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Preface Education, a powerful vehicle for sustainable development Key in the discourse related to the Sustainable Development Goals

To prepare for such tasks in our programming, we need to build

is the interrelationship between the 17 goals and the reaffirma-

on sound organisational fundamentals. In 2015, we created more

tion that education is one of the most powerful vehicles for sus-

value for our direct stakeholders, in terms of solutions for sys-

tainable development. Hence quality education takes a centre-

temic educational challenges at the level of ministries of educa-

piece in the new development agenda, almost a prerequisite for

tion and training institutions for teachers and school leaders. We

progressing in the other domains and for cementing the diverse

extended our technical expertise by pooling resources with over

Sustainable Development Goals.

20 educational service providers. We attracted new donors and renewed contracts with existing institutional funders. We sub-

This implies that teachers and school leaders, who are central in

stantially increased our turnover.

the learning of children and adolescents, are now expected to take the floor as agents for sustainable development. If we want

These fundamentals make us ready to gear up for the new de-

them to address the economic, social, environmental and politi-

velopment agenda and era. We consider the matter of a sustain-

cal priorities of the new sustainable development agenda, these

able, equal world as a pressing concern that needs interventions

teachers and school leaders will need renewed attention.

now and in which education is integral to the new development agenda. We can assure donors and partners that VVOB is ready to

This plays at different levels. At the pedagogical level, for the

contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

literacy, mathematical and other skills and competences, a specific array of support for teachers and school leaders is required, helping to internalise the concept of sustainability and to acquire skills and competences that will improve the teaching. Enhancing

Bart Dewaele

capacities in sustainable development requires lifelong learning

Director-General VVOB

opportunities for teachers and school leaders, plays at the level of management. Finally, at the level of strategic envisioning, this learning should also be about the world’s interconnectedness and in particular its environmental threats and the snowballing inequality between and within countries. Teachers and school leaders must be enabled to touch upon the complex interrelationships between the education sector and other key development areas.

VVOB Annual Report 2015  

PLAY - LEARN - WORK. In our Annual Report 2015 we emphasise the importance of quality education for all children and youngsters. We hereby b...