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WELCOME! Right now, it's an exciting and opportunistic time for small business and web publishing. The world has seen a steady decline in print newspapers and magazines, despite the fact that we still need valuable content. However, we're also seeing an aggressive increase of Internet content such as blogs, articles, podcasts, video, and other interactive online media.


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Add to this, the use of Social Media has brought companies and consumers closer together. Businesses are learning and profiting from online word-of-mouse sharing and authentic communication. Many companies are “going viral” due to leveraging the right combination of marketing tools. This combination of small business, digital design, and online viral marketing is what is all about.

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More importantly, intelligent businesses are finally realizing the importance of digital designers. We see designers, business consultants, and marketing experts in an essential partnership with growing businesses. This balanced panel of specialists can create effective and profitable consumer experiences, limited only by their imaginations.

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We are at the brink of an unstoppable revolution in business. This publication was created by internationally recognized experts to help you exponentially grow your small business using proven online tools. We hope you join us and thrive. The world is waiting for your next Viral Venture! Enjoy and Connect,

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P.S. Make sure to connect with our esteemed authors via the Viral VIP Directory located at the back of this publication. P.P.S. This is an interactive PDF. Many links are active and take you directly to the website of interest!


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Viral Business Guide:  

This free guide is to help people make their business a viral success online. Our focus is on Business Intelligence, Digital Design, and Phi...

Viral Business Guide:  

This free guide is to help people make their business a viral success online. Our focus is on Business Intelligence, Digital Design, and Phi...

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