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Available All Type Of Dosage Forms At VxP Pharma ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma offers highest quality dosage forms, semi solids, transdermal, solid dispersions, parenteral solutions all these dosage forms are available. ďƒ˜ Our Company has the experience and capacity to manufacture virtually all types of dosage forms required for your CTM and commercial projects. The equipment is in accordance with cGMP guidelines and internal validation protocols.

Dosage Forms - ANDA

Highly Potent Compound & Cytotoxic Manufacturing ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma can help with high potent and cytotoxic manufacturing activities. Our experienced team has experience with closed-systems and can create & maintain a controlled sterile environment, enabling us to produce highly potent drug compounds. ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma specializes in the development and manufacture of highly potent and cytotoxic drug products under strict closed-system guidelines.

Cytotoxic Manufacturing

Cocrystal Characterization & Analysis Services ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma offers flexibility with cocrystal development and associated characterization services. We have experience with solid state stability in a GLP environment. ďƒ˜ We offer you better flexibility with a wide variety of solid services and also provide consistency in the final outcome that your project requires. We support from the manufacturing staff and the development experts will always ensure you quickly receive the best formulation of your amazing and specific drug compound.


OTC Manufacturing Services ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma Services provides solid oral dosage product development, scale–up and commercial manufacturing services as well as sterile fill finish capabilities. ďƒ˜ VxP Pharma development team is experienced for the commercial services. We have provided commercial drug & pharma manufacturing, OTC manufacturing and generic drug manufacturing for both small and large molecule products.

OTC manufacturing

Formulation Development & CTM Manufacturing Services ďƒ˜ The formulation experts at VxP Pharma can provide you with numerous years of combined experience for every project need. The top priority is providing a safe. ďƒ˜ The development team at VxP Pharma is experienced with quick & efficient processes for complex formulations and technologies. We have provided services for CGMP contract & topical manufacturing for multiple dosage forms in both small and large molecule programs.

Formulation Development

For More Info Contact Us Contact: VxP Pharma Services Purdue Research Park 5225 Exploration Drive Indianapolis, IN 46241 Phone: 3177592299 For More Info Visit:

VxP Pharma - The Pharmaceutical Service Company  

Vxp Pharma offers highest quality dosage forms, semi solids, transdermal, solid dispersions, parenteral solutions all these dosage forms are...

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