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==== ==== 108 Pages Of High Rated Proven and Effective Gigs!!! Check Out The Link Below! ==== ==== is a relatively new social network site or 'micro gigging site' which has become very popular. On Fiverr, people or companies sell their products and services for just a low flat rate of five dollars. Although it may not sound like much, if you offer the right product and services and consistently receive good feedback from your customers, then this income can add up quite quickly. Many people offering their products or services on Fiverr use this a platform to supplement their income and in these uncertain global economic times, it is becoming an increasingly popular way of generating quite a fast short term income. Those people offering the most unique in-demand services or products are the ones who fair better than those people who just offer the same products or services as everyone else. The way to receive many orders from Fiverr is to go over and beyond what you deliver to your customer by delivering excellent service. When someone orders from you, it will usually benefit you if the job is finished as quickly as possible, yet at the same time, offering real value and a high standard of work. At present, the most popular products and services on Fiverr seem to be around web site marketing and promotion and as such, Fiverr is a great platform for the cheap outsourcing of these services. Other popular services centre around promotion via popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The top 10 products and services which seem to have the highest demand tend to be around the following: 1. Article Writing 2. Fan Building around Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon 3. Link Building 4. Blog Commenting 5. Logo Design 6. Web Design/Graphics 7. Ebooks About IM/MMO 8. Video Creation 9. Offline Marketing Services 10. SEO Once you have completed your job or 'gig', you do have to wait for around twenty days for the money to be credited into your account and be available for withdrawal. Fiverr keeps $1 dollar as a commission service fee and the person completing the work then receives the remaining $4

dollars. At the appropriate time, you can then have your funds paid into your Paypal account. If you should use Fiverr to purchase a product or service make sure you search by rating. This will ensure you get the best providers. If you can provide a high quality service or product that takes you very little time, you can do pretty good on Fiverr or other microjob sites. If you are offering a service or product on Fiverr, as said before, you should attempt to deliver your work quickly and offering the best quality and standard of work that you can do. This is a good way to achieve positive ratings and good feedback for your work. Also you may easily get repeat customers who have a constant stream of work for you if you provide good service and quality. With the popularity of Fiverr, many others have tried to copy this by setting up clone sites, such as Tennerr, GigBucks, Zeerk, Dealerr, Jiverr and so on. However Fiverr appears to be the most popular and widely used due to it being the first company to implement such an original and simple concept which people just love.

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==== ==== 108 Pages Of High Rated Proven and Effective Gigs!!! Check Out The Link Below! ==== ====

Fiverr Is A Bargain  
Fiverr Is A Bargain  

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