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ABERCROMBIE EFFECT How could you not giggle when a six feet tall model staring at you with his deep blue eyes and a gorgeous smile? Low rise ripped jeans are never easy to pull off, but the tan topless man-boy makes sexy look effortless. By Vy Nguyen

As a business majored sophomore, marketing tactic usually has very little effect on me. But it worked this time. It’s hard to walk away from the out-of-ordinary Abercrombie and Fitch flagship store located in the heart of central Manhattan. Overly crowded storefront is an everyday affair. Shirtless “greeters” pose for snapshot with giggling teens. I am not fifteen anymore, but the beautiful model, who looked like he walked off a Calvin Klein print ad, did make me blush for a moment there. The overwhelming storefront experience got me step inside for a visit after all. The dimly lighting surprisingly created a pleasant sensation. High traffic of visitors and the upbeat techno music transform ordinary retail atmosphere into an exciting clubby feel. Multiple sale associates in short-shorts and flip-lops dancing nonstop on the balconies. All over the walls were sexy blown up ads that depicting passionate lovers in suggestive poses. To a certain extent, it effectively created an emotional reaction in young consumers to look at. The desire for a beautiful love life kicked in and makes me want to fall in love all over again, especially when the soundtrack was “When I get close to you”. Sexual messages communicated throughout the entire store.