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Portfolio of Architectural Projects Daniel Rosenthal

Š Daniel Rosenthal, 2013 M.Arch, University of Oregon (917) 549 - 5216


The New Steam Plant / Eugene Riverfront Arts Center Community Music School Drawing 5: Window wall detail at oor Daniel Rosenthal, GTF: Gabe

Building Enclosure Details Linterna Mixed-use Civic Center in Vicenza, Italy Vancouver Skytrain, Broadway Station Oregon Center for Indigenous Learning and Living Artwork

The New Steam Plant / Eugene Riverfront Arts Center Eugene, OR Winter/Spring 2013 (thesis studio) A recently approved master plan proposes to redevelop a postindustrial site alongside the Willamette River with the goal of connecting downtown Eugene to the river. Working within the master plan, this project reuses an historical steam plant that sits prominently on the site to create an arts center. Inside are exhibition halls and a performance space - spaces designed to be flexible and allow for continuously changing content. Ultimately, this building is meant to be an iconic place for Eugene that expresses the character of the city by bringing visitors in contact with three primary aspects of the site: the river and riparian habitat, the historical shell of the steam plant, and finally, an architectural language that signals the new activity within.



Process models



· Site model

adaptive reuse

· Section model


Focal area within master plan

habitat restoration


public space

· Before · After

Welcome to visitors from downtown

Section perspective

New riverfront perspective - corner doors open

The corner gallery at night with large doors closed

Theatre in thrust mode - panels open to historical shell

View to river from upper exhibit level - doors open

Galleries extend over riparian habitat


House Animated by Rainwater Collection

2 4 3

Lincoln, OR Spring 2011 A house on the Oregon coast designed around the collection of rainwater and the display of that water throughout the interior space. The formal strategy is two main components: a roof that acts as a funnel and a spiraling staircase around the edge of a courtyard.

natural animation


Rain falls from roof onto bed of gravel


Water feeds plants encased in a permeable membrane


Runoff enters stair run through small precast concrete hole


Slate tile is laid on a gentle slope to encourage steady flow down center of steps

rainwater collection

Section perspective

Courtyard perspective

Exterior perspective

Community Music School Eugene, OR Fall 2010 (Introductory Studio) A Suzuki musical academy for children of all ages in Eugene, OR, on a site adjacent to the University of Oregon. The program includes practice rooms, a small performance hall, and classrooms. Structural rhythm is developed through heavy timber construction with wood light frame infill. Massing model


Construction model of lobby


heavy timber

structural rhythm

Performance hall model

Building Enclosure Details

Terra cotta wall - sill detail Drawing 5: Window wall detail at oor Daniel Rosenthal, GTF: Gabe

Fall 2012

(core coursework)

Drawing 6: Window sill at terra cotta wall Daniel Rosenthal, GTF: Gabe

Drawn for a bulding enclosure course, these details show two wall types in an institutional building. Constraints of shading, dimensions, and materials were given, and wall assembly design was left to students. One wall type is fully glazed, the other is faced with terra cotta panels. Both include fixed and operable shading. Details were drawn using AutoCAD.

Glazed wall - floor section

Drawing 7: Window wall and roof Daniel Rosenthal, GTF: Gabe

Glazed wall - roof detail

Drawing 5: Window head at terra cotta Terra to topcotta of parapet wall - roof detail Daniel Rosenthal, GTF: Gabe

Linterna Spring 2011 A tabletop luminaire that provides flexibility through a variety of lighting conditions. The core is steel into which patterns have been lasercut. The outer shell is frosted acrylic. This project has been archived in the Baker Lighting Lab and was displayed in the Modern gallery in Eugene and at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2012. Designed by me and three other students.


light and shadow


Natural Playscape Eugene, OR Winter 2012 (design-build studio) Student-run design-build playground renovation for the Co-op Family Center in Eugene, OR. Our core team consisted of 8 architecture students and expanded to include consultants and volunteers. The project began in September 2011 and had its ribbon cutting ceremony on February 9th, 2013. This project was run by the designBridge student organization at the University of Oregon. Important components developed from client needs were a raingarden for stormwater management, a shaded play area and a new permeable bike loop. My role focused on ground plane interventions, and I was responsible for the layout of the presentation boards on the opposite page.



Before community


stormwater management




Drainage poster, 42” x 24”

Bike loop + Plants poster, 42” x 24”

Creek section

Rain garden section

Playscape in use

Mixed-use Civic Center in Vicenza, Italy Vicenza, Veneto Spring 2012

Exhibit space

(study abroad studio) Reception

Part of a study abroad program in Italy, based in Vicenza. This project provides public access to the upper level of the famous Basilica Palladiana on the main piazza in Vicenza. In so doing, the building also shapes two piazze in the center of Vicenza: Piazza dei Signori on the north side and Piazza Biade to the east. Program includes retail, gallery, exhibition space, and conference rooms. A layered stone facade expands public space vertically and responds to Palladio’s work on the Basilica





historical context


public space


layered facade

Piazza Biade elevation

Piazza Signore elevation

Early sketches


View entering piazze


Vancouver Skytrain Broadway Station Vancouver, BC


Fall 2012

Translucent glass glass

Renovation of the busiest station in Vancouver’s Skytrain system. An expressive structure designed to make an impact on the busy corner of Commercial and Broadway. Materials are chosen to reflect those employed in structures throughout the city.

steelpurlins purlins Steel

glulambeams beams Glulam steel tube Steel tube

steel masts

Steel andmasts cablesand cables

expressive structure


public space


local material language

Mast - cable connection

Cast steel connections

Platform perspective

Beam - cable connection

Corner perspective

Oregon Center for Indigenous Learning and Living Salem, OR Fall 2011 The Wolf (a central character in the creation story of the Kalapuya tribe indigenous to the Willamette Valley) is a symbol for this place of learning and celebration in Salem’s Riverfront Park. Embedded in a densely planted area, the complex draws visitors through a gateway of indigenous vegetation. Education in traditional Native American crafts and wisdom is a way for visitors to feel more connected to the local environment. An observation tower offers new perspectives of this land - another way for visitors to gain appreciation for their surroundings. Traditional ceremony is also given a place in this building: indoors in a gathering hall and outdoors in an entry courtyard and a large open field.

indigenous culture


public space


native plants


expressive structure

Embedded in the landscape

Open field for pow-wows and large gatherings

Indigenous plants

Site plan



Elders’ lounge

Kitchen W.C.

Gathering Hall



(to office above)

Gift shop

Development of plan to respond to traditional East entrance in addition to its relation to the city. Welcome Hall



Opening to the South in concert with welcome sequence. W.C. Classroom Classroom

Section perspective

View from tower


Visibility from the city

Compound entrance


Fragmented construction, found cardboard, 20” x 30” x 15”

Taking Form, acrylic on canvas, 18” x 24”

Dilemma, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 20”

Summer, acrylic on canvas, 18” x 24”

Daniel Rosenthal Architecture Portfolio