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JUNE 2012

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Corporate Office 700 N.W. 7th Street OfficeOffice Corporate Corporate OfficeCorporate Oklahoma City, OK 73102 7007th N.W. 7th Street 700Street N.W. Street 700 N.W. 7th Oklahoma City, OK 73102 City, OK 73102 OklahomaOklahoma City, OK 73102

Referrals: 405.609.3600 Toll Free: 888.898.2080 Referrals: 405.609.3600 Referrals: 405.609.3600 Referrals: 405.609.3600 Toll 888.898.2080 Free: 888.898.2080 Toll Free: Toll Free: 888.898.2080

Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

Valir Physical Therapy has multiple outpatient therapy clinics located throughout the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas to better meet the needs of our patients. Our therapists are highly specialized in rehabilitation and use compassion, Valircommitment, Physical Therapy haslatest multiple outpatient therapy clinics throughout the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding Valir Physical Therapy has multiple outpatient therapy clinics locatedlocated throughout the City Oklahoma City and in surrounding Valir Physical Therapy has multiple outpatient therapy clinics located the Oklahoma metro and surrounding and the research to guide theirthroughout patients through the recovery process. Wemetro specialize returning function areas to better meet the needs of our patients. Our therapists are highly specialized in rehabilitation and use compassion, areasmeet to better meet the needs of our patients. Our therapists are highly specialized in rehabilitation and use compassion, areas to better the needs of our patients. Our therapists are highly specialized in rehabilitation and use compassion, to patients with injuries related to general orthopedics (pre- and post-operative), joint replacements, spine injuries, balance/ and the latest research to their guide their patients through the recovery process. We specialize in returning function commitment, andresearch the latest research to guide patients the recovery Weinspecialize infunction returning function commitment, andcommitment, thestrength latest to guide their patients through thethrough recovery process. Weprocess. specialize returning deficits, and sports medicine injuries. Office Referrals: 405.609.3600 to patients withtoinjuries to general (pre-post-operative), andjoint post-operative), joint replacements, spine injuries, balance/ patients with injuries relatedrelated toCorporate general orthopedics (pre- and joint replacements, spine injuries, balance/ to patients to with injuries related general orthopedics (pre-orthopedics and post-operative), replacements, spine injuries, balance/ 700 N.W. 7th Street strength deficits, andinjuries. sports medicine injuries. Mustang strength deficits, and sports medicine injuries. PurcellToll Free: 888.898.2080 Altus strength deficits, and sports medicine

Oklahoma City, OK 73102 549 N. Mustang Road 1907 S. Green Ave. 301 E. Broadway Mustang, OK 73064 Purcell, OK 73080 Altus, OK 73521 Mustang Altus Altus Mustang Purcell Purcell Mustang Purcell Altus 376-3535 (405) 527-3524 477-3305 549(405) N. Mustang Road 1907 S.Ave. Green Ave. 301 (580) E. Broadway 301 E. Broadway 549 N. Mustang Road 1907 S. Green 549 N. Mustang Road 1907 S. Green Ave. 301 E. Broadway 376-3583 (405) 527-3536 (580) 477-2423 fax OK 73064fax Purcell, OK 73080 fax OK 73521 Altus, OKAltus, 73521 Mustang,Mustang, OK(405) 73064 Purcell, OK 73080 Mustang, OK 73064 Purcell, OK 73080 Altus, OK 73521 Manager: Travis Calton, Samerand Zantout, MPT, FAAOMPT, OCS Manager: Dustin Burrow, PT (405)Therapy (405)outpatient 376-3535 therapy (405)Manager: 527-3524 (580) 477-3305 (405) 376-3535 Valir Physical has multiple clinicsDPT located the527-3524 Oklahoma City metro surrounding 376-3535 (405)throughout 527-3524(405) (580) 477-3305(580) 477-3305 (405) 376-3583 faxOur therapists are (405) 527-3536 fax (580) 477-2423 fax fax (405) 376-3583 fax (405) fax areas to better meet the needs of our patients. highly specialized in rehabilitation and use compassion, (405) 376-3583 fax (405) 527-3536 fax 527-3536 (580) 477-2423(580) fax 477-2423 Manager: Travis Calton, DPTthroughManager: Manager: Samer MPT, FAAOMPT, OCS Manager: Dustin PT Burrow, PT Manager: Dustin Manager: Travis Calton, DPT Manager: Samer Zantout, MPT, OCS commitment, and theTravis latest research to guide their patients the recovery process. We specialize in Zantout, returning function Manager: Calton, DPT Samer Zantout, MPT, FAAOMPT, OCSFAAOMPT, Manager: Dustin Burrow, PT Burrow, to patients with injuries related to general orthopedics (pre- and post-operative), joint replacements, spine injuries, balance/ Duncan Norman Shawnee strength deficits, and sports medicine injuries. 1507 Brookwood Ave. 708 24th Avenue NW, Ste. 100 3306 N. Kickapoo, Ste. 200 Duncan, OK 73533 Altus Norman, OK 73069 Shawnee, OK 74804 Mustang Purcell Shawnee NormanNorman Shawnee DuncanDuncan Duncan Norman Shawnee 301 E. Broadway 549 Mustang 1907 S. Ave. 252-9159 (405) (405) 214-9808 1507(580) Brookwood Ave. 708 24th 321-5969 Avenue Ste. Road 100 3306 N.Green Kickapoo, 708NW, 24thSte. Avenue NW, Ste.N.NW, 100 3306Ste. N. Kickapoo, Ste. 200 Ste. 200 1507 Brookwood Ave. 1507 Brookwood Ave. 708 24th Avenue 100 3306 N. Kickapoo, 200 Altus, OK 73521 Mustang, OK 73064 Purcell, OK214-9389 73080 (580)OK 255-2158 321-5967 fax (405) fax 73533 fax (580) 477-3305 OK 73069 Shawnee, OK 74804 Norman,Norman, OK(405) 73069 Shawnee, OK 74804 Duncan,Duncan, OK 73533 Duncan, OK 73533 Norman, OK 73069 Shawnee, OK 74804 (405) 376-3535 (405) 527-3524 Manager: Doug Soell, MPT, OCSfax David Haynes MS, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, Manager: Scott Howard, PT (580) 252-9159 (405) Manager: 321-5969 (405) 214-9808 (580) 477-2423 (405) 376-3583 fax (405) 527-3536 fax (580) 252-9159(580) 252-9159 (405) 321-5969(405) 321-5969 (405) 214-9808(405) 214-9808 Cert. MDT Manager: (405) Dustin 321-5967 Burrow, PT(405) Manager: Travis Calton, DPT Manager: Zantout, MPT, FAAOMPT, OCS (580) 255-2158 fax (405) 321-5967 fax (405) 214-9389 fax fax Samerfax fax (580) 255-2158(580) fax 255-2158 fax 321-5967 (405) 214-9389(405) fax 214-9389 Manager: Doug Soell, MPT, OCS Manager: David Manager: David Haynes MS, OCS, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, Manager: Scott Howard, PT Manager: David MS, PT, SCS, ATC, Manager: Scott PT Manager: Doug MPT, OCS Manager: Doug Soell, MPT, OCSSoell, Haynes MS, PT,Haynes SCS, OCS, ATC, Manager: Scott Howard, PT Howard, Cert. MDT Cert. MDT Cert. MDT Edmond OKC Hefner Pointe Yukon (inside Crosstrainers) Shawnee Duncan Norman 1425 S. Santa Fe Ave., 1507 Ste. Brookwood E 10914 Hefner Pointe Dr.,NW, Ste. 204 1091 S. Cornwell 708 24th Avenue Ste. 100 3306 N. Kickapoo, Ste. 200 Ave. Shawnee, OK 74804 Duncan, OK 73533 Norman, OK 73069 Edmond, OK 73003 City, OK 73120 Yukon, OK 73099 OKCOklahoma Hefner Pointe Yukon (inside Crosstrainers) EdmondEdmond OKC Hefner Pointe (inside Crosstrainers) Edmond OKC Hefner Pointe Yukon (inside Yukon Crosstrainers) (405) 321-5969 (405) 214-9808 (580) 252-9159 (405) 285-8845 (405) 749-6720 (405) 354-6698 1425 Fe Ave., E 255-2158 10914 Hefner Pointe Dr., Ste. 1091 S. Cornwell 1425 S. Ste. Santa FeSanta Ave., Ste. E Ste.(580) 10914 Dr., Hefner Dr., Ste. 204 1091 S. Cornwell 1425 S. Santa Fe Ave., E S. 10914 Ste.Pointe 204 fax Hefner Pointe (405) 321-5967 fax 204 1091 S. Cornwell (405) 214-9389 fax 285-8848 (405)OK 749-1066 (405)OK 354-6609 fax OK 73003 fax Oklahoma City, OK fax 73120 Yukon, 73099 Manager: Scott Howard, PT Manager: Oklahoma Doug Soell, MPT, OCS Manager: David Haynes MS, PT, SCS, OCS, ATC, Edmond,Edmond, OK(405) 73003 Oklahoma City, 73120 Yukon, OK 73099 Yukon, OK 73099 Edmond, OK 73003 City, OK 73120 Manager: Clint Lawrence, PT Manager: Mandy Garrison, PT Manager: Mark Palmer, PT, OCS Cert. MDT354-6698 (405) 285-8845 (405) 749-6720 (405) 354-6698 (405) 285-8845 (405) 749-6720 (405) (405) 354-6698 (405) 285-8845 (405) 749-6720 (405) 285-8848 fax (405) 749-1066 fax (405) 354-6609 fax fax fax fax (405) 354-6609(405) fax 354-6609 (405) 285-8848(405) fax 285-8848 (405) 749-1066(405) fax 749-1066 (inside Crosstrainers) OKC Hefner Yukon Manager: Clint Lawrence, PT Manager: Mandy Garrison, Manager: Mark PT, Palmer, Clint PT Edmond Manager: Mandy PTPointe PT Manager: Mark Palmer, OCS PT, OCS Manager: Mark Palmer, PT, OCS Manager: ClintManager: Lawrence, PT Lawrence, Manager: Mandy Garrison, PT Garrison,

Physical Therapy

1425 S. Santa Fe Ave., Ste. E

(405) 293-6138

1091 S. Cornwell Yukon, OK 73099 (405) 354-6698 (405) 354-6609 fax Manager: Mark Palmer, PT, OCS

10914 Hefner Pointe Dr., Ste. 204

Guthrie OKC Midtown Edmond, OK 73003 Oklahoma City, OK 73120 (405)St. 749-6720 (405) 721 N.W. 6th 1726 S. Division St., Ste. A 285-8845 fax Guthrie, OK 73044 (405) 285-8848 fax Oklahoma(405) City,749-1066 OK 73102 Guthrie OKC Midtown Guthrie OKC Midtown Manager: Clint Lawrence, PT Manager: Mandy Garrison, PT Guthrie OKC Midtown (405) 293-6138 (405) 553-1501 1726 S. Division St., Ste. A 721 N.W. 6th St. 721 N.W. 6th St. 1726 S. Division St., Ste. A 1726 S. Division St., Ste. A (405) 293-6252 fax 721 N.W. 6th St. (405) 553-1003 fax OK 73044 Oklahoma OK 73102 Guthrie, Guthrie, OK 73044 City, OK City, 73102 Guthrie, OK 73044 Oklahoma City,Oklahoma OK 73102 Manager: Jay Wheat, MPT, OCS Manager: David Miller, PT (405) 293-6138 (405) Guthrie OKC Midtown (405) 293-6138(405) 293-6138 (405) 553-1501(405) 553-1501553-1501 1726 S. Division St.,553-1003 Ste. A N.W. 6th St. (405) 293-6252 fax (405) 553-1003 fax (405) fax 721fax (405) 293-6252(405) fax 293-6252 (405) fax 553-1003 Guthrie, Oklahoma City, PT OK 73102 Manager: JayMPT, Wheat, MPT, OCSOK 73044 David Manager: JayOCS Wheat, OCS Manager: PTMiller, Manager: Jay Wheat, MPT, Manager: David Miller,Manager: PTDavid Miller, (405) 553-1501



Physical Therapy (405) 293-6252 fax (405) 553-1003 fax Midwest City OKC South SERVICES AVAILABLE Manager: David Miller, PT Manager: Jay Wheat, MPT, OCS 7005 SE 15th St., Ste. 200 8409 S. Western Aquatic Therapy Oklahoma City, OK 73139 Midwest City, OK 73110 Physical Therapy OKC South City Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy City Midwest City MidwestMidwest OKC South OKC South (405) 610-2488 (405) 616-0113 Hand Therapy 7005 SE 15th St., Ste. 200 8409 S. Western 7005 SE 15th St., Ste. 200 8409 S. Western Physical Therapy 7005 SE 15th St., Ste. 200 (405) 610-2484 fax Midwest City 8409 S. Western OKC South (405) 616-0116 fax Aquatic Therapy Aquatic TherapyAquatic Therapy St., Ste. 200 City,Oklahoma 8409 S. Western City, OK 73110 7005 SE 15thOklahoma Oklahoma OK 73139 Midwest City, OK 73110 City, OK City, 73139 Midwest City, OK 73110Midwest OK 73139 Manager: Jason Keltner, PT, ATC, OCS Manager: Eric Browning, MPT, OCS Aquatic Therapy Occupational Therapy Oklahoma City, OK 73139 Midwest City, OK 73110 (405) 616-0113 (405) 610-2488 (405) 610-2488(405) 610-2488 (405) 616-0113(405) 616-0113 Hand Therapy (405) 610-2488 (405) 616-0113 Hand Therapy Hand Therapy Hand Therapy (405) 610-2484 fax (405) 616-0116 fax616-0116 fax fax fax (405) (405) 610-2484(405) fax 610-2484 (405) fax 616-0116 (405) 610-2484 fax 616-0116(405) Speech Therapy Manager: Eric Browning, MPT, OCS Manager: Jason Keltner, PT, ATC,PT, OCS Eric Browning, MPT, OCS Manager: Jason Keltner, PT, ATC, Manager: Eric Browning, MPT, OCS Manager: JasonOCS Keltner, ATC, OCS Manager: Eric Manager: Browning, MPT, OCS Manager: Jason Keltner, PT, ATC, OCS Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

WorkSTEPS Speech Therapy Speech Therapy Speech Therapy Speech Therapy INSURANCE CONTRACTS Functional Capacity Evaluations WorkSTEPS WorkSTEPS WorkSTEPS WorkSTEPS Blue Cross Blue Shield Coventry Medicare Horizons INSURANCE CONTRACTS Functional Capacity Evaluations Pre-Employment / Post-Offer Screens Beech Street (First Health, Mail CONTRACTS MultiPlanMedicare / PHCS Preferred Community BlueINSURANCE Cross BlueINSURANCE Shield CCN, Coventry Horizons CONTRACTS Functional Capacity Evaluations Functional Capacity Evaluations INSURANCE CONTRACTS Functional Capacity Evaluations Pre-Employment / Post-Offer Screens Handlers, PPO Oklahoma) Choice Bluelincs HMO Health/NetBeech Street (First Health, CCN,Oklahoma Mail MultiPlan PHCS Preferred Community Ergonomics / Job-Site Analysis Blue Cross Blue Shield Coventry Medicare Horizons Cross Blue Shield Coventry Medicare Horizons Blue Cross BlueBlue Shield Coventry Medicare Horizons PPO Oklahoma) Choice Oklahoma Health NetBluelincs HMO Health Choice Handlers, work (OHN) Sterling Cigna Ergonomics Analysis Pre-Employment / Post-Offer // Job-Site Post-Offer Screens Screens Pre-EmploymentPre-Employment / Post-Offer Screens Beech(First Street (FirstCCN, Health, CCN, Mail MultiPlan / PHCS Preferred Community Health Choice work (OHN) Sterling (First Health, Mail MultiPlan / PHCS Preferred Community Cigna Beech Street Beech Street Health, CCN, Mail MultiPlan / PHCS Preferred Community Humana / Choice Care OSMA / PLICO Tricare / Champus Community Care HMO Vestibular Rehabiliation Humana / Choice Care OSMA Net/ PLICO Community Care HMOOklahoma) Handlers, PPO Vestibular Rehabiliation HMO PPO Oklahoma) Oklahoma Health Handlers, PPO Oklahoma Oklahoma) Choice ChoiceTricare / Champus HMOHandlers, Oklahoma Health NetChoice Bluelincs HMOBluelincsBluelincs Health NetHumana Veterans PPO USA / GEHA / GEHA United Healthcare Ergonomics Job-Site Analysis CompChoice Ergonomics / Job-Site/Analysis Ergonomics / Job-Site Analysis Humana Veterans CompChoice JUNE 2012 VYPEOK.COM Health Choice work Sterling (OHN) PPO USASterling SterlingUnited Healthcare Health Choice work (OHN) Cigna Cigna Health Choice work (OHN) Cigna Drug Screens Drug Screens PacificarePacificare / Secure/ Secure Workers’ Compensation Medicaid Workers’ Compensation CorVel Medicaid CorVel /Care Choice Care OSMATricare / PLICO / Champus Care HMO Humana / Choice OSMA / PLICO Tricare / Tricare Champus Community Care HMO Humana / Choice Care Humana OSMA / PLICO / Champus Vestibular Rehabiliation Community Care HMOCommunity Vestibular Rehabiliation Vestibular Rehabiliation


USA / GEHA United Healthcare CompChoice HumanaHumana Veterans PPO USAPPO / GEHA United Healthcare Humana Veterans PPOVeterans USA / GEHA United Healthcare CompChoice CompChoice



Pregame A letter from Brad Heath

12 | Edmond Section If you're looking for news and notes on Edmond schools then look no further than VYPE Magazine. Who signed their letter of intent and what junior is picking up offers from Division I schools to play quarterback? And check out the Edmond North wrestling team!

20 | Signing Day

Student athletes statewide signed their letters of intent to play at the next level. Find out where they are going and what college they decided to take their talents too in the most comprehensive signings list in print.

26 | OSSAA & 6A Football With two plans on the table for the Class 6A teams to vote on, VYPE's heavy hitters weigh in with their opinions on 6A football and what if anything should be done with the enrollment question.

Swimming Is My New Favorite! Not that it’s really possible to have a “favorite” when you’re in the business of reporting on all sports, but have you noticed some of the great competitions we’re seeing statewide? Swimmers work extremely hard at their craft and deserve more recognition for their efforts. We have it this month. The cover features four of the top swimmers in the state, but inside you’ll find a preview of what’s to come at the state meet. Can’t leave out basketball and wrestling. Both sports are wrapping up great season and we’re there to cover it all. Who are the favorites and who are true contenders? We can answer that! With the OSSAA attempting to tackle the enrollment issue facing the state’s largest class in football, two plans have been laid out for members to vote on. VYPE breaks down the options and weighs in on with expert opinions concerning the hottest question in Oklahoma high school football.

I would like to personally thank the sponsors of VYPE Magazine. Your support for these kids and communities is unlike anything we find today. Thank you for all that you do.

Follow VYPE on twitter @VYPEOK or follow me @BradHeath72. And don’t forget to nominate your student athlete for the FCA Award, TTCU Academic Athlete and the Mazzios Award by emailing us at See you at the game!

Brad Heath VYPE Oklahoma Editorial Director

32 | State Basketball Preview

Who are the favorites and who are the contenders? VYPE's Lynn Jacobsen breaks down the basketball playoff picture and who could surprise you this season. From Class 6A to Class B, we've got you covered.

Trinity Media Group, LLC 6737 S. 85th E. Ave. • Tulsa, OK 74133 All rights reserved. Publisher Austin Chadwick Partner/Editorial Director Brad Heath Partner/Director of Operations Rod Coulter

43 | Tsunami Warning

Swimming takes center stage this month as the state meet looms heavy on the minds of the competitors. Is it East vs. West this season? Is there a team from the West looking to claim the title? Find out this issue!

Next Issue... The All-VYPE Winter teams are announced and be break down the finals of the winter sports.

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JUNE 2012





Let us know what we’re doing right or what we need to do better. We love to hear from readers. Or if you have an event, a team or an athlete we need to cover, give us the heads-up. Send your comments to —Brad Heath, Editor Midwest City wasn’t the biggest school in Class 6A, but they got the job done because they had players and coaches that refuse to give up. Jenks and Union just have it figured out. Stop crying, suck it up and whip their tails like them boy’s from Midwest City did. Thank you. Ronald S. Midwest City, OK

Editor’s Note: Usually I would steer clear on this one, but you said please. Ronald I do believe the OSSAA will come out with a plan soon. Will that fix the issue…I couldn't say, but it’s a step in a direction. Not sure if it’s the right direction or the wrong direction. Time will tell.

Elite 8 Good work on the Elite 8 team and article. I was surprised on a couple of the selections, but overall it’s a solid team. Maybe expend it to 8 boy’s and 8 girl’s next year! Thanks for covering these fine young men and women. Iris K. Oklahoma City, OK

7A Football 8

Please print this in your magazine. I want to know how many people can remember 1994 and 1995? VYPEOK.COM



Blake Griffin I’m pretty sure we know where Blake Griffin is. Thanks. Nate P. Norman, OK

Fellowship of Christian Athletes I love the articles you guys do on kids that are involved in the FCA. How do I nominate a player from our school?

Jill D. Edmond, OK

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the email Jill. You can send your nominations to Oklahoma@ and include a photo if you have one. We can conduct an interview with the student athlete by phone so provide a contact number as well. Thanks!

Making the Rounds I was in Tulsa and picked up a copy of your magazine and noticed you had a story on a boxer from Owasso. We have several kids that box and do MMA in OKC. I think it would be really cool to have a story on these high school athletes who don’t play regular sports. Montrell J. Oklahoma City, OK

Editor’s Note: We’re always looking for interesting stories. Shoot us an email at Oklahoma@ with the details

News and Reports VYPE should take over doing the stats for basketball season. There is no place to go to see stats anymore. John G. Norman, OK

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405364-7500 364-7500 405

all accepted all major majorcredit creditcards cards accepted

800 800781-2244 781-2244



6A Enrollment?

When discussing football in Oklahoma, is 6A reform a good idea or bad idea?

Mark Rodgers Co-Publisher

@ M a r k RS p o rt s

Class 7A is a bad idea! There is no easy answer, and maybe no answer at all, for the differential in student population at the very top of Class 6A and the bottom. Essentially, we are talking about three schools with an enrollment over 3,000 (Broken Arrow, Union and Jenks). Broken Arrow has 1,700 more students than the 4th largest school in Oklahoma. The difference between Owasso at #4 and Booker T. Washington at 32 is only 1,200 students. So, splitting the class up into large and small divisions changes absolutely nothing. The real discrepancy is between the top three and the bottom 29. If you took the largest eight schools and put them into a bracket, there is still a huge gap between the eighth largest school and the third.

It is impossible to ignore the advantage gained by having a student body 3x bigger than your competition in any class. In my opinion, this is not the determining factor in winning state titles. Broken Arrow has 33% more students than Jenks, yet has rarely defeated the Trojans on the gridiron and has yet to win a state football title. And while Jenks and Union have won every football championship since 1996, they are not dominating all the other sports. There have been six different schools win the last eight 6A basketball championships. The 2012 Union team was the only won to be

in the top ten of the enrollment numbers. Memorial won a 6A title and now is the 39th largest school in the state. Putnam City won three during that eight year span and currently ranks 15th.

Edmond North has dominated golf and there isn't a clamoring by the golf crowd to come up with another class. A bigger reason for their dominance in football can be explained by the resources provided by the districts, coaching staffs, facilities and the dedication to development in lower grade levels. And elite coaching MUST be factored in. Bill Blankenship, Allan Trimble and now Kirk Fridrich are at the top of their profession. Blankenship has transcended from the High School level to win a conference championship at the NCAA Division-I level. Just like the rampant success enjoyed by Mike Lee in Clinton and Larry McBroom in Ada. Great community resources, tradition and consistency throughout the lower grade levels wins! Those factors far outweigh enrollment in my opinion. And just like in all cycles, the dominance of these schools will come to an end, but not before other teams in 6A find the coaches and the organization to reach the level of the eastern bloc superpowers. FEBRUARY 2013




Edmond Area

News and Notes

Edmond Area athletes take their game to the next level.

Kyle Stephens Edmond Area Students Sign Letters of Intent Signing day is a big day in the lives of student athletes who decide to play their sport at the next level. For many it’s the biggest decision of their young lives. Edmond North’s Kyle Stephens realized his dream of playing

baseball for the Sooners. Stephens is named to the VYPE Top 50 baseball players in the state. Stephens is joined by other Edmond North athletes including football players Sam Brown, Brandon Garrett, Brock Byford, Luke Hoskins, Heath Newland, Jerech Page, Kaleb Prough, Robert Secrets, boy’s and girl’s golf-Eli Armstrong, Jordyn Altenburg and Allison Sell, girl’s soccerCourtney Dike, Avery Sanderson, softball players-Jordan Dixon, Abby Taliaferro, boy’s and girl’s tennis-Ann Pepper and Nate Roper, volleyball players-Allison Barr and Allison Carr.

Edmond Memorial Basketball Sends Two To Next Level – Volleyball Sends Three Shaquille Morris and Jordan

Deer Creek quarterback Joel Blumenthal passed for 2,456 yards and 32 touchdowns this season and has chose to attend Butler Community College in Kansas next fall. Other Deer Creek athletes that signed letters of intent include girl’s soccer player Sophia Brazil, girl’s golfer Caroline Goodin, and football players Brandon Wackerly, Kooper Ruminer, Jared Rayburn, Brennan Miyake, Austin Loomis and Tyler Follis.

Austin Loomis

104 E. 5TH STREET EDMOND, OK 73034 - 405-359-3136


F EJ B .COM UR N UE A2R0Y1 22 0 1V3Y |P EV OY PK E. COOKM 13 13


Woodard signed their letters of intent to play basketball at the next level in a ceremony held at the school. Morris signed with Wichita State and Woodard signed with the University of Oklahoma.

The Edmond Memorial volleyball team was good for a reason. Three players off the 31-5 team are going to the next level. Setter Lindsey Roy will play for Southwest Baptist, outside hitter McKenna Qualls is headed to Oral Roberts and outside hitter Kristen Macy will take her talents to Oklahoma City University. Santa Fe Soccer Player Headed Out of State-Way Out of State

Austin Place, a standout soccer player for the Wolves, is taking his game to the University of Buffalo. Last season Place helped the Wolves to an 11-4 season in district 1 play. The Bulls are coached by Stu Riddle who enters his first season has head coach at Buffalo. From Santa Fe High School to the University of Buffalo it’s 1,243 miles (depending on the route). Hansen Receives Offer From OU & Texas A&M The biggest recruit of the 2014 class Justice Hansen recently received offers from the University of Oklahoma and Texas A&M. The VYPE Top 100 quarterback got the scholarship offer from OU during junior day on campus. Hansen had no comment about his offer from OU and Texas A&M or several other schools including Arkansas, Arizona State and Missouri. According to The Oklahoman in an article on Feb, 2nd, 2013 by Jason Kersey his father Dusty Hansen played baseball at OU in the ‘90’s. 14




Justice Hansen

A victory every time.

Edmond Area: Team of the Month Powered By:

RCB Bank is proud to support our OCS football state champs and thrilled to offer great products and high-tech solutions. We’ll provide you with a winning combination. Stop by and see us. 30 locations and in Edmond at 909 W. Edmond Road

Edmond NORTH Wrestling

Andrew Dixon

106- Jordan Prince 113- Cy Trindle 120- Jordan Armstrong 126- Josh Breece 132- Matt Durham 138- Trevor Pettyjohn 145- Reggie Dunn 152- Bryan Creel 160- Dakota Zickefoose 170- Derek White

182- Lance Dixon 195- Joel Dixon 220- Andrew Dixon 285- Nolan Malloy Head Coach: Andy Schneider Assistant Coaches: Rick Bollenbach, Justin Rosen, Jason Vincens

Taylor Perry

Carl Albert High School How long have you been involved in FCA? I have been involved with this ministry since my sophomore year. Who influenced you to join? My best friend’s sister Ashley, influenced me to join this ministry.

How has FCA made an impact in your life on the field and off the field? It has made it impact in my life by being a football manager and praying with the team for Coach Corley everyday. It showed me to have faith through the power of prayer. When Coach Corley was given the news that he was cancer free, it was amazing to look back and see, before our eyes come that prayers were answered. How has your beliefs helped you as an athlete? This ministry has helped me and my beliefs by knowing that God’s timing is perfect. Even when are football team was facing many obstacles, we knew to keep our focus on God, in we could get through anything. What is your favorite bible verse and why? My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10. We said this verse every single day at practice and it was a daily reminder that God is always with me. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

How have you used your beliefs or your association in FCA to help others or spread the word? Being heavily involved with FCA at Carl Albert has helped me realize that I am NOT alone in my walk with God. Also, being surrounded by my peers at FCA give me hope that our generation can make a difference, not only in school but in the community too!


JUNE 2012




Oklahoma Athletes sign letters of intent during the national signing day of February 6th. BASEBALL Blake Battenfield, Verdigris (OSU) Austin Billiot, Mustang (Northern) Jacob Boggess, Piedmont (Seminole State) Tyler Bowden, Muskogee (S. Arkansas) Trey Cobb, Broken Arrow (OSU) Bryce Davenport, Jay (NSU) Jonathan Denney, Yukon (Arkansas) Logan Downing, Vinita (Ark. Ft. Smith) Connor Drake, Metro Christian (NE Texas) Tre Edwards, Southmoore (Arkansas) Garrett Fisher, Tuttle (Stephen F. Austin) Garrett Foster, Plainview (OCU) Chris Gibbons, Mustang (Butler) Spenser Gill, Booker T. Washington (OCU) Ty Gunter, Coweta (NEO) Jordan Harris, Union (Eastern) John Hassell, Bishop Kelley (Holy Cross) Thomas Hatch, Jenks (OSU) Ryan Helsley, Tahlequah Sequoyah (NSU) Bryant Hodge, Christian Heritage (OU) Zach Jackson, Berryhill (Arkansas)

Jordan Evans - Norman North

Cameron Knight, Westmoore (Butler) Kyle Knight, Caney Valley (Eastern) Peyton Laing, Owasso (Fort Scott) Grant Maxey, Jenks (Central Arkansas) Blake McCarty, Owasso (Evangel) Nolan McCutcheon, Glenpool (Arkansas) Trey Michalczewski, Jenks (OU) Austin O’Brien, Owasso (Fort Scott) Preston Olmstead, Owasso (Eastern) Tim Perkins, Shawnee (UCO) Andrew Rosa, Owasso (OSU) Gibson Russ, Grove (Butler) Matthew Salamon, Owasso (Coffeyville) Tyler Sherwood, Colinsville (Oklahoma Wesleyan) Clint Smith, Collinsville (Oklahoma Wesleyan) Kyle Stephens, Edmond North (OU) Cory Stiefel, Jay (NEO) Clayton Stoup, Navajo (Dodge City) Kyler Stout, Union (Seminole) James Teague, Bartlesville (Arkansas) Teigen Tieperman, Owasso (Eastern)

Solving Tulsa’s Water Problems Since 1946






Stanvon Taylor - East Central

I’mani Davis, Union (Tennessee State) Christina Devers, Bixby (Central Arkansas) Jordan Gorham, Perkins-Tryon (Ok Christian) Correy Moyer, Verdigris (Texas St.) Stevi Parker, Bixby (Tulsa) Bria Pitts, East Central (Arkansas) Liesl Spoerl, Cascia Hall (Tulsa) Kalya Tucker, Southmoore (Alabama St.) Jessica Washington, Jenks (North Carolina) Alexus Wilson, Muskogee (ORU) Paige Wilson, Bartlesville (Drury) Micaela Yu, Shawnee (NWOSU)

Dalton Rodriguez - Union

BOYS TRACK/CROSS COUNTRY Taylor Flemming, Bethany (Trevecca Nazarene) Noah Gabe, Stillwater (OSU) Matthew Giudice II, Edmond Santa Fe (Hastings) Sam Stephen, Bishop Kelley (Pittsburg State)

Karter Woodruff, Tahlequah Sequoyah (NSU) Cody Ziegler, Broken Arrow (Rogers State)

BOYS BASKETBALL Thomas Bacon, Kiefer (Tabor) Stephen Clark, Douglass (OSU) Jakob Hartsock, Bartlesville (BYU) Jordan Hill, Ft. Gibson (Oklahoma Baptist) John Moon, Crescent (Oklahoma Christian) Shaquille Morris, Edmond Memorial (Wichita St.) Zach Norris, Coweta (Oklahoma Christian) Juwan Parker, Booker T. Washington (Georgia) Tim Smallwood, Victory Christian (Central Arkansas) Jordan Woodard, Edmond Memorial (OU) GIRLS BASKETBALL Marley Anderson, Snyder (UCO) Lakota Beatty, Anadarko (OSU) Gioya Carter, Carl Albert (OU)

Stevie Clark - Douglass

GIRLS TRACK/CROSS COUNTRY Bailey Collier, Bixby (Southwestern) Abby Green, Glenpool (Arkansas-Little Rock) Jessica Hembre, Talequah (OU) Abby Hoover, Sapulpa (ORU) Emily Helms, Mustang (OSU) Laura Kunz, Lincoln Christian (Sioux Falls) Abby Mayfield, Bridge Creek (OBU) Samantha Neal, Mustang (NWOSU)

FOOTBALL Ned Adair, Fort Gibson (East Central) Christian Aduddell, Oklahoma Christian (OBU) Dominique Alexander, Booker T. Washington (OU) Lorenzo Alexander, Northwest (SNU) Ryan Alger, Broken Arrow (South Dakota) Wes Allen, Sapulpa (NEO) Brandon Andraszek, Yukon (SWOSU) Parker A’Neal, Cascia Hall (East Central) Jaleel Asberry, Southmoore (NEO) Brett Asher, Cascia Hall (Hendrix) Cameron Ashley, Bristow (NWOSU) Hunter Atyia, Union (Air Force)

Dawson Bassett - Tuttle

Jordan Avants, Garber (East Central) Chris Baccus, Beggs (NEO) Tyler Bacon, Quapaw (Fort Hays State) Glenn Banks, Douglass (Langston) Trey’Vonne Barr’e, Jenks (Iowa Western) Hunter Baskett, Mustang (SNU) Dawson Bassett, Tuttle (OSU) Joe Bean, Hooker (Tulsa) Joe Bell, Memorial (NWOSU) Brandon Berg, Union (Missouri Southern) Theo Berry, Shawnee (NEO) Noah Berryhill, Sapulpa (UCO) Blake Biggs, Yukon (Henderson) Ethan Birdwell, Moore (Bethel) Hollis Birmingham, Booker T. Washington (Baker) Jacob Blair, Christian Heritage (NEO) Jalen Bledsoe, McLain (Emporia State) Joel Blumenthal, Deer Creek (Butler) Paden Bond, Madill (SEOSU) Terrance Bonner, Southmoore (East Central)

Jordan Woodard - Edmond Mem.






Khari Harding - Edmond Santa Fe

Wess Bowman, Memorial (NSU) Rob Boyd, Vian (Tulsa) Deontai Bradford, Central (Baker) Bo Bradshaw, Carl Albert (Oklahoma Baptist) Jack Braught, Duncan (OU) Andrew Brestel, Fort Gibson (Pittsburg State) Meli Brewer, Midwest City (Friends) Dustin Brothers, Stillwater (NEO) Antoine Brown, East Central (Pittsburg State) Dvonte Brown, Central (Baker) Sam

Rob Boyd - Vian





Brown, Edmond North (Grandview) Clay Burt, Liberty-Mounds (NEO) Brock Byford, Edmond North (NEO) James Caligone, Booker T. Washington (UAB) Braden Calip, Jenks (UCO) Dylan Cantrell, Wagoner (UCO) Austin Carmichael, Broken Arrow (Missouri Southern) Dapree Carson, Southmoore (Arkansas Tech) Kimmie Carson, East Central (New Mexico) Randall Case, Jones (East Central) Hunter Chalfant, Hinton (UCO) Jared Chance, Mustang (Drake) Maurice Chandler, Lawton (Texas Tech) Zach Clark, Westmoore (Oklahoma Baptist) Corbin Cleveland, Norman North (OBU) La’teze Clayton, Wagoner (UCO) Stephen Cochran, Bartlesville (Drake) Samory Collier, Owasso (NEO) Tyler Cortez, Vian (NEO) Justin Coryell, Newcastle (Emporia State) Josh Crockett, Bristow (UCO) Calan Crowder, Bartlesville (Missouri State) Novis Cullom, Memorial (NEO) Jordan Cunningham, Claremore (NSU) Chase Dahlquist, Union (Texas-San Antonio) Eric Davis, Edmond Santa Fe (NWOSU) Frankie Davis, Broken Arrow (Tulsa) Kenneth Davis, Star Spencer (NSU) Ricardo DeLuna, Southeast (Langston) Dakota Diessner, Durant (Air Force) Jackson Dillon, Ringling (Memphis) Ray Douglass, Southeast (Langston) Trevor Dowell, Hennessey (SWOSU) DeAndre Drink, Memorial (NWOSU) Dalton Duke, Lexington (NWOSU) Cameron Durant, Tulsa Washington (East Central) Cody Earp, Southmoore (Colorado State-Pueblo) Shain Edwards, Destiny Christian (East Central) Shawn Epps, Del City (Langston)

Corey Lawrence - Del City

Jordan Evans, Norman North (OU) Bo Farrow, Broken Arrow (Pittsburg State) Marquice Fletcher, Union (South Dakota) Tyler Follis, Deer Creek (SWOSU) Anthony Ford, Broken Arrow (Mid-American Naz.) Carlos Freeman, Midwest City (Washington State) Cornelius Fugett, Edmond Santa Fe (OPSU) Jackson Fuselier, Booker T. Washington (Tulsa) Aron Gaines, Northeast (Friends) Jake Gandara, Fort Gibson (UCO) Alejandro Garcia, East Central (NEO) Brandon Garrett, Edmond North (Oklahoma Baptist) Melvin Gilliam, Booker T. Washington (SW Kansas) Dalton Gillispie, Prague (Oklahoma Baptist) Jason Goff, Oklahoma Christian (Oklahoma Baptist) Hunter Gomez, Carl Albert (Westminster) Blake Gordon, Stroud (East Central) Brice Gregory, Mooreland (OPSU) Chris Hall, Union (Tulsa) Nikko Hammer, Tahlequah Sequoyah (OSU) Seth Handley, Enid (NWOSU) Nick Hardaway, Westmoore (OU) Jordan Harding, Broken Arrow (SNU) Khari Harding, Edmond Santa Fe (Auburn) Gerald Hardridge, Central (Baker) Kahlil Harper, Union (Army) Jordan Harris, Union (Eastern) Terry Harris, Douglass (Morgan State) Devin Harriman, Sallisaw (NWOSU) Cody Helms, Coweta (Oklahoma Baptist) Karltrell Henderson, Southmoore (SWOSU) Mitch Henderson, Kingfisher (SWOSU) Jacob Hendrickson, Union (NEO) Josh Herman, East Central (SW Kansas) Ray Hernandez, Midwest City (Friends) Devin Herriman, Sallisaw (NWOSU)

Jaylen Lowe - Owasso

What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Tyler Hicks, Frederick (SWOSU) Jake Higginbottom, Norman North (East Central) Zeth Higginbottom, Mustang (Oklahoma Baptist) Christopher High, Douglass (Navy) Bingham Hightower, Cushing (SNU) Levi Hill, Hennessey (NWOSU) Zach Hill, Blanchard (UCO) Colby Hinkle, Copan (Missouri Southern) Caleb Holland, Carl Albert (Oklahoma Baptist) Jon-Michael Hollarn, Tuttle (Oklahoma Baptist) Hayden Holmes, Coweta (Hastings) Kendall Holmes, Union (NEO) Eric Holt, Memorial (NWOSU) Dillon Hood, Bixby (NEO) Buster Horn, Seiling (NWOSU) Luke Hoskins, Edmond North (SWOSU) Taylor Hunter, Jenks (UCO) Marcus Ibarra, Frederick (OPSU) Nick Jeffreys, Bishop McGuinness (The Citadel)

Allie Alvstad - Bixby

Austin Jennings, Harrah (SEOSU) Deandre Jennings, Bixby (NEO) Blake Johnson, Henryetta (Oklahoma Baptist) Devanta Johnson, East Central (NEO) Qualan Johnson, Midwest City (NEO) Sam Johnson, Sapulpa (Henderson State) Carsie Jones, Booker T. Washington (Evangel) Redford Jones, Norman North (Tulsa) Taylor Jones, Broken Arrow (Missouri Valley) Marcus Jordan, Bixby (Langston) Trey Knowles, Wynnewood (SNU) Kerwin Kornegay, Union (Tulsa) Cooper Koons, Tuttle (Oklahoma Baptist) Brady Krittenbrink, Pond Creek-Hunter (NEO) Colton Langford, Lexington (NWOSU) Corey Lawrence, Del City (Oregon State) Mvhayv Locust, Sequoyah Tahlequah (UCO) Tre Locust, Vian (NSU) Zach Long, Norman (OU)

Juwan Parker - Tulsa Washington

Caleb Longest, Duncan (NWOSU) Austin Loomis, Deer Creek (SWOSU) Terry Love, Del City (Langston) Jaylen Lowe, Owasso (Tulsa) Tajh Lowe, Booker T. Washington (UAB) Nick Lucido, Jenks (Augustana State) Andrew Lusky, Oklahoma Bible (Kansas Wes.) Johnathan Martin, Southmoore (SNU) Scott Matiaha, Thomas (NEO) Blake Maxey, Keys (NSU) Jon McBride, Del City (NWOSU) Garrett McBroom, Stillwater (NEO) Markice McCane, Del City (OPSU) Ryder McCaskill, Davis (East Central) Andrew McClung, CCS (SNU) Coleton McDonald, Liberty (East Central) Justice McFadden, Guthrie (NWOSU) Tanner McGehee, Alva (NWOSU) Latarrious McGoy, East Central (NEO) D.J. McGriff, Muskogee (Navy) Ty McKenzie, Owasso (Missouri Southern) Mason McMillan, Tahlequah (NSU) Abrm McQuarters, Cascia Hall (Dartmouth) Blake Mejia, Union (Tulsa) Dallen Mercer, Velma-Alma (East Central) Logan Miller, Enid (NWOSU) Tevin Mitchell, Piedmont (OPSU) Brennan Miyake, Deer Creek (UCO) Cre Moore, Broken Arrow (Kansas State) Derrick Moore, Wetumka (NSU) Jerrit Moore, Westmoore (NEO) Tae Moore, Putnam City North, (NEO) Josh Morgan, Westmoore (East Central) Jonah Motley, Stillwater (NEO) Heath Newland, Edmond North (OU) Jeremy Newton, Garber (East Central) Sam Noble, Oologah (UCO) Dedrien Nowden, Davis (UCO) FEBRUARY 2013




Jessica Hembree - Tahlequah

Ben Oberste, Sallisaw (Tulsa) J.J. Ozturk, Keys (NSU) Jerech Page, Edmond North (SNU) Bryson Parker, Del City (OPSU) Jaluan Parker, Edmond Santa Fe (OPSU) Aaron Patterson, Stillwater (NSU) Garrett Patterson, Jenks (Chadron State) Bryan Payne, Norman North (NEO) Devin Payton, Perkins-Tryon (NWOSU) Andrew Pence, Bixby (William Jewell) T.J. Ponds, Wagoner (NSU) Scottie Prealow, Owasso (Lindenwood) Beau Proctor, Norman North (NSU) Kaleb Prough, Edmond North (SWOSU) Dominick Pyfer, Lawton (SWOSU) Andrew Ramos, Frederick (OPSU) Jake Ramos, Glenpool (NWOSU) Jermane Rathod, Memorial (NEO) Jared Rayburn, Deer Creek (SWOSU) Ty Reasnor, Cashion (Emporia State) Keizon Reed, Central (Baker) Chandler Rhodes, Mustang (Mid-American Naz.) Dillon Rice, Muskogee (UCO) Dakota Ritchie, Foyil (NSU) Brooks Robertson, Roland (UCO) Imond Robinson, Norman (Arkansas Tech) Dalton Rodriguez, Union (Tulsa) Devin Rolan, McAlester, (Tulsa) Jase Romine, McAlester (Oklahoma Baptist) Kooper Ruminer, Deer Creek (UCO) Dionta Rushing, Star Spencer (UCO) Cody Rutherford, Bartlesville (NWOSU)

Davey Diolan Zach Jackson - Berryhill 24




Eric Sadler, Putnam City North (NEO) Newt Salisbury, Collinsville (NEO) Victor Sanders, Midwest City (East Central) Jeffery Scallion, Jenks (Haskell) B.J. Scott, Lawton (UCO) Brayden Scott, Sequoyah-Tahlequah (Memphis) Robert Secrets, Edmond North (Grandview) Spenser Seeley, Chandler (SWOSU) Roper Selby, Midway (NSU) Kyle Self, Blanchard (Oklahoma Baptist) Andre Seymore, Glenpool (NWOSU) Trevor Shankle, Poteau (Fort Hays State) Cade Shearwood, Stigler (UCO) Colton Shearwood, Stigler (UCO) Tanner Sheets, Sequoyah Tahlequah (NSU) Rowdy Simon, Vian (Tulsa) Carson Smallwood, Pryor (NSU) Jordan Smallwood, Jenks (OU) Dior Smiley, Douglass (Langston) Broc Smith, Cascia Hall (Hendrix) Jacky Smith, Putnam City (NEO) Jake Smith, Lawton Mac (Oklahoma Baptist) Thurman Smith, McLain (UCO) Blake Smittle, Heavener (NEO) Preston Soper, Muskogee (Missouri) Jacob Spradling, Southmoore (NWOSU) Addison Staggs, Westmoore (UCO) Chas Stallard, Cleveland (UCO) Jackson Stallings, Southmoore (Yale) Philip Sumpter, Edmond Santa Fe (Memphis) Jeff Surrell, Ardmore (East Central) Devin Swift, Sapulpa (NEO) Ray Taylor, Memorial (NWOSU) Stanvon Taylor, East Central (OU) Davy’Aun Thomas, Lawton Mac (East Central) Kerwin Thomas, Wagoner (Tulsa) Jonathan Thompson, Bartlesville (NWOSU) Carlos Torres, El Reno (SWOSU) Aaron Turner, Heavener (NEO) Chris Turner, Memorial (NWOSU) Jaxon Uhles, Norman North (Pittsburg State) Zac Uhles, Norman (Tulsa) Brandon Wackerly, Deer Creek (NEO) Brandon Waggoner, Jenks (UCO) Kyler Walker, Carl Albert (UCO) Roy Walker, Memorial (Southeast Prep) D.J. Ward, Southmoore (OU) Nick Ward, Southmoore (Wofford) Jake Warehime, Del City (Emporia State) Dakota Warrington, Mustang (NEO) Zach Webb, Metro Christian (Tulsa) Jay Werner, Poteau (NSU) A.J. West, Yukon (Emporia State) Brian West, Muldrow (NSU) Jhames West, Westmoore (East Central) Devin White, Putnam City (NEO) Kenon White, Tipton (NWOSU) Nigel White, Central (Langston) Anthony Wilkinson, Lincoln Christian (Army) Aaron Williams, Lawton Ike (UCO) Anthony Williams, Douglass (NEO) Darian Williams, Stillwater (NEO) Riley Wilson, Davis (NWOSU) Gage Wimer, Blanchard (Oklahoma Baptist) Dajuan Wojciechowski, Lawton (NEO) Brad Wolf, Tecumseh (NEO) Diquon Woodhouse, Altus (Navy) Zak Woolman, Adair (NEO) Kelly Wortham, Adair (NEO) Cameron Wrenn, Broken Arrow (NEO) Jermaine Wright, Booker T. Washington (NEO) Chavez Wyatt, Douglass (UCO)

Mason Yelton, Bixby (SW Baptist) Ryne Yost, Lawton (Sam Houston State) Deontre Youngblood, East Central (Pittsburg State) Curtez Zachary, Lawton (NWOSU) Lorenzo Zuniga, Douglass (Langston)

BOYS GOLF Eli Armstrong, Edmond North (UCO) Spencer Colson, Union (Oklahoma Wesleyan) Trae Fairchild, Ketchum (Ark. Ft. Smith) Cameron Hamilton, Broken Arrow (Murray State) Brendon Jelley, Jenks (OSU) Taylor Lansford, Union (Missouri Southern) Gavin Mastell, Heritage Hall (UCO) Max McGreevy, Edmond Santa Fe (OU) Garrison Mendoza, Clinton (OCU) Brady Richardson, Union (Drake) Wyatt Robson, Ada (OCU) Tate Williamson, Broken Arrow (NSU) Tate Williamson, Broken Arrow (NSU) GIRLS GOLF Jordyn Altenburg, Edmond North (Rockhurst) Raegan Barnes, Choctaw (OCU) Kailey Campbell, Oktaha (OCU) Caroline Goodin, Deer Creek (OCU) Cassidy Herbster, Southmoore (SNU) Nadia Majidi, Union (Tulsa) Anna Mickish, Choctaw (OCU) Michaela Osborne, Lawton Mac (SNU) Allison Sell, Edmond North (Oklahoma Christian) Katie-Lee Wilson, Rejoice Christian (OCU) Gabbi Shelton, Stillwater (NSU) ROWING Victoria Richter, Cascia Hall (Tulsa)

BOYS SOCCER Garrett Chapman, Broken Arrow (SW College) Kevin Finnegan, Bishop Kelley (Southwestern) Austin Ford, Fort Gibson (ORU) Dakota Hardman, Booker T. Washington (SW Kansas) Adam Holt, Union (John Brown) Trent Laffoon, Norman North (ORU) Austin Place, Edmond Santa Fe (Buffalo) Rainer Ross, Jenks (Drury) Tyler Secrest, Jenks (NSU) Nate Stewart, Holland Hall (Long Island) Phillip White, Holland Hall (Harding) GIRLS SOCCER Elizabeth Adams, Jenks (Houston Baptist)

Claire Kelley - Bishop Kelley

Alyssa Bagley, Owasso (Southwestern) Mallory Bourgeois, Jenks (ORU) Sophia Brazil, Deer Creek (Oklahoma Christian) Kristen Cardano, Jenks (Florida) Darienne Chapman, Bishop Kelley (Tulsa) Cassidy Chappell, Owasso (Iowa State) Courtney Dike, Edmond North (OSU) Madison Dobbs, Westmoore (NSU) Lauren Dobratz, Jenks (Oklahoma Baptist) Kenna Dyess, Broken Arrow (OU) Miklynne Easley, Glenpool (Friends) Bailey Haydock, Bishop Kelley (Michigan) Kelsi Holcomb, Bethany (SNU) Taylor Hughes, Union (Neosho) Liz Keester, Jenks (Texas A&M) Kaitlyn Keith, Lincoln Christian (Central Arkansas) Claire Kelley, Bishop Kelley (Arkansas) Krissi Killion, Broken Arrow (OSU) Kaela Little, Bishop Kelley (Notre Dame) Claire Maris, Union (Tulsa) Ashley McDaniel, Union (UCO) Erin McIntosh, Bishop Kelley (Wisconsin-White) Michaela Power, Bixby Mid-American Chris.) Shiloh Price, Broken Arrow (OU) Jeremy Rector, Broken Arrow (Harding) Madison Saliba, Broken Arrow (OU) Avery Sanderson, Edmond North (SNU) Katie Sprouse, Bishop Kelley (Clemson) Paige Talley, Owasso (NSU) Kayla Turner, Sand Springs (UCO) Nicole Voss, Bishop McGuinness (UCO) Lauren Wagner, Broken Arrow (NSU) Ally Webb, Union (NSU) Kristie Wilburn, Bishop Kelley (ORU) Riley Wilkins, Jenks (St. Gregory’s)

SOFTBALL Kelby Alexander, Drumright (Northern) Allie Alvstad, Bixby (Missouri St.) Constance Baker, Lincoln Christian (C. Christian) Madison Boyd, Chelsea (NSU) Brittnee Brooks, Lincoln Christian (Coffeyville) Taryn Callender, Plainview (Mid-American Christ.) Raven Campos, Adair (NEO) Adrianna Canard, Jenks (Rose State) Shawna Cary, Owasso (Arkansa-Monticello) Jordan Chism, Piedmont (Oklahoma Christian) Raeven Clark, Westmoore (OBU) Hunter Colburn, Union (Bacone) Theresa Collins, Broken Arrow (Crowder) Shea Cowan, Tuttle (Oklahoma Christian) Anna Crawford, Adair (Neosho) Niki Davidson, CCS (Oklahoma Christian) Jordan Dixon, Edmond North (Marshall) Taylor Dodson, Grove (Kansas) Cheyanne Downing, Sperry (Coffeyville) Emily Eagleton, Stilwell (Bacone) Ashton Earnhardt, Rejoice Christian (Buffalo) Peyton Edwards, Coweta (NEO) Madi Ellis, Yukon (OSU) Maddy Ellis, Yukon (Arkansas Tech) Carly Farmer, Pond Creek-Hunter (Butler CC) Lauren Flanery, Henryetta (NSU) Andee Frazier, Little Axe (Missouri-KC) Elena Gambill, Broken Arrow (Missouri St.) Taylor Gammon, Broken Arrow (Rose State) Paige Gann, Muskogee (NSU) Carlee Henderson, Ada (Mid-America Chr.) Becki Hendrickson, Locust Grove (Neosho) Macklin Hitz, Jenks (Wichita St.)

Rachel House, Mustang (Mid-American Chr.) Timber Howard, Washington (Mid-American Chr.) Kassidy Kingsley, Putnam North (Creighton) Jessica Killer, Glenpool (Missouri Southern) Tate Landmark, Cache (USAO) Savannah Leckie, Piedmont (Northern) Sammy Leisinger, Little Axe (Oklahoma Baptist) Hannah Linsey, El Reno (St. Gregory’s) Madison Long, Carl Albert (OSU) Tyler Lucas, Bethany (OU) Paige Luellen, Jenks (Wichita St.) Ryan Martin, Beggs (NSU) Breezy McComas, Edmond Santa Fe (Cameron) Reagan McDoulett, Little Axe (St. Gregory’s) Blayke McKissic, Broken Arrow (Texas Southern) Kierra Miles, Mustang (Texas Tech) Nicole Nease, Owasso (Pittsburg State) Emma Nelson, Piedmont (Oklahoma Baptist) Dani Nissen, Putnam North (St. Gregory's) Kylie Palmer, Piedmont (St. Gregory’s) Kayla Patterson, Union (NEO) Mariah Peace, Westmoore (Arkansas Tech) Taylor Perdue, Sand Springs (Connors) Ashley Rankin, Sand Springs (Coffeyville) Sam Reiss, Broken Arrow (Butler) Alex Rhodes, Sallisaw (North Texas) Justice Roberts, Locust Grove (Neosho) Taylor Rodgers, Bartlesville (S. Alabama) Madison Saliba, Broken Arrow (OU) Erin Sanders, Westmoore (Seminole State) Randye Sharp, Oologah (NSU) Samantha Smith, Collinsville (S. Nazarene) Shelbie Smith, Edmond Memorial (North Texas) Myranda Stewart, Owasso (Missouri Southern) Hannah Stirton, Owasso (Central Arkansas) Abby Taliaferro, Edmond North (Oklahoma Christian) Ashleigh Tramel, Grove (UCO) Brianna Trujillo, Union (NSU) Holly Turner, Lincoln Christian (Coffeyville) Madison Vaughan, Coweta (NEO) Jessi Venables, Muskogee (NSU) Jessica Walker, Grove (Jacksonville) Peyton Walker, Hammon (OSU) Amanda Ward, Broken Arrow (Southwestern) Dani Warren, Cache (USAO) Whitney Whitehorn, Owasso (OSU)

Hailey Jensen, Jenks (Butler) GIRLS TENNIS Olivia Charvat, Metro Christian (Oklahoma Baptist) Piper Huey, Jenks (Harding) Ann Pepper, Edmond North (OU) BOYS TENNIS Nate Roper, Edmond North (OSU) J.T. Tasker, Metro Christian (Arkansas)

VOLLEYBALL Grace Balcerak, Bishop Kelley (Maryville) Allison Barr, Edmond North (UCO) Courtney Bowie, Bethany (SNU) Kellie Burnett, Mount St. Mary (St. Mary) Allison Carr, Edmond North (UCO) Katelyn Cast, Broken Arrow (NEO) Matti-Lynn Corbet, Broken Arrow (NEO) Claire Kelley, Bishop Kelley (Arkansas) Kristen Macy, Edmond Memorial (Oklahoma City) McKenna Qualls, Edmond Memorial (ORU) Lindsey Roy, Edmond Memorial (SW Baptist) WRESTLING Jayson Bailey, Noble (OCU) Shawn Carson, Altus (OCU) Brent Davis, Plainview (OCU) Davey Dolan, Berryhill (OSU) Eli Hale, Maimi (OSU) Finn Higgins, Heritage Hall (Wyoming) Derek Sivertsen, Mustang (NWOSU)

BOYS SWIMMING Alex Ballard, Moore (Florida Southern) Chase Davis, Union (Missouri Science) Colton Krause, Bartlesville (Missouri S&T) Naresh Naik, Edmond Memorial (Missouri State) GIRLS SWIMMING





OSSAA Votes to Approve Proposals For 6A Football We ask the VYPE Team The OSSAA voted unanimously to approve a proposal for Class 6A football. The proposal has two separate plans that the Class 6A schools will vote on with a majority needed to approve one of the plans. Here are the two plans the OSSAA’s Constitution and Rules Review Committee has presented and when approved will be implemented for the 2014 season.

Plan A The 32 team Class 6A will divide into two divisions with the 16 largest schools in Division 1 and the 16 smallest schools in Division 2. Each division will have two eight team districts and four teams from each district will make the playoffs.

Austin Chadwick - VYPE Publisher

Plan B Class 6A would remain the same with four eight team districts and each district would include four of the largest schools by enrollment and four of the smallest schools by enrollment. Two teams from each group of four (largest and smallest) will make the playoffs creating an eight team bracket for large schools and an eight team bracket for small schools.

As I have always said it is simply impossible to appease everyone. I do appreciate the process that is being followed and commend the OSSAA on taking the initial steps to get reform rolling. This is the way the system works and it is working well. The plans were jointly presented and agreed upon by all 6A schools. This will take out the concern on a ruling that no one agrees upon as all 6A schools have complied. It also takes out any and all finger pointing.

Bill Huddleston - Long-time radio analyst and VYPE Three Rivers Director

While Option A will no doubt create travel issues, especially the "big four", this plan (A) appears to offer the best choice. The possibility of Option B resulting in a 5th or 6th place team making the post-season leaving 3rd and 4th out altogether doesn't seem the right way to move in the future. Rod Coulter - VYPE Director of Operations

Making changes just to appease what may be the vocal minority makes no sense. What will be done when the wrong schools still aren’t winning? If they want to turn it into youth soccer so everyone feels good, just give them all a ribbon at the beginning of the season and don’t keep score.

Brad Heath - VYPE Editorial Director

The OSSAA Rules Committee has done a good job of tackling a hard question concerning Class 6A football. Both plans make sense and both plans give schools with lower enrollments an opportunity to compete with other teams closer to them in size. If I were to lean on way or the other I would vote for Plan A. Really simple and clear cut. I wonder if schools in those 16 and 17 spots will pay closer attention to their ADM? Right now six students separate Norman (1728) at 16 and Lawton (1722) at 17 according to the ADM for the 2012-13 football seasons. Here's top 16 and bottom 16 by enrollment as they sit today. Top 16 - Broken Arrow, Union, Jenks, Owasso, Mustang, Edmond North, Moore, Yukon, Norman North, Edmond Memorial, Westmoore, Edmond Santa Fe, Southmoore, Putnam City North, Putnam City, Norman. Bottom 16 - Lawton, Bartlesville, Enid, Sand Springs, Muskogee, Ponca City, Choctaw, Putnam City West, Midwest City, Stillwater, U.S. Grant, Sapulpa, Nathan Hale, Lawton Ike, Bixby, Booker T. Washington.

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Don't be Ignorant on Recruiting. When discussing recruiting in Oklahoma, you need to be informed.

First of all, congratulations to all the studentathletes who signed their letter of intent to take their game to the next level. It is a massive reward Austin Chadwick for all the VYPE Publisher hardwork and @ Au s t i n C h a dw i c k dedication that they have put in over years and years. The state of Oklahoma continues to increase the per capita number of D-1 football players and continues to move up the national rankings list.

It is a very exciting of year for all Sooner, Cowboy and Golden Hurricane fans as this year's class will give a glimpse of the kind of players that will be impacting your school. Now before anyone celebrates (or jumps off a cliff) with the results from the recruiting class of your school, take a deep breathe. There are four main facets that fans need to learn before blasting out uninformed opinions.

1. Recruiting Service Rankings:

First and foremost, these services like, Scout. com and serve as a great barometer to get an initial look at how much quality a recruit has. But this is not, by any means, the end-all be-all to the quality of a school's recruiting class. I have said for years‌ The intangible qualities of toughness, leadership, accountability, heart and integrity are not ranked by any recruiting service. I am a staunch believer in taking a tough guy that is dripping with these qualities over a recruit that may be a little better athlete with a higher upside.

and push them. The coach knows exactly what kind of player they are getting. This is a massive advantage especially for underthe-radar athletes. If a coach at OU, OSU or TU gets a chance to work with a recruit in a camp and take results from physical attributes first-hand, then sometimes those coaches will sign the athlete that may not be rated with the recruiting services. But since the coach has been able to subsequently keep the player a secret, it is a massive win. I would rate Joe Bean a guy like Joe Bean from 2. Your Team's Needs: Hooker in this example. He This is pretty selfwent through camps at TU explanatory. A school's ranking on the and the coaches saw what kind of explosive national recruiting list does not take into player he was. He did not attend OSU or OU consideration what the school's needs camps and since he was from a very rural are. If a team is loaded with running backs area, no one really knew about him. But and opts to take two, 3-star trust me, he will be a great player for TU offensive linemen instead and the upside is limitless. of two, 4-star running 4. Do Evaluations Yourself: backs, the school suffers in recruiting rankings by This is the most important aspect for a fan. filling the need of offensive If you want to have an opinion about your linemen. The team gets team's recruiting class, then don't blindly better as a whole, but the regurgitate what others say about the ranking of their recruiting class. Do the research yourself and inform class falls. A school can sign yourself. The easiest way to do this is to a plethora of 4-star players, use the video databases at and but if they are for positions Every athlete has highlight that are deep already, then film on these databases and once you see it will actually hurt the film, you can tell what kind of a player team for lack of signees in you are getting. Whether it is a supreme positions they need. athlete, a start-and-stop runner, a physically imposing lineman, a trash-talker, or a 3. Coaching Evaluation: leader. I promise you will find that many This is a fun one because I have seen this go who are "experts" in journalism who rank both ways. I have literally seen lazy coaches these recruits, are just regular people who who simply look at the recruiting services do research themselves. If you do your and offer kids without even watching film homework, watch film, listen to what the or without doing their homework on what college coaches say about them, and judge kind of player the recruit is. On the flipside, for yourself, then you will find yourself I have seen coaches get players into their giving a better opinion then some of these own camps, evaluate them, coach them, "experts." This works both ways because there could be a "4-star" or "5-star" recruit that has no intangibles but can run fast, jump high, and catch a football. On the flip side, you may have an athlete that might not be as fast or physically imposing, but is chalk full of the intangibles and will maximize his potential and become an All-Conference or All-American player. With all this, there is that intangible of what is called "Football Awareness." This is the ability to simply be a good, intelligent football player.

F E B RUA RY 2 0 1 3

Schwab Meat & Co. is proud to present the new Schwab’s Top Dog Athlete of the Month. Each month, VYPE Oklahoma will take nominations on the award at Oklahoma@ and choose who best exemplifies leadership, talent, and success on and off the field. The student-athlete receiving the award is highlighted in the monthly edition of VYPE Oklahoma and will see themselves in the year-end edition of VYPE Oklahoma as the Top Dog Team.

Breck Clark

Dale Lady Pirates

Breck Clark is a varsity basketball player for Dale High School and she has helped the Lady Pirates to a 20-win season this year. In a recent game against Bethel, Clark scored 33 points to help her team win, 66-51. Clark was named to the VYPE Top 100 Basketball Players list for 2012-13. The nomination puts Clark in the running for the title of Miss Basketball Oklahoma. For her continued commitment to winning and her drive to help her team take state, Breck Clark is the Schwab’s Top Dog Athlete of the Month!

When I go t back fro m drill, my friend said I missed a good par ty. I thought b ack to fas t-roping o ut of a helicopte r. Zip - 10 0 feet, ju st like that. Who a! I just shook my h and smiled ead . If you as k me, I di dn’t miss a th ing.

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2012: 2013

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Winter HigH ScHool Programming CatCh all the loCal high SChool aCtion on

CoX Channel 3 & 703 Tuesday, Dec. 11 Tuesday, Dec. 11 Tuesday, Jan. 8 Tuesday, Jan. 15 Tuesday, Jan. 22 Tuesday, Jan. 29 Tuesday, Feb. 5 Tuesday, Feb. 12 Saturday, Mar. 9 Saturday, Mar. 9

Jenks @ Union Putnam City North @ Edmond North Edmond Memorial @ Del City Memorial @ Edison Edmond Memorial @ Midwest City Douglass @ Southeast East Central @ Edison East Central @ Booker T Washington 5A State Basketball Championships 6A State Basketball Championships

Saturday, Feb. 16 Saturday, Feb. 16

6A State Swimming Champions 5A State Swimming Champions

Thursday, Jan. 3

Cascia Hall @ Berryhill

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The 2013 Basketball State Tournament will be one to remember. We take a look at the best teams with a shot to take home the gold ball. CLASS 6A BOYS FAVORITE MIDWEST CITY Bombers are the only undefeated team in the state’s largest class as of press time. Led by a quartet of guards in Cornell Neal, Daryck Jones, Torrey Neal and Kasean Brown, Midwest City has to be considered the favorite heading into the playoffs. Can the Bombers follow Union from a year ago and finish with the perfect season? CONTENDERS EDMOND MEMORIAL Coach Shane Cowherd has a hard-playing group of guys, led by Shaquille Morris and Jordan Woodard. The Bulldogs lost to

Jordan Woodard - Edmond Mem. 32




David Bush - Putnam City MWC 52-46 in late January with a rematch slated for late February. PUTNAM CITY Ronnie Boyce and VYPE Top 100 player David Bush lead the Pirates offensively, scoring with 17.9 and 12.5 points, respectively. Pirates opened the season with a 12-0 record. Their only setback through press time was a 60-57 loss to Lawton Eisenhower. “We aren’t the lead dog and the view is always the same when you aren’t the lead dog,” coach A.D. Burtschi said. “Midwest City is the imminent power right now and until someone beats them they are the one to beat.”

JENKS Trojans boasted a nine-game win streak before falling to the Bombers in finals of the Jenks/ Union Invitational. With a trio of players in Jacob Seidel (16.9), Luke Phillips (12.7) and Steven Parker (10.1) averaging double figures, Jenks could cause opposing team fits.

OWASSO Coach Mark Van Curren's Rams have been the most successful 6A team in the East with a balance of scoring inside and out riding the play of

Cornell Neal - Midwest City


MEMORIAL Armed with VYPE Top 100 player Demari Edwards and R.J. Diggs (12.8) and Anthony White (10.8), the Chargers have rebounded nicely since back-to-back losses to Edison and Washington.

Jaylen Lowe - Owasso Shake Milton and Jaylen Lowe.

LONG SHOT Union After recording a perfect 29-0 season and losing all five starters a year ago, the Redskins’ path to the state tournament begins on the road. Never an easy task, but coach Rudy Garcia has nice size in the frontcourt, which could help. CLASS 5A FAVORITE BISHOP MCGUINNESS Defending state champions are once again the team to beat in Class 5A. As of press time, the Irish were 8-1 against Top 20 teams and had lost only once against in-state competition. CONTENDERS

David Love - McGuinness

SOUTHEAST Spartans enjoyed an 11-game win streak until suffering an 83-68 setback to 4A No. 2 OKC Douglass in late January. Expect 6-foot-7 center Rashawn Thomas to be the focal point of the offense. CARL ALBERT Titans rebounded nicely from back-to-back losses to Anadarko and El Reno in mid-January. Javeion Gray and Jared Price will look to lead Carl Albert back to state. LONG SHOTS COWETA Tigers boast one of the top backcourts in the state in VYPE Top 100 player Zach Norris (15.2), Ty Gunter (12.2) and Caleb Norris (12.2). Is it enough for the Tigers to be playing on championship Saturday?

EDISON Armed with a trio of double-digit scorers in Don Simmons (18.4), Brian Speaks (16.5) and Darius Speaks (14.8), it is conceivable that the Eagles have a chance to win school’s firstever boys basketball title.

Seth Youngblood - Roland CLASS 4A FAVORITE ROLAND Rangers enter the state tournament with confidence after winning the Tournament of Champions in December, arguably the top mid-season

Don Simmons - Edison

Stevie Clark - Douglass basketball tournament that routinely features state contenders and champions. Seth Youngblood, one of the state’s top scorers and rebounders is ready to lead Roland to a state title after finishing runner-up last year.

CONTENDERS DOUGLASS Three-time defending state champions won’t go down without a fight. Trojans have one of the state’s premier players in Stevie Clark. Before Clark heads off to Oklahoma State, he would like to give the Trojans their fourth straight title.

Chris Crook - Millwood CLASS 3A FAVORITES OKLAHOMA CENTENNIAL Seven-loss record is a testament to the tough schedule the team has played this year. Scott Raper’s squad looks to extend championship streak to three consecutive.

CONTENDERS MILLWOOD Battle-tested Falcons defeated No. 1 Centennial 62-60. Look for

Jake Freeman - Victory Christian Chris Crook and Co. to make a title run.

OKEMAH Kale Simon and Stoney Newton are just of the reasons why the Panthers have stayed in the 3A top five ranking all season. Look for the Panthers to be in the thick of the championship race. SPERRY Blake Teel (13.9) is among the state’s best in steals, averaging

VICTORY Christian Chris Crawford (16.2) and Jake Freeman (12.3) will shoulder the load in the Conquerors’ bid for a state title.

ANADARKO Warriors were 10-1 in an 11game stretch heading into the playoffs. 34




Junior Burchtal - Haworth

Blake Pittman - Oktaha

mid-January, VYPE Top 100 player Blake Pittman and the Tigers began a seven-game win streak through the first week of February.

Trevyn Woolbright - STerling over six per game. Other players who look to put the Pirates in the 3A title game include Dylan Parker (15.8), Casey Cole (14.4) and Peyton Pratt (12.8)

CLASS 2A FAVORITES NORTHEAST Defending champs sit atop one of the toughest classes in the state. Vikings, with frontcourt trio Tyus Johnson, Omarkio Collins and Deshawn Waton, carry the label of favorite into the state tournament but will find tough challenges ahead. CONTENDERS HAWORTH Burchtal Griffin Jr. (18.1), Oscar Riviera (17.4) and Hayden Grimes (15.2) look to lead the Lions back to the 2A finals this season.

MERRITT One of two undefeated teams in Class 2A at press time, Merritt has impressive victories over Class A Cheyenne and Class B Arnett. OKTAHA After back-to-back losses in

KETCHUM Jeylan Sharpe (22.6 and 10.4) brings a double-double average to the Warriors’ lineup. Tristan Pendley (13.9), Tanner Mouse (13.1) and Trae Fairchild (11.4) give Ketchum lots of scoring opportunities.

PAWNEE David Page’s squad started the year 18-0 before a setback against Glencoe in early February. Look for the Black Bears to rally around five seniors as they bid for a state title.

CLASS B FAVORITE FORGAN Bulldogs have a three-peat in mind as they prepare for another playoff run. Jake Regier and Trevin Lopez look to lead a young team back to the promised land. CONTENDERS RED OAK After just missing the Big House last year, the Eagles return all five starters paced by Dylan Fazekas and Devan Crose ARNETT Expectations are high for Tyler Tune and Co.

CLASS A FAVORITE WELEETKA Outlaws were the preseason favorite to unseat defending champ Cheyenne. Jeremy Wimey (13.7) and Montana Gormly (13.7) make the Outlaws a tough scoring combination as they bid for their first state title. CONTENDERS GLENCOE Panthers are the only undefeated team in Class A. Led by VYPE Top 100 star Ty Lazenby, Glencoe is a force opponents will have to tame.

STERLING A preseason top 10 team, Sterling has steadily moved up the charts behind VYPE Top 100 player Trevyn Woolbright.

Tyler Tune - Arnett

GIRLS STATE BASKETBALL PREVIEW CLASS 6A FAVORITE EDMOND SANTA FE Lady Wolves have three-peat on the mind. Any why not? Santa Fe hasn’t lost since the second game of the season. As expected, Tamara Lee (13.6) and Cameerah Graves (10.5) have been at the forefront Santa Fe’s offensive success.

Christina Devers - Bixby CONTENDERS BIXBY Christina Devers (21.4) has shouldered a lot of the leadership and scoring load with the injury to Stevi Parker. Together, they were a offensive force. Opponents have been able to slow down the Lady Spartans offense of late. If Parker returns, look for Bixby to battle for the 6A title. MUSKOGEE VYPE Top 100 selections Kelsey McClure (21.6) and Alexus Wilson (12.8) are joined by Mari Jackson (10.3) and Aaliyah Wilson (9.2) in giving the Lady Roughers a multitude of scoring options. Muskogee looks to take





Tamara Lee & Cameerah Graves - Edmond Santa Fe care of unfinished business after reaching state a year ago.

LONG SHOT JENKS It’s been a transition year for Lady Trojans thus far. But of late, Jenks has started to put together a solid cast around senior guard Jessica Washington (22.8), who has already signed with North Carolina.

Lady Cardinals are no stranger to the championship Saturday. This time around, though, Samy Mack’s team would just as soon be on the winning side. Expect seniors Ariel Williams and Darreion Clark to do their best to end a three-year state runnerup run

CLASS 5A FAVORITE SHAWNEE Since losing to Bixby in early December, Shawnee has won 14 consecutive games as of press time and is looking to defend its title once again. The Lady Wolves once again have an athletic team that very well could carry them to back-to-back titles behind Micaela Yu. Will championship come down to a rematch with East Central? CONTENDERS EAST CENTRAL

Kelsey McClure - Muskogee


Small classes and personal attention Student Success Centerguidance and support Affordable tuition Degrees transferable to universities

405-733-7372 JUNE 2012








Micaela Yu - Shawnee with a title this year. They will have to do so without their best player Bria Pitts, who went down with yet another injury. DEER CREEK One of the more disciplined teams in any class, Deer Creek will look to Ashley Gibson and Alexa Adair for playoff leadership.

CLASS 4A FAVORITE ANADARKO Lady Warriors may be on a collision course with runner-up Fort Gibson once again. Anadarko

Savannah Gray - Fort Gibson

Chandler Roof - Weatherford captured the girls Tournament of Champions title and haven’t lost since a 59-35 setback against 6A No. 1 Edmond Santa Fe in the fourth game of the season. Look for the guard trio of Lakota and Ashley Beatty and Kylie Parker to lead the Lady Warriors to championship Saturday. CONTENDERS FORT GIBSON Lady Tigers boast a balanced scoring attack led by Brooke Palmer (14.1) and Allie Glover (13.2). Additional scoring from Savannah Gray (7.1) and Taylor London (7.0) means opponents cannot simply key on Palmer and Glover. WEATHERFORD The Lady Eagles, behind VYPE Top 100 player Chandler Roof could be in the mix as well. Although to get to the title game they will most likely have to avenge a regular season loss to Anadarko.

Ashley Gibson - Deer Creek CLASS 3A FAVORITE SULPHUR There could be a new champion in 3A as defending champ Millwood may not be considered the favorite this time around. Sulphur

Lakota Beatty - Anadarko

after winning only six games a year ago. Speed and pressure defense has carried Fairview this season.

Jordan Gorham - Perkins-Tryon enters the playoffs as the No. 1 team and may have a little unfinished business after reaching the semis a year ago. Ashley Hughes and Tierani Richardson provide a wicked backcourt duo.

CONTENDERS PERKINS-TRYON Undefeated as of press time, the Lady Demons will look to VYPE Top 100 star Jordan Graham as they begin their playoff run. MILLWOOD Seniors Teanna Reid, Mekale Chapple and Sha’myia Johnson aren’t ready to surrender their 3A crown just yet. All three

Olivia Mason - Fairview losses have come against larger school opponents.

ADAIR One of three undefeated teams in Class 3A, the Lady Warriors have already equaled their victory total from a year ago. It’s no wonder that Adair, led by Raven Campos and Anna Crawford, is looking for a state title.

CLASS A FAVORITE OKARCHE Lady Warriors have weathered the storm all season as the No. 1 team. Finishing strong is the key if Okarche is to win the championship this year.

CONTENDERS DEWAR Armed with VYPE Top 100 point guard Cheyenne Been, look for the Lady Dragons to push the tempo in their bid to win a title. FRONTIER Jalissa Gum and Marissa Goodman are the

CLASS 2A FAVORITE NORTHEAST Are we looking at a new champion in 2A as well in 2013? Fairview is certainly within reach of defending its title but Northeast appears to be the team most are pointing towards on championship Saturday. CONTENDERS DALE Lady Pirates look to get past last year’s Area Consolations in Class 2A behind the play of Breck Clark and Lexes Satterwhite.

Tona Edwards - Northeast





FAIRVIEW Lady Yellowjackets have had quite the turnaround this season

Teanna Reid - Millwood

Peyton Walker - Hammon

Okarche Girls catalysts in the Lady Mustangs playoff hopes.

Ashley Lagasse - Lomega

CLASS B FAVORITE HAMMON Peyton Walker, a VYPE Top 100 standout, looks to lead the Lady Warriors wire-to-wire as the top team in Class B. CONTENDERS LOMEGA

VYPE Top 100 player Ashley LaGasse and the Lady Raiders might not be the favorite to win but the defending state champs aren’t going to go quietly. RED OAK The Lady Eagles have four starters back from last season's state semi-final team led by Myranda Rowland and Kendra Coleman.


The Norman High School Academic Team placed second at the State Academic Bowl. In the first round Norman defeated Union, 360-220 setting up a second round match up with Jenks. Norman was ready and took the Trojans down, 260-200. In the third round the Tigers faced a Booker T. Washington team that going into the tournament was one of the favorites in Class 6A. But the Tigers prevailed over Booker T. Washington, 250-240. Booker T. Washington would have to win in round five and beat Norman in round six to force a round seven and they did just that. In round seven the Norman Tigers fought hard but lost to the Hornets, 360-270. The families, faculty and student body at Norman are proud of the Norman Academic Team for their finish at the State Academic Bowl.

Back Row: Gerhig Thurston, Jonathon Crain Middle Row: Rachel Chang, Russel Hobbs,

Malachi Phillips, Ian Grady, Stephen Theung, Jeff

Terry, Chris Brooks, Peyton Osborne, Hong Jeong, Elizabeth Giroux, Michael Riggs, Xandria Howah Bottom Row: Taylor Hale (Coach)

JUNE 2012




JA UNU E A2R0Y1 22 0 1 3




The 2013 State Swim Meet will be a battle of East vs. West.

CLASS 6A BOYS Look for defending state champion Union to once again be in the hunt to defend its title. But don’t count out Bartlesville, Edmond Memorial or Norman North. Key to a state title could come down to the relay events.

Favorites Union Chase Davis returns to defend his 200 IM title from 2012. He swam a 1:52.26, to edge out Bartlesville’s Colton Krause for the individual title. The two swimmers flipped the 100 buttlerfly. Davis repeated as the 200 IM champion at the Frontier Conference meet last month. Colton Posey, set a new school record in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 108.8, breaking a 20-year old record,

according to Union swim coach David Lynn. Both swimmers could figure prominently in the team’s relay events, particularly the 200 medley and 400 freestyle. Other Union swimmers to watch include Asa Thomas (1,500 freestyle), Josh Hill (backstroke, middle distance freestyle) and Steve Benzel (200 free, 100 fly). Norman North Some say the Timberwolves truly are the team to beat with 15 state qualifiers, led by Justin Wu, who is having an outstanding season and could well set new state marks in the 200 and 500 freestyle times of former Union standout Eastman Holloway. Wu already has already broken the times in meets this season. Teammate Thomas Elder

Broken Arrow Swimming

boasts the fastest time in the state in the 100 freestyle and leads 6A swimmers in the 50 free (21.20) this season. Contenders Bartlesville Nine of team’s 10 swimmers have qualified for state, led by Kraus, who will likely compete head-to-head with Davis of Union. Freshman Kyle Ward is a likely candidate to medal in distance freestyle events. Ward’s older brother, Kyle, has qualified for the breaststroke and likely should medal. Edmond Memorial Senior Naresh Naik returns to defend his 100 freestyle state title in which he swam a 46.83. Look for Naik also to compete in the 200 IM after finishing

Justin Wu - Norman North FEBRUARY 2013




Bixby Swimming third at state a year ago.

CLASS 6A GIRLS Defending champion Edmond North is once again the favorite. But Jenks, which finished second a year ago, could make a run again this year.

Favorite Edmond North Edmond North dominated the field a year ago and there’s little reason to expect the same won’t happen again this year. Lady Huskies are led by 200 IM state champion Ally Robertson, just a sophomore. Rylee Linhardt set a school record in the 500 freestyle (5:12.73) in a dual with Jenks. Ann-Marie Stowe is also back and looks to improve on last season’s fourth place finish in the 200 IM and 3rd place showing in the 100 butterfly. Contender Jenks Kathy Bliss looks to lead the field in the 50 and 100 breastroke while Kameron Hudgins has to be among the favorites in the 200 and 500 xxxxxxxxxx Also expect Kelsey landreth to be a solid performer in xxxx and xxxx. Long shot Bartlesville With only four swimmers, the Bruins will be hard-pressed to take a team title. That’s not to say they won’t win some events though. Grace Fodor, Haley Downey, Hannah Steward and Avery Bennett are ranked second in both the medley relay and free relay. Broken Arrow’s Breonna Barker is back after winning both the 50 and 100 freestyle.





Class 5A BOYS Bixby will have plenty of challengers again this year, including Altus and Harrah. But the Spartans have a pair of young standouts in Bryan Lam and Logan Wagoner.

Favorite Bixby Spartans time of 1:45.05 in the 200 medley relay is the best among the 5A boys teams this season. Lee has the top time in the 200 medley (2:04.50) and could be in the mix for a medal in the 50 free. Teammate Ben Deibert is another contender in the 50 free. Ryan Knam has qualified for several events, including the 100 fly. Wagoner is following in Lee’s footsteps. The two have the distinction of qualifying in every event as freshmen. Lee did it last year and Wagoner has done it this year. “We are taking 16 swimmers, eight boys and eight girls, to state,” said Bixby coach Monika Meadows. “We could qualify additional swimmers at the Last Chance meet. At this point it becomes a chess match on where to place your kids and anticipate opponents’ moves as well. We can’t afford mistakes. We not only have to perform at our best, we can’t afford the slightest mistakes. There’s too many other quality teams that want it just as badly.”

Contenders Harrah Harrah poses the biggest threat to Bixby defending its title. Riley Bunyard could push Lee in the 200 medley and likely could medal in the 100 fly. Currently, he has the third best time in the state at the 100 fly. Look for the Panthers and Bulldogs to battle in the 200 free relay. Altus Daniel Brown is among the contenders in the 200 free. Garrett Thompson will likely compete in the 50 and 100 free. Teammate Paul Davis also has a chance to medal in the 100 free.

GIRLS FAVORITE – Fort Gibson Lady Tigers have the best time in their class in the 200 medley relay this year with a 2:01.40 and the 200 freestyle (1:48.54. State record in the 200 free is 2:00.54. Hannah Cantrell currently has the second fastest time in the 50 free behind Carl Albert’s Anka Lukannek (26.29). Cantrell won the event last year with a time of 25.68. Whitney Stroup and Kyla Martin are among contenders in the 100 free.

Contender Bixby Is this the year the Lady Spartans bring home a team trophy? They were state runners-up in 2009. It will come down to individual races for Bixby to medal. Amber Pence, who was 5th in the 500 free state meet a year ago, and Margaret Merlett in the 100 fly are two swimmers to watch.

Union Swimming

3110 SW 89th Suite 200C - Oklahoma City, OK 73159 - Office - 405.759.2663

Dr. Sean O’Brien

Kevin C. Mason, P.A.-C., MHS

Tri-City Athletes of the Month

Newcastle High School


Jessi Hilderbrand is a junior at Newcastle High School where she competes for the varsity swim team. In 2011 she was state runner up in the 100 fly, state champ in the 500 freestyle (new state record 5:16.16). In 2012 she became the state champ in the 100 fly and a state champion in the 500 freestyle (breaking her own state record 5:09.17). Jessi was named to the Daily Oklahoman All City Swim Team in 2011 and 2012 (also named Swimmer of the Year in 2012). She has participated in the Native American Swim Clinic in 2012 and 2013, she has volunteered at the food bank, and has helped with food tents at the 2012 OKC Memorial Marathon. Jessi is a member of the Chesapeake Swim Club outside of school. For her training, she along with our other two swimmers coop with Norman North High School. She currently has a 4.17 GPA and is ranked number one in her class. She is currently enrolled in AP English and Pre-Ap Calculus. She has a 26 on her ACT. Submit your nomination for the OCO Tri-City Athlete or Team of the Month to:

Teams go to the mat and attempt to pin down a title. Jefferson’s lineup includes a stable of young wrestlers. CLASS 5A FAVORITE COLLINSVILLE Like Broken Arrow, Collinsville looks to extend its mastery in Class 5A. The twotime defending state champs are going for their third state crown. The team is led by Davion Jefferies (113), Will Steltzlen (132), Gary Wayne Harding (138) and Dylan Helm (145).

Broken Arrow Wrestling

Class 6A FAVORITE BROKEN ARROW Three-time defending state champion Broken Arrow looks to continue its stranglehold on the state’s largest wrestling class anchored by the return of state champion Markus Simmons (140 pounds), state runner-ups Tanner Bailey (145), Paden Bailey (152) and Brock Warren (170).

CONTENDERS EDMOND NORTH The Huskies might make this a twoteam race. Edmond North has wrestled head-to-head with Broken Arrow in the Geary and Sapulpa tournaments. North took the Sapulpa team title while the Tigers captured the Geary event. Edmond North will look to junior triplets Lance (182), Joel (195) and Andrew (285) Dixon to lead the team. Lance and Andrew were state runnersup a year ago. MUSKOGEE Roughers are coming off an eighth place finish a year ago. Coach Bobby





CONTENDERS LAWTON MACARTHUR The Highlanders finished third at the Mid-America Tournament, third at Geary and won the Carl Albert Tournament.

SHAWNEE The Wolves are another team Collinsville will have to contend with after a third place finish at Coweta and second place at Carl Albert. Wrestlers to watch include Mitchell Smith.

Class 4A FAVORITE TUTTLE Unseating four-time state champion Tuttle won’t be easy. The Tigers return three state champions in Gunnar Laffoon (132), Zachary Beard (170), and Nathan Jackson (220), third place finisher Blake Dauphin, state runner-up Dakota Head (145) and Austin Elam, a state runner-up two years ago. “Wearing the bulls-eye is nothing new for us,” said head coach Matt Surber. “We have a sign in our room that reads, ‘Once you wrestle, everything else is easy.’ That pretty much says it all.” CONTENDERS VINITA Hornets earned the top seed in the East in the 4A dual state championships. Cash Socia (152), Skyler Miller (195), Kaleb Phillips (220) and J.W. Williams (285) hope to lead Vinita to a state championship. Class 3A Perry has won 10 of the last 13 state titles but after losing out to Blackwell

Tuttle Wrestling

South Oklahoma NormanCity

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a year ago, look for the Maroons to be hungry again. “Hungry is an understatement,” Perry coach Ronnie Delk said. “We’ve been preaching being obsessed with our goals. We have a plaque that has the state championship years on it. Last year’s seniors missed out and this year’s seniors definitely don’t want that to happen.” Delk will look to two state finalists from a year ago, David Thomas (160) and Noah Nida (120), to lead the Maroons at state. Thomas is a state runner-up while Nida finished fourth last season. But there is plenty of talent for coach Delk, including state qualifiers Austin Allen (152) and Cole Ingram (182)..

CONTENDERS Newkirk Head coach Gene Bennett has the Tigers ranked No. 2 in Class 3A after significant wins over Cascia Hall (4A), Ponca City (6A) and Blackwell (3A). Seniors Cody Smith, Justice Jones, David Dowell, Cody Plush, Raheem Blyden, Chase Glenn and Layne McConnell are all reasons the Tigers are looking like the favorites in Class 3A. Also look for Brett Donaldson, Thomas Lusk, Brandon Smith and Brandon Divine to contribute at state.

Cascia Hall Wrestling

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Berryhill Once again Berryhill is near the top of Class 3A in wrestling and with a rich tradition of sending guys to state, it's no wonder they are competing and have a shot at taking it all. Head coach D.J. McGrew has several possible state placer, which could be the difference in winning a dual state title or falling just short of that goal.

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Berryhill Wrestling

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VYPE OKC Area February 2013  

VYPE OKC Area February 2013

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