished competitive swimmer, Kyle can barely stay afloat • Jess used to walk through Kyle’s high school football meetings on her way to swim practice • Jess and Kyle both went to Denver Christian at the same time, but did not know each other • The biscuit bar at the reception is a tribute to Jess’ grandmother and her favorite breakfast treat • Jess and Kyle’s favorite band is O.A.R. • Purple is Kyle’s mom’s favorite color, it was also the color in Todd and Kaye’s wedding (Kyle’s brother) • Cy Finnerty, longtime family friend of the Grooms’, who is officiating the wedding, also officiated Todd and Kaye’s wedding • Jess’ “something old” is the diamond in the necklace that Jess is wearing, which also belonged to Jess’ grandmother • Jess’ “something borrowed” is the veil, from Jess’ friend Lauren, from Nashville • Jess’ “something new” is the dress and shoes • Jess’ “something blue” is the sapphire in Jess’ bouquet 26



Jess Turner and Kyle Grooms Wedding Program  

Jess Turner and Kyle Grooms Wedding Program