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Veronika Y. Mercado

Architectural Portfolio

Veronika Y. Mercado 407 705 7827 My passion for architecture lies in the opportunity it affords to create not only new spaces but also environments of comfort and meaning for those who occupy it. I have long believed that architecture and buildings should be designed to better the experiences and reality of everyday life and as a result strive to achieve this in every aspect of my work. The following is a selection of projects and art work that embody my belief in the importance of service and community oriented design.


01 Block Development

02 Tujsi Retreat Center



05 Hinkley Commons

06 Other Media

Battle Creek School

Kitchen + Bath Design

01 Urban Renewal SB Block Development South Bend, Indiana

The idea of creating new industry where old ones have died is not a new phenomenon to the world of architecture and design. But often times what drives these schemes is the principle that one must replace something which is seemingly broken for that which is infinitely better and new. I propose, however, that the redevelopment of a deindustrialized environment is not the replacement or eradication of failed or broken parts, but a chance to redefine these elements based on ideas of “coexistence, proximity, and synergy.� An opportunity to restore what once was lost through the wreckages of circumstance and time. And to, in the words of architect Krzysztof Nawratek, encourage progess through a means of urban re-industrialization, by reintroducing live-work environments and promoting local business operations. This development project does so by incorporationg commercial at ground level and studio spaces for small industries such as Tech startups or textile design companies.

Exterior Perspective of Residential



Residential Lobby 1410 SF

Maker Studio Spaces 14775 SF



20872 SF

Whole Foods Grocer

45950 SF

Parking Lobby

Parking Lobby

Parking Lobby

860 SF

859 SF

843 SF

Residential Lobby Residential Lobby

Residential Lobby

1925 SF

2787 SF

Speculative Commercial

1967 SF

Whole Foods Back Area Exercise Areas

Exercise Areas

27783 SF

25316 SF Commercial Sports Store 28843 SF

Context REI Back Area

Health Club Pool Area

REI Sports Store

The city of South Bend, Indiana possesses a rich history of production and industry. Industry that at a time was the pinnacle of a prosperous and flourishing society. The Studebaker automotive factories for decades had an insurmountable presence in the downtown area and since their closing

in 1963 continue to define much of the infastructure of the city’s south side. This development project at the corner of South Lafayette and West Monroe seeks to restore the nature of this industrial quarter in order to reconnect to South Bend’s down commercial district with it’s historical past.

Exterior Perspective of Whole Foods Grocer and Parking

Section Perspective through site

Pedestrian Alleyway The design of this block structure attempts to pay homage to the city’s surrounding fabric by maintaining the idea of the alleway straight through the site. This passage however, does not defer to vehicular traffic but is entirely for pedestrians. The 30’ wide space is lined with

commercial on eiter side providing opportunities for small businesses and restaurants in the area to occupy the lane. The promenade also provides access to an exterior outdoor terrace that also serves as outdoor space for the second story maker studio spaces.

Commercial Pedestrian Alleyway

Parapet Detail 1" = 1'-0"


Balcony Detail 1" = 1'-0"

T.O.B. F4 43' - 5"


T.O.B. F10 115' - 5"

Metal Drip Edge

MC12 x 50 Steel Frame

18WF x 50 Steel Beam

3" LW Concrete on 2 " Metal Deck

30k12 Open Web Joist Top Extension

ANCON Thermally Insulated Balcony Connector

6" Metal Stud Layer 24 " O.C. w/ Cellulose Insulation R13

2" Air Space W/ Vapor Retarder

Brick Veneer

Interior Finish Paint GypsumWall Board

18W F x 50 Steel Beam encased in Fire-Rated Protection Board

Wood Blocking

Exterior Metal Wall Panel

30k12 Open Web Joist Top Extension

3" LW Concrete on 2" Metal Deck

Air Control Membrane

5" Tapered Rigid ISO Insulation R30

Waterproof Membrane

EPDM Single-Ply Roof Membrane

Cant Strip

Metal Cap Flashing Tapered Rigid Insulation

3 A5






T.O.B. P5 55' - 10"

T.O.B. F6 67' - 5"

T.O.B. F7 79' - 5"

T.O.B. F8 91' - 5"

T.O.B. F9 103' - 5"

T.O.B. F10 115' - 5"


Residential Wall Section 1/2" = 1'-0"

ARCH 442 Prof. Seibold, Solis & Ockerman


Foundation Detail 1" = 1'-0"

B.O.F -5' - 0"

T.O.F -4' - 0"

Property Line

2 A5


4 A5

#5 60k Vertical Reinforcing Steel @ 4'-0" O.C.

5" 60k Reinforcing Steel

2" EPS Rigid Insulation Adhered to Foundation Wall

Combined Footing Beyond

6" Diam. Drain

Drainage Aggregate

Filter Fabric Cover

4" Fill Gravel

2" Fill Sand

5" Finished Concrete Slab

2" XPS Insulation


Property Line

Veronika Mercado


Speculative Retail

Maker Studio Space




T.O.F -4' - 0"

T.O.B. F2 19' - 5"

T.O.B. F3 31' - 5"

T.O.B. F4 43' - 5"

Residential Complex, South Lafayette Street

Typical 1 Bedroom Unit



02 TUJSI Oasis for Spiritual Retreat Tujsi, Peru

This project located on the edge of Lake Titicaca was a collaborative group effort to create a Spiritual Retreat Center for the Organization of CATA and the Villa Hermosa Church. Site conditions presented unique challenges when designing the complex as the future development will be constructed entirely on hillside. The proposal took on the form of a hamlet with ramp access cascading down into a central plaza and main meeing space. My portion of work ranged from designing the site and ramp system down to the waterfront, overseeing and assisting in architectural design, and composing final renderings and site section for client review.

Project Team Members: Tyler Milam, Sanda Khumalo, Veronika Mercado Post Production Instructor: Troy Homenchuk

Aerial View of Site and Ramp Systtem

Road Vistitor Center Lodging

Landscape Conditions

Dining Hall

The Tujsi retreat center is situated on a steep hill on Lake Titicaca, much like the hillside villages of ancient Incan civilizations. Methods of retaining and terracing found at the historic site of Machu Picchu are utilized throughout this site to allow buildings and gardens to sit within the steep terrain. The use of retaining walls also assists in the construction of the vehicular access ramp down to the central hamlet. The hamlet is intentionally far from the road to promote a peaceful environment.

Lakeside Plaza

View from Visitor Center

Hamlet Gathering The stepped nature of the site allowed for the design of a main plaza located on the roof of a large multi-purpose hall that has been cut into the slope. This hall can be designed as a small indoor gymnasium or other event facility. The plaza and buildings have been arranged so that views of Lake Titicaca can be enjoyed deep inside the hamlet.

Program Summary Total Vistors on site up to 800 people max.

Parking Spaces 20 parking spaces total

Meeting Hall capacity 400 people max.

Lodging 1,300.00m2 300 people

Dinning Hall + Primary Meeting 1,150.00m2 capacity 500 people max.

Plaza + Multipurpose Space 680.00m2 400 people+

Secondary Meeting Hall + Guest Housing 290..00m2 100 people

Visitor Center 320m2 100 people

Overnight Visitors 400 people max.

Caretaker Dwelling 1 family

Overnight Camping 100 campers max.

Outdoor Ampitheater 300 people

Family Guest Rooms 50 families max.

Illustrative Site Plan

03 Leathertree Home Kitchen + Bath Design Madison, AL

This project is a design for a remodel to an existing kitchen that is currently too small to meet the clients daily needs. The client requested that the space be extending into the garage area and incorporate a large kitchen island which is currently not possible within the present size constraints. The layout of this kitchen has maximized space by removing the current half walk in pantry and providing built in storage in its stead.

Existing Floor Plan

Proposed Renovation

04 Historic School House Battle Creek School House

Historic Adventist Village, Battle Creek, MI Serving as an anylitical study and process of documentation for the Historic Adventist Village, this project is a computer reconstruction of the existing structure located on the organization’s property in Battle Creek Michigan.This school house, donated by the Battle Creek Historical Society sits just north of the village’s welcome center. Field analysis was performed and measurements were taken on site in order to provide data to input the building into the BIM system.

East Elevation

Transverse Building Section

North Elevation

Longitudinal Building Section

Floor Plan

05 Hinkley Commons Apartment and Commercial Design Benton Harbor, Michigan

This project, located in the Arts District of downtown Benton Harbor, was intended to serve as a means of providing housing and commercial space for this growing portion of town. The area is home to a variety of art related industry and gallery spaces that incorporate painting, metal working, and pottery. In order to meet the demands of this revitilization, the site and its program has incorporated flexible retail and studio gallery real estate at ground level. In an effort to play on the industrial nature of the area, the structure itself has been designed to be constructed entirely out of timber frame and shipping containers.

Site Plan

Basic Floor Plan

Site Elevation

Bulding Sections through typical unit

Wall Section

06 Other Media

Lady with Collar, Watercolor

Native American Woman, Watercolor

Girl with gum, Graphite + Copic Markers

La Murallla Roja 1, Watercolor

La Muralla Roja 2, Watercolor

Tropical Paradise, Watercolor

Man with Turban. Graphite

Night Owl. Graphite

Photo Essay Beriien Springs, MI

Awareness This series of photographs was produced in an effort to bring awareness to the horrors of human trafficking, a trade industry that violates human rights in order to exploit labor for profit. This act of modern day slavery is estimated to have enslaved over 40.3 million victims globally (according to the International Labour Organization). The stark composition of these black and white images was intended to confront the viewer with a jarring depiction of the emotional solitude and loss of freedom that overtake victims of trafficking. The series is also inteded to encourage viewers to take action and give noise to the silence that surrounds this ring of organized crime.

Veronika Yisel Mercado 407-705-7827

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