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Art Students Showcase Work at VVC art building from 12 a.m. - 8 p.m. The show had a huge turnout, and had many art pieces to see. Every VVC art class was in the show, ranging from waterIt's a hot morning as throngs of stucolor to photography, digital art, and dents, faculty, family, and friends flood sculpting, presenting many different into the air-conditioned art building. Art types of art for visitors to see. Some pieces of many varieties cover almost examples seen at the show included a custo m-made Laker fan chair with speakers, a black white surreal selfportrait, and color printed metal plates. Each art teacher had their own display for their class, and students submitted their favorite works done for classes for Students, families and friends view the art and photography at the art show. the displays. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter The orchestrator of the event was Yvonne Hernanevery wall of every room. Students talkdez, Senior Instructional Aid, who lead ing with their friends show off the works the setup of the event. Despite how drasthey're proud of. Tuba and opera music tically some of the rooms changed, art are performed for the numerous visitors teacher Sheren Vandermeiden said ―It as they eat the free food available. wasn't difficult,‖ as it took about a week On May 31, Victor Valley College for the overall preparation. Each art held its spring semester art show in the teacher had their own day of the week to set up their displays, and students contributed a lot to the room preparation. The free food at the show was brought by the art students themselves, each giving their own share. ―Everything is provided by the students, for the students,‖ said Hernandez. A full room filled with drawings and paintings during the art show.

Story by Eric Abrego Reporter

Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

Art done by Suzane Wood. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter

Art by Angel Salced. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

Lakers chair by Alberto Esuobedo. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

VVC RamPage Vol. 33 Issue 8  

Vol. 33 Issue 8

VVC RamPage Vol. 33 Issue 8  

Vol. 33 Issue 8