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• Principles of Biomedical Science • Human Body Systems • Biotechnical Engineering • Medical Interventions • Biomedical Innovations • Capstone

School of Engineering and Biomedical Science 1050 35th Lane Pueblo, CO 81006 (719) 948-2310

A School-within-a-School at Pueblo County High School


Biomedical Career Strand

Pueblo School District 70

Philosophy The philosophy of the School of Engineering and Biomedical Science is based upon innovation, application, college preparation and, ultimately, rewarding careers for its students in the society of tomorrow. The school offers career pathways in both Engineering and the Biomedical Sciences. Whether a student chooses the Engineering or Biomedical pathway, the scope and sequence of courses provides students with a solid preparation for college and a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

• Introduction to Engineering and Design • Principles of Engineering • Civil Engineering and Architecture • Digital Electronics • Engineering Design and Development • Capstone

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Key Points: • Enhance a strong core academic program with visual, technological and 21st century literacy components • STEM focus encourages graduates to become the next generation of innovators • Offer engineering and biomedical science career pathways for students • Integrate industry standard software and technologies into a highly effective instructional program • The school is staffed with creative and innovative teachers • Develop an environment of professionalism, accountability, and discipline for students • Maintain a safe school, where student learning and success is the number one priority • Prepare students for college and the world beyond high school

Engineering Career Strand

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Global Competitiveness Advances in technology have created an information revolution and a global community in which all graduates need to be well versed in the STEM fields of study (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Students at the School of Engineering and Biomedical Science will be prepared to meet the challenges of working and living in a society that is driven by creative and innovative ways of thinking as well as the exchange of information. The school’s engineering and biomedical science programs, coupled with strong core academics, will arm students for success in the 21st century no matter what career field they ultimately choose.


Pueblo School District 70

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ENGINEERING and BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE A School-within-a-School at Pueblo County High School

The School of Engineering and Biomedical Science offers its students a comprehensive four-year plan of coursework to prepare them for success in the biomedical science and/or engineering fields. Each career academy is a multi-year course of study designed for the movement of students from a freshmen level foundational understanding to advanced and complex application during their senior year. The design of the career academy strands maximize student learning and preparedness through an integrated, rigorous, and coordinated curriculum. The knowledge and skills gained by students in one course is built upon, expanded and deepened in the courses that follow. At the same time, the integration of technology and the innovative thinking skills established in the freshman curriculum are continued in the next three levels of coursework.

SEBS career pathways include specialized classes as well as more “traditional” courses. Many specialized courses are from Project Lead the Way (PLTW) - a nationally recognized curriculum designed by educators and engineers or biomedical practicioners. More traditional courses, like language arts and social studies, are integrated within the career pathway programs in a way that breaks down artificial barriers between disciplines and demonstrates the real world connections between the course content. Enrollment offers students an array of advantages, from career readiness and hands-on experience to college preparatory–level classes, labs, and creative exercises. SEBS students are set up to succeed in the classroom and in life.

A Different Atmosphere... ... A Different Attitude Student Life Students enjoy both the amenities of a large high school campus environment yet, at the same time, gain from the individualized attention of a small school setting. Athletics, electives and services at the large school are available for SEBS students.

Award Winning SEBS courses, coupled with the hands-on, project based integration of “traditional” courses, has earned the school numerous excellent ratings from the Colorado Department of Education as well as recognition as one of America’s Top 100 High Schools - among the top 5% - by the US News and World Report.

A School-within-a-School The school, formerly known as the Pueblo Technical Academy, is a School-within-a-School that is housed at Pueblo County High School. This arrangement allows students of the School of Engineering and Biomedical Science a greater range of high school experiences and elective course choices while maintaining the educational philosophy, rigorSchool of ous curriculum, and small ENGINEERING and school feel of the former BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE Tech Academy. Pueblo School District 70

A School-within-a-School at Pueblo County High School

Tough but Fun Although the curriculum is rigorous and expectations of students are high, learning at SEBS is fun and rewarding. With effort and commitment, every student can be successful.

2011 SEBS Brochure  
2011 SEBS Brochure  

Brochure for School of Engineering and Biomedical Science, Pueblo, CO