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vvEmm Scarf Collection

A class apart from others, the design for vvEmm scarf collection represents a combination of various seasons and their dominant colors. The scarves are made to showcase Mother Nature in her brightest hues by incorporating photographs of natural beauty all through the year, covering the four seasons. The images were blended with artistic creativity and printed on silk to create the most unique scarves with natural and stunning designs.

The exceptional quality of silk delivers a sumptuous and luxurious scarf experience, and crafts a sensuous and lavish appearance for the scarves. Designs are bright yet subtle, lavish yet so earthy, displaying unbleached but artistic depictions of some of the best natural scenes and landscapes.

The collection centers on several fascinating and awe inspiring earthen colors. Indulge in the dark and tempting chocolate brown of the tree trunk. Get the salt and pepper grey or go dual tone with the black and white contrasting designs. Crystalline jewel tones such as purple amethyst and opulent emerald green add a statement piece to any winter outfits.

General Inquiry Wholesale Credits Kunho Lee | Campaign photography Majorie Simionato | Model

Vvemm lookbook  
Vvemm lookbook