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Nguyen Hoang Xuan Vy Project:

Urban pocket park transformation of Central Geelong

It is a playfulness space on Little Malop street surrounding by restaurants, cafes and bars. Target people and activities are different between day and night time. Same furnitures will be used with different purpose according to time of day. All are movable because this place has hight land value which could be used for other purpose in future.

The site is located in middle of many different offices. It will be designed to become a place for quick break from work, so target people are business people. The design will have 2 spaces, one for smokers with dense foliage green wall to block smoke, another space with flower pergola which create shade for all relaxing activities.


Each park is unique due to different context and surrounded community. Three chosen parks have different context. First pocket park is called “24 hour playground” because it is located in a dynamic area surrounding by youth and night time activities. Second spot is “Suit and Tie” which means a place for office workers as it is bounded by many office buildings. Third is “Pocket farm” where residents surrounded can get their hands dirty by participating in planting. A special name for each pocket park to personalize it as it is unique. What create a better city, even more important than buildings and infrastructures, are the public spaces in between them. At the moment when technology is developing, community space become more crucial, intimate pocket park model could create a better city that bring people together, not pushing them away because of busy lifestyle.


When a park is not just a green space? But is an intimate gathering place that connect people and give them a feeling of inclusion and belonging, in a bustling urban precinct. When an abandoned spot in urban has a power than just an ineffective space? My project is a revolution for small space in between buildings which seem to be useless by introducing “pocket park” as an intimate place for daily use. Its location is Central Geelong, Victoria. Most of public space in Geelong are large in terms of human scale, such as The Waterfront, Geelong Botanic garden. Sometime in daily life, elder just want a cozy space to sit and talk, office workers need a small place for quick smoke or coffee, but Geelong does not have this kind of space. My target is to find potential space in Central Geelong, and turn them into pocket parks. It includes two stages: first stage is defining a system of eight pocket parks in Central Geelong basing on size, identity, distance, and accessibility, second step is designing three of those.





This spot is located quite far from main streets, therefore its atmosphere is very calm and peaceful. It is surrounded by shops, cafes which use organic homemade ingredients, and a yogis community. With all characteristics above, this place is perfect for an urban pocket farm managing by Geelong volunteers and provides fresh green ingredients for residentials.

Geelong urban pocket parks  
Geelong urban pocket parks