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Take your conversations off of Facebook by inviting your contact list to add you to Skype, messenger or joining your newsletter list. The more options you give them of keeping in touch with you, the easier it will become to grow your network on and off Facebook. Developing long-term relationships with your contact list (and network) will be incredibly rewarding but have patience, successfully building a network from scratch via Facebook is effective but it takes time. Search & Search Again Choose your target audience carefully by looking for specific keywords in their profiles, browsing their political views, relationship status or perhaps even their education, depending on the niche markets that you target. View The Friends Of Your Friends First, log into your Facebook account and view the current events from those currently on your list. Remember, you can view the "Friends" of your existing contacts and add them to your Facebook contact list as well. It's an easy way to grow your list. If you are looking for people interested in specific things, you can browse available groups and join the ones that focus on your market. Here you will be able to find and add friends who are interested in the same topics that you are. Develop Advertising Pages For Advertisers With Facebook being such a large community, it should be no surprise that people are willing (and eager) to pay for good exposure on the Facebook website. Considering this, an easy way to make money with Facebook is by creating a page built exclusively around a current event or hot topic. This way, you can generate traffic from Facebook by showcasing this page throughout your profile or by sending it to your contact list.

If you are able to generate a lot of interest (and traffic) to this page you can begin to offer advertising spots to those who would like to feature their product or service on your "Made for Facebook Landing Page". To determine what kind of page to create, look at what is currently being discussed or build your page around recent events, celebrity gossip or other topics that appeal to your contact list. Once you have built your page, you can easily create advertising sponsor boxes throughout your page by installing the "My Stuff" application. This application enables users of Facebook to install any code within your Facebook profile page (or other Facebook pages). After you have installed the application, use a graphic editor program to create an "Advertising Box" (or graphic that simply says "Advertise Here!". ) Once this is completed, you can begin promoting your new Facebook page. This is easier to do than you might think. If you are active within forums or external communities, publishing a link to this page or including it within your forum signature may give it a jump-start, or take it a step further and feature the link within blog articles, comment boxes on other publisher pages, etc. Once you have found an interested advertiser, remember to change the code in your advertising box to feature their website URL, to direct your Facebook page visitors there. Charging a monthly fee for advertising on your page is an instant way to generate passive income on the side! Remember, you can also choose to advertise on Facebook yourself using the "Facebook Flyers", the advertising boxes featured throughout the Facebook website. This is the easiest way to start advertising on a wider scale, with the benefit being that the sponsored listings are designed to look like news feed items, which add to their effectiveness. Facebook Marketplace The Facebook Marketplace is a classified ad service available to Facebook members. You can post a "wanted" ad, "For Sale" listing or other type of advertisement at absolutely no cost. The only time you must pay a fee is if you wish to feature you're ad across multiple networks ($1.00 per network feature). The Marketplace will, by default, only show you listings from your current network. To see other listings you will need to change your primary network.

You can choose to list what you are looking for, or list what you have to sell/trade. This is a great way to promote your services, or you can use a different strategy and browse the "Wanted" ads to determine if you can locate and sell items to people who are searching for specific things. One marketer I know scours the "Wanted" section each day and then checks out sites like eBay to see whether the items in demand are available. He purchases them at a lower price and resells them on the Facebook Marketplace. While this is definitely nowhere near as lucrative as classified sites such as CraigsList, you can definitely make a bit of money within the Facebook Marketplace as it continues to expand and grow larger in size and popularity. In the meantime, offering design services, selling domains or flipping websites or offering other 'digital" based services and products may yield you a few extra bucks. Every time you place a listing on the Facebook Marketplace, it appears within your profile section, so people visiting your page can see what you are selling or looking for.

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==== ==== Learn How To Build And Profit From APPS! 30 Days For $1.00 Link Located At The Bottom Of The Page: ==== ====

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