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55 Fair Drive Costa Mesa California, 92626 Sojourn Volume 31 August 2008 – May 2009 1


Today a revolution is spreading­—a beautiful transformation both of body and spirit. It is the birth of something new: on our campus, in our worship, in our leadership, and in our hearts. Not only is it apparent here at Vanguard, but also in our nation and around the world. If there is one thing we have learned this year, it is that we cannot just be Christians; we must also emerge as catalysts for Christ in an uncertain world. The changes on campus are physical reminders of the importance of revision inside our hearts. While the atmosphere on campus has undergone a transformation this year, changes have also been transpiring in the nation that have given us an opportunity to impact the country. Many of the buildings have been refurbished on campus. Most notable are the changes to the Cove and its surrounding areas. Improvements to the buildings and landscaping reflect the deeper spiritual renewal which has begun. “Abandoned to Grace,” the chapel theme, is accompanied by the graphic of a barren tree in the dead of winter; the tree is now ready for a new beginning. “Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit,” states Abbie Hoffman, cofounder of the Youth International Party. As the barren tree is able to flourish, so are our spiritual lives. The chapel theme echoes the philosophy of William Jame—“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” We have been able to establish higher goals, stronger relationships, and align our plans to God’s will. As a result, new life has bloomed during an amazing school year, bringing a steady, thorough escalation of original thought and action. (continued on page 5) Article


Sarah Mackey

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Revolution This has been a monumental year, one full of challenges and difficult choices. From a summer of excitement and competition in the Beijing Summer Olympics—which triggered appreciation for constructive rivalry and a desire to impact the nations—to the historic election of our nation’s 44th President, the reality that change begins at home has come to our awareness. Though the excitement of the election had the potential to segregate the student body, it became and opportunity for intelligent dialogue about our nation’s politics. In this way, people formed friendships, becoming better-equipped to face a world that needs to see past differences of opinion and to seek Christ, regardless of different cultural identities or political party. Everyone has goals, hopes, and dreams to reshape the world through their talents and abilities, and at Vanguard, the students’ tools are sharpened by professors, guest speakers, counselors, and friends to impact the world.

Looking at this year, it is exciting to see the innovations shaping the campus and spreading throughout the community, as well as abroad. The national pride that simmered during the summer Olympics led into the election, which injected the student body with vision. Immersed and transformed by a year of brokenness, healing, and challenges, we are now better equipped to spread a message of hope and new life, which will hopefully start in Costa Mesa and build until it reaches the far corners of the earth.

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IN LOVING MEMORY OF BRUCE LINDSAY Every student had the experience of mistaking Bruce for a professor at Vanguard. As Mary Young, transcriber of Bruce’s autobiography “Bruce”, notes in her preface to the book, Bruce said, “I’m a friend of Vanguard. My name’s Bruce and I’m an advocate for the students.” But Bruce was more than just an advocate, he was a friend, a mentor, and though he frequently denied being a professor, in many ways he was a gifted teacher. Bruce was born on February 28, 1929 and like many people who grew up in those days, he and his family lived through the Great Depression. It was during those days in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska that he learned to be frugal. After bravely serving his country and making a move to Los Angeles, It would be

that very frugality that would lead him to the Vanguard University “caf” during the 1960s where he found meals for $1.25. Bruce ate breakfast, lunch and dinner every day until he passed away on Febuary 22, 2009. Bruce loved Vanguard students with all of his heart. Our yearbook sales manager, Sean Stiles, could not have said it better as we reflecting on Bruce’s passing, “I think the love of Bruce’s life were the students at Vanguard.” Indeed, and that love is reciprocated; We dedicate this yearbook to Bruce Lindsay, a great man who made a big impact on many lives on this campus. He will be missed. Article Josh LeGuern



You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world� The Beatles

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Student Life

Student Life



We are family Walking on campus, being welcomed by the 268 palm trees, the passing students and occasional campus safety guard on his Segway—all of these familiarities bring a sense of home to Vanguard students. This sense of belonging is felt in the inviting atmosphere of the Cove, in the tempting grass for lounging, in the sunset from the Catalina dormitory. It is felt in the sanctity of chapel worship and the depth of interim campus pastor Bill Dogterom’s Bible study. It is heard in the conversations in the Café and in the scattered, exciting dorm life in the Towers. It is in the unity of our Associated Student Body Government and in the enthusiasm in The Pit for a home basketball game. It‘s the mid-day sporadic trips to Disneyland; and after a long day of classes, the smiling face of Laurel waiting to swipe your I.D. card at the Café. All of these things help mold Vanguard’s atmosphere, making our fortytwo-acre campus a little piece of home. Vanguard’s small student population allows the student body to have a close-knit familylike atmosphere. There are multiple opportunities for students to get involved and take part in the community our campus offers. Academically, students have been able to develop close relationships with professors and the interim campus pastor. Because of all of the meaningful times shared with classmates, there is no doubt that the students have become a form of family. Life in the dorms has opened the door to life-long friendships. Vanguard is expensive, but the one thing that sells the university even more than the academics and the location is the family atmosphere on our sunny campus.



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NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Revolution begins in the hearts of those willing to dedicate themselves to a greater cause. The focus of Vanguard University has always been centered around Christ’s form of revolution: seeing into the hearts of people and changing the world for the better. It is not hard to make a difference. Anyone from anywhere can do something that will help lift up others. The evidence of these lifechanging actions can be seen all around us, from the efforts of nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross, which provides medical aid to thousands around the globe, to the smaller-scaled workings of private citizens, who do a myriad of things for others. Part of the revolution spirit here at Vanguard is in our longing to reach out to others in order to support them, providing necessary skills and supplies to help them find the foundation for their own lives. To quote the Beatles, “You say you want a revolution / Well you know / We all want to change the world.” This quote might seem innocuous, but we do truly want to change the world, and sometimes, all it takes is that first step. Many students here at Vanguard have already taken that step, going out and doing something to change the lives of the people around them. Each student uses a different method to reach out, and each organization at Vanguard is working hard to benefit our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Krochet Kids International Krochet Kids has long been a well-known organization here on campus. Many of its founders attended Vanguard. Their mission is simple: “To empower people to rise above poverty,” and their methods of reaching this goal are equally simple. The founders saw a way to combat the poverty in northern Uganda by teaching trade skills (like crocheting) to impoverished women. The women who are now employed by Krochet Kids fabricate hats and other items that are sold worldwide. Funds from the hat sales are sent back to the workers, and they are used to buy more materials and to train more workers. The Krochet Kids have already made it possible for many people to have better lives. The organization’s revolutionary spirit is definitely making a global impact.

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Compassion Grows

31 Bits

Compassion Grows is a non-profit organization that was started in July of 2007 by Vanguard students Tina Antunez, Travis Keith, Eric West, and Arielle West. Focusing on the need for clean drinking water in Uganda, the organization’s mission statement reads: “Compassion Grows exists for the sole purpose of glorifying God by living compassionately through the giving of our profits. We then donate these profits to supply the people of Uganda with clean and accessible water. To Love is to Care, to Care is to Help, to Help is to live. Compassion Grows.” One of their main ways of raising funds is through selling tee shirts. Each shirt costs twelve dollars, eight of which go directly to building wells. The other four going to making more shirts.

31 bits is a non-profit organization which aims to give women in Uganda the chance to provide for their families by creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, made completely out of recycled papers. These pieces of jewelry are sold in the United States in various shops and over the internet. The proceeds return to the creators of the jewelry and provide money for food, shelter, and health care for their families. 31 Bits was started by Kallie Dovel, and she was quickly joined by Alli Swanson, Anna Nelson, and Brooke Hodges, all of whom are Vanguard Lions.

Contact info:

Contact info:

Article Kevin Bazan








Off Campus Activities Changing surroundings enrich the monotony of dorm life. Some of the favorite places for entertainment include Disneyland and the beaches of Newport, Balboa, and Huntington. Shopping is good at South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, and of course, Target. Fula Tsavahidis represents the thrifty majority of collegiates: “I like to shop at Target because they’ve got a little bit of everything, in every style and color, for pretty cheap.” There are trails around Back Bay for students who enjoy biking and running, and movie buffs can catch a cheap flick at the nearby dollar theaters. Many various parks with tennis and outdoor basketball courts are also in close range to the campus. Talene Dinkjian reluctantly revealed the frequency of her Disneyland attendance: “Honestly, at least once every other week.” No one has an excuse to be bored in Costa Mesa; there are plenty of fun things to do whether or not you have money. Hungry study-buddies eat at multiple tasty local restaurants. The top pizza choice by far is Lavantina’s. For Mexican food, Chipotle burritos and Great Mex’s Taco Tuesday are popular. In and Out is always a wonderful option, especial for a late night meal. The Café is great, but sometimes enjoying an off-campus meal is a luxurious necessity. There are several local coffee shops and frozen yogurt stores that are loved by many here on campus. The Gypsy Den stands out above all other coffee shops in the area for its originality and interactive atmosphere. Also

high on the list of coffee shops is Alta Coffee, which has a bring-and-leave-your-own-mug option for regular customers. As for frozen yogurt, it seems as if there are as many shops around campus as there are students, so each person has his or her own favorite. When asked which was his favorite, Royen Kent exclaimed, “America’s Cup!” while Brooke Rankin insisted that Yogurtland is the best way to go. Between coffee and frozen yogurt, the students here are contributing generously to the local economy. Churches are thrilled to satisfy the students’ spiritual hunger through Sunday services, local outreach, and other programs throughout the week. Newport Church, Saddleback, and Rock Harbor (to name just a few) have phenomenal programs in which many students are involved on a regular basis. “[I attend] Newport church. Vanguard students are really involved there. They reach out to VU students through life groups and really great worship at their services,” shared Alexis Billings. Most of the churches in our area often team up with our Outreach Ministries for community volunteer projects like City Serve. For those who are excited to build their church body, Sunday is as busy as the middle of the week. Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas are full of exciting activities and tasty treats. The sunny Southern California location is perfect for an active, social life, one which complements a Vanguard education. Article


Sarah Mackey

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Dining Commons and Cove Revamped Per the students’ request for change, Vanguard administrators hired a new food provider, “Bon Appétit,” to replace Aramark in serving the Café and the Cove. The Bon Appétit staff and Vanguard administrators evaluated the previous food service program and came up with a few adjustments they viewed as necessary or beneficial. The implemented changes have been received with mixed feedback. The student body is almost evenly split their feelings towards the new food service. A sample poll revealed that while 44% find the dining commons to be better than last year, 39% say it is worse. The faculty and staff surveyed have a more positive outlook, giving higher ratings in most categories.   Many Vanguard students agree that the food selection and food quality of the Café have improved. As opposed to last year’s monotonous weekly menu, Bon Appétit mixes it up with new entrees each day. “The fact that they had pizookies this year makes it infinitely better than any other year combined!” Talene Dinkjian exclaimed. Others are not so adamant in their feelings toward the changes. One student expressed, “They are going for much better selection. The problem is that they are experimenting and missing.” Another person feels that “they have gone way too far with spicing things up—most everything is spicy. Who wants to eat spicy macaroni and cheese?” There is a fairly unanimous opinion among students that in comparison to last year, the atmosphere of the dinning commons has gotten better, but that the value went down. With the new company has come a new setup and enhanced décor, giving the Café a classier ambience. The comment board has given students an opportunity to give feedback, which is usually responded to efficiently. According to many Vanguard students, the benefits of the new system have not outweighed the cost, though. The stricter meal regulations caused a small uproar among both students and faculty. “The meals should roll over. Period,” one student articulated. Another student had similar feelings: “I hate the new week to week meal system.”  

Outtakes at the Cove had similar responses to changes in the Café— some approved, others didn’t. A few of the students’ comments about the cove are as follows: “Outtakes is great. The meal replacement program is beautiful and really convenient when I can’t get to the cafe during normal hours. However, I wish they provided blended and iced coffee drinks. I don’t want a hot latte when its 75 degrees outside.” “The Cove just had a cozier feel last year—a more coffee shop environment. This year it feels like a convenience store with a room with tables attached. It is way too expensive.” “Excluding the lack of a coffee shop, the Cove isn’t too bad. However, this is a college campus. A real coffee shop would be spectacular. I hate the lack thereof.” Article Anne Miller



TRaveling abroad Vanguard University students have always had a heart for reaching out to the world through missions, and this past summer was a great example of the love we share with our brothers and sisters around the globe. It was a monumental summer, encompassing many acts of international cooperation. The Beijing Summer Olympics were covered extensively by the media. More important than the actions of the world’s best athletes were the workings of our students in more than fourteen nations across the planet. From France to Northern Ireland, to Morocco and to China, Vanguard students traveled all across the world, working with youth and building up communities. Aaron Letinsky says of his summer experience, “The opportunity not only to travel to China but to travel to the epicenter of a broken, hurting land while having the freedom to proclaim the power of Jesus’ love led to a truly life-changing experience.” Speaking about the same trip, Brooke Rankin remarked, “[My trip to] China was a time where I was able to learn about myself, other cultures, change lives, and have my own life changed.” That is one of the greatest

things about missions—that we have the ability to share Christ with those around us, changing lives in the process (our own included). It is incredible to see how many things we can learn about life outside of our national borders. “My trip to France was eye-opening,” Lynnea Wilson stated. “I didn’t know there could be so much spiritual depravity in one country, but it was cool to see how my personal relationship with God was able to touch so many lives.” That is the point though. It is not what we say; it is not who we are—it is our revolutionary love which points others to Christ.

Article Kevin Bazan


CREATIVE STUDENTS One doesn’t have to look far at Vanguard to find creative, artistic people. The Vanguard Singers and Band, Entourage, Delivery Boys, Panacea, and many other noteworthy groups come to mind. Everyone participating in these groups brings diversity to the Vanguard community, but they aren’t the only creative people on campus. There is a vast expanse of talent on campus—songwriters, directors, visual artists, architects, actors, cinematographers, poets, fashion designers, craftspeople, and photographers, amongst others. David Foster Sophomore Religion Major Poet The poetry of David Foster proves that free-verse and limericks still have a place in our culture today. Writing is a means of self-expression for David. After a break-up his sophomore year of high school, he began writing as an outlet for the feelings and emotions he couldn’t reveal to others. “Through my words I understand—others may not, but I still get that deeper meaning in my own head,” David articulated. Writing is something he does for himself, but he still allows others to be involved. David finds inspiration in the work of C.S. Lewis. “The way he depicts stories is so out there. To understand the point, one must get out of his or her own mindset.” One would think that examining the works of highly noteworthy writers would push someone to desire widespread acclaim for his or her accomplishments. Not so for David, who prides himself on the approval of individuals he admires personally. Though he originally developed his creative writing skills in school, David isn’t particularly concerned with classical poetry structure. Much of his poetry is free verse, the form in which he feels most comfortable. David believes that anyone can engage in creative writing, whether or not they have received extensive instruction. “For personal reasons, anyone should be able to express feelings through writing. Through his or her emotion, a person is able to create something no one else could, because others don’t feel that same emotion.”

Bekki Ehrich Senior Theatre and Communications Major Actress and Director Bekki Ehrich had an interesting start to her theater career. One could say that she walked right into it. During her freshman year of high school, Bekki accidentally stumbled into the theater and was subsequently cast as the lead in the show. Out of fear of the director, she didn’t refuse the role despite her lack of interest. It has been about eight years since her initial exposure to the world of theater, and Bekki is more involved than ever. Upon completion of her BA in both theater and communications this upcoming May, she plans to continue her education by pursuing a Master’s Degree in directing. As a director, Bekki desires to work on up-andcoming theater by producing and directing new plays. She also hopes to do some writing and possibly teaching in theatre. “I love the teaching aspect of directing,” Bekki expressed. “I can teach and have creative vision, working with people. It is the best of both worlds.” Another aspect of theater she loves is its multi-faceted nature. “Why pick one career when I could have a career where I could change—do everything?” The learning side of theater is something that Bekki places great emphasis and value on. She considers her greatest achievement to be the “learning that takes place throughout each and every project. Learning who I am and processing that; learning that every person is just a part of the entire intricate picture; learning that a person can’t stop learning.” Bekki’s advice to potential actors can be applied to any creative talent: “Don’t stop learning, and be open. Learn not to settle for the mere approval of your mentors, because there is bound to come a time when you need to believe in yourself.”

“I always have the need to create—to tell a story” Bekki Ehrich

Article Anne Miller

Tyler Barnes Freshman Communications Major Cinematographer

Photo Talene Dinkjian

Behind every film is the expertise of a number of people who contribute to its production. Anyone who viewed the One Vote short film created by Huntington Hall’s fourth floor men is aware that cinematography expertise is present on Vanguard’s campus. The genius behind the humorous and inspirational short film is Tyler Barnes. From the time his parents bought him a toy video camera in elementary school, Tyler has been interested in cinematography. He began by working on home videos, moving on to more advanced projects in junior high and high school. He considers his greatest accomplishment thus far to be his high school’s senior class video, which he spent a total of about 300 hours editing. Tyler gets his inspiration from great movies, including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Dark Knight. Another source of motivation is his desire to create quality Christian movies, having viewed many he considers “terrible.” Filmmaking isn’t just a hobby for Tyler. As a major in communications with an emphasis in cinema and digital media, he plans to make this passion his career. “I’m definitely aiming for a career in the Hollywood industry, probably as a cinematographer. Exactly what role, I’m not sure yet, because every aspect is interesting to me.” For those who would like to explore cinematography, Tyler advises, “Don’t hesitate to wait for the right stuff or people to work with. Utilize what you have, and you can work your way up.”




Catherine Riley

Jenna Migluiri

ASB: a word from the president As the Associated Student Body Government, it is our desire to be with you, to hear your voice, and to know you well enough to represent you with integrity and accuracy throughout this year. The Associated Student Body Government is designed to give the student populace a place to voice their concerns, criticisms, and praises. ASBG consists of two branches—the Student Council and the Activities Board. The Student Council works diligently to represent the Student body by acting on behalf of specific groups, such as the respective classes, commuters, transfers, and those who live on campus. The Student Council is responsible for representing the student body in university committees and task forces and for hosting events such as Junior-Senior Banquet, class chapels, FreshmenSophomore Bowl, and the Senior Cruise. The Activities Board consists of the class activities directors and other directors who work (and play) hard to host campus wide and class-specific events, such events as thew Harvest Party, Mr. VU, Pit Pride Rally, and various concerts held on campus.



Huntington and laguna The towers, better known as Laguna and Huntington Halls, were the most happening dorms on campus. The RAs and RDs worked hard to welcome the incoming freshman, to help them adjust to college life, and to integrate them into the Vanguard community. Huntington Hall accommodated a mix of freshmen and sophomore men. Each floor had an interactive theme intended to foster harmony and unity, and to further these goals, many activites were planned floor-by-floor, oftentimes in conjunction with a “sibling floor” in the opposite tower. At the beginning of the year, residents became better acquainted with one another at the Rez Rally, brother-sister floor events, and bonfires. Fall was celebrated with hayrides and root beer pong at Oktoberfest. At the end of the fall semester, Huntington’s WooFest and Laguna’s Deck the Halls events displayed creativity as well as floor spirit. Kickin’ it Old School and Week of Champions brought out residents’ competitive natures. Fun and games were set aside during Laguna’s Just As You Are and Huntington’s Raising the Bar week to facilitate reflection and growth. Other events throughout the year included TV tapings of “America’s Funniest Videos” and “The Price is Right,” family dinners, Laguna’s annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the ever-so-popular GYRAD (get your roommate a date).



Kevin Bazan

Talene Dinkjian

DORM LIFE by Sarah Mackey and Josh LeGuern

Catalina Newport Balboa VC Catalina Hall is the main dorm for sophomore women, boasting four floors and a central lobby. Rachael Lund, the Resident Director, stated that the most important truth for her girls to put into practice was the idea of “being real.” Instead of hiding behind talents, looks, and stereotypes, she encourages her residents to be open and honest with each other. Each RA, in order to provide a unique environment, chose a theme for their residents. First Floor North was named after the Gypsy Den, but it aspired to a deeper meaning than just coffee and tea. For the residents, the theme symbolized the desire to live an unconventional life. As Romans 12:2 states, “Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” An additional popular event for these young and beautiful ladies was GYRAD, which stands for “Get Your Roommate a Date.” Generally, each floor picked a different time and place to have a low-key and enjoyable group date with mysteriously-chosen men. Another essential event was “Tuesday in the Treetops,” a significant time of relaxation and reflection on God which took place once a month in the lobby. Worship, prayer, and a guest speaker created space for women to search their hearts, seek God, and to encourage one another. The upperclassmen dorms, Balboa and Newport, hosted both men and women. The second floor in Newport caused a stir this year by having one women’s quad while the rest were men, but


they made it through the year without catastrophe. In contrast to Catalina, the rooms in Newport and Balboa were connected by a common room instead of a hallway. Many quads were used as a place to relax and play video games or to watch TV. Movie nights happened frequently, as well as some exciting games of Apples to Apples and Mafia—especially on the weekends, when open hours were extended. For those who lived in the Balboa rooms with kitchenettes, cooking special dinners and baking cookies became another pastime. Many of these residents were hospitable to their friends living in the simple dorms, and they freely shared what they had with those still living without a kitchenette. As a result of their generosity, many students from other dorms enjoyed the luxuries of Balboa and Newport.    And who could leave out Vanguard Centre? VC attained a new RD this year, Shelley Youd, who was already familiar with many of the residents from her tenure as the RD for Laguna Hall. VC allows more independent-minded students to live in an apartment environment with full kitchens, living areas, and actual bedrooms. There are also other amenities available; a few students purchased cable TV for their rooms. The proximity to Vanguard makes it easy for students to ride bicycles to and from campus. VC is attractive for students trying to transition from dorm life to independence.




Photos 1 Talene Dinkjian

2 David Garvin

3 Talene Dinkjian

rez life Residence Assistants (RAs) have the daunting task of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for their floors—making a home away from home for a diverse group of students. The job requires a tremendous time commitment, and it takes a lot of creativity, enthusiasm, and intuition to build and maintain meaningful relationships. Of course, RAs have to do many tedious tasks: duty, rounds, and incident reports, but most of them would say that the annoyances are minor, especially when compared to the many joys of relational ministry.


Jillian Deas, an RA in Laguna Hall, has been inspired by her wonderful first-year experience to provide the same for the women that live on her Treasure-Island-themed floor. She plans trips to Disneyland, holds an open-door policy, and loves the moments of spontaneous fun she shares with her residents. The sixth floor RA of Huntington Hall, Matt Ross, has a reputation for giving all of his heart and effort toward his floor. He has three or four individual meetings with residents every week. The meetings allow him to connect with each of his guys several times throughout the semester. Every RA orchestrates the atmosphere of the floor, facilitating the experiences that have made so many wonderful memories for Vanguard students.

Huntington & Laguna


Newport & Balboa

Vanguard Center


Clubs Vanguard has many great clubs with all sorts of great opportunities for a students. From Students in Free Enterprise, to Beach Volleyball, there is an opportunity for everyone to be involved and belong. This year, we highlight one of the more unique clubs that is making a big impact around the world. LIVE TO FREE Because many people are not aware that slavery is still rampant worldwide, the students in Live to Free have made it their mission to expose modern slavery as a pressing global issue. Taking a stand against sex trafficking and child labor, the organization has held events on campus and made presentations at local schools. Live to Free created presentations for children of all ages; some were even as young as first and second graders. Afterwards, the young students’ parents were encouraged to buy fair trade chocolate when they shopped. To teach about child slavery, members of Live to Free asked the students to imagine someone their own age who was not permitted to go to school because he or she was forced to pick cocoa beans all day. This little boy or girl would not be paid for all of his or her work, and the profits would go to oppressors who force them to pick the beans under the hot sun. We have cheaper chocolate because of these illegal actions, but human dignity is worth far more than convenient chocolate. If the demand for cheap chocolate drops, less of it will go to the market. Live To Free hopes that a change in market conditions will lead the owners of the cocoa bean plantations to adhere to free trade standards. It is a very slow process. On campus, they presented an educational film about the problem of sex trafficking, and they provided complimentary pizza and free trade chocolate. The movie was disturbing, so the group facilitated a conversation afterwards about how to fight this terrible injustice. With determination and perseverance, Live to Free hopes to improve the world one movie (and one chocolate bar) at a time.


Class of ‘09 Undergrads Faculty Staff

“Every generation needs a new revolution.”­ - Thomas Jefferson



The Class of 2009 There once was the class of ‘09 Seniors who forever will shine Our time now ends We’ll always be friends With these nine memories I can call mine:

1. Brandon Milla. 2. When the VUSC letters were painted rainbow colors. 3. Welcome Weeks: Buck Buck, Ride that Pony, and After Hours at Shark Club. 4. When no one told us about Hurricane Katrina until it was a prayer request. 5. When the Café served only salad, sandwiches, pizza, mystery meat, and frozen yogurt. 6. Our Father who art in heaven, who loves us furiously, who blesses, breaks, takes, and gives, then leaves us abandoned to grace. 7. Golden Spoon > A Cup > Pink Berry > Yogurtland. 8. Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. 9. Mr. VU: Greeks, models, human video, hugs, and Valdeezy.

Article Renee Paige


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Michael Walker

Jolina Warren

Chase Waterhouse

Ryan Wecker

Gabrielle Weiman

Sarah Westling

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Peggy Williams

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Breck Zane

Seniors Not Shown Brandon Abel Andrea Aguon Emmanuel Agyepomg Joshua Ansley Gina Attard Jeffery Avery Tiffany Baca Bethanie Baldwin Shelly Baroldy Ebonee Batiste Bryan Bedson Jeffery Berlinger Justin Bliss Kenneth Bogenberger Alison Bortz Tristan Brandt Jonathon Bridges Lexie Brodhun Richelle Buchmiller Aaron Campbell Christopher Carls Nathan Carpenter Courtney Caruso Jasmine Chabolla

Whitney Christian Jaclyn Coleman Crystal Correll Jenaca Cruz Kira Curl Joel Danei Michelle Davis Shane Day Christopher DeHoll Alena Dennis Joseph DeSoto Noel Devine Darin DeVore Adam Diaz Rodrigo Dominguez Daniel Doran John Doung Sarah Drake Rachel Dugger Nicole Eastman Kristen Edwards Rebekah Ehrich Andrew Elliott Andrew Ellis

Jacquline Ellis Tessa English Lyle Estrada Serena Evans Zachary Falk Jason Ferrer Andrew Fisher Ashley Forman Laura Franco Donald Frith Jessica Gage Stanton Gagel Hope Gagen Dane Gallion Michael Garza Carl Gibbs Cecilee Glaus Chelan Glavan Brandon Glenn Heather Glidden Michele Goedinghaus Sean Goedinghaus Fermin Gonzalez


Seniors Not Shown cont. Kimberly Gonzalez Kimberly Gower Stephanie Gray Lauren Gregory Sonia Griffith Katelyn Guern Kelsey Gunneman Tim Gutel Amanda Haddox Jessica Hanko Melissa Hanko Matthew Harrel Ally Hartz Brooke Hodges Mikaela Holford Nicole Holtzhouser Sarah Howe David Hunter Kathryn Jacobsen Lauren Jansen Ivette Jara Blaine Jenks Donna Johnson Kathleen Johnson Nicole Johnson Thomas Johnsonbaugh Julie Jordan Jelena Jovic Perry Kalmeta Robert Knechtel Robert Knutsen Amanda Krotzer Blake Lamberth Jessica Larkin Bobby Lauema Raven Lawson


Lucy Lee Stephen Leisenring Felicia Lepetri Heather Lewis Wesley Lewis Sem Lopez Brittany Loranger Michelle Lotzer Yutao Luo Marion Lybeck Luis Macias Hillary Madison Ryan Mariucci Travis Martin Emily Masyczek Matthew Meinken Teena Melendez Isabel Montano Maci Mullens Michael Murphy Rachel Murray Chelsea Nance Maria Navarrete Melissa Navilhon Anna Nelson Andrew Ntzouras Ashley Ocasio Dannae Olson Sarah Ortega Anielka Padilla Michael Pagalan Patal Bejel Edsel Paz Amelia Pearson Cherice Piersol Allison Powell

William Pruett Lisa Raasveld Melissa Ray Tiffany Redwing Alicia Reynolds Jared Rich Sherry Rico Krystal Rider Thomas Ridings Jordan Riedel Jessica Rigdon Ruth Rivas Jennifer Rivera Johnny Rocha Lauren Rogers Stephanie Rose Meyer Matthew Ross Eric Rubalcava Ryan San Vincent Ashley Sanderson Jennifer Sandoval Vincent Sarfraz Matthew Schaefer Allison Schlicher Gretchen Schlosser Zachary Schutt Jeremy Searcy Amanda Seers Brianna Sehorn Tamberly Shelton John Sidrak Jessie Simonson Amber Smedley Jesse Snipes Rebecca Sopp Catherine Spees

Caleb Stewart William Strom Wenting Su Shardai Sublett Allison Swanson Jason Swift Troy Trimble Brittany Uggla Aubree Vance Vanessa Vargas Courtney Vaughn Whitney Walker Kimberly Ward Melissa Warren-Hagaman Cory Watilo Justin White Tyler Wick Steve Wilmot Nathan Wohosky

Undergrads There is something unique about the undergraduate classes here at Vanguard. Many first-year students notice it right as they arrived, and the upperclassmen still cherish it, even though they have been living with it for a couple of years. What is it? It is the sense of equality. There is hardly any division between the classes, other than the actual amount of time spent here at Vanguard. Class level is not something that differentiates most students on campus, as evidenced by the respect with which the upperclassmen treat the first-year students. Being welcomed by friendly people is important for many students, because the first year of college often shapes the entire college experience—sometimes a student’s future. Caroline Zamudio, a freshman, notes that “Vanguard offers a comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself.” Another freshman, Hilary Paterson, says that her experience at Vanguard has been loads of fun and “better than expected; you feel like family when you’re here.” Undergraduate students at Vanguard University are given great academic opportunities and sound spiritual guidance, and many have grown through the diversity within the Vanguard community. One junior student, Rachel McKenzie, explains that Vanguard provides students with the “confidence and experience that will prepare us for life post-college.”


Steven Acosta Devin Aguilera Sybra Alcom Megan Allee Cara Allen

Kyle Alston Matthew Angell Nataly Anguiano Christine Aquino Brandon Arias

Elisha Avne Anthony Badalian Kelly Bajza Brooke Baldwin Brooklyn Balogh

Tyler Barnes Elmer Barrera Mark Batstone Kevin Bazan Emilie Beck


Brandi Becker Steven Bentsen Jennifer Bethell Chelsea Black John Black

Kenneth Bogenberger Ashley Brock David Brower Danielle Bruns Christa Buccola

Allison Burns Justina Buzza Taylor Cardoza Candice Carnell Rachael Carrigan

Casandra Casillas Lisa Casimiro Candice Catoire Doemonique Cavazos Michael Chagoya


Daniel Colunga Heidi Cooper Elise Coppola Travis Costello Brittany Cromelin

Ben Cross Jake Dacy Amy Dallenbach Cornell Davis Kelsie Davis

Jillian Deas John Delgado Colleen Demchak Brittany Dickensin Jessica Donason

Ryan Donlon Amy Dorr Elijah Dove Kevin Downs Eric Dueck


Lisa Ebel Ashley Eggler Ramona Espeleta Kelly Fechter Angela Forar

David Foster Lauren Francis Paul Fulmer Nancy Garcia Alex Garza

Dustin Ginn Hannah Goetz Paul Goodin Brianna Graves Rachel Guilkey

Joshua Guzman Alissa Haddox Amanda Haddox Jennifer Hamelink Joshua Hamilton


Grant Harper Cassie Harrison Christian Haslett Amanda Hatrick Brennan Hawkins

Danae Hayes Elizabeth Heath Andrew Heisler Marisha Henson Heather Hernandez

Rebecca Herriford Rachael Hicks Naomi Hinojoza Danielle Hogg Kayla Holtz

Scott Houston Kathleen Johnson Khrisa Johnson Sarah Justiniano Lauren Kaiser


Muhasani Kasomo Christian Kaysen Brittany Keeler Royen Kent Jana Koehn

Sarah Komisky Savana Koteita Tim Krapiukin Charlotte Kroeger Stephanie Kroeker

Amy Kuefler Koana Laimana Jamie Lambert Isabel Lanz Anna Leeger

Andrew Lemburg Aaron Letinsky Charles Lewis Cory Liwman Elizabeth Loera


Noah Lopez Robert Lopez Sarah Mackey Trevor Manchester Cherice Manning

Sarah Mascaro Richard May Samantha May Helen McBrida Luke McGrath

Colby McKamey Darien Metcalfe Megan Mickelsen Anne Miller Tarah Miller

Candace Miser Heidi Morehouse Heather Morgan Amanda Morgaridge Tyler Mounce


Paige Murray Marcus Nappo Noemi Navarro Daniel Nelson Steven Nelson

Paula Nieto Abby Noble Emily Norton Jayanne Obusan Kailee Olson

Dain Ouradnik Michael Pagalan Jenny Payne Stacelyn Peckinpaugh Maria Perez

Briana Peters Nick Peterson Craig Petrovich Jessica Pi単a Amanda Pinedo


Sharon Pouryad Melody Prado Brian Price Kyli Putnam Erik Ramirez

Jasun Ramos Jasun Rankin Tiffany Redwing Jennifer Reynolds Barbara Richardson

BrittneyRiley Rebekah Rivera Josh Robinson Taylor Robinson Carlos Rodriguez

Nehemiah Rogers Jessica Roush Carly Rozell Aly Ruiz Esther Saforo


Jennifer Schuster Elliott Shevchenko Taylor Shook Jayme Singleton Jordon Singleton

Bailey Smith Dustin Smithson Rebecca Sopp Nicole Springer Shiloh Stanley

Stephanie Steffes Justine Stevens Sean Stiles Kevin Strickland Mary TandyMc Glasson

Alyssa Tebeau Lauren Thompson Kayla Tomberlin Kyle Travers Shanna Trimble


Fula Tsavahidis Michelle Upton Chelsea Vacott Angelina Valdez Arturo Vargas

David Vazquez Corrina Vidarte Brianna Villines Katherine Wegner Ashley Wells

Jason Westerfeld Anika Wiebe Allison Williams

Carly Williams Megan Williams


Lynnea Wilson Bethany Wolf Alicia Woodard

Summer Yates Jackie Yousef







62 62

63 63

faculty From speech class to chem lab, the Vanguard faculty provides students with a wealth of knowledge to aid them in whatever career they may choose. However, some of the best stuff a student will learn in class could never be found in a textbook. The quirky and unique attributes of each professor make the faculty and their classes so great. Here are a few fun faculty facts: Dr. Carl Renold: cheeseburgers, bow ties, and Ben the Biker—need I say more? Don’t argue with Dr. Sharon Linzey on human rights issues. You’ll lose. Dr. David Clark probably knows more about C.S. Lewis than Lewis knew about himself. So long to the adventures of Lewis and Clark. Christianity and women’s studies go together very well—just ask Dr. Markita Robeson. If you’re a “sassy pants” in any of Professor Aaron Adam’s classes, bring him an iced tea from Starbuck’s to make up for it. You couldn’t have paid Dr. Karen Nishie to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries. Everyone wants to attend Rybarczyk University. Dr. Susanne Reid is more alive than the Energizer Bunny at 8 AM. Sign up for Dr. Vince Gil’s human sex class a year in advance. Don’t give Professor Sandi Morgan a bar of Hershey’s chocolate. She’ll take fair trade chocolate, preferably dark. Professor David Pecoraro is a rabbit.


Staff It takes many dedicated employees to make campus life functional and enjoyable this year. The Café and Outtakes workers are greatly appreciated, as they ensure that students are fed. This year, Laurel was back to greet you with a friendly smile and to swipe your ID card in the Café. Maintenance has one of the most important jobs on campus, as they keep everything in working order. Many women have been grateful to them for removing the accumulated hair from their shower drains. The landscaping on campus has changed this year, as many sections of dirt were pushed around to make way for new plants. The grounds were also under constant upkeep as the winter winds blew through the trees, knocking every leaf and twig onto the sidewalk for maintenance workers to clean up. Yet another appreciated team of workers is the Campus Safety staff. Patrolling campus to ensure security, they help keep the peace at all hours of the night. Their most frequent job requirement, however, seems to be unlocking the doors for the forgetful dorm dwellers who are stranded outside their rooms without a key. Without their constant presence, there would be many more emotional breakdowns on campus. Being stuck outside of your room is terribly inconvenient. The Admissions Office is one of the friendliest places on campus. Everyone there seems optimistic, and they help new students adjust to school. The Financial Aid Office is a crucial part of the students’ year. The office is in charge of organizing forms and sorting through loans, checks, and scholarships for each student. This office has been constantly busy with the concerns of many who have needed their help. The Registrar’s Office helps students sort through their class schedules. Finally, Campus Life sorts through all of the housing paperwork and provides a friendly atmosphere for students living on campus. Because of the hard working staff, Vanguard Students enjoy pleasant surroundings and a positive atmosphere all year round.


Judy Adams

Pam Crenshaw

Hope Gagen 66

Chelsea Balardo

Lynell Brooks

Asenath Casarer

Alison English

Jason Fletcher

Rosanne Freilich

Judy Hamilton

Krystal Komatsu

Amanda Lebrecht

Chris Lott

Stephen Moore

Jack Morgan

Sandy Morgan

David Saito

Sharon Stoll

Mary Wilson

Craig Young




Spiritial Formation Entouräge and Delivery Boys Speakers Ignite and Shine Concert Series Ciy Serve


hip s r wo .” o t w love o h w w to r e kn ho che r e ev knewd Bee n “I til I ar un nry W


LOVE REVOLUTION How vanguard is changing the world through missions

Vanguard University of Southern California has always been a revolutionary institution. It is no surprise then that this revolutionary spirit is reflected in our acts of love as well, as hundreds of students give of their time to reach out to the world through missions each year. To many, Vanguard is centered on the foundation of lasting love, and this love can be evidenced anywhere on campus. You can feel the way that the students love each other, and you can see the love as they interact with the surrounding community. With this love Vanguard and its students are changing the world. ¡Viva la Revolución de Amor! This Christmas break, the missions teams went to Seattle, Washington and the country of Kyrgyzstan. In Seattle, the team led by Meagan McDanel partnered with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) at Sheldan Presbyterian Church. They went to the inner city to minister to the homeless. In Kyrgyzstan, Andrew Richey led his team as they worked under the Assembly of God


office of World Missions. With only 3,000 Christians in the whole country, Kyrgyzstan is a country with many opportunities for ministry. Bishkek was one stop on the itinerary, and while there, they worked with the University of Youth and celebrated New Years Eve. Spring break destinations included Northern Ireland, Galveston, TX, San Francisco Outreach, and Hands Across The Border Mexico. In Saintfield Northern Ireland, the students, led by Carlos Fernandez, worked to reach people and to encourage them to attend the youth group at the local Presbyterian church. They used music and drama to entertain students at Saintfield’s Primary and Secondary Schools. The Galveston team, led by Amanda Lebrecht and Calli Christianson, went to help those who suffered from Hurricane Ike. They joined with the Convoy of Hope Organization to bring aid to the hurricane victims.

In San Francisco, the team of eighteen students stayed in hostels and ministered primarily to the homeless population of the city; San Francisco has a larger population of homeless people than any other city in the United States. Finally, the Mexico Team consisted of fifty people, who were split into ten teams. Four teams went to various churches to minister to children of many ages. Other teams worked in construction, staged dramatic performances, assisted in orphanages, helped a women’s shelter, and set up and maintain the campground. Spring break was used as a time to spread God’s love and compassion through words and action.

Article Kevin Bazan and Sarah Mackey


The Ignite Service

As Wednesday morning began, students trickled into chapel from early classes, the CafÊ, or straight from bed. The candlelit auditorium reminded the tired minds that they were at the Ignite service. A time for worship and communion, Ignite was the chapel which attracted the largest attendance of students. Beginning the service with extended praise, the students and worshippers welcomed the Holy Spirit to come and move among God’s sons and daughters. When the time was right, students were welcomed to take part in communion. As they felt led, individuals walked up to the front of the room, where a student leader or faculty member offered the bread and the juice. Many willing hearts stood nearby the tables willing to pray for students and to offer a listening ear or shoulder on which to cry. Healing and rejuvenating hearts and friendships, no other morning endeavor proved as satisfying for the soul and spirit.




Sarah Mackey

David Garvin

Shine For many students, Shine was a time of worship that brought peace and rejuvenation in the middle of the week. Shine began at nine o’clock every Wednesday night in the cove, and it was led by a student worship band comprised of six men. In the midst of studying, working, and a sometimes hectic social life, singing praise songs and praying together was an encouraging and uplifting experience. The room was occasionally lit with candles to create a solemn atmosphere. This intimate setting helped students relax and leave their stress at the door. Inside this peaceful space, students expressed their feelings to God by dancing, kneeling, and raising their hands to the heaven. Students were led to lay hands and pray for each other to find power in Christ to overcome their struggles. Others were reminded through praise and reflection to surrender their week over to God’s will. The weekly worship night brought students together to pursue Jesus in everyday life and help one another in the struggle against this life’s pressures. Article Sarah Mackey


Photos Jenna Migliuri


CITY SERVE   City Serve, an annual outreach to Costa Mesa, was once again an exciting, fun, and successful project for all involved. All the students involved met early in the morning as everybody packed the pit to receive their surprise community service assignment. Entourage was there to build enthusiasm with their hilarious skits, and gave some basic instructions about having a positive attitude and staying motivated despite the difficulty of the job. After the rally, the volunteers broke up into service groups which were comprised of teams, dorm floors, and clubs. Each of them gathered the necessary tools and carpooled to their local destinations. Upon their arrival to the numerous nonprofits nearby, the volunteers listened to instructions from the charitys’ coordinators. Each of the programs which received a helping hand from a Vanguard team was very grateful to finish tasks that would have taken them several hours or even days to finish without hardworking young students. The barbeque was packed with fun for the entire community; there were bounce houses full of hyper children, face painting, and several games of water balloon toss being played. The sunny, warm day in the park was undoubtedly enjoyed by the numerous kids who were smiling from ear to ear to be with college students who were eager to not only give them toys but time and interest as well. Even for those not manning a booth, it was still easy to find little buddies who needed someone to swing, jump, or play baseball with them. City Serve benefited Vanguard and the community; Whether that meant doing laundry, swinging on the swings with a small child, or filling water balloons, everyone took pleasure in what they did. Work and service were not words to describe the day’s activities, because it was simply a time of sharing life with people who needed help. They provided for Vanguard the opportunity to share its multiple blessings. Article Sarah Mackey


CHAPEL SPEAKERS “Abandoned to Grace” was the theme for chapel this year. Many of the speakers gave testimonies of the powerful work of God’s unfailing mercy and grace at times in their life when all hope seemed lost. The dynamic messages were encouraging, moving, and empowering. They challenged students to incorporate the true meaning of “surrender” into their lives and to fully embrace God’s abundantly-offered grace, so that they might mature in their faiths. There were a number of notable chapel speakers. Bill Dogterom finished his term as campus pastor by leading attendees of the Monday night Bible study, the Passage, through the Psalms. Josh Harrison took over second semester to continue exploring the book. Dr. Ann Hamilton gave a testimony of how a car wreck during senior year of high school left her no choice but to abandon herself to God’s grace. Alumni Glenn Garvin spoke on fatherhood and on his work with Royal Family Kids Camp. Drake and Christina Levasheff shared the heart-wrenching story of their son Judson, who died of Krabbe disease just before his 3rd birthday. Brennan Manning brought out his hundred-year-old tape recorder (which played the song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” according to David Garvin, who turned out to be incorrect). Manning’s week-long chapel series taught that Jesus meets people where they are. According to David Garvin there are two things that this yearbook and Brennan Manning have in common: they’re both old and revolutionary. Article Anne Miller


Photo Talene Dinkjian


Concert Series “We love that pawn shops give people a second chance whether or not they use or deserve it,” expressed PawnShop King’s musician, songwriter, and vocalist Scott Owen. For them, nothing can surpass music as a means for expressing gratitude for a second chance in Christ. The PawnShop Kings led worship in chapel with a bright sense of humor, songs that sent chills, and a few simple heartwarming melodies. Though raised in California, their sound is a unique mixture of many genres. Their rock, folk, and gospel style stems from diverse influences, like the Beatles, Bob Marley, and gospel churches in Arkansas, where the musicians’ relatives live. Natalie Watts was another loved guest. Her singing exudes a relaxing coffee shop vibe. She shared her inspirations for entering the music industry—Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, and Sheryl Crow. Singing country, folk, and Christian music, her face shone with satisfaction as she used her talents in worship. “Give It to Jesus” moved the audience; many they lifted their hands in praise. Lastly, Travis Ryan, the Christian pop and rock singer, came to perform for chapel. His perfect voice reflects similarities to Phil Wickham. His influences include Radiohead, Coldplay, the Beatles, and Johnny Cash. Ryan shared impressive stories ranging from working with successful bands like One Republic, to his first break of starring on a commercial. His celebrated music was is inspiring as his stories. As different as each performer was, they all shared a love for Christ and a desire to spread His love and joy by energizing and reviving the otherwise ordinary school day. Being a musically talented school, concert chapels sometimes impact Vanguard more than powerful speakers. Watching people bring glory to God while doing what they love is a wonderful experience for many students.




Sarah Mackey

David Garvin


MY REVOLUTION This story is not complete without you. Here is some space to write , paste pictures and reflect on how you made an impact this year.



Welcome Week All School Party Inde Rock Concert Open Mic Night Vote or Die

Harvest Party Broomball / Iceskating Angels Game Woofest / Big Big Show Homecoming

“A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.� Daisaku Ikeda




1 Author Vanguard

Welcome Week One of the most nerve-wracking realizations when you enter college is the fact that you are no longer at home with your parents and friends around to support you. You are out of your element, surrounded by strangers and even stranger settings, and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. This sense of separation is what Welcome Week attempts to alleviate. The frontline leaders are trained to be a catalyst for change in the incoming students lives, helping them grow accustomed to the university and the surrounding areas while bringing them together with other new students in their frontline groups, promoting and fostering new relationships which will carry each of these new students through their first year and further. Many life long friends are met in ones frontline group, and usually your circle of friends is first formed during welcome week. Esther Saforo summed it up well when she said, “Coming from Colorado I was terrified of moving to a new state and school where I didn’t know anyone. Welcome week made me feel part of a family and I am so grateful that The Lord has brought me to such an incredible place” The week itself was full of activities designed to help acquaint the students with the attractions and places of note that surround the campus as well as helping them to ‘Define’ themselves and their lives in college. Among those places highlighted were the various beaches, frozen yogurt shops, target, IKEA, Downtown Disney and the parks, and the many churches in the area. Kevin Bazan


ALL school party The All-School Party is an annual tradition that is hosted by the Activities Board at the beginning of each year. Every year, students are challenged to come dressed up for a theme that is picked by the On-Campus Activities Director. This year, the theme was American Gladiators. “Most people dressed up and got really into the theme,” director Heather Hernandez said. There were gals and guys in workout apparel, sweatbands, and—most interestingly— spandex-wrestling suits. One group of students even wore homemade tee shirts with the original cast of the TV show American Gladiators. Snow cones and popcorn were provided and were a hit with many hungry students. The soundtrack for the evening consisted of Jock Jams-type music, which Graduate Intern for Student Activities Kevin Funkhouser, who DJed the event, described as “mostly early 90s hip hop with some cheesy pop thrown in.” The music added to the atmosphere, and it encouraged a spirit

of competition to the night. Students participated in various activities such as a rock-climbing wall, human sphere racing, and inflatable jousting. Although all these activities were extravagant, the most popular activity was dodge ball, which drew the true spirit of American Gladiator out in most attendees. People could form teams and play against a team of pre-selected gladiators, who were instructed to make the night a little more interesting by Hernandez. Some students spent all night trying to defeat the gladiator team. Sometimes, teams of more than ten people would compete, but most of the time, the gladiators were victorious. The All-School Party was a night to remember, and a lot of hard work was put into it. Because it was the first huge event on campus, it is truly a treasured memory for many Vanguard students!

Article Lauren Francis





Photos Jenna Migliuri


Indie Rock Conert






Photos 1 Author Vanguard


2 Author Vanguard

3 Author Vanguard

VOTE OR DIE On October 28th, ASB hosted a “Vote or Die” event in the Cove to stimulate discussion and excitement for the November 4th election. Both of the presidential candidates were represented by Obama and McCain root beer float cups that people could choose depending on their preference. Additionally some political debate was sparked by a large paper asking: “What are you voting for?” as well as posters explaining five of the California propositions. on each of the posters there was room for students to write their opinions of each measure, and by the end of the night there was little room left to write on the boards. Along with these other awareness raising activities, there was a t-shirt making station where spraypaint was provided to create stenciled t-shirts which could display whatever the creator wished. It was a surprisingly well-represented crowd that filled the Cove—with freshmen to seniors voicing opinions on topics as varied as Gay Marriage and Sarah Palin. There was also a pretty equal showing of Obama and McCain supporters.

Article Katie Wegner


Harvest Party From the Justice Leauge to a very masculine Snow White with seven extremely effeminate dwarfs, this year’s Harvest Party was one to remember, and that’s saying something for Vanguard’s harvest parties. Students dressed to impress for the occasion, superheroes and villians seemed to be the most popular idea for costumes this year, which made sense as films like “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” where huge box office hits. This year’s harvest party featured it’s own Justice Leauge complete with a Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman, Batman and Robin, a Wonder Woman, and a Clark Kent in the process of becoming Superman. Even your’s truely joined the fun as The Joker with several other students doing their best to look like the character Heath Ledger reintroduced us to in summer ‘08. Not to be outdone where several Vanguard women who, some out of reverence, others out of spite, dressed like a certain governor of Alaska who was also the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, even little Chloe Fernandez decided to “go maverick” and dress like Sarah Palin. One of the more memorable costumes was Vanguard alum Luke Iverson dressed like Snow White with a cadre of female dwarfs led by junior Tara Glenn. Johnny Giovatti also got creative and made all the ladies blush as a kissing both. Still, there were other students who went for a more generic look, we had hippies (some students


just wore their normal clothing), cowboys, hillbillies, some familiar video game characters. The finale of the annual “So You Think You Can Dance” competition also took place, with several students strutting there stuff one last time to become the champions. With great costumes, awesome live entertainment and fun games, The harvest party continued to be a time of fun for the student body at Vanguard.

Article Josh LeGuern




Photos David Garvin and Renee Bailey



The Yorba Linda Ice Palace was a popular spot for late-fall events, including all-school ice-skating, freshman-sophomore broomball, and junior-senior broomball. Each of the broomball games was fierce. Students displayed class loyalty through their highly competitive spirits. Although everyon seemed to be slipping all over the ice—there were a number of falls and even a few tackles—everyone left the rink with all their limbs still intact. During the sophomore-freshmen broomball event, the freshmen put up a strong first semester fight, but the sophomores proved their dominance over the freshmen with a complete shutout. The night did not end on a bad note though, as spontaneous ice races and an intense sliding competition lightened the mood. Everyone was bundled in his or her winter’s warmest (though for some that meant shorts and tee shirts) for ice skating on Thursday, November 13th. The rink was packed with students laughing, posing for pictures, throwing loose ice and, of course, skating. It was a pleasant respite from the drudgery of the tapering end of the semester.



Anne Miller


Angels Game Goofy enthusiasm characterized the far right field pavilion, where over one hundred Vanguard students gathered to cheer for their favorite team at the Los Angeles Angels versus Texas Rangers game on Friday, September 26th. A group of spirited Huntington Hall men painted their chests to spell “GO ANGELS” They were the most raucous fans in Vanguard’s cheering section; they even made a momentary appearance on the stadium’s big screen. The game itself turned out to be less thrilling than fans had hoped, but that did not put a damper on the evening. Students had fun joking, chowing down on ballpark franks, dancing to oldies music between the innings, and diving for 99-Cents Store beach balls that floated around. The Big Bang Fireworks show ended the night colorfully, sending the crowd home on a slightly happier note after the uneventful game. Despite the Angel’s lousy loss (by a score that will remain unmentioned), the game proved to be a wonderful evening of cheering, laughing, and interacting for those who attended.

Article Anne Miller


Photo 1 Author Vanguard


Woofest Arguably one of the most iconic events at Vanguard each year, WooFest 2008 did not fail to meet expectations. The auditorium of Newport Mesa Church was full of Vanguard women looking their finest, ready to be wooed, and sharp-dressed men trying their best to do just that. From the roses to the performances, the guys of Huntington Hall successfully created an evening of entertainment that could win any lady’s admiration. The evening was filled with videos, dances, and poems meant to humor, woo, and ultimately display respect for the women of Vanguard. Each lady was given a rose upon arrival and escorted to her seat. Most Huntington floors created short films, wrote poems, and choreographed dances to a variety of love songs. Sixth floor’s performance gathered the most votes with their Disney-esque black light and white gloves performance. They also danced to classic love songs, telling the story of God’s creation of the “art of wooing.” Other floors impressed the ladies with creative display of talents. Fourth floor featured Jared Slyter in a short solo performance before his floormates formed a lip-syncing gospel choir, which transitioned into a Backstreet Boys’ song and finished with a faux striptease. Second floor also took off some clothes to reveal the word “respect” spelled out on their undershirts after dancing to a mix of songs including “Grease Lightning.”Despite being “odd,” the 3rd, 5th, and 7th floors also put on excellent performances. Third floor displayed their respect for the ladies with a film on good and bad ideas when wooing a woman. Similarly, fifth floor showed a video on “5 Ways to Respect a Woman” with sweet love quotes and a few silly pick-up lines tossed in. Floor seven got the “street-cred” recognition for their movie clip of transforming themselves from gangsta-boys to charming men and with the recitation of an original poem. The Huntington Hall boys weren’t the only ones wooing. Emcees Devin Aguilera and Ben Cross used their improv skills to entertain intermittently between acts with intentionally nerdy singing and dancing. To top off the night, the Huntington Hall RAs danced to a collection of well-known songs. WooFest 2008 was a huge success, enjoyed by many Vanguard women. The Huntington Hall men put their time, effort, and talents into creating a humorous, charming evening that will be remembered for years to come.


THe Big Big Show



Homecoming Photos Summer Yates


Music / Communication Science / Math Business Theater Social Sciences English / Liberal Arts Religion

“Revolutions are not made; they come.” Wendell Phillips



math and science “My major has given me a standard of excellence; one that I cannot see in any other subject, and one that I cannot measure up to.” Kyle Smith, a sophomore biology major, spoke these words to sum up the Science Department. This standard of excellence is what drives most science majors to spend so much of their time studying or working in a lab. The ambitious academic goals are pursued by more than just the students; the science and math professors are the people who open the path to learning. The science department works hard to broaden the understanding of its students in all aspects of life. Ben Cross writes, “I like majoring in biology because I feel like I get to understand life in an amazing way and just see things differently. The more I learn, the more blown away I am at God’s creation.” In the past year, the science department has seen great changes in its structure, ranging from its addition into the new School of Arts and Sciences to a more active integration of one of the departments clubs—Student Affiliates In the Natural Sciences (SAINTS). SAINTS formed last year. The club seeks to improve the facilities, and to bolster the overall experience of being a science student at Vanguard. It is open to any science or math major wishing to join. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has a bold mission statement; “To enhance, within the Christian perspective, the student’s knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the laws of mathematics, science and technology, and the impact of these on civilization.” Mathematics majors are rare on campus, but they always seem to be working hard on their studies. As Kevin Gilbert a sophomore mathematics major puts it, “Every great discovery was made after midnight!”

Article Kevin Bazan Sean Stiles



Social Sciences and Psychology Anthro Soc  Psych The entire campus serves as a laboratory for the study of culture and human interaction. Many students gage classmates’ reactions to their defiance of social or cultural norms in hopes of acing experiment projects. Reading and research papers are never ending. Social science majors attempt to cram their brains with numerous terms and theories and then spit them out into logical analyses of the complex social interactions and brain functions of human beings. “For me, cultural anthropology is a continuous exercise in expanding my perspectives, my empathy, and my appreciation of the diverse world around me, enabling me to see meaning beneath the surface of daily life.” Amy Dorr Social Science majors are a lot of work, but definitely very rewarding. All the complexities of life are laid out in a manner that is comprehensible and intriguing. Not only will a student learn about societies globally and locally, but they will also walk away with a much better understanding of who they are and where they fit in world.


History  Politcal Science The History and Political Science department was deeply involved in the political race for the presidency this year. Students volunteered for the candidates’ offices, worked at the polling stations, and even attended the customary History and Political Science department election party which was held during the evening of the election. Many unique and interesting classes were offered this year, such as Middle Eastern Politics and US foreign Policy, in which students were assigned the roles of different world leaders and given a problem to be solved in a realistic manner. The classes aimed to provide a better understanding of the way politics affect the world in both academically and spiritually. For those who have chosen to major in history and political science, the present is judged in contrast to the past. Nothing is done without the reflection of what has been done before. The life of a history major is tied to his or her studies, and for most students, the history that they make here at Vanguard is the history that shapes the course of their lives. Grant Harper intoned, “The History Department really exemplifies the personal experience that I have received at Vanguard.”


music This year was a big one for the Music Department. The department went on a summer tour to New York and performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls in the nation, such as the Lincoln Center and Trinity Church. Before the New York trip, the Music Department was very busy, especially because “Doc” James Melton, the Chair of the Music department, was on a short sabbatical during both the fall and spring semesters. On top of Doc being gone, each of the larger ensembles took on extra members in anticipation for New York. During the school year, two of the biggest events were Fantasia, which celebrated the Christmas season, and the Spring Concert, in which the students performed Schubert’s Mass in G. Both concert events included most of the music department’s ensembles, from the University Concert Choir and Women’s Chorus to the Jazz ensemble and the Concert Orchestra. Along with these two main events, each of the ensembles had their own individual concerts at various venues, from churches to rest homes. Not only is the Music department reaching out through their extracurricular ensembles, but through their music major program as well. “Music has the power to help us let go of pain and failure,” Jared Slyter, a first-year Music Ministry Major, stated. “And it is strong enough to remind us how beautiful life can be.” Kevin Bazan


CommunicationS The Communications Department has been busy this year with the work of unveiling the Vanguard University Student Network (VUSN), a social networking site for the Vanguard community. Not only has the department been working hard, but the communications majors have also been slaving away in tough classes designed to prepare them for the demands of a career in media, such as Media Criticism. The department is strongly committed to developing its students, according to Josh Robison: “The Communications Department at Vanguard University has allowed me to become a part of the role that media plays in our society. With a journalism emphasis, I have been able to discover new ways of reaching the masses, which is a vital aspect of my desired career.� Kevin Bazan



Being a religion major has changed my life. Similar to kinesiology majors, who learn how the body functions, or anthropology majors, who learn the way people interact, religion majors learn how the church of Christ functions. We learn several different viewpoints of today’s Christian denominations and ways to impact people by striving to become “be-ers”: we must learn the culture in order to make a difference. Each professor has challenged our viewpoints Christianity. I believe the challenge has prepared me for the future. Also, professors are multitaskers: they teach us, but they are also available any time to talk. They want to befriend us, to encourage us, and to be authentic with us. Religion majors are random people who like to have a good time learning about the life of Jesus. We spend a lot of time typing papers, reading books, and sharing our experiences from class. We like to laugh, to be serious, to sleep, and to talk and learn. Also, we spend a lot of our time in that small secluded room near the rest rooms in the library. We call that room our “best friend.” We read dusty books and have theological discussions with other students as they work on their exegeses. Christy Horning



When I first stepped foot on this campus, my world was dark, empty, and undirected. But it was my world, my point of view; it was who I was. I was content, and what I didn’t know didn’t hurt me. When I started taking classes in the Business Department, my world was rocked. I found that what I didn’t know could hurt me—by not having a job when I graduate. This new world has been opened up to me through the hard work and dedication of those serving in the Business Department. It has created opportunities for revolutionary thought and action for all of us in the classroom by challenging us to think outside the box—through ethical decision making; through the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned in various internships and clubs like Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). The department offers valuable career advice from real professionals in the business world through the Business Mentoring Program. The faculty has created lasting relationships with the students, which furthers our educational experiences. From the basics of business to the case studies in Capstone, all of it has better prepared not only me but all students who are graduating as business majors. Matt Ross


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English and liberal arts To find the English Department at Vanguard, simply wander onto the second floor of the Scott building, where Dawn Alewine, the secretary and cheerful organizer of frazzled English students, performs her duties. Walking in further, Dr. Karen Lee, the English Department Chair and head of the Writing Center, shows her hospitality by offering students fantastic muffins. The Writing Center assists students in revising essays. Dr. Daven Kari, Dr. Marlon Dempster, and Dr. Warren Doody’s desks are also nestled in the upstairs offices. Dr. Kari holds two P.H.D.s in English and Theology and frequently gets carried away when talking about English poetry and architecture. Dempster specializes in twentieth century literature and consequently often ponders theoretical subjects. Both Dempster and Doody are Vanguard alumnae, and Doody’s play, “Life Without Parole,” was performed at Vanguard this year. A sign placed in the middle of the office invites students to the Synecdoche party. The Synecdoche is the studentproduced literary journal, available every April. Stephanie Rosemeyer is the editor of Synecdoche as well as the president of Sigma Tau Delta, which is the honor society for English majors. The society has created a book club, and it participates in a mentorship program that aims to connect English students. Leaving the English department inspires one to write the next great American novel.


THeater The theater department had a busy year with the addition of the “Ten” showcase, “Life Without Parole” performances, and the i61 theater ministry. Professor Doody’s “Life Without Parole” debuted in October, based on the work of Dr. Elizabeth Leonard. The house was packed for all three performances on the Lyceum stage. The cast also took the show on the road to a number of prisons, churches, and schools, and they received the honor of being selected to perform in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in February. The theater ministry i61 (named after Isaiah 61) was formed and began to operate during the second semester. Their first project was a human video. The six mainstage productions were impressive, proving that the department was not distracted by all of the new programs. “Godspell,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “It’s A Wonderful Life” delighted audiences the first semester. Second semester, “The Foreigner,” “Skin of Our Teeth,” and “Guys and Dolls” followed suit. The year ended with a showcase week of senior projects and the annual theater banquet, which celebrated accomplishments, honored the seniors, and provided one last time to for the students to hang out before the summer break. “For a lot of theater majors, acting on stage or working backstage is, in a way, therapeutic and stress-relieving. Theater is an excellent way for you to be who you truly are, although strangely it’s all about communicating through a completely different person. I love acting because there are so many opportunities to do what you want—never set in stone, always reinvented and experimented. Many people view actors as simply those funny or crazy people in the movies who don’t actually put much effort into the role they are playing, however complex the role may be. But for those us who aspire to be actors who are constantly stretching and changing ourselves for emotional, physical and mental honesty in the situation, the job we have taken on becomes an art. Hopefully, the way we present our real-life characters in that imaginary circumstance, tragic or comedic, is viewed as beauty—an incredible masterpiece that takes time and patience and deep concentration. It’s amazing that everyone, even technical majors and directing majors, are always searching for a new way of telling the story, applicable and connectable to the audience. Ultimately, that’s what I strive for as an actor”—Royen Kent.



Abbie Hoffman

“Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.”



Sports Staff & Trainers


CHARACTER DEFINES VANGUARD SPORTS Any successful organization has a set of defining principles, nonnegotiables that determine the way things are handled. Often times it is hard to put these principles into words, but the Vanguard University Athletic Department narrows it down to a simple phrase: Gold Pride. When an organization knows who it is and what it wants, it will succeed—qualities exeplified by the Vanguard University Sports Department.





CRoss country



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“the guest of a sinner” -Caylin Blake

beyond what i’ve been waiting for, eyelashes are heavy, but so is everything else and my triceps are sore from prying open the elevaor door. but let it be, it is more than i ever imagined and i’m so happy, and i’m so excited to be here. i just can’t see over this crowd just want to touch your cloak. i’ll climb this tree i’ll watch you from here. [and tonight we will dine] you must come to my house... ... and tonight we will dine. you’ve called me out of the crowd. if only they knew, it’s not all about the cloak. [this is about you].

Photography by; Tyler Barnes, Kevin Bazan, Rachael Carrigan, Dave Garvin, Josh Hamilton, Rachael Hicks, Zapphire Hartley, Paige Murray, Tiffany Redwing


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Their lives contrast with the work of God Yet blend in a way that makes it even more beautiful They pour themselves out, Expression, screaming to be heard, Trying not to dissapear, Trying to change, to break free, They live vicariously through their dreams. As life pushes them downwards, they push forward Carrying with them the ir own lives while contributing To a larger eclectic collection of life. A life full of flavor As they struggle with the rythm that the world forces Them into, I am reminded of who I have never been, Of what i have never felt, and Why oh Why I have never asked. -Sean Stiles


“I think my Major is Pointless.” -Anonymous















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Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungoldly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord: and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Psalms 1:1-3 We Love You Heather! Mom & Dad, Brad,Chelsea, Doug, Stephanie, & David Congratulations to our amazing daughter! Dinae, you have finished strong and will be starting a new chapter in your story. We pray for wisdom and strength, courage and ambition to follow your dreams. Remember to be patient, Baby Girl. God has plans for you that are beyond anything you can imagine. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Love you circle! ;) It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8

Heather Beylik



Mom, Dad, Ali, Natalie, Stevi, Josh, Bentley, & Kolby Dinae Citta


Brittani Datu


Jillian, You are a precious gift to our family! We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished! We can’t wait to see the great things God has in store for your life. You have always had a heart for God and we pray that you continue to seek his will in all that you do.

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 We love you!      Dad, Mom, Jake, Zack & Caleb

Jillian Diepersloot


To our son Daniel, Thank you for blessing our lives in so many ways. You are a fine young man who has worked so are to achieve your goals and who has strived to better yourself. Remember one thing, take one step at a time and good luck. May life bring you what you wish for! God Bless With all our love, Mom and Dad Daniel Doran

Dane, we are so proud of what you have accomplished these past four years at Vanguard. You succeeded both in the classroom and on the soccer field.  God has had His hand on you since infancy and has watched over you through the years. You have grown into a fine young man with a wonderful future ahead of you. As you graduate, marry Christina, and start your journey towards a career, remember to seek God’s direction in everything you do.

Know that we love you and will continue to pray for you always!  Mom, Dad and the Family Dane Gallion


The Lord is my Shepherd . . . He leads me through the paths of righteousness . . . (Psalm 23) Dear Dave, Graduation is here. Time to celebrate!! Congratulations on your great accomplishments. May your paths continue to be smooth and bright; and your journey safe and happy, with God‘s protection. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. ( Proverbs 3: 5-6) With much love, from your family Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandma David Galy

e Miranda Kreisler

You are a special young lady and we are so very proud of you. 3 John:4 - We have no greater joy than to hear that our children are walking in the truth. Love Mom & Dad

Tom Geris

Psalm 57: 7- 10 My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music. Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skiesî. NIVî    Manuel and Leslie Geris (Mom and Dad)

Miranda Congratulations on a job well done. We are sure it must seem to you like you have been in school forever in order to reach this special moment. But for us, it seems like it was just yesterday when we took you to school for the first time. We think back over the years and all the fun we had and all the special times we had together. We are sure that you will continue to bring joy to the lives of those you meet throughout your life just as you have always been a joy to us.

Tom, we are so incredibly blessed and thankful to the Lord that we have you, our wonderful son as part of our family! We pray that the Lord blesses you mightily and we have every confidence as you go out into the world that you will be successful in all your endeavors. We are very proud of your music abilities; you will bring much joy to this world in your music ministry for our Lordís purpose. We love you so much Tommy, never change; always keep your precious smile, we lubbalu!!


We still remember the little girl with the sparkling eyes that would sing and dance or tell wonderful stories. We remember the young girl that was full of life and had an amazing ability to make people feel so special! Now you are a young woman that can still tell a good story and has that same amazing ability to make people feel special! We are so proud of you and we know that God has mapped out a special plan for you. Continue to follow His guidance and you will do well! We love you, Mom and Dad. Katie Kremer


Zachary Leighton

“May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you Peace.”  Psalm 67   What a joy it has been to watch you grow and use your talents for the Lord!  We are so proud of you!   You have been blessed with many talents.  Continue to use them to bring glory and honor to His name.    We can’t wait to see the great things God has in store!   Congratulations ~ We love you!  Mom, Dad, Tyson and Jenna

Katie Kuroishi Congratulations—you did it! Dad and I are so proud and amazed at all of your accomplishments. It’s been and exciting and blessed adventure watching you become and amazing woman of God. May God pour out favor on you and your future. We love you, Mom and Dad and Family

Joshua Liashenko

Katie Kuroishi

Joshua, We are very proud of you. It seems like yesterday that you were our baby boy and now you are a college graduate. Congratulations! The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful son. We love you! Love, Papa and Mama You are a good big brother. I love you. Caleb

Cherice, We are blessed by your commitment to God and your studies. Your continual growth in wisdom and understanding shows well in your life. Way to “just give 110%”!!! Congratulations on your graduation!

We are so proud of you. Our love and prayers always, Love, Mom and Dad

Hey Adam Routt, You make us proud! Thanks for working hard and getting good grades. Vanguard has been a great place for you and has helped you grow into the wonderful adult that you are. Proverbs 3:5-6 have been favorite verses of yours for a long time. God has been faithful to “direct your path” as you have trusted in Him. We are trusting God to faithfully lead you and give you wisdom and direction for your future. “God will guide you along the best pathway for your life. He will watch over you … Unfailing love surrounds those who trust in Him.” Psalm 32:8,10

We love you Adam. Adam Routt God bless and keep you.Love Mom, Dad, and Andy.

Dear Catherine Congratulations! To the ASB President  class of 2009 To the devater Lady   “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”  You are God’s poem, He has made you unique and beautiful.   We are so proud of you!   Love You Always                                     Mom & Dad, & Chris

Catherine Riley

Cherice Piersol

Our beloved son and brother, Words cannot say how very proud we are of everything you have accomplished. We are truly thankful to God for his mercy and blessing that was upon you through all these years. We congratulate you for premature graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors. Love, Dad, Mom and Nina The LORD will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8 Tim Soos


Brandi Parsons

Dani, For we knew, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to a flourishing finish in this season of your life. We are so blessed to have you as our daughter. As you continue onto your next chapter, may His mighty hands be upon you and enlarge your territory according to His will. In all things, fear God. Good Job! You have been faithful Love Mom & Dad


Learning to play piano

Philippians 1:6 1 Chronicles 4:10 ps. Dani, I love you, Dean

Brandi Nicole Parsons

Dani Miskell

It seems like yesterday you graduated from high school

Kelly, love~ We are so excited to see your future unfold as you continue to follow the One who holds that future in His Loving Hands. We know that you will honor Him in all that you do and all that you are. From the day you were born, you have brought us great joy! Proving to the world that great things come in small packages! Love you forever, Dad, Mom, Chris, and Cody “Those who are wise shall shine as brightly as the sun’s brilliance and those who turn many to righteousness will glitter like stars forever.” ~Daniel 12:3 Kelly Mount


CONGRATULATIONS! 2005-2009 Vanguard University Graduate Brandi we are all so proud of you. You are a blessing from God. Follow your dreams, stay true to your heart, your faithfulness in God will guide your path. I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:4-6 God bless and keep you safe always. WE LOVE YOU! Your Family XX OO

O W t



Christopher Taylor

We have been inspired by your courage, perseverance, and academic discipline; encourage by your desire to serve the Lord and quest to discover yourself and God’s purpose for your life. Your laugh is infectious and we really “get” Our Gabrielle—our angel your humor. We What a blessing you are love you and to us. appreciate all that you are. Gabrielle Weimane

We celebrate with you all of your accomplishments and couldn’t be more proud to be your fam. With love, Mom, Dad, Candace, Scott and Isaac

Sarah Where has the time gone, it just seems like yesterday that we were writing your 6th grade yearbook dedication. What is wonderful is that the same things are true about you. You are the sweetest girl. We are so proud of you. You have such a sweet spirit, so thoughtful of others and so good to your family and friends. We have thanked God so many times for bringing you into our lives to enjoy. We know that He has more in store for you and we look forward to sharing it with you. Love, Dad, Mom and Benjamin Sarah Westling


Justin White

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 It has been an adventure watching you grow into a beautiful young woman of God. We admire your compassion, wisdom, and perseverance. We delight in your beautiful smile and contagious laughter. With joy we anticipate His continued blessing upon you and your dreams. We are proud of you - not only for what you have accomplished, but also for who you are becoming. We love and believe in you. Mom, Dad, and Sharon

“Nicole, your hard work and dedication as an editor, student, woman of God and an amazing wife make me so proud to be your husband.  Between moving stations, deployments and traveling hours for mere minutes to see each other it has all been worth the blessings I have in being yours. Your constant smile, hard work, and devotion to our God are an encouragement and continual blessing in my life, and as my best friend and no doubt my better half I am overjoyed and honored to walk hand in hand with you forever. I love you and I am wholly yours.” Nicole White


Shana Williams

Justin, Congratulations on all your accomplishments during the last 4 years at Vanguard! We are so blessed to watch your character develop and grow, as you seek to fulfill God’s unique purpose for you in this life. “All our abilities come from God. God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” Romans 12:6 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23 Our College Graduate… we’re very proud of you! Your Loving Family

Congratulations, Breck! God has blessed you with amazing talent and you have such a heart for Him. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing how He uses you. Hold on to your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, Trevor, and Brittany Matthew 22:37 “…Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Breck, Keep this verse in your heart: Psalm 104:33 “I will sing to the Lord as long as I live…” God gave you wonderful talent. We are so proud of you and will love you always. Grandma and Sally Breck Zane

Ashley, You started out with a plan: you were going to be somebody, well here you are graduating college and now you can finish what you’ve set out to do your whole life. You’ve become quite the young lady I knew you’d be. I’m so proud of you, stay beautiful and strong because you’re going places and you’ll succeed at whatever you do. Love Mom.

Amanda Krotzer

We are so proud of you!! You made it!! God has done and awesome work in you. This is only the beginning for greater things to come. Stay in His shadow and through Him remember, all things are possible! We love you,

Ashley Turner

Dad, Mom, Cole and Annie

One look at this photo and you can see this girl is driven; not always on the right path, but then focus set in and here we are celebrating a great journey. Love Dad.


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The 1960’s and 70’s was a great time for graphic design. Modernism and simplicity ruled. This year I wanted to take the clean and readable ideas from that era and use them in our yearbook. Our theme of Revolution was born out of the design theme and after that we just ran with it. I used a lot of magazines from those years as inspiration and references as well as Swiss poster design that was occurring outside of the United States at the same time. I wanted a yearbook that came off as classy yet classic. I wanted a book that would look good on a coffee table and a book that featured photographs well as well as text. We used polaroids, faded photograph techniques and big bold text in order to get our message across. It was an honor to be able to see my ideas go all the way from concept to finish and I hope you enjoy this year’s book.

Rosanne Freilich Kevin Funkhouser Amanda Lebrecht Ashton Heath David Garvin Sean Stiles Kevin Bazan And the rest of my fabulous staff. Also, to Barack Obama, ‘cause everyone else is. From David: Kevin Funkhouser

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“Then he said, ‘Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all. Whoever believes and is baptized is saved;’” -Mark 16:15


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