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CHIN-WEI, WU Shih-Chien University, Dept. of Communications Design “ Using any kind of form to record life. Observe everything around with consciousness. This is me, in 2019.

Materiality Love, don’t love. l 2018 An Interaction device for combing the relationship between people.

“ I can't get the clear response from you, so I made a device that’ll tell me answer softly. "Love, don’t love” is an interaction design device. Once people pick off a petal, thermal printer will print out hand-write poem correspond to the petal. Word of “he love me” or “he don’t love me” printed out for people, which just like the unexpected condition when picking off and counting petal of Daisy.

Flower and leaf are both common materials in our daily life. It attracts people through various flavor and color. By ideating: texture, tale, living environment, instinct behavior people act with them, what are they thinking about... There's one thing I'm interested in - "petal", the natural feature of it.


In memory, once I found a flower with lots petals, I’ll started pick off them, murmuring “love, don’t love, love…”.

“ In German classic legend - “Faust”, Margaret also predicting the love of Faust by picking off daisy petals.


Visualize what flower want to “tell” us The answer when we ended up picking off all the petals, is a sign, which give us prophecy; In traditional Taiwanese culture, people pray for god and draw out stick, to exchange the "fortune slip" in temple.

Fortune slip visualize the "imperial decree" of god. That's when we started thinking about: How can we visualize the answer when picking off petals? I try to visualize what flower wants to "tell" us by using hand-write poem with "he love me" or "he don't love me". This could help we READ what flower said instead of ending their life. Then, the idea of "Love, don't love" occurs.

There're 5 hand-write poem in this project: 01 "Let's go there together, there'll be stairs at night." He love me. 02 "Do you want some peaches? I'm just in the mountains." He love me. 03 "I can't cook, only know how to bake cookies." I said. "Never mind, I'll cook for you." He said. He love me. 04 "It's ok not to stay strong. I'll try to heal those wounds." He love me. 05 " " He don't love me.


With those poems, memories and stories can just packed in this works. / 01 Memory Recorder / This works try to record memories of someone. For example: the memories of meeting someone in the summer of 18th. / 02 Relationship comber / Trying translate the words he(or she) had said into “fortune slips� by poem. Then, the word of "he love me" or "he don't love me" were added under the poem, to help people figure out the ambiguous relationship when they got the substance slip.


Action steps

Let’s give it a try! 1. Asking Margaret for the relationship with someone "sincerely" 2. Pick off a 3D printed petal 3. Waiting for Margaret, they have something to tell you 4. Tear off the slip 5. Read the poem and also the answer of "love" or "don't love" 6. Keep the slip in your wallet. No matter what answer did you get, it''ll bring your good luck.


Video here

Waiting for the whisper from flower...

He don’t lone me?!

They’re exchanging different poems on slip

“ I do really hope this work could record the short relationship between people before they forget those days. 2018 Spring.


Sound Brew a pot of memory. l 2019 A series to extend and lengthen the form of memory.

“ Memories are construct by fragmentary objects or senses. Once we have one of them, then the whole extend in that moment. In our daily life, memories are evoke through incomplete pieces. This series have two project. First is a book which contain dried flower. Once people read the book, they can not only read the illustration, but also rip the page, getting some material. Then use the bottle with hot water to brew it. Materials will bloom with visual and smell. Second project are consist of interaction devices. Sound device will make cicada call; Light device will reproduce the flight path of firefly; Both in order to evoke people's past memory by sensation.


At first, a device which can automatically making sound itself was made. Sound comes from the friction between straw and mini-fan, which sounds like cicada call or someone drilling tooth. The irrelevant device has its own form, sound, and mechanical operation frequency which give people lots imagination to tell what it really is.


Interprate sound to different sences From all the associated ideas or memories of: past elementary school years, the days travel in Hua-lien, finding insects with family in a starry night… are all stirred up. I try using illustration and poem to visualize the memories associate with the sound device.

During the visualizing process, there’s a special system found. “When receiving a irrelevant sensation in life, people will tend to read and record it through past experience which stored in memory database.”

There’re two stage of memory are consolidated: 01 When receiving an irrelevant sensation in life, people will try matching it with past memory database. Then reading past time & space repeatedly. This is just like the process of the sound device & provoked illustrations, poems. 02 “ People will collect new objects or elements which is related to past experience. Hoping they can piece elements together, and go back to the past days again”


02 for example, after leaving Bangkok and back to Taiwan, I’ll taking pictures which have the color of Orange Thai milk tea unconsciously. Since Thai milk tea is one of my favorite color when I’m in Bangkok.

“ Nostalgic people is like mudlark. [Past]seems a broken yet attractive time for them.

“ Nostalgic people is like mudlark. [Past]seems a broken yet attractive time for them. And here’s comes the ideas of completing this project. “The farther away the memory is, the drier the memory is; the one which is closer to now, is more moist. When having a memory fragment, if we can extend and brew it, we will as if return to that time & space and the moment.”


Project 01

The first project has a hand-made book with dried flowers stored in it. By using “hot water� to brew them, visualize the extension of dried flower, just like the extension of tea when people brewing it. Smell, color, movement show up when brewing flowers, hoping to provoke the personal past memories of people.

Project 02 The second project are consist of interaction devices. In the dark environment, light sensor will triggered. At the same time, light device will reproduce the flight path of firefly; When there's wind, it'll trigger sound device to make the sound similar to cicada call. The act "being triggered" of each device, is a symbol of the act "brewing tea". The senses of "light" or "sound" of the device, is a symbol of "smell and color of tea extend in the moment".


Project 02

“ Nostalgic people is like mudlark. [Past]seems a broken yet attractive time for them.

“ Both in order to evoke different past memory of people by sensory stimulation.

Video here 12

Man & Field Back home. l 2018 An interaction device for bringing memories of the sound along the way home.

“ It’s man that gives life to train. Because of man, train started have direction and destination. “Back home” is an interactive device driven by human power. When people start dragging the rope, wheels will move, and empower wood-gear rotating to make noise. Meanwhile, mini projector will broadcast scenery along the way home. Noise itself sounds like railway clatter, which make people feel release when it's usually the sound that signify we are on the way home. Visual itself offered the “directionality” of home. Both want to construct the relieve feeling when people miss their home and drag the device.


This works started from the observation of surroundings, and finding a filed which makes ourself feel relieved. The first field I think about is train cabin. I still remember in past days, when we need to go home from grandparents house, we’ll usually take trains. My family and I will having lunch boxes on train. With lunch boxes, scenery outside, and the "cla-lung,cla-iung� sound of railway clatter, it’s probably the ephemeral but meaningful time being with family.


Symbol of “memory, past, frequency, relief” As I study abroad in another city, every time going back home to Taichung, I still treasure the time on train. The irreplaceable part of it is the “sound, shaking, frequency”. With this 3 elements, train was given a symbol of “memory, past, frequency, relief”. “Where’s the relief comes from? Is it from the sound and frequency of train? or it’s actually from the connection of memories with mom in it?” I start to clarify the importance and Irreplaceability of train by questioning myself.

During the process, I had taken train along fro several times, in order to find out the main reason why train is so important to me. Then, on the day I took the shaking train, in that moment with railway clatter, I know that “this is the way back home”. “moving, railway clatter, the direction fo home” are the three main point in this works.


It must be dragged by people

Though train is controlled by electromechanical, this project cat’t treated as the same. People want to go somewhere, that’s why train occurred, to shorten the time of transportation. So this project must “driven” by man. Once, man want to move, then there’ll have the sound and the scenery along the way of train.

It must be portable

Whenever someone got a home sick, no matter which country he/she is, it is also possible to drag this installation outside and having a walk. The sound of train and the scenery on the way home will all reappear.



It is for you

For whom also got homesick when you’re living in another country. Please treasure the emotion of homesick, cause that’s a evidence that we both have direction and destination of home.

“ It’s man that gives life to train. Because of man, train started have direction and destination. “ Going back home.

Video here 18

Man & Color Cha-Yen Color l 2019 A book that record the imagination of Bangkok life.

“ All solid buildings in the color of Chia-Yen (Thai milk tea) are actually liquid, and there’re lives on it.

“Cha-Yen Color” is under a project called “Unknown field”. This concept occurred when I leave Bangkok in 2018, looking forward to record the experience there. Since I’m fascinated by the color, I’m curious about “If one day, all objects which have Cha-Yen Color are all lake & ocean, and there’re lives on it”. The photos in book are all shoot the days I’m in Bangkok. I try using the imagination of color to interpret memories into illustration and stories. Hoping to record the short but interesting days in Bangkok.

Book here 19


Man & Space Hearty breakfast l 2017 A light & shadow theater to say thanks to mom.

“ Just we are collectors of things, things are collectors of meaning. The name "Hearty Breakfast" came through my mind before I start doing this project. It represents the breakfast my mom made for us everyday during the last 18 years. Until the time leaving home, with the distance, I started realized that breakfast made by mom are so precious and meaningful for me. Hearty means "full of love" in Chinese, and it means "huge big" in English, both symbolize the love mom pack in the breakfast for us everyday.

Video here 21


Materiality Natural pantone l 2018 A series of natural pantone with texture.

“ Colors generally derive their significance form outside themselves. - The system of object As we’ll encounter lots of color in a day, or we have decision making of which color would we wear or use, then this project started.Colors are given symbols from psychology and culture, but we’re curious about where's the origin of it? What did they based on? Then we have the idea of this experimental project “Natural pantone”- by using color with texture to show it’s original form of existence. At the end, with the color in a row, we could take a look on “how colors be given symbol from its materiality”.



Man & Object Value l 2018 A exhibition of our evocative object.

“ Just we are collectors of things, things are collectors of meaning. The value of objects sometimes can’t measure by its label, it’s much more than it after time went by. During the first group discussion, we tried to discover the special relationships between the owners and its evocative objects, and then converged all the information into two topics ‘The bonding’ and ‘The time and space’. Since we found the values of the memories could not be clarify in a scientific way, we chose to use a rational input such as drawing the timeline of the objects. The timeline include all the subtle differences between the objects: Is the relationship very privet? How will the objects keep on its own life? In the end, we made a device contains a series of interacting process, which would revels the sound and image of the memory in a roll during the interaction process. It reveals our search into “The weight and the value of the memory”.

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Man & Object Blanket l 2017 A weaving installation by using material of woolen and memory.

“ Time passed, but memories would be storage in different form. I keep weaving at that time. Weaving has it’s own identity: the material for weaving is shapable, but also could make strong but pliable structure. This makes me think about the relationship between people. When people first meet, their connection is like silk. However, when there’s more experience and things happen between them, their relation will become closer and structural. “Blanket” is a project to record the past memory of me and my parents when they would put me on blanket to swing. The form of weaving cost much times, yet these act could recall more meaningful time and weave those times into the works.

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