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Have you heard about the latest offering by Andrew Fox and his JVs. I bought the product just to see what it was about. Andrew Fox promotes himself as "Affiliate Millionare". There isn't much about the person out there. But from visiting his site, I find Andrew to be an extraordinary sales, able to pull in thousands of newbies. I can't really comment on the quality of his previous products, but it would be interesting to see how rates product rates. I apologise if by any chance the Gsneak Andrew Fox and the Affiliate millionaire are different people. The first thing that happened when I purchased it was the usual irritating process where they tried to upsell me to the other packages within their suite. Obviously I did not buy them. So here's what I got for $37.00 In Section 1 I was taken through a 9 minute training video on Product Launch and Niche Domination. Most of the stuff that you've already seen before....and probably could get free from other great gurus, like Anik Singal, Mark Ling or Eric Holmlund. Section 2 teaches you how register or buy a domain. GoDaddy is the company they promote. Again, Anik Singal has given all these free in his latest report The Empire Formula. So hopefully Section 3 would give me some value for my money. Section 3 discusses building a blog using WordPress. Gsneak offer an autoblog tool that automates the install process of WordPress on GoDaddy. I've yet to test this software on other hosting companies. But looking at the interface it looks like it can work. Some value for the $37 investment. But still not enough for me. Section 4 helps you create the homepage. Interestingly Gsneak uses the FlexSqueeze Theme. This theme sells at $127. It would be interesting to see if it is fully featured for $37.00. It covers how to customise your wordpress theme and create a squeeze page. Section 5 gives you a software package called "Hot Key Agent". I like this tool. It seems to have some really useful tricks like Hot Words. Hot Words actually finds the hot keywords out there and breaks it down the AdWord cost, the approximate position and even the estimate clicks. I'm impressed. It also helps you install the SK Kahuna plugin for WordPress. For those of you who have never used this plugin, it automates your article submissions and a has a few other cool tricks for Amazon and the likes. Section 6 gets into Blog Carnival, an automated article submission software. A decent tutorial shows you how to go about submitting your article. The 2 products in section 5 & 6 are free products. You may want to go to these sites to check them out.

The rest of the members section includes Sneak Traffic Generation Suite, which is an upsell of the basic product and some training on Social Media and content creation. On the whole I believe $37 is well spent, particularly for the newbie. But like any other product you purchase, you need to ensure that you go through all training processes if you want results. I been in the Internet since January 2010. Spent a lot of money registering Domains, buying software and trusting Gurus. Slowly but surely moving towards making this my primary income. Sharing what I learn with others who are in the same situation as me. Persist and never give up!! Your thoughts, input would be appreciated not just be me but other readers as well. Just go to and add your comments. Subscribe to my site now and receive 2 ebooks on Internet Marketing. Copywrite (c) 2010

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==== ==== For Great 2012 Coaching And Training Please Visit ==== ====

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