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RamPage June 8, 2012 · Volume 33, No. 8 “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” - Aristotle

Controversy Stalls ASB Election Results semester. So I think a big goal of mine would be to leave council in a good enough condition The results from the Associto continue. Leave it ated Student Body elections held with people who know on May 16 and May 17 were what they’re doing and met with controversy over the have the student’s best ASB president position. The interests at heart.‖ unofficial results show that the Regardless of the current ASB Treasurer, Monique decision the election Ballard, won the ASB president committee comes to, position, however, it has been ASB will be seeing refuted on the grounds of a new leaders and counbreach of the ASB Constitution. cil members. A reevaluation meeting was ―I’m looking forward held June 6 by ASB’s election to seeing the council committee and was overseen by under new leadership,‖ Auxiliary Services Director said current ASB SecRobert Sewell, Student Worker Gregory Harbor III, and Profes- (From left to right) Bryan Feliciano, Math and Sciences senator, Caitlyn Gempler, Secre- retary Caitlyn Gemsor of Communications Jacque- tary, Evonne Tirado, ICC senator, Judy Schmoll, student and Taye Peters, Athletics senator. pler, who is hoping to Photo by Daniel Compean, Editor. get appointed to the line Augustine. ASB Treasurer posiSome complaints expressed Senator, Sabrina Auble as the Business tion next semester. during the meeting regarded Ballard and Math Senator, Eliso Torres as ASB ―I want to focus more on getting the opt campaigning during class time, posters Secretary and Evonne Tirado as the ASB -out option for ASB cards back. Being left up after the campaigning period, and Vice President. treasurer, I only feel it’s fitting since posters placed over the opposing candiTirado expressed her main goals as VP I’ve been so involved with the opt-in/opt dates. Other issues with Ballard’s camto include more community service pro-out debate. That’s going to be an interpaign posters occurred over the apparent grams at Victor Valley College. esting part of next year since they’ve lack of an approval stamp from an Aux―For me, community service has alalready started opt-in for ASB cards this iliary Services staff member. ways been really important. If we prosummer,‖ said Gempler. There will be another meeting held vide a lot of community service jobs, it For additional information for those later to finalize the decision of Ballard’s would help students get scholarships,‖ interested in joining ASB, students can position. said Tirado. ―A lot of us are transferring visit the ASB office in the Student AcOther positions have been filled by next semester. A lot of people who plan tivities Center. Edward Martinez in ASB Fine Arts, on being in ASB are transferring next Bryan Feliciano as the ASB Executive

Story by Daniel Compean Editor




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June 8, 2012 Page 2

Limited Summer Courses Hinder Student Progression Story by Jonathan “Watches” Giddens Reporter With tuition costs on the rise and the summer 2012 summer courses suffering further cuts Victor Valley College students are paying the price. The cuts being made to the summer session make it more difficult for students to take the required classes to transfer, graduate or to finish a certificate program. Each semester, the limited number of classes offered help perpetuate the trend of students attending VVC for an average three or more years. The winter session has already been inactive for the past two years. Now, the summer classes being offered essentially help only students who need remedial courses. ―My transferring has been pushed back because I haven’t had the chance to take a prerequisite class,‖ said VVC student Cameron Howard, who is in his fifth semester. ―I tried to take the class last summer and found out it had been cut. I

wasn’t able to get it during the year either because of priority registration.‖ VVC’s transfer and Associates degree programs are both two year curriculums, but students increasingly find themselves taking double that time to obtain their degree or move on from VVC.

―There are various reasons to why students are now taking longer on average to leave VVC but they most date back to budget cuts,‖ said Lorena Ochoa. Continuous class reduction shrinks the chances of students being fully prepared to make the transition to a four year university. The hassles of budget cuts hurt students’ chances to take many necessary courses and are directly related to their tendency to take longer to reach their educational goals.

Fall Semester Information Story by Tiandra Bullock Editor Upon summer’s ending, temperatures drop, the leaves begin to brown and Mother Nature gives us another season of fall; and with these changes, Victor Valley College will be opening its doors to the students of the high desert for the fall 2012 semester. Fall registration will open to students on July 9 and closes on Aug. 26. All registration is done online only. Exact dates for priority block registration can be located on the home page of the VVC website. To view courses being offered in the fall semester, students can go through their Web Advisor portal and view current listings, and those interested in taking courses can view them on the VVC website as well. The fall semester will begin on August 28. Information and links regarding applying for admission, a calendar of the fall semester dates and deadlines, steps to

enrollment, how to schedule an appointment to take the required assessment test and with electronic versions of the colleges catalogs can be found on the website. Students can download necessary forms that need to be turned in, make payments on any fees owed and where students can obtain their student ID. Additionally, VVC provides a net price calculator that provides an estimated cost of attendance—including tuition and required fees, books and supplies, and other related expenses—minus estimated grant and scholarship aid, according to the website. This tool should be informative if students are not aware of college expenses and need an accurate estimate. After getting all of the necessary information, students should visit the Student Services link on the VVC website. This link offers a detailed list of all activities, student resources, clubs and student programs.

―The idea of a two year and four year college has become somewhat of an abstract concept,‖ said Transfer counselor, Lorena Ochoa. ―Community colleges cater to such diverse types of students; every person coming through to take classes isn’t even always on the path to transfer or graduate.‖ The transfer and graduation rates have been on a steady decline due to the effects of the budget cuts. Even still, according to CNNMoney, with classes and budgets being cut VVC ranks number three in success rates among all United States community colleges, based on student’s likeliness to transfer or graduate. VVC ranked with an 84 percent success rate. ―There are various reasons to why students are now taking longer on average to leave VVC but they most date back to budget cuts,‖ said Ochoa. ―The cuts create a ripple effect. The more budget cuts, the more students rejected from four year universities and consequently, return to continue taking classes causing impaction in community colleges.‖

News in Brief Safety Training Center is now open for classes! Get directions and course listings from the VVC homepage. Beginning Summer 2012 the EMT responder classes are getting a new prefix – EMS. They will no longer be a part of the Allied Health. Policy change: Students who register between May 14 – June 15 must pay their enrollment and tuition fees within 5 business days. Students who register late on June 18 must pay within 24 hours. Student who fail to pay their fees will be dropped from their summer classes. Summer registration has begun. Classes begin June 18 and end August 11. Fall registration will begin July 9.


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June 8, 2012 Page 3

Art Students Showcase Work at VVC art building from 12 a.m. - 8 p.m. The show had a huge turnout, and had many art pieces to see. Every VVC art class was in the show, ranging from waterIt's a hot morning as throngs of stucolor to photography, digital art, and dents, faculty, family, and friends flood sculpting, presenting many different into the air-conditioned art building. Art types of art for visitors to see. Some pieces of many varieties cover almost examples seen at the show included a custo m-made Laker fan chair with speakers, a black white surreal selfportrait, and color printed metal plates. Each art teacher had their own display for their class, and students submitted their favorite works done for classes for Students, families and friends view the art and photography at the art show. the displays. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter The orchestrator of the event was Yvonne Hernanevery wall of every room. Students talkdez, Senior Instructional Aid, who lead ing with their friends show off the works the setup of the event. Despite how drasthey're proud of. Tuba and opera music tically some of the rooms changed, art are performed for the numerous visitors teacher Sheren Vandermeiden said ―It as they eat the free food available. wasn't difficult,‖ as it took about a week On May 31, Victor Valley College for the overall preparation. Each art held its spring semester art show in the teacher had their own day of the week to set up their displays, and students contributed a lot to the room preparation. The free food at the show was brought by the art students themselves, each giving their own share. ―Everything is provided by the students, for the students,‖ said Hernandez. A full room filled with drawings and paintings during the art show.

Story by Eric Abrego Reporter

Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

Art done by Suzane Wood. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter

Art by Angel Salced. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

Lakers chair by Alberto Esuobedo. Photo by Eric Abrego, Reporter.

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June 8, 2012 Page 4

San Bernardino County Fair Hits the High Desert Story by Ashlee Dubach Reporter The San Bernardino County Fair brought enjoyment to the High Desert community once again. The smell of corn dogs and funnel cakes filled the air as people walked around the fairgrounds with permanent smiles on their faces. The annual fair contained its normal variation of events. This year’s events included performances by Heidi Newfield and Eddie Money. Two towering Ferris Wheels slowly spun couples around and kids lined up for all the different thrilling rides. Many venders filled the isles of the fair with their products, food, and beverage booths. ―I’ve been coming to this particular fair for about 17 years now,‖ said Mike Davis, pizza and funnel cake vender. ―It’s like a big party. Some of the venders know each other and we all get caught up when the fair comes to town.‖ The venders have fun but according to Davis it’s a hard life because he works six months out of the year, during fair season. Other venders have noticed a slight drop in customers over the past few years. ―I have been in the business for 12 years,‖ Ildefonso Diaz, vender, said. ―But I’ve noticed that the economy has slowed the business.‖ Diaz also expressed worry about the cost of working at the fair. ―The spot at the fair costs me $1,700 for nine days. I pay that plus you have to have insurance.‖ Despite the cost that it takes to set up a booth, the entrance fee is merely $5. A wristband that allows one person to go on all of the rides is $25. Various games are offered at prices ranging from $2 to $5 per try. A large range of stuffed animals are offered as prizes to winning customers. ―There are lots of sights to see and things to do,‖ said Breanna Stratton, fair attendee. ―We’re having fun just being here.‖

RamPage VVC

—Photos by Daniel Compean, Editor

June 8, 2012 Page 5

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June 8, 2012 Page 6

Parents Pave the Road to Higher Education I’m not alone. There are many students here at VVC who go through the daily struggle of school on top of parenting. A main concern I know I have is the time spent away Every morning my alarm sounds at from home can be a hard adjustment 6:00 a.m. on the dot. Only I can’t hit for both a mother and child. snooze and get five more minutes of Student Kimberly Noble has been sleep. I have to wake up change the attending VVC since the summer of alarm clock’s diaper and feed it break2010 and is a mother of three. fast. My alarm clock is my 15-month―Balancing children and school is old daughter. I am a single mother workno easy task. I take extra precauing my way through college. tions when registering for classes so I’ve been attending Victor Valley Colthat my class time doesn't interfere lege since the fall of 2007, all the while with my time with my children,‖ balancing work and school both part said Noble whose educational goal time. Without a clear goal in mind from is to enroll in a radiologic technolthe start, I set out to get some general ogy program at Chaffey College. transfer credits under my belt. Working She wishes to specialize in radiation while attending school turned out to be a treatments for cancer patients. harder task than I had anticipated, but I ―My goal was largely influenced have since learned that it was nothing by my daughters and the fact that I compared to balancing motherhood, am now a single mother. It is extremely work and school. important to me that I be able to support Spring 2011 was the semester I my family on my own without having to skipped to give birth to my daughter, rely on the help of others,‖ expressed and since my return in the fall 2011 seNoble. mester I have been determined to work Most parents would agree that along with the responsibility, comes the daily concerns of the decisions we make that will shape our child’s future. VVC student Elizabeth Torrenueva, and mother of three beautiful girls, started working on her Associate’s of Arts degree in August 2006. She completed her degree program in October 2008. ―I am busy. I have long days My daughter Aubri had her first trip to Disneyland in July 2011. and short nights. I Photo courtesy of Kelli McGurk, Managing Editor often have to wait for my children to harder on finding a career goal suited for nap or go to bed before I can do homemyself and my daughter. I’ve been much work,‖ said Torrenueva. ―Staying up more motivated to complete my degree past 1 a.m. is something I do quite often program not only for myself but for her to finish homework or a paper.‖ future as well.

Story by Kelli McGurk Managing Editor

VVC student Kimberly Noble with her three daughters Christmas 2011 Photo courtesy of Kimberly Noble

Continuing an education should be important to every student here on campus, not just single parents. Not only does it help ensure stability later in life, but as living, growing and adapting organisms, I believe our brains are constantly hungry for learning and it is our job to feed them. For parents, it teaches their children the value of knowledge and they will be more likely to strive for higher education themselves. Parenthood has its rewards in itself, but it is also important to remember the values we are teaching our children. ―I am happy to say that I did do it,‖ said Torrenueva. ―I earned my AA degree with good grades. It was a struggle but worth it. I hope my children will see my accomplishments and be proud of me. I hope it motivates them and reminds them that they can do the same.‖ Parents like Noble, Torrenueva and I are shaping the next generation of scholars through example. Even those students who have not started families just yet, I hope one day their children are able to see through example just how important school is to a bright future. It may take years, perhaps more than you expected as in my case, going on my fifth year here at VVC, but sticking to it is the main idea. It can and will be done, and I, as well as my daughter, will reap the benefits.

June 8, 2012 Page 7

RamPage VVC

NASA Club Honors Veterans with Third Annual Powwow Story by Garrett Johnston Features/Entertainment Editor The sounds of feet could be heard stomping on the grass to the rhythmic beats of ceremonial drums. Bells rang into the wind as the dancers swayed from side to side, lost in the moment. Colored feathers of gold, orange, and green adorned the garb of the Native American dancers at the third annual powwow on June 2 hosted by the Native American Student Association (NASA). On the lower campus, tents lined up and encircled an impromptu arena for dancing and celebrating as everyone chanted and cheered for their ancestry as well as the veterans they were honoring. ―We are not putting on a show, we are keeping our minds on what we are doing,‖ said Saginaw Grant, member of the Golden State Gourd Society.

The Gourd Society was formed in 1971 and is part of the Kiowa tribe. Their gourd dance, according to legend, came from a young warrior lost in the wilderness. The warrior heard the sounds of dancing and singing as he ran to the top of a hill. On the top of this hill, a red wolf was on its hind legs beating on a gourd like a drum. The warrior spent many nights with the wolf Dancers at the powwow honoring the veterans. learning its songs and dance. EvenPhoto courtesy of Angela Perdomo. tually the young warrior was instructed to return home and teach these food to buy and arts and crafts for the new dances to his tribe and they have children. Later in the night the hosts held been doing it ever since. a veteran roll call to honor those that ―We have more dancers than spectaserved in the military past and present. tors,‖ said Native American Student With vendors at every turn, food carts Association president Lamuel ―yellow to try native cuisine and a community of horse‖ Jensen Native Americans, VVC’s third annual Not only were there dancers celebratpowwow ended the way it began, with ing but there were also plenty of vendors laughter, cheering, and the sounds of the selling things of Native American origin, drum, all honoring military veterans and the history of America’s past.

My Long Road at Victor Valley College Opinion by Roscoe Esparza Photo Editor Like many other Victor Valley College students, I am one of many that suffer from the curse of being trapped in community college purgatory. It’s sometimes embarrassing and saddening to think that I’ve been a student here since 2 0 0 5 . Now that the spring 2012 semester has come to an end, all the pressure of schoolwork and finals are behind us I have had time to reflect on my time at VVC. In my exceedingly extended time here, I have changed a lot as a person and done things I didn’t think I would do, all the while participating in a multitude of programs and extracurricular activities. I’ve waited in incredibly long lines for financial payments or book purchases. It has had ups and downs, and I’ve met both good and bad people. During my first few semesters at VVC, I only took general education classes. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I believed this was my best option. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was already on the road that would lead me to being stuck here longer than I wanted—a lot l o n g e r . The only interesting thing I did in my

first couple years at VVC was join the Model United Nations program for one semester. I traveled to New York City to engage in debate and tour the U.N. building. The program wasn’t really for me, and I can’t say I cared much for the type of personality the program seemed to attract, but the experience of taking me out of my comfort zone was a step in the right direction. Meeting people from all over the world and having to communicate and work together really helped to get me come out of my shell. The semester after MUN I decided to try my hand at computer animation. I quickly fell in love with the digital side of art. For the next couple years I pursued various certificates in the Media Arts and Computer Integrated Design and Graphics Departments. I became very proficient in numerous computer applications, and eventually became a tutor for the MERT and CIDG departments. For a time, things seemed to be looking up. I was in the process of transferring out to a high level animation school. But the curse of VVC is hard to avoid, and through a series of unfortunate circumstances I ended up right back where I started. I found myself stuck at VVC once again. Not really sure what to do next and finding myself with a lack of motivation,

I began taking whatever classes sounded interesting, while also keeping a minimum of 12 units to keep my student job. Basically I floated around. This is common for some students at community colleges. I took art classes and participated in a number of student art shows. I briefly gave theater a shot. I even tried modern dance, and I learned I am by no m e a n s a d a n c e r . The next big thing I did was to enroll in the journalism program at VVC. While journalism isn’t my chosen field, I quickly found it reinvigorated whatever drive I had lost. The people in the program were all great, fun, interesting and positive influences that eventually helped me decide on my chosen career field, Law Enforcement. Many articles written, and three instructors later, and I’m still part of the paper. Yes, I’m still at VVC, but I know I won’t be here forever. I have since graduated from two of the Law Enforcement academies that VVC offers, and this will hopefully be my final semester here. Even with the possibility of retuning I am going to continue to strive for something better. It’s been a hell of a ride, and whatever faults VVC or even the High Desert may have, it has still been a critical part of my life, and I’m grateful for all of it.


RamPage VVC

June 8, 2012 Page 8

Snow White Twists Traditional Fairy Tale Plot Review by Ashlee Dubach Reporter

well. She is the right amount of over-thetop as she barks orders at people below her. Her dark gorgeous looks reflect the original story The classic tale of Snow White takes a while creating a twist. thrilling spin in ―Snow White and the Her d esp era tio n Huntsman‖ that will leave the audience throughout the story grasping the armrest and gasping at makes the audience every turn. have a slight soft side The story begins with the depiction of for the evil queen. a pleasant old English kingdom run by She does not, howKing Magnus, played by Noah Huntely, ever, claim to be the and his loving wife. The queen pricks crowd favorite. her finger and adores the bright red color When Snow White on the pure white snow which inspires reaches the age of 18 her to name her only child, Snow White, her beauty surpasses played by Kristen Stewart. the Queens. Fin, RaKristen Stewart plays the role of an venna’s brother is innocent but fiery young rebel. She attacked by Snow plays the role well as her tomboy like White when he atappearance gives her more credibility. tempts to take her Her English accent excels past expectafrom the tower for tions. Her acting is believable but, she Ravenna. This mofalters when she must deliver a speech to ment in the story is an army. Stewart’s speech is awkward where a different spin and not inspirational in delivery and of the fairytale octone. curs. Snow White An army, armored in deep black metal escapes into the Dark with helmets that cover the soldier’s Forrest, a place full faces, attacks the once blissful kingdom. of dangers. The The respected King Magnus gathers an Queen must find army to defend his people and they someone to navigate charge into battle on horses. After the the forest and retrieve battle a single prisoner is found. Her Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures. the girl. The guards blonde hair is matted with dirt and her bring forth a huntsblue eyes look up at the king in fear. He man, played by Chris Hemsworth, to do He is the perfect blend of vulnerability is instantly taken aback by her radiant the job and the Queen falsely promises and masculinity. Hemsworth character is beauty. to revive his dead wife in exchange for a psychological mess but still retains The prisoner, Ravenna, played by Snow White. The huntsman pulls on the great morality. Charlize Theron, finds her way into heart strings of the audience right away. This story is riveting and original. The power. Theron’s character depicts evil dark tone of the movie reflects the evil of the story in a intriguing way. A princess is seen as a warrior equal in strength to her male accomplices. DirecIn the seventh edition of the RamPage, Ed and Janet O’Neal’s names were tor Rupert Sanders takes a dark and misspelled in the Rout 66 Museum story. twisted aspect of the new storyline, and sheds a new light on the classic tale of In the seventh edition of the RamPage Dr. O’Hearn, VVC President was misSnow White.


quoted in the graduation preview. In the seventh edition of the RamPage photo credit for the Salton Sea pictures go to Keith Diamond, RamPage Reporter.

RamPage VVC

June 8, 2012 Page 9

Prometheus Thrills As Actors Shine Review by Kelli McGurk Managing Editor

―Prometheus‖ takes audiences into alien territory while delivering, in true sci-fi fashion, a far stretched plotline that needs a very open mind to grasp. Acting as a prequel to the ―Alien‖ franchise, ―Prometheus,‖ directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner), takes us on a truly out-of-this-world adventure to save the human race from menacing celestial life forms. Being set about only eighty years in the future, the movie focuses on two research scientists, Drs. Shaw and Holloway, played by Noomi Rapace (the original Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and Logan Marshall-Green (Devil) respectively, who have put together clues from several ancient cave paintings/carvings to who (or what) may be responsible for the creation of the human race. Jumping forward a few years, the mission to find these beings, referred to as ―the engineers,‖ is well underway. The ship taking them across the universe, light-years away from home is named Prometheus and has a Star Treklike atmosphere. The rest of the crew is made up of captain Janek played by Edris Elba (The Losers), Meredith Vickers played by Charlize Theron (Monster) and David played by Michael Fassbender (X-Men:First Class, Inglourious Basterds). Other random scientists, biologists and geologists whose reasons for being a part of the mission is never made distinctly clear are also aboard.

Why the beautiful Theron can play such ugly villains so well is still beyond me, but in ―Prometheus‖ her villainy seems almost inappropriate at times, as

Photo Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

she is part of the crew aboard Prometheus and (for the most part) funded the expedition. Her indifference to the mission we learn may have other basis, perhaps having to do with an Electra Complex? She happens to be a wonderful actress, so her over-the-top evilness does not hinder the movie.

Upcoming Theatrical Releases July 20 – The Dark Knight Rises The Christian Bale era of Batman is coming to an end with this final installment of the Christopher Nolan directed Trilogy. September 7 – Gangster Squad Ryan Gosling (Drive) and Sean Penn (Mystic River) star in this 1940’s Rueben Fleischer (Zombieland) period piece about the LAPD. November 2 – Flight Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) first live action film since 2000’s Cast Away stars Denzel Washington as an airline pilot who saves a flight from crashing.

Fassbender delivers a remarkable performance as he plays the only character without a soul, yet seems to be the one of the most complex. It is to be understood that he was manufactured for the sole purpose of the mission and is unable to develop or understand human emotion, but at times seems to hold a sinister resentment toward his makers. This movie made me want to jump out of my seat, and squeeze the hand of my date a little tighter. Rapace’s acting is exceptional in one of the most nail biting surgical scenes, that will make you shield your eyes (while still peeking through between the fingers), and leave your jaw on the floor. It was an overall good moviegoing experience, with the right amount of suspense and stunning visual effects. I was not disappointed and in my opinion it was definitely worth the cost of the ticket. That’s a lot coming from someone who does not like to spend money on a movie (aside from the $1 theatre). I wouldn’t call myself a huge sci -fi fan (my nerd points did go up however by attending the midnight showing of this movie). I have seen Scott’s ―Alien‖ films, albeit many years ago, but I remember the popularity and impact those movies had on the sci-fi genre. ―Prometheus,‖ however entertaining, did not match up. Even thought the plot was anything but new and unchartered, there were plenty of cringing action scenes and moments of true heart-pounding excitement throughout, making this a must-see summer film.

November 9 – Skyfall The 23rd James Bond film to be released and the third to star Daniel Craig, includes Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) as the main villain. December 14 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The first installment of the two-part prequel to the incredible trilogy Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson is back in the director chair for this sure to be blockbuster. December 28 – Django Unchained From the brilliant mind of Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds) comes this western style story of a slave turned bounty hunter. Jaime Foxx stars as Django.

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Vol. 33 Issue 8

VVC RamPage Vol. 33 Issue 8  

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