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==== ==== 108 Pages Of High Rated Proven and Effective Gigs!!! Check Out The Link Below! ==== ==== is a great way to get small jobs done quickly and inexpensively! All jobs are $5! We've had great luck with graphics design, research, PowerPoint presentations, handout creation and article writing. That is just a small sample of things you can have done. You would be amazed at what people offer to do for $5!! There are however pitfalls and things I've learned from experience that will make your use of Fiverr much easier, simpler, more fun and will save some headaches! TIP 1: Don't post what you want done. Instead, write up exactly what you are looking for, the job details and what you expect, then do a search for people that can do that type of work (i.e book cover, PowerPoint, article, etc). When you have a list of those people, look through the headlines and start clicking on the ones that seem to fit what you want (don't be too is a waste of time to spend hours trying to find the "best" people/person). When you are on the seller's job page, click the "contact seller" link and paste your message of exactly what you are looking for into the message box. Remember to ask them if they are interested in the gig, what the turn around time will be and if there is any other information they need. I would suggest contacting at least 10 people (the more the better...but remember you also don't need to waste time searching for 100 to contact either!). This will narrow down the field greatly, as you will want to work with those that respond the fastest and indicate they understand what you want and are willing to do the work. Tip 2: Before you order the gig, I would recommend messaging them again to verify that the job you request will just be $5. If it is a larger job they might request that you order 2-3 $5 gigs. Use your judgment to determine if this is fair...I base it on how other sellers responded and what I think it is worth. For example we paid for 2 gigs to get our DVD cover and disc label created. We felt it very worth $10 and all respondents asked that it be 2 gigs. Tip 3: Only work within Fiverr. We have had requests to pay through PayPal, to email information and to communicate outside of Fiverr. Fiverr is set up to be a self contained system and is there to protect you. If you pay by other means you lose that protection. If the seller complains about Fiverr's payment policy then they should not use the system! Also Fiverr protects your personal information, once you step outside of it you may be vulnerable. The only exception I have made is when I requested a project that resulted in a very large file that could not be uploaded to Fiverr's site, the seller set up a site that allowed me to download it. Tip 4: Play, try, experiment... it is only $5! I know you can afford that.

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==== ==== 108 Pages Of High Rated Proven and Effective Gigs!!! Check Out The Link Below! ==== ====

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